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Importance of Instant Messaging for Business Collaboration

Vyshnavi Basuthkar

Amidst the several collaboration tools, instant messaging has placed a remarkable venture in the business. The momentum of instant messaging for business has transformed from social networks to enterprise applications. From startups to Fortune 500, every business can be benefited.


Communication is the driving force behind productivity. Businesses need to communicate with customers and employees need to communicate with peers. With smartphones within arms’ reach and plenty of ubiquitous forms of electronic communication, collaboration has never been easier. 


In this post, you will understand why an effective communication platform is a crucial component of getting things done.

What is Instant Messaging?

Instant messaging has become a buzzword in the 20th century. There are many wrangles for and against both email and instant messaging for business as a form of internal communication at the workplace. 

How is it different from Email?

Email is a time guzzler and a lackluster tool. It is meant for written communication in the business world. Email messages can be delivered to the other side of the globe in a matter of seconds. But the inbox is always filled with spam. The struggles of reducing the deluge of spam and spreading malware are nothing new under the sun.


On the other side of the coin, instant messaging apps are saviors. It is in the name. It is instant!


Emails are often frustrating when sending a short informal message or an emergency pressing matter. Whilst instant messaging is brief. It tends to be confined to a single sentence rather than a lengthy essay with a subject. One can expect a conversation from the intended target as soon as you hit enter. It has an immediate back-and-forth exchange that allows you to have a team collaboration in real time.


The importance of instant messaging for business collaboration is listed below:

1. Real-Time Collaboration

It allows you to communicate with people anywhere in the world with simple hello. Unlike the response of email where you have to wait until the message is downloaded from the server by the intended receiver, you can have an end-to-end conversation here. To get a faster response from the clients or customers regardless of location, IM is the one-shot for your business establishment.


No SPAM: Your inbox can be free of spam messages. Being an intra-entity application with access being restricted only to fellow co-workers of your organization, there is no chance of getting promotional messages which keep your inbox clean.

2. Convenience

Instant messaging for team chat initiates flawless communication as the user can access it through either a smartphone or desktop. This is easy to set up and manage. You have the accessibility to alter your preferences according to your workload. For instance, if you are involved in some work and you do not wish for any interruptions, you can set your status as DND which implies your co-workers not expect a reply instantly.

3. Strengthens the bond

Efficient collaboration is the cornerstone of productivity. A truly collaborative environment is built on the base of close bonding between employees. As per the modern workflow, employees have to stay put in front of a computer for the most part of the day.

Email is effective but does not change or enhance this situation. With IM, co-workers can easily build relationships with different chat options and enabled emoticons. Formal to informal conversations and everything in between can be possible through this.

4. File Sharing

One of the crucial parts of business chat apps as file sharing is a vital part of any organization. Some customers or clients would like to have a strict limitation on the file size. Through Troop Messenger, anyone can exchange an unlimited number of messages, and files of all formats irrespective of size. Isn’t that effective? 

5. Build a Team

Unlike cricket team which has a restriction on players or members, you can build teams with as many members as you wish. Even though some are offshore, the instant messaging app can bring all of you together and work collectively. This enhances productivity by cutting down the time of sending emails or phone calls just to know the work status.

Bottom Line

Businesses are always in a thirst to increase their revenues and productivity. Many still rely on email as a platform for internal communication without realizing that it is intrusive to the current world. Not all instant messaging apps for business are beneficial which makes Troop Messenger a choice to look after your business while scaling up your bottom line. 

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