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blogs 19 Ways To Be More Productive When You Feel Unmotivated!

19 Ways To Be More Productive When You Feel Unmotivated!

Mohsin Ansari

Productivity is a challenge for individuals most of the time in office hours. However, it is only possible when individuals work in the team to deliver the best results. Still, employees tend to become demotivated and reduce productivity, creating production hazards within the firm.


It doesn’t just affect the company, but the employees themselves suffer. Even a novelist get themselves stuck within the ongoing story because of demotivation. The assignments grow larger that can dissatisfy you. It might also feel like the demotivation factor controls you and your life.


You might be one of the employees that suffer from a similar phase. It can even lead you toward the edge of being dismissed from the job. You need to follow some regulations and habits, for that, that can help you in focusing more at work.


The following list of how to be more productive in the workplace can make you act productively at the work. If you’re employer, you can learn about how to motivate employees in the workplace faster.


1. Don’t sit in a place all the time

You might end up being stuffed to a chair for hours in the office, and you might even feel less active at work. It can be because you don’t do something to increase the energy that enables you to focus more. Just step outside the office room and take a small walk in the corridor. You can do small exercises if you desire to make yourself more active at work.


2. Reward yourself if you finish even a single task

Even if the company don’t reward you, you should make sure to do that for yourself. Help yourself by devising a reward system such as eating something good after you finish it. You can watch your favourite show after you are done with work to reward yourself.


3. Establish a good working environment

One of the reasons for demotivation is a bad working environment where the individuals become too tired and frustrated to work anymore. If the problem is out of your league, such as noise of the construction work, you can ask the bigger authorities to take practical action. You can also run soothing music in the background to calm your senses while you work. Equally important is the organization of the workspace. For example, this article has a good overview of the required home office gear to make you organized.


4. Make room for self-development

It is one of the most critical motivational activities for employees. Self-development doesn’t just mean training yourself in certain areas of work to produce better results. It also means to become motivated enough to work productively in your office. For that, you can join some motivation seminar or establish certain habits to energise yourself at work. 


5. Don’t be hungry:

Hunger is one of the major reasons why employees remain demotivated and underproductive at work. However, overeating can also cause you to stay sleepy during the first half of your work. That is why it is mandatory for you to eat enough to make you focus on the work at present.


6. Your happiness matters the most:

While attempting to do something, you must make sure that you stay happy with your work. According to a study by the University of Warwick, happiness ensures to increase productivity by 12%. You can make better decisions and learn faster. Therefore, make sure to be happy while you work. You can do meditation and other activities to stay focused and happy.


7. Tomorrow’s to-do list:

Not knowing what you’re going to do tomorrow can increase the chances of dissatisfaction with work. That is why you can make a small to-do list for the other day earlier that night so that you can keep track of everything. It helps you in maintaining peace and happiness with yourself.


8. Cut off the social media:

One of the biggest cause of distraction and unfocused work that yields to less productivity is social media accounts. Majority of the time, the individuals tend to be distracted by social media accounts. Such activities reduce your productivity and make you feel both frustrated and dissatisfied.


9. Stop forcing yourself to work:

If you’re feeling dissatisfied and even depressed, you might have to rebuild your focus. Sometimes, you’re just not in that mood to work anymore. At that time, you can take a small break and do everything that can make you feel happy. It can enhance your productivity.


10. Remind yourself of grateful things and blissful days:

Some days, even with the breaks, you might not feel like attempting to work. You force yourself to do so and end up producing poor results. This way, you make both your clients and company dissatisfied. Reminding yourself of better days can make you feel active again.


11. Clarify your goals: 

Don’t just work to go with the flow or satisfy the goals of others around you. That will ultimately make you dissatisfied at work. Have a clear goal that can remind yourself about the happiness you can get after achieving it. It would make you internally stronger.


12. Make friends if your boss isn’t nice:

Obviously, not all the leaders like to boss around the office and make you feel depressed about your activities. However, if you are unfortunate enough to get someone like that, you don’t have to be depressed. You can make friends in the office that can create a pleasant environment even amid the darkest times.


13. Don’t hate yourself if you fail:

Somehow, if you end up failing time and again in a certain activity at the office, don’t just start disgracing yourself because of that. If you aren’t good at something, you can just switch your job. You can also get extra training to make yourself more active at the office. Also, you can become self-motivated to try again if you fail.


14. Stop wasting your precious time:

If you are serious about the enhancement of productivity, make sure to invest all the time in making yourself active for work. Instead of running away from hardships of the office that makes you feel depressed, you can just use that time to become more active and productive.


15. Become a bit health conscious:

Health is one of the reasons why people have less productivity at the office. Some individuals, because of fewer hours of sleep, may find it difficult to focus. Take about 8 hours of sleep at night and eat proper meals every day. Make sure to manage weight and habits you have. Such motivation tips can enhance your chances of becoming active at work.


16. Become as much organized as possible: 

If you have a habit of scheduling and organizing your life, you won’t have to suffer from becoming frustrated at work. At such a time, attempting to have a tidy and organized office ensures to work actively at work. You can manage easily if you already have a habit of organizing things.


17. Set a timer to perform each task: 

No matter how much harder it is to perform an activity; you can have a timer for that. It makes you organize things faster. You can actively ensure that the priority is given to the important things first. Make sure to set the timer that can revolve around your daily activities at work and home that can stop yourself from feeling depressed and frustrated.


18. Identify why you can’t focus:

Sometimes you can’t understand why your productivity level is reducing at work. At such a time, you can take a small break and think to yourself about what’s and why’s of your work. After that, you can ask yourself about what’s stopping you from achieving the goal that has been keeping you stick to the job. It can help you in establishing a good relationship with yourself.


19. Find someone or something to motivate you: 

If you are sitting alone in your office and fail to force yourself to accomplish a task, you can act swiftly and find something to motivate you. It can be anything, from a person to music to listen. You can play a puzzle game to refresh your mind. You can even watch your favourite Anime series or movies that can make you feel satisfied. Such activities ensure that you stay calm and motivated even amid despair.


20. Read as much as you can: 

You can read motivational books while working in the office. Such reading sessions can enable you to feel light headed and gain knowledge about motivation. Productivity is critical for life, and if you’re a reader, you will find such self-motivation books helpful. You can also read motivational quotes for employees that can help you in production.

It can ensure to bring new and innovative ideas within your head that further enhances your productivity level to highest. You don’t have to spend much time after this activity too.


Many people fail to produce better results at work, which signifies a lack of motivation. It can be handled by becoming involved in self-motivation activities that can enhance your productivity. You can use the above tricks to build up your motivation and bring out better results while you work at the office. You can use anything from to-do lists, food, songs, habits, and even your feelings of happiness.

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