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9 Essential Business Tools for Startups

Asloob Alam

Every multi-national company today was once a startup and to be a successful company, there are some business tools for startups. Due to the rising cost of everything, startups and SaaS companies want to minimize their costs to have enough capital to run their business further. One of the most difficult parts or aspects of starting a business is finding time to devote to it. Several people have found success without dedicating a substantial amount of time to their businesses. They've accomplished this by using time management tools and strategies. Startups must find ways to manage their time effectively while completing their work along with using business tools, startup tools, online collaboration tools, etc.

To manage your time effectively, you should start by defining your priorities and limiting the number of tasks you take at any moment. There are also apps for startups available that will help you stay productive. Setting these boundaries will help you stay organized and productive. You should also keep track of your progress by completing tasks on time and on quality. There are websites for startups to work this way, you'll save time and make decisions efficiently. Furthermore, you'll have fewer downtimes when you need to recover from mistakes you make while working.

To succeed as a new owner, listed below are the business tools for startups to manage their time properly and get their work done. You'll first need to set priorities and boundaries, so you don't waste time on unimportant tasks. After that, use all available strategies to acquire new clients and keep current ones loyal to your business. Finally, be sure your physical office space is ready so that employees and clients can easily locate you or call if they have questions or difficulties with working with your business arrangements.

Online tools for startups are essential for any successful entrepreneur. Creativity is necessary for any new idea to succeed, while time management skills are essential for every task on your list. Lastly, planning helps you decide what tools you'll need to launch your idea into reality successfully. Without preparation, no one could ever become successful in any field whatsoever.


Every startup must have 9 broad categories of tools for better and systematic functioning.

1. Communication Tools

Communication is a part of human relations and business. Clear and effective communication must be done to ensure no doubts or confusion. In a workplace, it is a must to ensure proper coordination and communication with all the teams. Hence, communication tools are a must. Instant messaging apps are a major part of team communication tools.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger has advanced conferencing and calling facilities that help office teams, schools, and others to have crisp and seamless communication. Even if you've missed the call, it will keep an option open for you to join an ongoing call. The calling host has various special privileges for the participants of the call with which the quality of the call can be improved. When you schedule a meeting, you add your internal team members and can invite external guests.


Zoom has become a synonym for video calls and the most widely used tool for business communications and connecting with team members one-on-one. It is suitable for group communications, conferences, and messages. Multimedia files and screens can be shared and provide other features.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a popular conferencing app that eases connecting with people. It lets conduct a meeting with up to 100 people. It has become a solution for many educational institutions to conduct online classes. It lets you add the option to schedule meetings on your calendar.


Teams by Microsoft lets users access several features at once. It is easy, convenient, and extremely simple to use. Many organizations use this for communication and business meetings or conferences. Like other conference applications, it provides all the functions.

2. Project Management Tools

Separate tools must be available for managing projects and collaboratively working on them. The easier the tools are the easier it gets to work on them.


Trello is a tool that displays all the tasks on a single page in the form of boards. The unique and simple interface lets employees organize and manage their tasks effectively. To-do lists and checklists are also created using this.

Active Collab

An active Collab is a tool designed for freelancers and startups as no larger groups are required compared to others. This app included thoughtful details that are best to add into. It has a simple UI that can be managed by new users too.

3. Sales and Analysis Tool

When it comes to analyzing the growth and progress of a business, it can be done by analyzing sales. Tracking and analyzing are crucial so that when reports are needed to be prepared, they are easily done by looking at the app. That is where the sales tools come into use.


Apollo is one such tool that lets you manage sales and track revenues. Templates can be created and data can be easily viewed in charts, making reports easy to make. It is a powerful sales and marketing analytics tool with software tools for founders, and sales & marketing teams, to track and analyze their business growth.

Founder suite

This is a business tool for startups, especially to raise funds. It can be considered that to generate capital it is a startup tool kit with all necessary features, documents, lists, and information. A great gift for your startup's founders is the Founder Suite Tool. This tool helps keep track of all business activities by providing access to important data such as email marketing, sales reports, and customer support tickets.

4. Finance Management Tools

The modern method to keep track of finances is maintaining all the details as a soft copy or on a tool. Numerous tools are available for managing finances. Finance management is one of the most important aspects of your business, and the importance of this industry grows as you grow.

Fresh Books Cloud Accounting

It is a solution for all accounting solutions, invoicing, and managing bookkeeping. New books let users track all their financial data and manage them together. This tool is software designed for finance management and helps entrepreneurs get organized and improve their business performance.

In Dinero

In Dinero tool combines all essential functions like accounting, taxes, records, etc. It needs minimum effort to input all the data on the application. With the growth in online commerce, more people are relying on financial tools to track and manage their money. In Dinero tool can help you organize your finances more effectively and efficiently. The three main components of In Dinero tool are accounting software, cloud-based services, and assistance from expert consultants.

5. CRM Tools

Business tools are an essential feature for modern-day businesses. It allows executives to keep track of their sales, leads, and leads' information in a single platform. It allows them to communicate effectively with their agents, enhancing the customer experience and making it memorable. However, tools can lead to big losses due to poor performance if it is not used properly.

