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15 Best SaaS Product Review Websites [2023]

Asloob Alam

SaaS product review websites are essential for business owners or users in making informed decisions. With all due respect to SaaS companies, they are so prone to SaaS product promotion that they boast about their products in the same way a mother would about her children in the content they produce, intending to capture users' attention. I'm sure they have confidence in the capabilities of their SaaS products, but it's clear that user needs are essential when narrowing down the product options. Some SaaS companies take advantage of this and publish false information, leaving users feeling tricked when they discover the product doesn't have the claimed feature. For instance, one of the popular team chat apps implies their video calling option as a conference feature when there is a fundamental difference between the two, so the user would inevitably feel they did get deluded. Users can find assistance from SaaS product review sites in situations like this.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and other well-known websites also provide product and business reviews, most of which do get posted by regular users. However, these websites lack the effectiveness of SaaS product review sites. Since other specialists validate these reviews, you can be confident that your results are accurate. SaaS product review websites are the best place to find reliable and comprehensive reviews about various SaaS companies.

Some online review sites and the aforementioned social platforms restrict user reviews and do not attempt to collect in-depth feedback from users. On the other hand, you can find specific essential questions on product review websites that can result in constructive reviews, which can improve customer retention for SaaS companies.

Here are a few well-known and efficient SaaS product review websites that can help you with an in-depth evaluation of the products you intend to select.

1. Trustpilot

Trustpilot has been considered one of the popular SaaS product review websites. It is a Danish consumer review website established in Denmark in 2007 and hosts reviews of companies across the globe. Trustpilot is headquartered in Copenhagen and is located in multiple locations such as Vilnius, New York, Berlin, London, Melbourne, Edinburgh, and Denver. In addition, it did get listed on the London Stock Exchange. Up to 1 million new reviews get posted each month, and they currently host 120+ million reviews. Businesses can use the website's freemium services.

According to Trustpilot, connecting companies and customers promotes trust and encourages collaboration. It hosts all of the users from various communities, domains, etc., with transparency to encourage customers to shop with faith and provide businesses with rich data to help them enhance their services.


Despite criticism for publishing fake ratings and allowing businesses to delete unfavorable reviews, Trustpilot is still regarded as one of the top SaaS product review websites.

2. Capterra

Capterra offers user reviews and research to help customers choose the right software for their needs. They are said to host more than 1 million authentic reviews.

Gartner purchased Capterra in September 2015 for $206.2 million as part of a plan to grow its clientele in the software sector. The website gives personalized reviews, suggests solutions matched to your specific requirements, and includes 800+ software categories for above 50,000 products.

It is one of the rare websites that run surveys like


  • How small enterprises handle technology investments and take into account project management software was surveyed by Top Tech Trends in 2018.
  • Capterra performed several polls in 2020 to assess how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect the software industry, including jobs in the IT sector and digital payments.


3. FinancesOnline

FinancesOnline was once an innovative idea for a directory that would assist business owners in finding the most satisfactory solution to suit their needs. Their strategic approach resulted in the fastest growing and established its place in the list of leading product review sites for B2B, SaaS, and financial solutions.

They provide a sizable database of software reviews to assist you in making an informed decision about the best solution for your business. 10,000+ reviews with 2.5 million readers per month come from a combination of professionals and real users. Every odd-numbered month, it receives more than 2,200,000 visitors. This platform uses an article library in addition to providing product and business reviews to aid prospective customers in making more informed choices.

4. Crozdesk

Crozdesk is an online service that links buyers and sellers of business software. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to review platforms and assign scores. It is based on various aspects, like pricing, usability, popularity, reputation, and more, that will enable you to assess the company accurately. Many organizations worldwide are helped significantly increase their productivity through software thanks to its expert reviews, product selection guidance, user suggestions, vendor awards, analyst-grade reports, and other resources.

Users can freely list their businesses on Crozdesk, assign reviews, and use the tool's comparisons and reports. Its hyper-targeted product categories can help to supply prospects who fit your desired client profile if you're in the marketplace for paid advertisements.

5. GoodFirms

GoodFirms is an organization that researches to identify and recognize the world's top software development companies based on quality, ability, and reliability criteria. To help the service providers get an edge over competitors and increase their worth and credibility across the sector, it assists the service seekers in finding the ideal development partners.

It is a complete B2B research and best review platform that may also function as a software listing website. According to GoodFirms, it has more than 40,000 verified reviews of 1,10,000+ businesses to help users make the best business decisions.

6. Serchen

Serchen is the world's most prominent online cloud services marketplace. According to Serchen, they are dedicated to giving their customers an exceptional experience by bringing together buyers and sellers of the top cloud services and products in the SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS categories. They seek to make finding and comparing the leading cloud services and software as simple as possible by utilizing the advantages of digital evolution and the expanding online community of reviewers and cloud service providers.

Serchen is the best software review website to obtain the most reliable reviews of cloud-based services if you are eager to invest in cloud services for your company.

7. G2

G2 is one of the best SaaS Product Review Websites known as the trustworthy tech marketplace where people can find, evaluate, and manage the software they need to reach their potential. Based on 1,778,100+ timely, accurate reviews from genuine users, you can select the best software and services for your business.

