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blogs Mattermost vs Rocket Chat Review - Here’s Our Honest Team’s Feedback

Mattermost vs Rocket Chat Review - Here’s Our Honest Team’s Feedback

Md Mohsin Ansari

Slack is the boss of team collaboration software.


Don’t we all know that?


But here’s a fact we can’t unknow: Even the best of the bosses make mistakes. They have their own set of flaws. 


Slack indeed is helpful in several ways. It’s a tool that solves three different issues: team collaboration, communication, and staying up-to-date. Not only did this tool make private and group messaging easy, but also made third-party program integration and file sharing effortless. 


Indeed, Slack established itself as a great tool through hundreds of updates. But yet, it falls short of fulfilling all requirements of an enterprise, which makes us seek an alternative. 


Thanks to the dozens of team collaboration tools, customers have plenty to choose from. However, these options don’t save us from finding the best among the available ‘slack alternatives’. 


While designing Troop Messenger - our comprehensive instant messaging application for businesses small to giant - we compared the features, functionalities, and limitations of each of these alternatives (who are, in fact, our direct competitors). 


Apparently, we didn’t make these comparisons without conducting a deep analysis of each tool’s performance, efficiency, and delivery. Our team at Troop Messenger used these applications for a specific length of time to identify the pros and cons of all major slack alternatives from the end user’s perspective. 


After the extensive analysis, our team shortlisted these two tools:



 Rocket Chat


These are the apps our team considered top Slack alternatives. Since we didn’t come up with a single name, people who are looking to replace slack may get confused. 


So, we decided to come up with an article comparing the features and functionalities of Mattermost and RocketChat. Our goal was to analyse how they perform against each other and figure out which one stands as a better alternative to Slack. 


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Disclaimer: We are moving Troop Messenger to self-hosted for larger enterprise and government corporations. Since there are so many self-hosted chats applications out there, we’ve started this to perform an in-depth analysis of our competitors with their pros and cons from a customer’s perspective and tried to come up with a better, cleaner and more user-friendly chat alternative. We have an entire article with the results of competitors’ research, covering our feedback on various alternatives. However, this time we would like to focus on two rivals: the well-known Mattermost and Rocket chat.


 Mattermost  Vs.   Rocket Chat: Who Will take the Trophy home?



Both MatterMost and Rocket Chat are open-source team collaboration tools that can be deployed by a user in their private cloud. Both of these provide users with an option to share documents and integrate with other programs. These tools have an option where users can customise their web-based architecture which uses Security Assertion Markup Language and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol for password authentication. These tools are available as mobile phone versions on the android and iOS systems, and similar to slack, they offer notification 


Okay, Enough about the similarities.  


Let’s check out the differences which make Mattermost and Rocketchat neck-to-neck competitors to each other. 


 1. Deployment Process 

If you want to have complete access to your data and all archives without spending much, you definitely need to get started with Mattermost or Rocket Chat. For this article, we compiled information about basic server security guidelines from both these tool’s official documentation and website. Setting up your secure chat server is not difficult. But it’s different for both Mattermost and Rocket Chat.

Let’s see how.


I. Setting up Mattermost 

It took us about two hours to get everything done. Here’s a short summary of what we did to set up Mattermost:

  • Setup Host Instance
  • Creating a Database Server 
  • Signing up at the Server URL

The deployment process is simple. It might look daunting at first, but it becomes easy once you know what you are doing. You’ve to begin host setup process at the , then configure your plan, set up the root password and boot it. For the Database server setup, you need to create a database, name it according to the document/guideline, then set the login credentials. Once you’re done setting database server, open registration link provided in the guideline to create an admin account.


II. Setting up RocketChat

Compared to MatterMost, RocketChat’s deployment is simpler. It can be hosted on RocketChat’s cloud or on your own server.  Here’s a short summary of what you need to do to set up RocketChat for your team:


  • Install the .deb file your the RocketChat official website
  • Creating a Server URL
  • Sign up for your team 


I am not going into details because I don’t want to bore you with a step of instructions that are already available online. So, go, and check the tutorials. It's a great tool for companies willing to privately host their chat service or evolve their chat platforms. 


