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blogs 25 Super True Mental Health Memes That Will Make You LOL

25 Super True Mental Health Memes That Will Make You LOL

Satya Srikanth Bade

Do you know that mental health memes not only make us laugh but also help us feel less stressed? Technology has made it easy to generate fun-filled relatable mental breakdown memes, emotional memes that can be shared with coworkers, clients, and others. This helps reduce stress in various ways, regardless of the industry.

Let me familiarise you with mental health before you start thinking about it.


What is Mental health?

Our psychological, emotional, and social well-being are all parts of mental health. It influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Additionally, it influences how we respond to stress, interact with others, and make good decisions. Each stage of life, spanning childhood and adolescence to adulthood, including professional life, places a high value on mental health.

The mental breakdown is still stigmatized despite digitalization's advancement. Stress and uncontrolled emotions can badly affect your mental health and put you at risk for depression and anxiety. Strong relationships will be complicated for you to establish if you cannot comprehend, accept, or manage your emotions. This can further induce severe mental health issues and leave you feeling isolated.

Some companies have started offering psychiatric consultations to help employees deal with their issues, particularly stress. And some companies have gone the extra mile in employing sleeping pods on their premises so their employees can rest for some time. A Harvard study demonstrates how naps can reduce employee burnout, while a NASA study showed that a 26-minute short nap could increase performance by 33 percent,

Such employee wellness initiatives and team-building activities will directly increase team productivity.


How can you deal with a Mental Breakdown?

You must develop your emotional intelligence, enabling you to master your senses to address your mental wellness.


What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence, widely known as EQ, is the ability to understand, manage, and control your emotions to relieve stress, conquer challenges, communicate, empathize, and resolve conflict. Additionally, it can help you connect with your feelings, carry out your intentions, and decide what is most essential to you. You can develop healthy relationships, perform well at work and reach your professional and personal objectives with emotional intelligence.

Do you know that the human body and mind are like machines that can direct evolution? By age 21, physical growth may halt, but neuroscience suggests that mental growth continues.

Just think, when our mental health is such capable can't we deal with a mental breakdown?

For instance, some Doctors commented on Covid that it didn't get cured. It will be there around us for more than 15 years. It is we who just developed our immune system to be strong to co-exist with such viruses. Likewise, your mental health may not prevent the issues, but it will give you the courage to face them better and co-exist.

I'll provide an analogy: As you are aware, Army or police officers receive training in physical fitness, tactics, methods, and other areas. However, they must also be mentally healthy, for which they will receive training. They must complete both the physical and the mental assessments to complete the training.

Some of you might be perplexed as to the necessity of mental fitness. As I said, it does have equal priority and is needed. To deal with the hostiles or criminals they encounter daily, soldiers and police officers must be physically and mentally fit. Similarly, employees must maintain their mental health to deal with the issues.


Points to be considered

If the following sounds preachy, which I don't mean to, kindly pardon me, but it's crucial to read the points before moving on to the mental health memes.


1. Rumors Spread

You must understand that obtaining attention due to your performance is a blessing in disguise. You can't stop the rumors from spreading, which were likely started by someone jealous after watching your performance; that much is certain. If not, why would anyone use ash instead of fire to gain attention from it? That is the reason rumors are being propagated. Let me get this straight: if you plead with them or threaten them, it won't stop, so ignore it. Or, the best course of action is to inform your manager or HR.


2. Insecurity

If someone performs better than you, they have a fair opportunity to perform and use their skills at the appropriate time. You are undoubtedly talented as well, but before you can expect the acceptance of your boss or the general public, you must have faith in yourself. Don't allow your insecurity to consume you.

Don't get intimidated by that person's presence. The best rivals of our day are widely acknowledged to be Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They both claimed that they were inspired by one another's abilities rather than feeling intimidated by one another, which means inadvertently, they were pushing each other to become the best. It is the perspective you choose to look at things. Therefore, avoid comparing yourself to others. You'll have a decent opportunity to perform as well. Your point of view on things determines how they appear to you.

Remember the quote, "there's no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it's their time."


3. Build your Armour

You must be aware that "negativity" is a type of energy. To elaborate, it can emerge from negative people, your environment, or your mind for best-known reasons. You might feel physically and mentally drained as a result. Because negative energy is self-replicating, it breeds more negative energy.

Do you know that all religious texts refer to negative thinking as black magic? If you harbor or think negatively about someone, you invite negativity into your life.

Ok, leave about black magic. Let's see what science has to suggest

Murphy's law is well known as "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong," in addition, it also suggests that if you think anything negative will happen to you, it can do so due to your negative thought process.

So, resist letting negativity influence you. You are just the one you decide to be; you were not born this way. Until you accept it, defeat will seem to be the case; however, if you are sensible and view it as a learning opportunity, you will undoubtedly succeed in the future.

Improve your self-awareness. Build your armor, to put it in simple words, prepare your defenses and resist the negative influence of others. As a result, you won't be discouraged by someone's criticisms; on the other hand, you won't be lured by flattery.

Don't be emotional dependant on others; learn to be a self-healer.


Mental Health Memes

Here I am posting some mental health memes and work culture memes about a few moments in our professional life intended to create fun. So, no offense meant.


1. When your manager asks you to work on weekends.


Thinking about your EMIs, bills, expenses, and so on, the actual reaction you give.


2. When you want your manager to praise you more.


3. When your whole team is on leave, and you are supposed to complete all the tasks.


4. Your personality development classes.


5. Working on weekends


6. Checking your look on the video conference while no one else has joined.


7. When your manager asks you to give the presentation again because a meeting attendee claimed that he "didn't get one thing."


8. Leaving the office on Friday night.


9. A line should separate negativity and you; do not allow it to approach you.

I assume you know what happened when Tom crossed the line.


10. Teamwork doesn't just make your dreams happen but also protects you from adverse outcomes.


11. Reminisces of working from home.

You may not find funnier work-from-home memes than this.


12. Monday and Friday


13. When you mistakenly click the video button during a call.


14. Your honest attempt to improve on-job skills.


15. When you were hoping to win the Employee of the Year award but ended up receiving a Tug of War participation award.


16. When you and your team learned that your subordinate's salary is more than everyone in your team.


17. When you recall that tomorrow is Monday.


18. When you notice your ex-toxic manager, who was the reason you left your previous company, has been hired by your present company.


19. Your mental health


20. When your HR notifies you that your leaves are done for the year.


21. You get a message to join the conference call while working remotely during lunch.


22. The look on your face when your manager promises you a rise in the upcoming term.


23. When you're trying your best to maintain a smiling face during appraisals.


24. When you misinterpret the concept of team collaboration.


25. I know when you were working remotely, the latency problems used to annoy you and interrupt your work.

Consider using Troop Messenger to avoid all of these issues.



As we previously stated, none of the above mental health memes were intended to be offensive; hopefully, none were. Even though therapist memes are intended to be humorous, as was already indicated, I strongly advise you to take action to enhance your mental health. Above all, there is no harm in seeking out a psychiatrist or psychologist; let go of your inhibitions regarding what others may think. Just decide to make each moment of your life enjoyable.

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