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blogs Increase Team Productivity by Following Some Simple Ways!

Increase Team Productivity by Following Some Simple Ways!

Vamsi Bandi

In this world, we have seen many people getting succeeded and create their path where others would just follow them by becoming pedestrians, yet as common people, we may know only one person achieving it but many would tend to forget the team behind the successful person, nevertheless, their team is also praiseworthy. Hence, the team plays a great role in success.


It is very important to exercise the same diligence in strengthening the team's productivity, as is the merit of your goal.


A team comprises people who have different mindsets, opinions, and efficiency, and leading them towards one goal and maintaining uniformity by itself is multitasking. There are some simple ways to increase your team’s productivity at the workplace indeed which are adaptable as mentioned below,

1. Deploy Upgraded Tools

The team needs to be in regular communication and maintain work standards. Usage of inadequate tools would worsen the work conditions using a social chat app as a team collaboration app is not at all advisable which may belittle professionalism. So suggest to your management the best tools as Troop Messenger which can be the team communication app as well as an instant messaging app strengthening your team spirit and due to its intuitive user interface (UI), your work would become seamless. Such an app can be a great efficient tool at the office as well as in remote work culture too. Today’s work conditions demand constantly upgraded tools, so don’t limit yourself by adjusting to inappropriate tools.

2. End-to-end communication

Let your team know that you are available for any conversation. Don’t let them feel hesitant to talk to you which affects the professional relationship. Encourage your team to give suggestions and ideas that will make them feel that their work and opinions are being valued. Take one on one sessions with your team, try to know their state of mind, analyze their strengths & weakness, and ask them whether they need any help from the organization or your side, it will help you to lead your team in much better conditions.

3. Training

Not everyone on the team will be equally skillful. So train them whenever it is required and especially how inevitable mistakes can be avoided. Make sure that you are very well versed on the subject when your team members ask a doubt about the subject because they will feel you are the only sole contact who can help them. Training is one of the key factors that can increase team productivity so never compromise on it. Discuss with your team how you did overcome the gaps in your professional career when you were also part of a team as they are, they will start relating with you and it will lead them to be at ease in asking you for help whenever it is required.

4. Appreciate in public and criticize in personal

Find reasons to appreciate your team, make a habit of taking the daily briefing, appreciate at least one member of your team for their contribution, and let your team do the same as in appreciating the other members, this will just increase the team’s collaboration to a great extent. Follow the quote ‘appreciate in public and criticize personally’, and never let your other team members know when someone is criticized.

5. Extra tasks

Assign extra tasks based on their abilities, this would give a sense to your team that their manager or team leader knows them very well. Don’t ask your team which you also cannot do as in setting the task completion within a miraculous time frame. Avoid micromanagement and make them accountable for tasks empowering them, this creates a great bond and trust between you and the team.

6. Favorites aren’t affordable

Never disclose or imply your favorites in the team, this will demotivate your other team members and can lead to clashes. Treat everyone equally despite you have favorites. Give everyone an equal opportunity to prove themselves. If every team member starts feeling that they are your favorite will certainly boost your team's efficiency and productivity.

7. Conduct Events

Conduct some fun events that can improve your team collaboration. Celebrating your team members’ birthdays, work anniversaries, and so on will value them. Try to announce incentives at events, which can be a great motivation. As a matter of fact, due to various reasons, there will be some gaps between the team no matter how much ever the number of team members you have, so try to use such events in strengthening your team bond and eradicating the gaps between your team members and apprise them about how important it is to work as a team. That being said, managing event crowd control during COVID does require a higher level of planning.

8. Flexible rules and policies

Discuss with your team how important it is to follow the rules and policies in an employee handbook set by the company. There may be some situations where you have to create some ground rules for tasks, make sure that you are creating flexible rules, and goals considering your team members’ opinions, and take every team member’s acknowledgment on it so that they will cooperate to be on the same phase without deviating from the standards.

9. Constructive feedback

Whenever there is a need give constructive feedback to your team members in person. Start with the positive and end with the negative using a group of modest words which wouldn’t hurt or offend them. Give them a chance to defend themselves, brief how they can improve by minimizing the errors, and let them know that you are available any time to give much-needed support. If your team member is performing as per the expectations, don’t let them settle for it, talk to them, and set some new goals and expectations that are achievable which will eventually increase their work productivity as the team productivity.

10. Ideal image

Maintain an ideal image, which every team member wishes to be you in the future. Never get into a situation that can affect your image or position from your team’s perspective. Remember the fact that your team will look up to you in any situation so try to be available for them and help them even in their personal life as long as it is legit.

11. Encourage Exercise and Self-Care

Especially for remote teams, or office jobs that involve a lot of time being sat at a desk, it's essential to encourage the team to take a break from their screens, walk around, and stretch their legs. Even a bodyweight workout a few times a week can make a big difference, to productivity and overall health. Some other things you can do, include giving employees perks like a free gym membership, or if you're in a position to, you could even set up a small space separate from the office for doing workouts, and set up a few machines or sets of weights.


A dream may be envisioned by one person, but to achieve it, a team is required. Create an ideal work environment that every one of your team feels proud to be part of, which can improve your team’s productivity and maintain teamwork. Team collaboration is the only way to achieve the goal, so try to create a work culture that can improve your team’s productivity. Don’t be a manager be a leader, be the face or brand ambassador of your team.

TEAM - Together Everyone can Achieve More.

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