Verdict on Deployment: Take a bow,  Rocket Chat


If we speak only in terms of set up, I’ll have to give it to RocketChat. Unlike in MatterMost, here you don’t have to set up web and database servers separately, which saves time and effort. And who doesn’t loves that?


 2. Onboarding Process 

With Mattermost and RocketChat, it’s easier to board new users. These open-source slack alternatives allow easy boarding. Let’s check out who’s offering what.


I. Mattermost Onboarding

If you choose MatterMost, onboarding is not something your team will need to worry about. The tool also has multiple tutorials that guide new users on how to use the tool to full-extent.

  • Optional Tutorials make onboarding very east.
  • The app has an in-app support option which further accelerates easy adoption to its functionalities.
  • There are updated troubleshooting guides, administration guides, and upgrade guides, which makes onboarding simpler.
  • Enhanced Search tool offers easy filtering of in-context material about onboarding
  • Users can connect with community applications to interact with other users and learn about the application


II. RocketChat Onboarding

With RocketChat, you get one week to familiarise yourself with the various applications and services. Here’s what this tool offer for easy onboarding.

  • Each user receives a email address within the first week.
  • For the first seven days, all members receive invitations to the team meetings, where they get to know everything about the application’s features.
  • You can schedule one to one call with different people in your team and talk to them individually to get to know them.
  • To get on the board properly, RocketChat also offers users an option to add themselves to the team page.

Verdict on onboarding: Here’s your trophy,  Mattermost

We are gonna give this one to Mattermost for their short, straightforward, and to-the-point tutorials, guides, and community applications. 


 3. Layout and Design 

Talk about the Slack interface, and you’ll know why a lot of people find it overloaded. It has too many options, features, controls, icons, and information. That’s where we feel the need for something that is not as complex.

I. Mattermost’s Design


The user interface is neatly designed and is highly self-explorable and check the interface in the screenshot. You’ll know what we are talking about. The UI is not clobbered. It’s simple with the amount of information you need to know.


II. RocketChat’s Design


RocketChat has a decent UI. It’s not clobbered. The navigation from one page to another is seamless, and there is no problem with UI as such. The dark mode and black mode themes do not disrupt the app’s performance.


Verdict on onboarding: It’s a tie.

In terms of Layout and Design, both these tools are at the top-notch. We used these applications in trial mode and didn’t notice any issue with UI.


 4. Pricing and file sharing Storage 

When speaking about these paid collaboration tools, pricing and storage are the two determining factors. Both MatterMost and RocketChat offer a 30-day free trial, but there’s a lot more you need to know to decide which one’s better for your team.


I. MatterMost

MatterMost offers two Enterprise Editions using which you can avail a secured, scalable, and self-hosted team collaboration platform.


Enterprise E10

It’s for Small Businesses that need access to basic communication features and user limit up-to 500 users

$3.25 per user, per month 

Enterprise E20

It’s for businesses needing access to unlimited features 

$8.50 per user, per month 


II. RocketChat

At RocketChat, they’ve two categories namely Self-Managed and Cloud. If you are choosing to have your team on RocketChat’s Cloud, you can choose among the Bronze, Silver, and Gold plan. And if you choose to manage it on your server, you can choose between the pro and enterprise plan.


i. Self-Managed

Pro Plan

It’s for Small Businesses willing to set up team communication with limited features 

$3 per user, per month 

$30 per user, per annum

Enterprise Plan

It’s for businesses needing advanced management and unlimited features 

Tiered Pricing 


Ii. Cloud

Bronze Plan

It’s for Small Businesses that need access to basic communication features and storage limit up to 1 TB 

$2 per user, per month 

$20 per user, per annum

Silver Plan

It’s for businesses needing access to advanced features and storage limit up to 5 TB 

$4 per user, per month 

$40 per user, per annum

Gold Plan 

It’s for businesses needing access to unlimited features 

and storage limit up to 20 TB 

Tiered Pricing


Verdict on Pricing: Here’s your trophy,  Rocket Chat


 5. Conversation 

I. MatterMost

This fastest growing messaging platform is super cool and super secure. Here are all the communication features that make Mattermost an excellent choice:

  • Organized conversations in channels
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • One on One texting and group messaging
  • Fully searchable message thread
  • Screen Sharing during video calls
  • Screen Sharing
  • Multi-language
  • Link, image, and file sharing
  • Markdown Formatting
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Keyword alerts
  • Custom notifications on email, mobile, and desktop
  • Favourite Channels
  • Emoji rich formatting


II. RocketChat

As an open-source team communication tool, Rocket Chat completely replaces email and texting. Team members can add relevant participants by mentioning @username. And @all to send announcements and notifications to all the team members. Here are all the communication features that make RocketChat great.

