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How To Have A Productive Day: 11 Killable Tips

Asloob Alam

As the demands of our daily lives become increasingly complex, it is essential to have a productive day to keep up. Recent studies have found that remote workers are 13% more effective when they work from home as opposed to in an office environment.

However, it can be difficult to remain motivated and focused when working remotely or from home. That is why we have collected 10 killable tips for having a productive day. These tips focus on honing your skills, streamlining your workflow, and optimizing your workspace for maximum efficiency.

We also provide actionable advice on how to maintain focus and productivity throughout the day, no matter where you are working from. With these tips, you can ensure that every one of your days is as productive as possible!

10 Killable Tips On How To Have A Productive Day

Starting each day with a plan and setting achievable goals is the best way to make sure your day is productive. These are 10 best practices to make sure your day is as productive as possible.

1.) Set up a good morning routine

Starting a healthy and productive day begins with planning the night before. After winding down from a long day, try to get into bed earlier so that you can wake up at a reasonable hour.


Have an early morning to give yourself enough time to get organized, set goals, and practice healthy habits like drinking an energizing cup of coffee or tea and eating breakfast.

Getting a healthy breakfast is especially important since having healthy food fuels your activities and will increase productivity levels throughout the entire day. This sets people up for success by preparing them physically and mentally for whatever tasks lie ahead.

Therefore, setting up a solid morning routine allows people to start their day off with the positive energy they need for a successful and productive day.

2.) Prioritize tasks

Prioritizing tasks is a great way to be productive in your day. Not only will it help you get important tasks done, but it also helps you focus on what matters most. When prioritizing tasks, important or urgent tasks should be tackled first.

This ensures that important needs are taken care of before anything else. Scheduling tasks can help break up mundane activities, giving you breaks throughout the day and helping make sure nothing important gets overlooked. Working on one task at a time until completion also helps ensure focus, resulting in a job well done!

3.) Follow the 80/20 rule

Taking on too many tasks can be overwhelming and lose focus on the most important things. Following the 80/20 rule helps to ensure a productive day by focusing on the 20% of tasks that yield 80% of the desired results.

This approach encourages individuals to prioritize critically and minimize stress levels from taking on too much. It also ensures there is time in each day for relaxation, as well as personal commitments, so one can keep a good balance between their professional and personal life. In sum, using this rule can make us smarter with our time management while reaping the rewards of having a successful career or project.

4.) Take breaks throughout the day

Taking regular breaks throughout the day can have a tremendous impact on our productivity. Productive people often take regular “downtime” - even if it is just for a few minutes at a time - to step back and recharge. This regular recharging helps us to reset and refocus our attention, enabling us to stay productive throughout the day.

Taking regular breaks gives our brains and bodies a chance to rest from whatever task we’re doing, allowing us to come back with a fresh set of eyes and ultimately be more productive. During these breaks, it is also important to avoid tasks that require too much mental energy, as this type of activity could cause further fatigue.

It is important to find activities that help you to relax such as listening to music or going for a walk. By allowing ourselves regular small chunks of “downtime” each day, we can stay focused and productive The benefits are immense!

5.) Cut your to-do list in half

Having a productive day can be a challenge, especially if it feels like you have too many items on your to-do list. One way to make a productive day achievable is by cutting the list in half.


This involves taking the important and more challenging tasks, the ones that require more effort and thought, and only making those tasks a priority for the day. This gives important tasks more attention, helps build momentum, and encourages creativity.

Automation also can be a great tool to help you complete your to-do list in a fraction of the time. By setting up automation programs, you can easily automate the more mundane or time-consuming tasks on your list, allowing you to focus on higher-priority duties.

Seeing these important tasks get completed helps to free up energy and time for either additional important tasks or simply just some well-deserved rest. Time management is key and cutting your to-do list in half is one important time management skill that can help you have an incredibly productive day!

6.) Use your morning to focus on yourself

Starting your day off in a mindful way can have a major impact on how productive you are for the rest of the day. It is important to ensure that you get enough sleep each night so that you can wake up feeling energized and ready for your day.

Setting aside enough time for yourself in the morning will help you to stay focused, organized, and motivated throughout the day. It is beneficial to spend those hours working on an important task instead of scrolling through social media or checking emails - this can help to clear the mind and bring clarity on what needs to be accomplished throughout the day.

