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Top 5 Indian Super Apps [2023 Update]

Asloob Alam

Are you exhausted from switching between applications to fulfill different needs, such as buying clothes on Myntra, ordering meals on Zomato, or booking a ride on Ola? Then, you must look into super apps, especially Indian Super apps, which are an aggregation of apps that allow you to manage your everyday tasks from a single app without any exasperation.

When you hear the term "super apps," you might take it to mean it has superpowers like Superman. There are types of super apps such as business super apps that streamline the daily business or office activities, and other apps streamline your everyday activities and reduce stress superbly by consolidating all of your daily activities into a single UI rather than dispersing them across several screens. To reiterate, Super Apps is the current vogue or sensation; in other words, it has become a hot cake, with most organizations preparing to launch it while just a few have already done so.

When some parts of the world are busy counting their accomplishments, others are aiming for greater goals, believing that the transition from the stone era to the digital age is only the beginning. And we can't afford to be too preoccupied with the before the upgrade. As the basic definition of upgrade is to advance from the preceding.

Introducing a new exuberant software or app based on customer needs will not bring you to your desired users; your success will be determined by how much your app can reduce your customers' efforts in meeting their needs. And these apps are critical tools for sorting out all of a user's needs while also making their activities easy.

What are Super Apps?

Super Apps developed as web applications or mobile applications aimed to organize the user's daily activities by providing multiple services in one app, such as booking a cab, making a payment, purchasing medicines, etc. If you are still confused what are super apps? In simple words, since we live in a digital age, these apps enable users to meet all of their needs with a single app, with other apps like UPI payments, Myntra, Zomato, Ola, and others integrated within it. For example, rather than driving to various stores, you could go to a shopping mall and locate everything you require. Likewise, the same principle applies to this app.

Top super apps

Since its inception, Indian super apps have experienced constant growth. This concept originated in an Asian country and will soon spread over the globe.

Some of India's most popular super apps to recommend are listed below.


1. Tata Neu


The Tata Group's salt-to-software conglomerate has developed Tata Neu as an all-in-one app. Tata Neu has sparked considerable euphoria among the public, and analysts predicted that it would likely become one of the most celebrated India’s super apps even before its release. As everyone has their expectations based on the brand name.


Tata Neu mega app has 2.2 million app downloads and 2.1 million app enrolments within a week of its introduction. The app presently offers hotel reservations, travel reservations, food orders, and quick loans, with plans to expand into micro-financing, micro-insurance, buy now & pay later, and other services in the future.

Tata Neu's in-app brands are Starbucks, Westside, Tata CliQ, BigBasket, 1mg, IHCL Hotels, Qmin, Croma, and Air Asia. The services of Vistara, Air India, and Curefit are yet to join the app.

As per Mukesh Bansal, President, of Tata Digital, over 10% of users from standalone Tata Neu companies such as BigBasket switched to Tata Neu at first, increasing to 30% during the pilot phase. Further, it is likely to increase to 50% of consumers shifting to Tata Neu.

Is it possible to classify the Tata Neu app as a full-fledged Indian super app? It's possible, but it's also possible that it's not, since no instant messaging or social networking applications aren't on the brand list. Due to the integration of social media applications, a few super applications in Korea have become successful, and subsequently, these apps and social media apps have gained more users. I am hoping to see Tata Neu integrate a popular social messaging app, as they've become millennials' virtual communication extension.

2. Paytm


Paytm is one of the finest Indian super apps that has been used widely for virtual payments. Paytm is abbreviated as Pay Through Mobile. It is a multinational financial technology business headquartered in Noida, India, which specializes in digital payment systems, financial services, and e-commerce. The company provides its registered customers with an app that becomes their digital wallet, for conducting financial transactions, making payments to merchants & financial institutions such as insurance companies, ordering food, medicines, etc. At the Forbes Leadership Awards 2016, Paytm received the Outstanding Startup of the Year Award. 

3. Clap Messenger


Clapping takes two hands, but this Indian Super app gives you more than two to organize your social life. If you think of Clap Messenger as just a messenger or Telegram and WhatsApp alternative, you're mistaken because it goes well beyond that. Few super applications in Korea and other nations couldn't retain users since each app was identical and they lacked a social messenger. However, this is one of the few super apps in India that has considered the needs of its users by aggregating other apps in addition to an end-to-end encrypted messenger.

