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8 Organic B2B Growth Channels for your B2B SaaS Business

Asloob Alam

The success of your B2B SaaS business greatly depends on the B2B growth channels you use. Let me provide some evidence to support the statement mentioned above.

Regardless of quality in the digital age, your SaaS business would compete fiercely with all other SaaS companies. You might provide a superior offering compared to all the SaaS products on the market. Still, to get a lead from your prospective clients, your client or customer needs already be aware of the existence of your product or service. This is why most buyers purchase a mediocre product due to aggressive or lengthy marketing.

As you are familiar with, a lead is a request or an expression of interest made by a user of your app or website. Only a few visitors to your site will be a lead, but based on the user interface and the content you offer, some of them may convert to leads. Because the visitors, whether they were brought in by the traffic you generated through organic B2B growth channels or not, would attempt to assess your potential based on the information on the website. Ensure your B2B SaaS business models are priced in line with market trends and that the content you post on your website, such as your knowledge base, FAQs, blogs, service pages, and other pages, is engaging and relevant.

Quality B2B leads can be produced through pay-per-click, webinars, the God-Father method, and other B2B marketing strategies. Additionally, there are B2B SaaS marketing channels that might help you generate some top-notch leads, such as:

1. Content Marketing


SaaS content marketing services are widely used growth strategy that reaches potential or prospective clients via blogs, podcasts, videos, and other platforms. In addition to increasing brand recognition, it gives customers helpful information.

Your knowledge base, product descriptions, FAQs, service pages, and others are bound to confine to your products and expertise. In contrast, blogs explore market trends it shares knowledge or information comprehensively with your visitors, clients, etc. You should demonstrate to them how your product functions and how it can address their problems through your messaging and content before directing them to try out your products, especially when they are in trial periods for every query they would check your content.

Ensure that the content you publish is pertinent to the subject and was written or published after research good content must also pass a plagiarism check. Users on various channels have distinct preferences that affect how they want to view content, much to how different users' search intentions affect how content should be written. Consistent with your content marketing efforts can keep your current customers satisfied and draw in new ones.

Your writing indicates your expertise on the issue, which helps your audience decide to use your product or service rather than one from a competitor.


While you can create content yourself, it is best to work with a B2B content marketing agency specializing in B2B and having a record of producing positive results. Before engaging one, however, look at their portfolio to get a rough overview of the quality of content they deliver and the results they get for their clients.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Although SEO is a reasonably inexpensive channel, it typically takes longer time than other growth channels for B2B SaaS companies to provide results. It is a long-term product introduction strategy and does not lead to rapid growth. Nevertheless, some industry experts argue that SEO is the best and most important tactic because it is indisputable that it raises your site's ranking in search engine results pages, making it more visible and credible to prospective customers. This, in turn, helps your business grow sustainably over the long term. Also, it draws organic traffic, which translates into visitors to your website looking for the software your SaaS business sells.

Companies choose to buy SaaS subscriptions every month because of the nature of these subscriptions, frequently renewed monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If your competitor can successfully improve their website, you risk losing a loyal customer. Due to these considerations, you must perform website audits. You can use it to find technical challenges, content that has to be optimized, and structural flaws in your website. Make sure that at the stage of developing a B2B portal, you get a high-quality website optimized for Google's technical requirements.

As stated above, you can increase organic traffic to your website each month and consistently and effectively fill your pipeline with Market Qualified Leads (MQLs) by optimizing it for the proper keywords and ensuring it can be found on search engine results pages. It would be best to discover the Google keywords used by the intended audience.

3. Email Marketing


Eight to ten years ago, email marketing introduced many of the top businesses today. Marketing a SaaS business through email platforms is an effective technique for SaaS, whether you're seeking to gather data, get subscribers interested in your newsletter, or boost your conversion rate for new customers.

With that said, encouraging customers to sign up for newsletters is a tried-and-true long-term B2B SaaS Growth Strategy. But, in today's market, most users need to demonstrate an interest in newsletters. Instead, they disregard the newsletters they receive because they don't think they'll learn anything new or because they don't think it's worth their time. You won't be able to create an email list as a result.