Taking care of yourself first thing in the morning allows you peace of mind while also preparing you for a productive day ahead.


Chris Masanto, CEO and co-founder of PetLab Co. encourages his team to take time for themselves. “Taking time for yourself in the morning can be difficult on a working day, which is why at PetLab Co. we have flexible working hours. This personal time allows everyone to take time for themselves in whichever way is good for them. Meditation, exercise, or simply enjoying a quiet moment with a cup of coffee can help improve focus and mental clarity. Ultimately, this morning self-care routine can boost your energy, motivation, and overall well-being, priming you for a productive and successful day ahead.

7.) Tackle your biggest task first

Starting your day by tackling priority tasks can help you to have a productive day. Having a priority task list will enable you to be organized, which in turn will help you know what to do first thing in the morning and keep you on track throughout the day.

This means that instead of spending hours procrastinating and not getting anything done, you are dedicating yourself to doing the most important things - even if it takes longer than anticipated.

Brainstorming solutions and finding creative solutions by breaking down big tasks into small ones can make them more accessible and manageable. A key part of this approach is being proactive and giving yourself enough time to complete your priorities before moving on to more secondary tasks.

By starting your day with priority tasks, you'll be putting yourself on the path to productive days in the long run.

8.) Eat healthy snacks throughout the day

Eating healthy snacks throughout the day can be important for overall productivity. Eating regular, balanced snacks can help keep energy levels looking up and help to avoid sudden dips.

Having a light snack every few hours can often provide a much-needed boost and can be important for staying focused on important tasks. It’s important to choose healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and yogurts as these contain important vitamins and minerals which will fuel your body and provide you with the long-term benefits of sustained energy.

Packaging snacks in measurable portions and keeping them close by will also provide additional convenience when hunger strikes during the workday. Eating healthy snacks is essential for maintaining good concentration levels which has important implications for overall productivity.

9.) Set intentions for each task before beginning

One strategy that can help anyone have a productive day is setting intentions for each task before you begin. First, start your day by crafting a daily schedule and committing to stick to it as best you can.

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This will help you figure out how to manage distractions that come up throughout the day, like checking emails or scrolling through your phone. Then, before tackling a new task, take the time to think about what success looks like for that particular activity and what resources are necessary for accomplishing it.

When you set clear intentions in this way, it frees energy from having to figure out how to complete each step and allows you to focus on getting things done instead of wasting time sleepwalking through each task. All in all, taking the gift of intention helps ensure any daily goals are achieved.

10.) Have A Mentor

Having a mentor can drastically improve the productivity of your day. Whether by providing helpful advice on time management or offering sound recommendations to tackle difficult tasks, mentorship is invaluable in helping to make the most of your day.


Mentors lend their expertise, experience, and mentorship to provide clear direction during periods of uncertainty, thus affecting how you prioritize tasks, break down goals into measurable benchmarks, and create well-defined timetables for tackling projects.

A mentor can offer validation when working through obstacles standing between you and success, knowing when to give gentle criticism to help you realize areas where improvement may be needed so that it does not hinder progress and growth.

Establishing mentorship in various aspects of life from academics to career guidance will ultimately lead to increased confidence and motivation in trying out different approaches and ideas leading to more productive days.

11.) Avoid distractions

Keeping distractions at a distance is essential for having a productive day. Studies show that social media, YouTube, and Twitch have the highest potential to distract us from our daily tasks, leading us to procrastinate and waste valuable time.

To build an effective routine and make the most of your day, you must commit to not going ‘down the social media rabbit hole’ once it gets started. Make sure to keep social media browsing limited and be aware of how much time you spend on each account.

It is also important to prioritize what needs don’t need urgent attention and allocate time wisely while avoiding completely irrelevant tasks as they may lead to further procrastination.

All in all, managing your focus throughout the day is fundamental for achieving productivity rather than being hindered by the temptation of social networking sites. Avoiding distractions gives us easier access to busy schedules and more efficient use of time - something everyone deserves!

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, having a productive day comes down to setting clear goals and intentions, avoiding distractions, and establishing realistic expectations. By taking the time to organize our tasks ahead of time and prioritize them accordingly, we can create an environment where productivity thrives.

By tackling priority tasks first thing in the morning, eating healthy snacks throughout the day, setting intentions for each task before beginning, and avoiding distractions - you will be well on your way to having a productive day!

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