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How to Boost Productivity at Work?

Farhana Syed

Incorporate these productivity apps and tips into your workday to increase efficiency and become a productivity ninja!


Without toilsome work nothing grows, except weeds


You commence each day with a perfect plan to get things done but soon become distracted. Even card-carrying employees may feel agitated while concentrating or meeting deadlines from time to time.


On the other side of the coin, some feel that they do not have ample time to do everything. No one is born at acing time management. One-size-doesn’t-fits-all in any environment. However, productivity apps are the best innovation since sliced bread.


We are outlining the production techniques that can be adapted to your working style and personality.

1. Break it down

You cannot always be working at optimum productivity. On second thoughts you should change the way you work. 


  • Work in 90-minute increments
  • Use the 2-minute rule to bang out small tasks and ace procrastination
  • Set up meetings in the afternoon
  • Answer voicemails for a chunk of time in the afternoon


When you constantly play and pause the process you are frittering away time in order to get back to your rhythm. Catch up on these methods and boost your productivity in day-to-day life. 

2. Eliminate diversion

The tendency to become distracted is primal. As humans, every sensory input seems deeply interesting to us. The more you give work to the prefrontal cortex - the most evolved part of the brain; the more you can fetch from each business day.


  • Turn off the sound on your computer and phone so that you do not get alerts
  • Give a break to yourself for 5-10 minutes every hour
  • Walk around to reduce physical stress from a constant position


Tens of things get in the way of a productive workday. Looming concerns about the things you need to accomplish after work, talkative co-workers, email notifications, multiple web browsers, and social media messages. End of the day, the ball would be in your court. Remove distractions to stay in a proper workflow.

3. Prioritizing Things

Whichsoever activity seems dreadful is probably the one you have to complete first in the morning. The logic is simple here. You do not want to do it because it’s probably hard.


As Mark Twain said, “When you have two frogs to eat, eat the ugliest one first.” Checking the ugliest task out as early as possible could breeze the rest of the day.


  • Do not check emails early in the morning
  • Embrace apps like Google Keep, Todoist, Tick Tick
  • Use the ABCDE method for precise prioritization


It is not about having time, it is all about making time. Time is the only thing that is uniform in quantity for each and every one in the globe. The ability to master time sets apart the winners. You would have more energy in the morning to tackle the strong heads. In order to increase productivity, there are many strategies and task prioritization tools.

4. Business Messaging App

We are so tethered to our mobiles and computers. It is no surprise that instant messaging apps have become one of the easier and sought-after ways to communicate with millennials.


Upgrading the internal communication methods from old emailing to instant messaging has turned into a no-brainer. Gone are the days when inbox would not stop buzzing with the team email chain. Accessing the hivemind of your organization with the best of business has its own benefits: 


  • Responsiveness would scale up as the questions get answered immediately.
  • Everyday communication for today’s world. Work status, shift changes, fresh updates, announcements, everything is possible here.
  • Recommended business chat apps are Slack, Fleep, and Troop Messenger.


5. Right at the crack of dawn

I know it is a bit hard as we do not tend to sleep until we complete the season of our favorite TV series. But, nothing beats a quiet environment. This enhances work productivity in a way you might not imagine.


How do I know? It has increased mine. I wake up before 6, I go running or brisk walking and I start my regular day of work at 9.30 AM. Once I started doing this, the way I looked at my day changed drastically. When I go to work without any activity, I feel bored and dull.


Tried and tested. Go ahead! You will thank me later. 

6. Pat on the back

Reward yourself every now and then. It should not be donkey praise. One of the easiest ways to gain confidence is to praise yourself. For a stronger, you, learn how to become aware of your internal dialogue. It is entirely reliant on what you believe about yourself. 


  • You are your biggest influencer. The human brain is extremely malleable. Every thought of ours would create a robust neural connection and it strengthens each time you think about it. So, praising yourself often would make you hustle more. 
  • You become totally content and fulfilled. It is easy to settle with what we have but it does not give you the satisfaction you attain from your efforts.


7. Master Keyboard Shortcuts

I am not an admirer of my desktop’s mice. It costs me a few seconds every time I have to take my hands off of the keyboard. The combination of simultaneous key presses could boost your productivity more than you expected.  It is known that an average person can gain a freaking sixty-four hours every year. 


  • It saves a lot of time. Instead of moving the mouse from here to there, just one keyboard shortcut would suffice.
  • Efficiency. You can accomplish more tasks by using the keyboard rather than a mouse. You can do more with less.


8. Grab the headphones

Music has its own way of permeating through empty corners and filling up environments with substance. It has the power to make you relax, dwell in tears or feel on cloud nine. 


  • It need not be a hit the dance floor music. Go for instrumentals not get stuck with lyrics.
  • Listening to the music you are familiar with is beneficial as it gives you intense focus.


9. Eat Healthily

While we break down the factors that contribute to productivity at work, we do not give a shot to food. Go back and think about that productive workday in the past week. Ask yourself what did you have for lunch.


Food is never been considered as fuel whilst battling to meet deadlines. But, food affects us more than we realize.


  • Small and frequent meals maintain your glucose at a more consistent level rather than a strong midday feast.
  • Snacking is vital. Keep a few protein bars or a container of almonds as a healthy snack.
  • Also, if you are eating healthy, you can read this guide for additional tips on choosing an alternative to regular snacks.


Bottom Line

Not every day is productive. Please do not beat yourself up to it. We all create certain tasks to accomplish each day and if they do not move to a checklist, our friend a.k.a anxiety knocks at the door. Instead, implement these tips and integrate productivity tools to find that sweet spot that works for you. You will be amazed at how much you can get done in and out of the office. 

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