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Is TeamViewer Free? Expectation vs Reality

Asloob Alam

During covid 19 things have changed a lot for enterprises and companies. Work from home encouraged virtual meetups and conferences for work. Many applications came into the picture for high quality you can use layer masks or fulfilling the need for virtual meets. TeamViewer is the same application used for remote desktop sharing and team meetups. Many people still wonder, if is TeamViewer free or not. 


The majority of people are using the accessible version of TeamViewer and utilizing the facilities for day-to-day operations. But due to limitations in the free version of TeamViewer, people are looking for the best alternatives to TeamViewer.


Companies are seeking information about TeamViewer pricing as they need corporate software licenses to manage their work online.


Troop Messenger is a real-time messenger application that helps all-sized enterprises to manage team collaboration and communication. It is a secure messaging workspace that supports cross-platform accessibility. This sophisticated remote desktop software is one of the widely used tools for virtual office meetings and conferences, during the times of the Corona Pandemic.

What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a remote desktop connectivity application. With TeamViewer, multiple workstations can be connected at the same time.


You can get access to any remote desktop in no time. TeamViewer works as a solution for remote control, sharing the desktop, and transferring files.  Applications run behind the firewall and NAT proxy; you can run the application on many devices without installation.


Get the remote connection of any machine or multiple workstations which are not even located in the exact locations. To use the TeamViewer on your desktop, you need to add the partner's ID & password.


The moment you enter the information, devices are ready to connect, and you can work immediately. You go for free TeamViewer as a screen share app, but you will face many limitations as it provides TeamViewer's latest version with a paid subscription.


Download the TeamViewer for pc if you want to use it on your laptop or desktop. Check for windows compatibility and select the version accordingly.

Why TeamViewer? Expectations vs Reality

TeamViewer was initially designed to help the IT departments where they needed to access the remote desktop was widespread. But later in the years, it became popular among common people for sharing common thoughts and files.


The best part of TeamViewer is it's free for non-commercial usage and compatible with all desktop versions. This application can be used on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

Why use TeamViewer online?

With TeamViewer, other than computers, you can take hold of IoT devices or commercial servers in no time. TeamViewer has global remote access, which makes the network security for your communication and data sharing.


Here are some reasons TeamViewer is easy to use:

Instant Remote Support

TeamViewer can deliver instant remote support to the desired computer. The expert can quickly reach out to the device in case of any tech issue or technical glitch. If any PC gets crashed or there is any system failure, the IT expert can reach the device and retrieve the PC.


Onsite support is expensive and takes a lot of time to complete the task, but this task is effortless with TeamViewer. One can download the TeamViewer for free. Free Download of TeamViewer is entirely hassle-free for the user.


While sharing the device, the major concern is safety; the TeamViewer makes sure the device safety and has secure accessibility. This application works on any location or device. 


Even if you are traveling, you can access any files or tools on your remote desktop. Even VPN is not required to access the servers. Being in the Corona zone and working from home situation, TeamViewer has supported many people to work smoothly.

Mobile Device Support

TeamViewer is designed to support all kinds of mobile and commercial-grade devices like IoT machines or servers. The best thing is you can access the device even if it is unattended.


TeamViewer needs to set up permanent remote access on the device, and you are ready to go.

TeamViewer can be used on POS machines, digital signage software, digital kiosks, or Signage.

Features to look at in the Free version of TeamViewer

Although TeamViewer has many features enabled in the free version, in recent years, they have disabled many features to emphasize paid licensees of the software.


Here are those features which are already disabled in the TeamViewer:


  • Compatibility with all the versions of the TeamViewer
  • For remote working, use the black screen to give more privacy and security
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Security updates and automatic features


These features created insecurity for the free users and prompted security vulnerability. This also raises a question - does TeamViewer safe for personal communication or desktop sharing?


Features like the black screen were a must to secure your information while sharing the desktop remotely. The free version of TeamViewer has become less secure and vulnerable to security threats.


The worst part is no customer support, if in case you are trapped in any problem you can't contact anyone. 

Advantages of TeamViewer

There are many benefits of TeamViewer; this software allows you to share files between different computers. Do a video chat or call for professional communication 24/7. TeamViewer is available for Windows 10/8/7 and vista. You can also use it on MacBook, iPad, or any Linux operating system.