Hubspot CRM

Startups much prefer this due to its accessibility and UI. It automatically centralizes the contact list and logs customer interactions by collecting essential data. Regarding startups, the importance of marketing tools cannot be understated. You need to know what your customers want and be able to give them exactly that. All the while, getting the right message out there to those potential customers is critical too.


Intercom is used to manage all the contacts in a single place without switching between several applications. Intercom is a popular tool for building customer relationships and driving a company's growth today. It offers many features to help your team communicate efficiently and improve business results.

6. Marketing Tools

Showcasing products for better visibility to increase sales is marketing. There are many mediums for digital marketing purposes to increase sales and one of them is to choose the right marketing tool.


SocialBee is the go-to tool for small businesses and professionals who need an all-in-one social media management platform. Offering a wide range of features, SocialBee enables users to create, schedule, publish, and track content while also monitoring their social inbox for comments and mentions. A powerful feature to which all users get access is the AI captions and image generator that can be used to overcome creative blocks.


Buffer is a unique social media management platform that allows multiple managing accounts in one place. Posts can be scheduled according to convenience. One of your business's most important aspects is keeping track of your marketing activities. Unfortunately, not all businesses use the same tools to do so.


Hootsuite is a popular platform globally used by startups and other companies. Hootsuite is an extraordinary social media management tool that helps businesses connect with their audience by creating and managing a global presence. The tool puts your marketing in the palm of your hand, allowing you to run all of your social media from one platform. 30 posts can be scheduled and return on investment on campaigns can be measured too. That said, you might still want to consider Hootsuite alternatives.

7. Design and Creativity Tools

To make a website creative and eye-catching, graphics and images are used. The better the design, the more interesting it will be. Hence, the trend of designing and creating tools is at its peak for businesses and startups.


Tools are the backbone of each business. Without these productivity tools, your business will be nothing more than a collection of stale ideas. That's why investing in tools that will help you grow faster and better than ever is important. One such tool is Canva. Apart from designing infographics, Canva lets you design brochures, newsletters, and other graphics that can be used for business. It provides templates that can be used.


Visme is a design and collaboration platform. It connects your team, transforms ideas into products, and provides you with the infrastructure to share everything at scale. It is a modern content creation tool used to create stunning designs used in business. All types of graphics and images can be generated and used.

8. POS System Tools

POS systems are used to process payments. They help you make more money, grow your business and save time. They can also be expensive, but they're worth every penny if you want to run a successful business.

PeachTree POS System

The most popular POS software is Sage50 Cloud POS formerly known as Peachtree POS Software. This system is available on-premise or in the cloud (SageCloud). It's not just for small businesses anymore: it's now being used by large corporations as well! It includes hardware such as a touchscreen terminal, barcode scanner, and cash drawer, as well as software that provides a wide range of features such as inventory management, sales tracking, and customer management. The system is also cloud-based and includes built-in reporting and analytics tools that can help business owners better understand their sales data and make informed decisions about their operations.

LightHouse POS System

A Lighthouse POS system is a point-of-sale system designed for use in retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Additionally, Lighthouse POS systems often integrate with other business tools like accounting software, CRM, and e-commerce, allowing easy data flow and better decision-making. It is also cloud-based which provides access to the system from any internet-enabled device, making it easy for business owners and managers to access sales data, inventory levels, and other important information from anywhere, anytime.

9. Subscription Management Tools

These tools automate the process of tracking customer payments, managing account information, and handling customer cancellations and renewals. They also provide businesses with valuable insights into their customer base, including customer retention, revenue, and lifetime value metrics.


Zuora comprises all the tools you’d expect to see in a subscription management platform. Through Zuora, businesses can automate their billing process, manage subscriptions, and gain insights into their customer base.


Chargebee is a fully-equipped subscription management tool, comprising powerful automation with a suite of intuitive reporting and security features. Chargebee is one of the leading Zuora alternatives, and we’d attribute this to the software’s easy-to-use interface, exceptional support, and hassle-free onboarding.


Ultimately, there are no business tools for startups that can provide instant solutions and results that will fix all your startup problems. Tools for startups are only useful in so far as they make the lives of startup founders easier and more efficient. In other words, choose a business tool that has enough features to improve your workflow and run your business effectively, but not too many features that adding them all up will slow you down or add unnecessary complexity. The above-listed tools are some of the best apps for startups.

Business tools for startups are a very important aspect of prospering in your business. Having proper tools can make your life much easier and more productive, making you much more likely to be successful in the long run.

Whether you're an individual or a company, it's important to make sure you have the right tools to help you manage your business without any hassles. Many startups correct problems that could have been avoided with better planning and organization. This is done with assistance from the on-premise solutions team.

An exceptional customer experience should always be a top priority, regardless of industry. With tools like these, service can be attained at all times, which is the best way to provide a reason to choose your business over a competitor. Investing in a solid marketing approach online and in person gives you the best chance of succeeding as a startup company. Improving the digital workplace is important for any business organization to succeed and match the trends of transformation.

A large part of business success is working more effectively; your tools help you do this. There are many costly tools out there that you can use, but having a limited staff or budget could limit your options.

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