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blogs Music and Productivity in the Workplace: How Music Can Help You Be More Productive

Music and Productivity in the Workplace: How Music Can Help You Be More Productive

Curtis Dean

Music in the workplace is seen as one of the most important aspects of Workplace. Without it, work can be a bit dull and monotonous. While entertainment is mainly the purpose of music, recent studies and research attest that music impacts many things in one’s work, including focus and productivity.


Benefits of Music 

For many years now, music has been seen to offer numerous benefits to people who listen and utilize music. Aside from stirring emotions and memories, music can enhance mental performances and even cognitive functions. And this is probably one of the main reasons why parents send their kids to music lessons as young as possible.


There also studies today that state that music can help heal certain conditions. And this is why music is now used in therapies, hence, the so-called music therapy.


It is important to note that music is therapeutic in nature. So, it is only logical why music is linked with many healing properties and wonders. But, in terms of mental performances, both experts and scholars are certain that music can help people become more productive. This is why organizations should encourage employees to listen to curated playlists on Spotify for instance. To enable employees to access these playlists, companies can create a dynamic QR Code using an online QR Code generator that links to a Spotify playlist which can be updated as needed.


How Listening Music Can Help You Be More Productive



If you aren’t convinced yet, or you haven’t experienced the wonders of music in terms of your productivity, here are some points that you may ponder on as to how listening to music may help:


Ambient Noise May Be the Creative Sweet Spot

According to studies, ambient noise helps people become more creative. It is found that music at this level allows the mind to produce its “creative juices.” The way it works is through the processing difficulty.

Based on studies, it shows that music at the ambient noise level helps the brain in increasing its processing ability. This is what you will need in order to promote abstract processing. As a result, you become a lot more creative.


Repetitive Task Are Made More Pleasurable

Repetitive tasks are some of the reasons why people get tired or lazy easily. Aside from its monotonous nature, the task becomes boring, which negatively impacts productivity. But, thanks to music, experts learned that listening to music makes repetitive tasks more pleasurable.


The conclusion has been presented by Daniel Levitin, who happens to be a neuroscientist and the author of the popular book titled, This Is Your Brain OnMusic. A study was also conducted before which showed the same angles. It focused on surgeons and doctors who take on repetitive surgeries. And with music, it made the whole experience a lot more pleasurable and fulfilling.


Acts as a Motivational Factor

Another reason why music helps people become more productive is because it acts as a motivational factor. Based on general reception, it seemingly appears that almost everyone can relate to this point.

This is also probably the basis why people tend to prefer to listen to music when they feel low and stressed. As it happens, it boosts one’s motivation and determination to do tasks and perform activities. And the more motivated you feel, the more you become productive.


Helps Improve Cognitive Ability

Whether you simply listen to music or utilize it like those individuals who take guitar lessons and piano lessons, it is found that these activities can improve cognitive functions and abilities. For some reason, music has the ability to improve brain functions in totality.


Accordingly, when one’s ability is improved, such as a better thinking process, faster analysis, greater comprehension, productivity easily follows through.


Improves Abstract Reasoning

In relation to improving cognitive functions and ability, music is also found to improve abstract reasoning and logical thinking. This is why music is encouraged to young ones, especially those who are intending to improve their academic performances in math and science.


There is also a study linking music with creating abstraction. In the study, it is explained how abstraction is different from abstract reasoning. Even so, music is still seen as a great training ground for both entities.


It is worth noting that people who have better abstract reasoning and have better abilities to work with abstracts are great in solving and analyzing complex problems. Accordingly, when certain tasks get even more challenging, productivity can be widely observed as it will not induce any struggle that may hamper one’s ability to accomplish the task at hand.


Type of Music For Productivity

It has been already established how music can help you with your focus and productivity. While it is preferred and recommended to utilize and work with your favourite music or tracks, studies and research suggest that there are those types of music that are more beneficial in improving productivity. These are the following


Classical Music

Classical music is said to help every individuals’ concern about mental performance and cognitive functions. But, in terms of productivity, classical music is also found to be very effective.

Some of the best tracks under this genre that are great for improving productivity include:

  • III. Rondo-allegro – Piero Barbareschi
  • Piano Concerto in B-Flat Major – Ewa Kupiec
  • Brandenburg Concertos – Bach
  • Four Seasons – Vivaldi


Ambient Soundtracks

Ambient soundtracks have a special point given above as to how this type of music can help you with your productivity. But, if you are looking for specific tracks and materials, here are some of the best ambient sounds you may want to try:

  • Rain or Forest sounds
  • Night, Cricket, and Swamp Sounds
  • Water Sounds
  • Office and Traffic Sounds


Epic Music

Epic music is one of the most underrated genres. As it happens, only a few people are familiar with this. But, epic music is simply the type that evokes certain moods. While it features elements of classical music, it’s pretty different as it tells a story in its course.

  • We Stand In Silence – Twelve Titans Music
  • Arrival To Earth – Steve Jablonsky
  • Neon Paradise – Ivan Torrent


Final Thoughts

All in all, here are the points as to how music can help you become more productive. Although these things are pretty theoretical, you can try it on your own with the tracks given in this piece. If you’re feeling too tired to go on with your tasks, try listening to the sample tracks and see it for yourself.

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