Although publishing a review on G2 Crowd can take up to two years due to verification and checks, G2 asserts that its team is constantly working to remove biased or fake reviews so that users can make informed decisions by being aware of the benefits and drawbacks of the products.

8. SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest assists you in finding the best vendors for business software and services. It provides a free consultation, list, evaluation, and comparison of business software and service options so you can be sure to find the right fit for your company.


There are 18,000 listings for software products in 425 categories. That said, it guarantees customers that they may read genuine reviews since they are only posted after being verified.

9. GetApp

GetApp is one of the best SaaS product review sites for companies researching to find the right product. Using GetApp's free interactive tools and in-depth product information, purchasers can quickly compare and contrast software programs. Using an advanced search function, you can filter and focus your findings on just one vendor or enterprise-level software.

10. TrustRadius

TrustRadius is the research and review platform for business executives looking to locate and choose the best software for their needs. Industry-wide decision-makers rely on TrustRadius's peer-reviewed, validated advice and analysis. On, around 12 million visitors produce and interact with high-quality review material and data annually.

According to TrustRadius, every review is examined by their Research Team for quality, depth, and detail before being published. Every reviewer is validated through a multi-step process to ensure that only authentic product reviews appear.

11. SaaSGenius

SaasGenius is a directory of business SaaS solutions where you can find and compare the best tools to expand your company, considering the fundamental factors of costs, alternatives, comparisons, and reviews.

SaaSGenius asserts that their reviews are accurate and free to read, updated regularly by their expert team. Their objective is to provide B2B decision-makers with a comprehensive and educational digital experience.

12. TechnologyAdvice

TechnologyAdvice will aid B2B tech buyers in managing the complexity and risk of the purchasing process. It gives accurate information to tech buyers, offers guidance, and connects them with the top business technology vendors worldwide.

According to TechnologyAdvice, more than 600 firms trust TechnologyAdvice, which provides insightful and trustworthy reviews of the newest products and services. This website encourages user participation while submitting evaluations by posing pertinent questions to elicit thorough input.

Some tools go above and beyond the information offered by any SaaS product review website, like Troop Messenger, which is renowned for empowering team collaboration by providing its services as a team communication tool.

How is it even possible, you might be asking yourself? Allow me to rephrase my opinion; if declaring an accomplishment is considered bragging, excuse me for revealing a fact. The following information is not pompous content on SaaS product listing sites or software product listing websites. Troop Messenger has earned many positive reviews from SaaS product review websites and other websites, which attest to its competence. Defense agencies, international space agencies, and other crucial domains use Troop Messenger as their official communication tool because of its security measures and features. Without meaning to offend or overshadow our user reviews. What if it isn't a higher validation than a software review website?

13. Truely

Truely is the newest company to join the SaaS product review website game. Like similar sites, Truely profiles and ranks software applications and product and service providers. However, what sets Truely apart is its proprietary AI tool that weeds out fake reviews to help users decide which products and services are best for their needs.


Headquartered in Singapore, Truely prides itself in its people — dedicated teams from various parts of the world who work seamlessly together toward its mission and goal: to bring truth back to the internet.

14. PC Mag Reviews, one of the top SaaS product review websites, provides lab-based comparative evaluations of computers, business technology, consumer electronics, and internet goods. Users may make more intelligent purchasing selections and get more out of their technology with the help of their professional analysis and valuable solutions. As a result of its specialists' yearly testing and evaluation of tens of thousands of electronic products, PCMag has established itself as one of the best product review websites.

According to PCMag, the editorial staff does not support or create compensated material. Editorial evaluations and conclusions are developed without taking any personal, marketing, or other commercial factors into account. They collaborate with vendors to provide branded material marked as advertising. PCMag, in contrast to other SaaS review sites, enables suppliers to rectify issues raised during testing and evaluation. They don't accept conditions and won't let suppliers see our reviews before publication.

15. CompareCamp

If you are looking for attested product reviews, you must stop by CompareCamp, considered one of the top SaaS product review websites for product reviews. Users can compare items they are interested in and discover more about the crucial characteristics influencing their purchasing decisions. Focus on software and business apps while offering a variety of instructional materials and easily understandable guidelines for all types of clients and categories of goods and services.

CompareCamp claims that while reviewing the best SaaS websites, they won't be intimidated and instead prefer to be honest and objective. To assist you in making the best decision, their content has been developed by professionals skilled in writing evaluations.

Among the top business review websites, it comes in at number 37. Contrary to other product review platforms, CompareCamp believes in providing genuine product comparisons, allowing customers to make knowledgeable judgments.


SaaS is a method of offering apps as services to potential customers and businesses while avoiding the complexity of managing hardware and software. Many companies today rely on SaaS solutions to control various operations, from instant messaging apps to project management tools. Companies from all across the world used up to 100 apps on average during the previous year.


SaaS Product Review Websites are the best option to obtain expert suggestions available at your fingertips and educate you on the in-depth knowledge of products thanks to user reviews, ratings, analysis, and other criteria that help you make an informed selection. Be conscious that the tools or solutions you choose will affect team productivity, workflow, and company success. So, before selecting any product or service, try to verify several websites.

SaaS business owners often perceive online review sites as impacting their sales negatively. Still, they deliberately ignore that this is actually a blessing in disguise because it gives them a clear understanding of what their potential customers expect from them and where they stand in service delivery, which again will increase their sales.

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