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4 Digital Tools You Need to Successfully Run a Remote AI Company

Asloob Alam

Remote employees are generally more productive and pleased with their careers, according to studies, and remote companies can absolutely be tenable and sustainable long-term. Employing remote employees who utilize their home offices to conduct their daily activities saves companies money on office supplies, space, and computers. Many businesses are increasingly discovering that by allowing their workers to work from home, they can maintain high productivity and keep their operations running smoothly.


Nonetheless, there have been and will continue to be obstacles and hurdles. If employers want to offer long-term remote work to their workers, they'll need the necessary tools to manage projects, supervise work, and collaborate. With that said, below are 4 digital tools you will need to successfully run a remote AI company.

A Model Registry

As a remote AI company, you will need to make machine learning models available as APIs for online deployment and testing. Many businesses have thousands of Machine Learning models in various stages of development. At the testing, experimentation, and production stages, Model Registry makes it simple to control, track, and manage. Keeping track of all your machine learning trials might be difficult at times, but with the right management tools, it becomes much easier. Model management allows you to gain accurate insights, collaborate easily, and keep track of your Machine Learning models in detail. "If you've decided to create an AI model for automation, it's important to properly choose an annotation tool to prepare the data."


Communication and teamwork tend to be more difficult when you're not in the workplace. Face-to-face encounters and brief talks over the water cooler are no longer possible. In general, less information is exchanged, and other communication routes must be established to promote more cooperation. Perhaps even more so than while your team was at work. There are a number of communication tools that can and should be used to facilitate smooth communication.


Working remotely necessitates quick and straightforward communication. Because you can't just go over to someone's workstation to ask a question or exchange a document, you need a digital communication platform.

You can use it on your computer or phone, send direct messages to particular team members, and even build up several channels for various teams to communicate over time. If you need to concentrate, you can always put your alerts to snooze or link a calendar app to automatically shift your status when you're in meetings or at work.

Google Meet

Even if you can't meet face-to-face physically, it doesn't mean you shouldn't meet face-to-face. Conversation and contact are sometimes important to drive projects forward, work through a design challenge, or air out problems your team is having. That's why a video conferencing tool like Google Meet is so important.


There are lots of viable chat options available, like Troop Messenger, Zoom, Skype, and even Slack. However, as staff have become more accustomed to working remotely, Google Hangouts, as well as Google Calendar to schedule meetings, is a great free option. Google has continued to develop the platform as the demand for these video capabilities has risen, and it will continue to build it out as the years progress. A simple but effective communication solution, Google Meet should be a part of any remote AI business' digital tools arsenal.

Productivity and collaboration

Working remotely can be a double-edged sword in terms of productivity. Firstly, there are several advantages to consider. Employees no longer have to commute; they are entirely at ease working at home and may even choose their own hours when they are most productive.


As an employer, however, it can be tough to monitor and guarantee that staff remain productive. Employees can find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance because there is no longer a physical separation between the two. There are plenty of productivity and collaboration tools out there employee tracking apps, both free and paid, but the below three should be considered mainstays for any remote AI company.


Trello is a useful project management tool that facilitates cooperation. You can create steps, give tasks to team members, and track your team's progress using Trello's boards. If you'd want to see the progress and timetable of individual activities from a larger perspective, you can arrange assignments in a calendar view. But to track time in Trello, you need to rely on Power-Ups and third-party applications.


There are no membership restrictions, and you may use the software on your computer, smartphone, or tablet for free. A Business Class version is available for a $9.99 monthly cost per user if you wish to interface with Evernote, MailChimp, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other applications.


Now, if you're looking for a collaborative platform that will help you monitor projects involving numerous teams, you might want to look into Basecamp. It's a terrific way to exchange ideas, collaborate on projects, assign specific tasks, and cross stuff off when they're completed.


While the list structure of assignments and the ability to search through them is not as intuitive as Trello's visual style, it is quite useful. Larger projects, tasks, and objectives may be nestled beneath them, and duties can be handed off to the appropriate team members. It also allows you to subscribe to cards that you aren't currently working on, in case you want to keep track of the status of other projects.

Internet Speed Tool

Internet speed is linked to productivity. According to studies of places with faster internet, states with a high average internet speed had a higher GDP per capita, whereas those with a low average internet speed had a lower GDP per capita.


To be effective when working from home, your employees want dependable, high-speed internet. The quantity of internet speed required by each employee is determined by their daily activities. Use an Internet Speed Tool to ensure that your staff have enough internet speed in order to exchange large files, use online apps, and organize video conferences. It's a free, simple-to-use application that may help you assess your team's internet demands.

File/Asset Sharing

While many productivity tools enable you to exchange documents and photos, this isn't necessarily the most efficient way to do it. It's also difficult to examine and arrange materials outside of specific projects or tasks, and it's not the safest way to share information. To make this process easier for your and your team, you'll need to choose a file-sharing platform.

Google Drive

Finding the right documents and information needed to perform a task can take the typical worker a lot of time and several searches. This procedure is made much more inconvenient for remote workers who are unable to swiftly handle a problem by going to a coworker or manager's desk to locate the document in question. This is why providing numerous copies of papers to various team members is a recipe for disaster.


Google Drive makes it simple to create and collaborate on documents in real-time. You and your team members may view and comment on each other's modifications and work on the same document at the same time. Employees who save files in their Drive can access them from any device. As always, it is important to ensure your team practices good cybersecurity with respect to file access and sharing.


Managing a remote workforce and running a remote company has its difficulties, but technology can help with collaboration, communication, and productivity tracking. Adding the tech solutions discussed in the above list to your remote AI business can help you simplify your operations and transform your remote crew into a more collaborative and productive workforce. 


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