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blogs Top 5 Skype Alternatives that you can Switch in 2023

Top 5 Skype Alternatives that you can Switch in 2023

Vamsi Bandi

Skype has been existing in the market for many years with once-in-a-blue-moon-adapted feature updates. Few businesses continued with Skype adjusting to it just because they are used to it neglecting the fact that there are few best and better Skype alternatives in the market.

Reasons to look for Skype Alternatives?

Earlier few Skype users changed to the other apps seeing the disadvantages of it;


  • Not-so-engaging user interface (UI)
  • Highly vulnerable to getting hack
  • Not so accommodative
  • Outdated app for the new age businesses

Skype Alternatives

It is said that Skype is going to shut down this year as of 2023, so its users will be under a great compulsion to look for Skype alternatives.

Many apps in the market can serve users as instant messaging software, team chat app, and business chat app.

1. Troop Messenger

Skype users would awestruck to see Troop Messengers’ capacity. Troop Messenger is not just a Skype alternative, it is way ahead, due to its unique features it stands out as the best chat app that can be an instant messaging app cum team chat app cum business chat app with which team can have seamless communication.

With that said, it is a user-friendly, intuitive app. Usually, with other work chat apps, employees tend to use other platforms for their work while having a text chat or audio & video calls, as a chat app can’t accommodate all their needs, seeing such requirements Troop Messenger upgraded to a multi-tasking app.


Other than common features in a chat app like one on one chat or calls, group chats, or calls, some of the best unique features in Troop Messenger are


  • Joint Code: It’s a feature where more than two programmers can work on a code while having an audio call or video call without moving from their desk saving the time
  • Search options: No matter how much ever your group or individual chat history is, you can find your desired message without bumping into lineup messages with just a few clicks


  1. You can just check images or videos
  2. You can check links or URLs
  3. You can check the files
  4. By selecting a user, you can check a particular user’s messages in the chat history
  5. Flagged messages


  • Slideshow: You can have a look at the images in chat history without scrolling manually to right and left

  • Airtime group: An unique privilege, where the admin can control other members from sending messages in the group. All they can see are only admin messages or admin-authorized members’ messages

  • Forkout: You can send one message to multiple users or multiple groups without going into their chats
  • Remote Screen Sharing and Controlling: You can share the screen and you can grant access or you can access computers and other devices


The aforesaid unique features are just a few, the list can go on.

Troop Messenger constantly gets an upgrade with some unique features considering the future business needs by conducting surveys, whereas the other giant companies would upgrade such features later.

Troop Messenger vs Skype

FeaturesTroop MessengerSkype
Instant ChatYesYes
User InterfaceIntuitive and engagingLittle complicated
Audio & Video callsYesYes
SearchAdvanced search options like images, files, links, user-based, etc.,Yes
Guest usersYes, but with limited accessYes, they can send a message or call any member
Files sharingYes, and it has a preview option to save time in viewing the filesYes
Joint CodeYesNo
Remote access or controlYesNo
AdsNo adsYes
Code SnippetsYesNo

Compared to Skype, Brosix is a secured chat app, that is suitable for teams, and domains whose chat information is meant to be classified. Troop Messenger is a well-built app, which can be suitable for any domain, considering the features it can be the best Skype alternative.

2. Brosix

Brosix is a secured team chat app, encrypted end-to-end. Admin will have the privilege to customize the chat rooms, and he/she will be in a position to track the employees’ activities. Whereas there have been a few instances of Skype getting hacked.

Brosix vs Skype

Instant ChatYesYes
Audio & Video callsYesYes
Files sharingYesYes with a 300 MB limit


3. Google Hangouts

The name itself is self-explanatory, it’s a cross-platform messaging app that is developed by the giant Google. Compared to Skype, both have similar features, but Google Hangouts is well-integrated and users would feel much easier in making audio & video calls and it is secured.

The advantage of Google Hangouts is it can be accessed from other platforms like Gmail, and Google+, and the disadvantage is users cannot share the files.

Google Hangouts vs Skype

FeaturesGoogle HangoutsSkype
Instant ChatYesYes
Audio & Video callsLimited to 10 membersLimited to 25 members
Files sharingOnly imagesYes with a 300 MB limit
Screen SharingYesYes

Looking at Google Hangouts features, text messages cannot be edited, forwarded but it is a very good Skype alternative for video calls to conduct webinars, presentations, etc.,

4. FaceTime

FaceTime is developed by Apple and can be used only with Apple products like iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and iWatches, it is limited to iOS platforms so it cannot be accessed on Windows.

FaceTime is designed especially for Apple device users only, users from other platforms or android devices wouldn’t have the access to communicate with FaceTime users.

FaceTime vs Skype

Instant ChatNoYes
Audio & Video callsOne-on-one callsLimited to 25 members
Files sharingNoYes with a 300 MB limit
Screen SharingNoYes
Supported platformsiOS, macOSiOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, web

FaceTime wouldn’t be an ideal app for any business considering its limitations, hence for users looking for quality video calls, it can be a very good alternative.

5. Chanty

Chanty is a productive app and well-integrated with third-party software like Mailchimp, Dropbox, Gitlab, Google Drive, Trello, and so on. The biggest advantage is any conversation between teams can be converted into tasks, which can be monitored and maintain a uniform workflow between the teams.

Chanty vs Skype

Instant ChatYesYes
Audio & Video callsYesLimited to 25 members
Files sharingYesYes with a 300 MB limit
Third-party integrationsYesNo
Supported platformsiOS, macOS, Android, Windows, webiOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, web
Task managementYesNo

Chanty can be considered a good skype for business replacement, that can be integrated with apps and users would receive notifications, unlike Skype.

So which one is better than Skype

When you are looking for skype business alternatives, you may consider going with the best business chat app, that is not only limited to common features like file sharing, text chats, audio & video calls, etc., indeed which has unique features that can match all your business needs like Troop Messenger would be a great decision. Otherwise going with the mediocre app will make you and your team again consume time to adapt to the new team chat app in the future.

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