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blogs Bored of Skype? Try these 9 alternatives to change the way you work.

Bored of Skype? Try these 9 alternatives to change the way you work.

Tanuja Chinthagunta

Technological advancements have the uncanny strength of pushing over top-performing apps down the hill. Innovation brings in better utilities for the benefit of the user community. Skype seems to be weathering that for quite some time before being on the way out, almost.


Not long ago, Skype was the first choice for video conferencing. New entrants and old-timers too (see the list below) have come up with slicker and swifter features in conjunction with high definition audio/ video quality to upstage the one-time Badshah of chat and communication arena.


Remember this?

Microsoft is replacing Skype with its homegrown chat app- Teams soon. Whether users are ready or not, Teams will be taking over Skype for Business. As early as 2021!


This is a big shift for users even as they are unsure of how to navigate the transition. With workplace ever-evolving, the business collaboration platform environment has been offering diverse solutions to discerning users. Take a look at the various multi-functional chat and communication apps as alternatives for Skype or Teams.


Besides, Check out for the upcoming version release of Troop Messenger to start using the biggest game-changing features, video conferencing and online meetings to see the difference.


Alternative apps to skype



Is Troop Messenger a Skype for a Business alternative?

Some times it’s okay to be biased! Allow us, buddies! It is our writings. Let us take you to Troop Messenger, worthiest to be #1 Slack alternative to serve you every team collaboration need. Be it team conversations, voice-video calling, private chat business conversations, vendor-client collaborations, etc., everything you have here.


Team collaboration is now more enthralling with Troop Messenger than with Skype. The authentic business messenger tool has received rave reviews from across different countries of the world for its specially designed enterprise-level communication features.

A SaaS-based freemium business model, TM comes in three pricing editions, along with the delivery models of Self-Hosting, APIs and Custom Apps. One of the best-ever free Skype alternatives, with more advanced and rare features, TM enables teams to stay connected across mobile, desktop and browser. The users of Troop Messenger say, “its user experience is far more outstanding than many other tools in the market for its seamless UI and easy learning curve.”

Stay collaborated everywhere with the features of one-on-one messaging, group conversations, audio calling, video calling, audio messaging, fork out, burnout, live-tracking along with many other chat-supportive features. An exquisite advanced filter group feature allows the user to filter out search results based on images, videos, files, contacts, location, and URLs.

 The Reviewer’s Column:

Troop Messenger has an overall rating of 4.5/5 based on 100+ user reviews. The users of defence organizations say, “Troop Messenger can seamlessly work on networks which provide low internet bandwidths.” “Share ideas to make great product innovations”, is what the users of Troop Messenger say. One of the reviewers, “Troop Messenger is pretty cool to use. Its powerful feature-kitty gets updated with highly functional additions at its every version release. Trust me, give a sure shot to try out the application”.

Why Troop Messenger

  • Most economical with an 85% difference in the price of leading brands.
  • No other tool has such exceptionally designed and different feature-stack
  • It is easy, quick and faster
  • Self-messaging
  • HD quality Audio-Video calls
  • Screen Sharing for remote teams
  • It supports fingerprint and passcode security for mobile app login.
  • Collaborate with customers, vendors, and non-employees with the feature, the Orange Member.


The freemium application offers three pricing variants; free, premium and enterprise. Besides this, it gives a 30-day free enterprise edition free trial for all the registered users. The premium and enterprise come for $12/per user/per year and $60/per user/per year respectively. Though the free plan has all the basic collaboration features, conversion to paid subscription will offer you enhanced user experience. It stands out unique in customizing client-based requirement plans for the solutions of self-hosting, API integration and custom apps.


Is Blue Jeans a game-changer skype alternative?


Blue Jeans This intelligent video conferencing Skype alternative tool Blue Jeans allows meetings, rooms, and events for smart working people to effectively organize smart meetings. The uniqueness of Blue Jeans is, it allows users to host and live stream webinars, interactive meetings in order to connect a large number of global audiences. The Blue Jeans Gateway provides access to Microsoft Teams meetings from any other rooms. 

 The Reviewer’s Column:

Blue jeans have an overall rating of 4.5/5 stars with 265 reviews on Capterra. One of the reviewers from the same say, “ The new solution for conference rooms is extremely quick to set up and has cool features. Their events product is great as well.”

Why Blue Jeans

  • Easy to use
  • Simply reliable
  • High-quality audio-video
  • Supported by multiple platforms and browsers 



  • Issues with audio: unable to unmute
  • Expensive