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7 Free Live Chat App and Software in India

Asloob Alam

Do you know that during the pandemic, some free live chat apps in India rescued the majority of businesses amid the pandemic? They became an essential tool for keeping in touch with customers, clients, vendors, and others.

Most businesses believe that creating an app or website will aid in their marketing and virtual presence. Undoubtedly, the answer is "yes," but having a virtual presence is only the beginning. It also needs to extend to answering visitors' questions, or else prospective users may turn to your competitors since you don't give your customers a resource where they can obtain the answers with a few clicks, and not every business has personnel on call to provide round-the-clock support, live chat app is the only option to keep your visitors engaged.

What is a Live Chat App or Software?

The live chat app is designed to make it easier for your teams to communicate with website visitors, potential users, current users, and others. It helps in responding to user inquiries. As a result, your customers will make an informed choice about signing up for or using your services.

Depending on the company's choices or operating hours, live chat help can be provided by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a person through a small chat box. Businesses can offer live chat help via their website, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other chatting apps.

What are the benefits of installing a free chat for your website?

You may be aware of how excellent your product or service is, but boasting about it on your website or the mobile app won't help customers adopt it; all they need is for their inquiries to be satisfactorily addressed.

According to the trade researcher, companies using live chat apps have seen growth in their customer base, while companies predicted to fail instead found fresh success.


  • Live chat platforms with AI capabilities offer nonstop customer service without human participation.
  • It helps clients resolve problems quickly and resume their tasks right away.
  • It has been demonstrated that live chat help is more effective than calls, emails, and other methods.
  • Some live chat programs can alert your staff to frequent visitors, their behavior, and others.
  • Conversations can carry on from where they left off.
  • Saves both your budget and team's productive time.
  • The live chat application provides a remarkable customer experience while assisting you in providing good customer service via live chat.


Best 7 Free Live Chat App, Software, and Free Trials in India

Here are some of the most popular free live chat apps in India that are widely used; chances are good that you'll find your app on our list.




Click2Magic is considered one of the best free live chat apps in India. It helps all businesses, micro to large companies manage website visitor engagement operations on a centralized platform. It also allows your team members to evaluate prospective leads and convert them into potential customers. From a single platform, it enables managers to keep tabs on customer expectations, observe purchasing trends, and track visitor behavior.

Using this free Indian live chat app, companies can integrate chatbots into their websites and mobile applications to respond to client inquiries. Administrators can configure automated replies, check the status of leads, modify or delete prospect information, and set up role-based permissions. Additionally, it allows employees to check chat history, set up a typing indicator, tag information, display location information, add notes, and automatically route inquiries to the proper staff members from a single UI.



  • Instant lead alerts
  • Canned responses
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Rating and tagging
  • Widget customization




Tidio can connect you to any website or platform through specialized plugins without requiring any coding. The Tidio live chat widget adapts to the displays of your clients so they can communicate with you on their tablets and mobile devices. Additionally, they can be altered in terms of positioning and color to match the aesthetics of your website.

With Tidio, you can build chatbots to automate your messages. Other features include a single shared inbox and preset responses for quick responses. Tidio may be integrated with many applications, including WordPress, Wix, and others.

Micro and small businesses can avail advantages of Tidio's free plan, which allows up to 3 chat operators additionally chatbots to have unlimited chats with 100 unique visitors per month, and it will enable you to send up to 500 automated emails a month. Considering all, Tidio can support CRMs and email automation tools to provide your customers with a tailored customer support experience.

Tidio's free plan allows up to 3 chat operators and extra chatbots to have unlimited chats among 100 unique monthly visitors. In addition, it will enable you to send up to 500 automated emails per month, which has prompted a few micro and small businesses to use it as a free live chat app in India. It can enable email automation technologies and CRMs to give your customers a customized customer service experience.



  • Suitable for micro and small businesses
  • Good customer support
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Canned responses
  • Routing




Smartsupp is a free live chat that can become your virtual assistant. It brings live chat, chatbots, and video recordings to help you save time and convert visitors into paying customers. It promises to engage your visitors at precisely the correct time to assist your team in convincing the clients to complete the purchase. With Smartsupp, you can quickly design customized automated messages that follow your standards.

With the Smartsupp mentioned above, such as live chat software, you can reply to your clients' emails, chat messages, and Facebook messages in one location. The chatbot allows you to send customized messages to your users, and the video recording capability collects visitor behavior.



  • Custom chat box colors
  • Recording history
  • File sharing
  • E-commerce platform integrations
  • Recording filters


HubSpot Live Chat


One of the most popular live chat apps is HubSpot, which enables you to communicate with website visitors in real-time and turn them into new leads to close more sales. Since the founder, Mr. Dharmesh Shah, is Indian, the majority of the users in India initially mistook it for a free live chat app in India. However, the free live chat platform was really founded in Massachusetts, USA.

This live chat software solution is integrated with HubSpot's CRM, enabling incoming chats to be tracked to client contact profiles. Since HubSpot provides an entirely free option by serving as their free live chat app, businesses like micro, small businesses, or who couldn't afford a live chat app can implement this solution.

Since they don't need to switch between various UIs, HubSpot CRM users will find this free live chat software ideal. Even though you do not use a CRM, you can register for free and put the live chat widget on your website.

HubSpot's paid plans.



  • Canned responses
  • Chatbots
  • Custom branding
  • ABM tools and automation
  • Email automation