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How to Make Your Business a Family-friendly Space for Your Customers?

Asloob Alam

As a business owner, you may have developed a great product that can solve your customers’ pain points and offer them the best value. However, the perfect product or excellent service is not enough if you don’t offer the best customer experience. Your goal should be to not only attract your customers but also provide them with a remarkable experience. This will keep your customers happy and encourage repeat business. One of the most crucial aspects of customer experience is the space you use to welcome your customers.

Whether you have a retail store that welcomes hundreds of customers every day, or an office that hosts the occasional customer meeting, your business space can make a big impression on your clients and contribute to their overall experience with your company. In the modern world where inclusiveness is important, this includes making it a family-friendly space in order to accommodate customers with children of all ages.

1. Make your Space Look Inviting

Regular maintenance is a must if your business receives customers regularly. Many customers decide whether they should buy from your store or not depending on how your premises look. Customers are more likely to do business with companies that look neat, warm, and inviting.

So, how can you make your business look inviting?

For starters, you should set up proper seating for your guests. Everyone who pays a visit to your brick-and-mortar store, factory, or office wants comfortable seating where they can take a load off and relax. Also, consider our interior décor – a fresh coat of paint, modern light fittings, and a few décor pieces can make a big difference in making your space look more inviting.

2. A Convenient Car Park

Few things are as frustrating for your customers as a lack of adequate parking spaces outside close to your business. This is particularly the case for families with young children who have to wrangle several kids or manage strollers and get their little ones in and out of the car and to your business.

How many times have you avoided shopping at a store just because it didn’t offer convenient parking? Think about the number of customers your business could lose due to inadequate parking space. If you want to make your business family-friendly, start with a spacious, efficient, and user-friendly parking lot and let your customers enjoy a seamless parking experience.

3. Facilitate Breastfeeding

Another important thing you need to do to make your space family-friendly is to create a dedicated place for breastfeeding. A safe and private place for babies means mothers will have a seamless experience shopping from your store or feel welcome to visit your premises.

This should also extend to your staff: provide a breastfeeding space for employees and give female workers paid breastfeeding breaks during office hours. Not only will this motivate your employees, but your customers will love your business for offering safe breastfeeding arrangements for mothers.

4. Choose the Right Staff

Customer service can mean the difference between losing a customer to your competitors and retaining a loyal customer for years. One thing that makes your business family-friendly for your customers is genuinely-friendly service. People pay attention to how your staff interacts with them and how helpful they are.

Let's say you visit a restaurant that has delicious food at a reasonable price. The staff, however, are super rude to you and you had to wait a long time for your meal. You probably won't go back to that restaurant again! On the other hand, if you come across excellent restaurant customer service, you'll become a regular in no time.

That’s how important customer service is for any of your clients. You cannot retain your customers if you don’t hire the right people. Keep your staff well-communicated with the best team collaboration software! Take note of how your staff members welcome your customers. Hire team members who have the personality to be welcoming, and reinforce this behavior by rewarding staff who treat customers well.

5. Keeping Your Premises Clean

Cleanliness is a must for any business, especially in the post-COVID world where health and hygiene are a top priority for everyone. This is even more true for parents who want to know that their children will be safe, particularly children who are too young to be vaccinated.

Maintain the highest standards of hygiene at all times. This includes making sure all corners of the space are cleaned regularly, but also providing hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities.

6. Install a Baby Changing Unit

Some essential pieces of equipment, such as a baby changing unit, can make all the difference in making your business more family-friendly. People love it when a company goes the extra mile to make them as welcome as possible.

A baby-changing system is something every parent will appreciate. Along with installing a quality, sturdy baby changing unit, be sure to set up an effective waste disposal system. Make sure you include anti-bacterial supplies to ensure everyone’s safety.

These are just a few ways to make your business family-friendly, which will go a long way to retaining your existing customers and attracting new ones.

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