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Top 5+ Google Hangouts Alternative Apps that Improve Team’s Productivity

Md Mohsin Ansari

In order for a business to thrive and meet deadlines and exceed the goals of the bottom line of the company, it is essential to have a decent enterprise social network, aka the business chat app or team chat app where all the members can converse at one place to keep the network in sync.


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 If you are not using an enterprise application among your team, chances are that team communication is not productive enough which is the backbone of any business.


Communication is the only thing that leads to a community.


Poor communication in the workplace will eventually lead to friction, confusion, and a serious drop in productivity levels. Communication is the key to achieving productivity and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship irrespective of the role the person possesses in the office.


Gone are the days, when people used boring phone calls, video conferences, and email services that crave a subject and specific format to connect with the team.


The one-stop abode to destroy all these obstacles is ‘chat.’ Hands down! Chat simplifies everything. You could type a quick message without following any pattern and get a short reply even as an emoticon signifying that the work is done. This is simple, reliable, and compatible. 


Now, every organization needs a business application where the members no longer need to search for a co-worker’s email id. Everyone is just a tap away.


All you have to do is just say hello! Team chat applications must consist of features like screen sharing, video chat, and the best search filters which save time and upshot the team productivity in the organization. As there are many business chat apps in the form of Google Hangouts alternatives on the market, it happens to get confusing to choose the one with all the features.


For your comfort, we have listed the 5 Google Hangouts Alternative/Replacement that maximized your team productivity:

Troop Messenger (Feature-rich Hangouts alternative)



One size does not fit all is a myth for Troop Messenger. It recently entered the industry as a feature-rich team chat application that comes with end-to-end encryption, a user-friendly interface, data ownership, screen sharing, video conference, and the best search filters that one could ask for.


It is suitable for all kinds of business sectors and sizes. Being a purely business chat app, Troop Messenger has high protocols for user entry. Only Admins can let users onto the platform. Troop Messenger is one of the best alternatives to Google Hangouts that allow the overseer to monitor the messages to analyze the contribution of members of the organization.


The real beauty of Troop Messenger is the fact that it allows users to get integrated with third-party platforms and offers colossal storage of 15GB which can be upgraded to 1 TB. And unlike most team communication apps like Slack, Skype  Troop Messenger is very economical for the entities. In fact, it is as low as 1/3rd of most apps like Google Hangouts in the market. And what's more, with more utilitarian features, ideal for price-sensitive markets.


Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web 


Connecteam (A New Hangouts alternative)



Connecteam is a perfect alternative to Google Hangouts, which is an employee app designed and built, especially for non-desk employees. Think about employees from industries like construction, retail, field services, security, etc - they don’t have access to a workstation or a computer as they’re always on the move.


Connecteam is addressing this challenge by having multiple communication tools, all in one place: team chat or personal conversation, immediate updates, social feed, employee directory, employee training hub, job scheduling, time tracking, and more.


Hence, combining all those together, you have a great Google Hangout alternative to have your spread deskless employees in one place.


Available on: iOS, Android and web (system admins only)

ProofHub (Powerful Hangouts alternative)


ProofHub is a powerful google hangouts alternative, in fact, it is way beyond Google Hangouts replacement, which solves a lot more than just the communication challenges faced by teams. This easy-to-use project management and team collaboration software offer flexible task management options with simple to-do lists and custom workflows for agility. It comes with an in-built group chat tool for keeping your effective communications centralized. It also offers a dedicated space for real-time discussions, and an online proofing tool for proofing files, annotating them using markup tools and reviewing them.

What makes ProofHub great is that it replaces the many different apps teams use for managing their tasks, planning their projects, communicating with each other, reporting, and working productively with single all-in-one software. And, its simple no-per-user pricing makes it a comparatively affordable option.


Slack (Biggest Hangouts alternative)



A name that doesn’t need any introduction. Slack is one of the best team communication apps and one of the appropriate alternatives to Hangouts which allows the user to sort conversations into channels that can be integrated with other services.


It quickly became one of the popular ways to connect with a group as it works on multiple platforms and interfaces. Slack is the prime reason for becoming ‘bot’ a buzzword. You can build customized slack bots with available tools. The one thing we have to mention about Slack is the feature that has the ability to manage notifications for keywords.


If we dig more, Slack even has customizable themes, emoji-based reactions, and reminders. The reason why Slack has become popular is, it offered Slack for free when its competitors did not.


Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web 


Fleep (New Hangouts alternative)


Fleep is a new block in the industry that performs quite well in bringing all the employees to one place. With Fleep, users can have a one-on-one conversation, and group creation with emoticons, photos, videos, gifs, and even maps in a professional overtone.


The best part about Fleep is that it allows you to video conference with hundreds of others, unlike Skype which allows you to add only 10 to a conference. As it is synced up with all platforms, everything would be in a synchronized mode.


On top of everything, you can turn your conversation into a video call with just a tap and it offers 10 GB of file storage in the basic plan itself. Probably, which is why it is the demigod of the virtual world.


Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web 


Flock (Simple Hangouts alternative)



Flock is a simple, secure, and white-collar corporate application that lets you integrate with as many outside services as you want.


It makes communication seamless and enhanced the speed of execution which is a major part of any business. It is the ideal collaboration tool at work as it has management features like sharing, video conferencing, audio calls, polls, reminders, and many more.


Slack could be the dominant player but there are other small replacements for Slack for a lesser price. Flock is one such application that almost proved that there are better collaborations than email.


Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web


Stride (Acquired by slack)


Stride ( formerly HipChat ) is one of the fast-growing solutions for enterprise chat apps as it allows file sharing through various windows such as web, mobile and desktop computers.


Stride allows the users to format and edit the messages you sent. You can mark certain messages as tasks and find them on your chat sidebar. You can even customize your status to let the team members know whether you are available or indulged in some work which enhances to keep the focus on the work you are doing without any buzz of notifications.


Available On: iOS, Android, macOS, Linux, and Web



If you are seeking the best Hangouts alternatives cum business chat apps, the aforementioned can increase team efficiency by providing seamless interaction despite having distinct geographic boundaries and time zones and accomplishing the projects on time.

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