Along with messaging and calling, you can pay securely, split money, share albums, and events, as well as make polls, call recordings, and book appointments. Third-party merchants for food ordering, travel booking, card and loan repayment, utilities, shopping, and other services will be introduced in the second phase.

4. My Jio


Reliance introduced My Jio, India's super app that combines the features of the local search engine Just Dial, which was acquired by the company. This app is a marketplace for services and products powered by a mix of in-house technology and third-party connectors.

My Jio has services such as Jio Mart, Jio UPI, Jio Music, Jio Movies, games, and more, as well as, the ability to arrange doctor appointments, pay insurance, and conduct other financial activities. This Indian Super app might be a one-stop-shop for Jio subscribers, with non-Jio users having to switch to Jio and become a customer to fully utilize all of the services.

5. Troop Messenger


Troop Messenger is a real-life example of a business Super app. It possesses all of the superpowers mentioned previously. This business chat app cum office chat app, not only simplified the inherent complexity that arises between multiple teams in the communication of the same company but also sorted the complications that arise in the communication of the same company between multiple units in different locations. In other words, teams from different Units can chat with each other as seamlessly as members of the same team.

Troop Messenger follows a policy of empowering its users by facilitating all required features such as audio/video conference, screen sharing, remote access, etc., despite providing essential features like chatting, file sharing, audio/video calls, etc. Furthermore, they don't have to rely on other tools. For instance, users had to rely on video calling apps because a popular work chat app couldn't accommodate more than 15 people. Operating regular business or office tasks through a single UI saves teams' time and effort while increasing their productivity. As a result, it can be your Zoom alternative, a TeamViewer alternative, a Google Duo alternative, etc., you name it. To accentuate, despite the abundance of capabilities, Troop Messenger remains user-friendly thanks to its intuitive UI.

This Indian Super app has a dedicated research and development team that analyzes market trends and contributes to the idea of new features so that users do not have to waste time and money investigating alternative solutions, no matter how much ever the world advances.

In today's digital age, any company is more concerned or conscious about data security because data is regarded as the most precious asset and is prone to breaches by unethical contemporaries, hackers, and others. Learning how to deal with such scenarios, Troop Messenger has deployed world-class security features and strongly advocates being an on-premise chat, unlike other popular chatting apps though it can be delivered in chat APIs and SDKs, SaaS, and other models of the user's choice. Therefore, some of the world's most powerful nations have opted for Troop Messenger for their defense collaboration services.


Other business apps' success may vary or increase as a result of the rise of super apps; for example, an app that couldn't get the maximum number of users may earn it, or an app that currently has the maximum number of users may get additional users signed up from a competitor's app.

Few economists predicted that a super app's performance is determined by the number of popular apps available; it cannot afford to give mediocre apps, For instance, you check the Indian super app Tata Neu comprises popular and quality apps. Users may feel obliged to use it at first, but they will eventually download their prior app or switch to another super app that offers their app or one that is better. As a result, the business owner should place equal emphasis on partnering with well-known apps and hiring the best Mobile app development company.

In light of these circumstances, Troop Messenger built its features, albeit offering the possibility of integration, because app integration can make the data vulnerable, as apps come with their security difficulties.

Troop Messenger may appear to be similar to other popular chat apps which provide additional capabilities in addition to fundamental features. However, because of issues with other chat apps, Troop Messenger users do not share the same opinion. While their chatting features may operate well but additional features such as conference, screen sharing, and so on are not as good as their essential features and are only supplied as moniker extras. Troop Messenger's chat features are excellent, so their additional features further enhance the user experience.


For instance, Troop Messenger offers some integral features which enhance the user experience as mentioned above are


  • Join Now helps to join ongoing missed audio/ video calls,
  • Jointly code is a developer-friendly feature that allows numerous programmers to collaborate on coding while attending conferences or call meetings.
  • Self Exit enables the host in exiting without terminating the conference,
  • Secret chat window/Burnout allows two individuals to communicate classified information that can't be accessed or breached by anyone in the world. 


You should look into Troop Messenger's QRP, advanced search filters, super admin controls, and other features to see how well it handles in-built complications in business communication, making it the finest business super app.

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