  • Free audio and video conferencing
  • Screen Sharing during video calls
  • E23 encryption of chats
  • Public and Private texting
  • LDAP Group Sync
  • Live Chat
  • Users can add real-time chat widgets from their team chat
  • Real-TimeTranslation
  • The interface has more than 50 languages

Verdict on Conversation: Here’s your trophy,  Mattermost


Will it take a genius to figure out who’s the winner here? I bet, not. Mattermost clear outdo’s RocketChat with seamless communication and customized notification features.


 6. Integrations 

Both these applications are designed to support integrations seamlessly, which makes them a great cheaper alternative to slack. Let’s see how Mattermost and RocketChat are different in terms of features:

I. Mattermost

Mattermost stands as one of the great tools to promote third-party app integrations. These integrations will help your team to work better and faster. Some of the features that make Mattermost better than most of the team collaboration tools are:

  • Plugins and extensions Bots
  • OAuth 2.0 applications
  • Set Incoming and outgoing webhooks
  • DevOps integration Custom slash commands
  • Developer toolkit
  • Robust API library


II. RocketChat

This open-source team communication tool opens a universe of possibilities through multiple integrations. You can add incoming and outgoing Webhook integrations to this tool and customise your platform by adding features and choosing your own integrations, themes, and plugins. It allows:

  • Integration with popular applications like Pidgin and Drupal

  • Personalised UI through any built-in-style


  • LiveChat API

  • Real-time API

  • Migration from other team chat tool using RocketChat data importers

  • Atlassian, Webhooks, Chatbots, Extensions


Verdict on onboarding: It’s a tie, you guys.

In terms of integration, both these applications are great. They allow feature extension with many applications, which enhances functionalities.


 7. Search 

For office chat, search features make a great deal. You never know which file or a specific text you need for reference, or for forwarding it to your co-workers. At times like these, the search features come to the rescue.

I. Mattermost

Mattermost offers enhanced search features on both the desktop and mobile versions, which will help your team get more in less time. Let’s see some of the searches features Mattermost has to offer:

  • Search date filters
  • Search by keyword
  • Search by quotations marks - to search for phrases
  • Search by from - to find the post from specific users
  • Search by in - to find the post in specific channels


II. RocketChat

With RocketChat, you can search for messages in the channels with specific keywords. It supports basic search commands like Gmail. Some of the search command at RocketChat are:

  • from: me searches for messages only sent by user.
  • has: URL returns messages with a link
  • from: searches messages sent by a specific user.
  • has:star returns messages starred by the user.
  • is: pinned returns messages pinned in a channel.


Verdict on Search Features: Here’s your trophy,  Rocket Chat


RocketChat outdo’s RocketChat with enhanced search features. Apart from the above-listed commands, there are over 10 more commands you can learn to narrow your message search when you are using RocketChat.



Okay, let’s cut the homework short for you all. As you all know both these tools are open source team chats available for companies to deploy them in their own cloud environment. If you are a company wanting to avail feature-competent solution, but not willing to pay-per-user fees, RocketChat should be the answer. Most of the features that Mattermost paid edition is offering are already available in the free RocketChat version. But, here’s a thing, Mattermost wins over RocketChat in terms of product performance. If you are a large enterprise with an extensive list of users, Mattermost is a good choice, but it can get expensive because of the per-user plan.

And Hey, if you are still not sure which application pick out of these two geniuses, give Troop Messenger a try! It’s cheapest, simple, performance effects, and designed with exclusive features to meet all your office communication and collaboration needs. With Troop Messenger not only do we guarantee a secured chat server, but also features like unlimited message history, high-quality audio and video calls, text search, unlimited groups, splashboard, live location tracking, sharing, storage, and data record.

Learn what benefits your business can get from Troop Messenger by scheduling a demo call with our team.


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