Team Viewer is compatible with Android blackberry, and any mobile device. With TeamViewer, while sitting at home, you can help your mate in the office. If you work in tech support, then this is your integral part.


TeamViewer supports remote printing, supporting the WOL (Wake on LAN); port forwarding configurations are not mandatory. Get spontaneous support; it works with multiple monitors and can be used as a portable program to get quick access or to use remote connections.


TeamViewer supports remote printing, supporting the WOL (Wake on LAN); port forwarding configurations are not mandatory. Get spontaneous support; it works with multiple monitors and can be used as a portable program to get quick access or to use remote connections.


A portable version of TeamViewer is available, and it doesn't require any installation. Now control the remote computer through the desktop program. You can do it with any mobile device or from an internet browser. TeamViewer doesn't charge as per customer, which gives you ease to support many devices simultaneously.


You can use TeamViewer on any single application window or share the entire desktop with another user. Share images, text, or data folders in one go. You can transfer the files from online storage such as Google Drive, drive, or dropbox.


You can take snapshots of the remote screen and include multiple parties at any time. The only requirement to connect all the systems is to install the TeamViewer. Control of the devices can be switched from user to user.


TeamViewer offers many features; you might think is TeamViewer free? Does its free version give that many facilities in its free version? No, you need to pay for the upgraded version with a license to explore all the features.

Disadvantages of TeamViewer

With many benefits, this software also comes with disadvantages. Sharing of large files lags in the personal usage version, and it can detect the commercial usage of the software. If you work on the proxy servers, TeamViewer will be a trouble as it doesn’t work on the proxy server mode.


You need to buy a business license version of the software to avail all the features. If you have slow internet, then be ready to get frustrated with the performance of this software.

You need to get a remote access tool version if you want to use this software commercially. To access the other team's system, it is essential to keep it on; the software can’t access the system in sleep mode.


TeamViewer is not providing its best features in the free version, but still, people search for “is TeamViewer free.” By keeping these disadvantages in mind, you can look for the best alternatives to TeamViewer.

Troop Messenger or TeamViewer?

As in some features, TeamViewer became a little outdated and expensive. So, Troop has taken the advantage of these flaws of TeamViewer.


The Troop is also a real-time messenger application that helps all-sized enterprises to manage team collaboration and communication.


Troop Messenger is more secure as compared to TeamViewer and provides instant messaging. Get multi-location access and virtual meetings or conferences. With Troop Messenger, teams can discuss projects and idea-sharing in one go.

Features Offered by Troop Messenger

Troop messenger offers various features like one-to-one messaging, group chats, and contact search. Get a decent and interactive dashboard that provides a unified view of each team member, including locations, profiles, and employee records.


You can even see a reporting hierarchy and share the screen with your teammates.  On Troop, users can share their desktops across multiple locations and work from any remote location.


The team can share development codes format via an integrated code editor on Troop Messenger. You can personalize the application with your custom fonts and branding.


Troop Messenger has many inbuilt features as compared to go-to-meeting and TeamViewer. Even in the basic version, you can get access control permissions and an activity dashboard. Get the agenda management and brainstorming. Troop Messenger has communication management which allows you to communicate between the teams. 


Get complete file management and file transfer facility in the basic version of the software. Get the feature of live chat and meeting management which is a versatile tool for any organization.

Troop Messenger vs TeamViewer

When it comes to choosing between the TeamViewer and Troop Messenger, Troop wins the race. As TeamViewer doesn’t provide the features which are present in Troop Messenger. 


The best feature is the pricing of TeamViewer and Troop Messenger. Troop takes the lead in this too, the pricing of Troop is much less as compared to TeamViewer.

Final Words

While selecting any of the effective team management tools, you need to overlook your requirements. Between TeamViewer and Troop Messenger, Troop wins the race as it is loaded with many advanced features to manage the team from any remote location. 


The Troop is cheaper than GoTo Meeting and TeamViewer, which allows you to save more money if you are looking to get an enterprise solution.


Do you still think, is TeamViewer free? No, it's not. If you want to use it with full-fledged features, you have to pay a massive license fee.


TeamViewer commercial license is costly and has limited features that may not fulfill the advanced requirement of remote working and team management. 


Select the software as per the requirement of your business or organization. Always look for a safe and secure platform so that your business can stay protected from any vulnerability.

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