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Instant Messaging App For Your Business - Troop Messenger

Farhana Syed

The word instant messaging refers to real-time communication, more or less like face-to-face interaction. Initially, messaging platforms were extensively used for personal or recreational interaction. They were more of a social nature. Of late, this phenomenon caught the imagination of businesses worldwide.


In business firms, instant communication plays a vital role to offer great success ahead. In social life as well as in corporate life, real-time team communication lifts up the quality of data exchange and speed of decisions. Whether it’s a personal discussion, professional meeting, inquiry, or emergency, there is an exigency of instant messaging.


why do Enterprises require a private messenger?

Nowadays corporate are spreading across multiple geographical territories and as such require an instant messenger to make business communication even easier and faster than ever before.


Moreover, projects and services ask for the collective efforts of team members and it can be achieved effortlessly by an office instant messenger.


With a well-crafted and organized messenger, users can share required files, reports, referral links, relevant images, and videos for clarification to individuals and in groups.


However, new-age messengers are there to facilitate virtual meetings via audio and video calls and feature like screen sharing. In short, Troop Messenger:


  • Reduces time spent exchanging data
  • Increases productive time
  • Affords effective team collaboration
  • Saves money
  • Provides safe and secure communication
  • Backs up data
  • Builds an interactive business relationship
  • Accessible anytime anywhere


Makes the world smaller day-by-day

Instant messaging apps are available for web, desktop, and mobile; hence can be accessed by employees whenever and wherever they want. This round-the-clock availability is much useful for those employees who are working at client locations or remote locations and want to discuss with the team or any individual. It’s a great medium to reach out to off-shore employees without feeling the pinch of costly communication media.


Safety first

Security is a major concern in the business arena to keep business data private and confidential. Instant chat messenger gets this well to offer server-side or end-to-end encryption for secured communication and safe data sharing.


Additional features

Being an instant messenger, Troop Messenger is feature packed. And here are the diverse features of it


  • Large storage space of up to 1 TB
  • Third-party app integration
  • Auto update
  • Record and analysis of data usage
  • Customized user dashboard
  • Chat history
  • Back up
  • category filters
  • Self-chat
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