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Will HR Workflow Automation Ever Rule the World?

Asloob Alam

Certainly yes, why not? We all know that the HR teams are the backbone of offices of all shapes and sizes, as they are the ones who identify and bring potential and skillful resources to the company. The automation of the HR workflows would beyond any doubt, help the HR department save time from doing the repetitive mundane tasks of talent acquisition, hiring, employee onboarding, employee management, payroll, performance appraisals, and others.

That being said, to help with the heavy lifting of the HR processes, we have some standard and AI-focused HR workflow automation tools available on the market for automating every HR process and workflow.

A quick look at the HR workflows:

It’s a known fact that the HR management team takes care of the people of the organization, the work culture, operations, manages resources, etc., to successfully build a strong workforce for the company’s infrastructure. Having said that, the HR workflows are quite repeatable tasks where the HR staff need to perform the same kinds of activities on a daily or monthly basis to address the needs and concerns of the employees.

On any given day, the HR team spends an average of two to three hours on the same repetitive manual processes that are time-consuming and remain unproductive to the company. Here comes the need for automation software for managing HR workflows, where every organization must provide automated workflow solution tools to save time, lower expenses, and increase empathy towards the HR staff.

Let me take you to the crucial elements of workflow for human resources:

1. What is HR process automation?

When you think the onboarding process is inevitable when hiring a new workforce to the organization, let the specially created tools handle the work for you instead of using long-standing methods that consume an immense amount of time. The HR process automation helps the HR professionals to automate the common workflows, such as detailing the policies and procedures of the company without the need for manual intervention while onboarding the new hires.

2. What is workflow design in HR?

Besides a standard set of automation flows that this type of software provides, they also let the HR teams create custom workflows to simplify the complex monotonous tasks of HR management. Although we understand that different organizations have distinctive work routines and processes, the HR manager should analyze the flow that suits the company and make a custom workflow with a fresh start to handle the entire HR workflow.

3. What HR processes should be automated?

Automation breaks down the complexity of process-heavy tasks such as HR management and helps simplify the time-consuming manual work of each task. It thus reduces the burden on the HR team and improves the efficiency of the overall HR process. Let us take a quick look at a few of the Human Resources workflows that can be automated:


  • Recruitment and On-boarding process
  • Time Sheets Management
  • Employee Information
  • Managerial Approvals
  • Leave Management
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Employee performance management
  • Off-boarding and others


4. What are HR automation tools?

The onset of a pandemic has opened doors to remote work, making the heads of business enterprises think about offering productivity tools such as automation software for HR teams, instant messaging software for collaboration and team communication, and others, to help their workforce perform office work seamlessly. For example, you can scan CVs only based on specific keywords first so you can shorten the recruitment process. This is especially useful given that so many resumes are written with AI support nowadays.


Also, many incredibly arduous and time-consuming tasks related to payroll can easily be automated these days. For instance, a reliable paystub maker like PaystubCreator could help simplify and save time on repetitive tasks such as calculating employee earnings, income deductions, and benefits. Many of these tools are fairly easy to use and can go a long way in helping eliminate human error.


As a business owner, if you are looking to reduce the burden on your HR teams and planning to modernize the workflows with the tools that provide the highest accuracy, competence, productivity, consistency, and data security, then start giving them the best automation tools on the market that make your HR teams work at pace.

Benefits of Workflow Automation:

benefits of workflow automation


The age-old HR management practices that HR professionals use for employee management might slow down the efficiency of the company! These run-of-the-mill methodologies are more prone to manual errors, slow down the payroll cycles, and may finally result in a non-optimal approach that drains funds by expanding the HR teams of the company. Let me put you through the advantages of automation that boost productivity at work:


  • Streamlines end-to-end HR processes
  • Reduces manual errors
  • Saves costs to the company
  • Centralized control of the HR staff
  • Role-based access to modules
  • Process Compliance
  • Automates request management
  • Faster Approvals and more


It is essential to switch to the best workflow automation software to handle administrative HR tasks with great ease while improving the efficiency of the HR team.

Many recruiting tools are available in the market to offer practical solutions for the daily administrative tasks that HR professionals perform! Out of which, employee onboarding, induction, exit formalities, approvals, requests, etc., can be automated.

Now let’s find out how these workflow automation tools help HR professionals get solace from tedious manual tasks:


  • Certain tools help you create agile workflows by letting you update employee personal records on internal databases, assign task dependencies, and collaborate with other departments.
  • You can track the application status on documents, assign them to the approver, and send updates to other teams via chat instead of relying on the long email chains.
  • This HR workflow software allows HR personnel to organize tasks using to-do lists, streamline business meetings, and notice board updates.
  • Creating a payroll account for recruits.
  • Integrate apps and create a workflow between your hiring software and other apps such as accounting apps, invoicing apps, etc., to help you while processing employee timesheets.


Wrapping it up!

The HR department is one of the core departments of any organization which struggles so hard to get the best workforce. In the case of large organizations, the HR processes are even more tedious and hectic.

Therefore, to ease the end-to-end HR processes of your organization, provide your teams with the best HR workflow automation tools. These days, many tools can be integrated into your office chat app, where you can associate with all your teams within a single interface for efficient business operations.


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