Even if you add information and knowledge to it, the customer will only know what they're missing if they sign up. Stop sending the same emails to all of your clients. If you find email marketing monotonous, you should quit doing it altogether.

Use your customer data, which you may gather by asking visitors for contact information via a live chat app or chatbot, Facebook, your blog, or other means to provide more value to your consumers and boost conversions. You'll need to send personalized emails to your target audience that address their particular wants and pain spots, such as by developing an interactive discount program.

For quite a while, most email automation solutions have offered integration with sales apps, so if you could employ the finest tool, your lead generation and tracking marketing status would be simplified. Indeed this could be the first step in aiming to automate your B2B sales funnel from top to bottom, embracing a data-driven approach to targeting the right prospects and bringing them ever closer to converting.

4. LinkedIn Marketing

The leading professional site is LinkedIn, and several SaaS marketers use it as one of their B2B Growth Channels. This site reportedly has over 875 million users from 200 different nations and regions. Furthermore, over 52 million weekly users search LinkedIn for their next job, expand their professional networks, and learn new skills.

Since it has become an essential and effective resource for promoting any brand in a company, some B2B SaaS companies publish LinkedIn content to attract their business's attention. You can create leads and advertise your company on LinkedIn with the appropriate strategy and preparation through LinkedIn Marketing's B2B and social media updates. Yet, the company's employees make up 30% of the readers who enjoy, share, and comment on the content. Employees are also 14 times more inclined to share a company's content than any other content they come across on the network.

Your company may strengthen its brand while gaining more customers, leads, and conversions with your SaaS marketing plan.

5. YouTube


The easiest strategy to increase sales of your SaaS product is to use YouTube content marketing, as was previously said. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that one of the most efficient B2B growth channels is YouTube, where you can publish your webinars, product videos, How-To videos, pertinent meetings, and other content that, when shared with the target market, can drive traffic. Using this channel, you can connect with a new group of prospective customers who are more inclined to buy your SaaS services.

Do you know that, behind Google, YouTube receives the second-highest number of visitors worldwide? It has had approximately 2 billion active users worldwide each month since it launched. Hence, YouTube marketing is the solution if you're looking to expand your traffic sources or bring your business in front of your target audience.

6. Twitter


Twitter marketing can help you in some ways, including brand awareness, audience diversification, increased website traffic, and more. It currently has 353.90 million users on the platform, where you can promote your account and particular tweets to boost interaction and campaign exposure.

Take it or leave it; if your SaaS business doesn't have a Twitter account, prospective customers may use that as one reason to choose another SaaS provider.

Customers frequently use Twitter to voice their complaints about businesses in the hopes of getting a response from your customer service representative. Your churn rate may be at risk when a business doesn't respond. On the other hand, when individuals receive a prompt answer, they are much more inclined to recommend your company.

7. Webinars


High-quality, in-depth content must be presented in webinars; this may require considerable time and effort, but it will provide high-quality leads, which foster trust and credibility between the business and potential customers.

The main benefit of webinars is that they allow you to connect with potential global clients and broaden your clientele while extending your geographic reach. It will have a bigger impact and engage your target audience or attendees than blogs, articles, ebooks, and other lead-generating methods because it gives them a place to contact the firm directly.

8. SaaS Product Review Websites


When a potential user or customer learns about a product on the corporate website or through some advertisements, they will all consult the review websites. Because they are necessary for customers or business owners to make more informed choices, these review websites are crucial to the success of your SaaS business.

These review sites enable detailed descriptions of your business, products, and SaaS pricing. Many SaaS businesses, including Troop Messenger, gained more favorable ratings, resulting in quality leads from these websites.

You may be assured that your results are reliable because experts have validated these user reviews. The most significant source to discover dependable and in-depth evaluations about various SaaS companies is websites that review SaaS products.

I hope that after reading this content, you will be familiar with a few common SaaS growth channels. Even if you were to hire a SaaS link-building agency, you wouldn't have to rely only on them to make informed marketing choices. And I'm confident that you won't require a portfolio grader to evaluate your stock growth.


The B2B growth channels discussed above are tried and true methods that have assisted many SaaS organizations in seeing a well-deserving rise in sales. I hope the aforementioned strategies can help you with your marketing plans. However, it's best to research market trends before investing time and money.

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