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Top 7 Enterprise VPN Solutions [2023]

Asloob Alam

In an era marked by escalating concerns over online privacy, data security, and unrestricted access to digital content, Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs have emerged as indispensable tools for both individuals and businesses alike. As we delve into the year 2023, the landscape of VPNs has changed a lot to provide an array of sophisticated solutions that can safeguard your online presence. In the below review, we present some basics of VPNs and the top 7 VPNs of 2023 that stand out as examples of excellence in terms of security, performance, and user experience.

What is a VPN? How does it work?

Enterprise VPN means Virtual Private Network for business houses. It is used to protect our network connection while using public networks. One of the top challenges individuals or business establishments faces is the security of their connections while using the public internet which is prone to hacking and data theft. VPN is aimed to check this. It provides a secure gateway for businesses as well as individuals to protect their networks. Vpn encrypts your web traffic and is routed through a server, and hides your online identity which is your IP address. It makes it impossible for third parties to track your activities and steal data. This activity is particularly important when sensitive or confidential data is transmitted.


VPN serves as a first line of defense and a powerful tool to defend against IP address hacking. Users can make sure their security is not breached by using multi-factor authentication, disabling split tunneling, and mandatory periodic re-authentication using complex rotating passwords, etc.

What is Enterprise VPN Software? How does it differ from Standard VPN?

Though both serve the purpose of creating secure and encrypted connections over the internet, they have distinct features and applications tailored to different needs.


Standard VPNs are designed for individual users who want to secure their online activities. Here an individual can subscribe to a VPN service offered by a third-party service provider. Since the scale of operations is limited, it cannot take up the complex networking needs that a top Enterprise VPN solution can provide.


Enterprise VPN Security on the other hand is designed for business organizations that can take up complex tasks and multiple locations. It is suitable for remote work with an advanced security system and a high level of scalability.

What are VPN Gateways? What are the key aspects of it?

An enterprise-level virtual private networks solutions gateway can be a server, router, or firewall with data transmission capabilities. It is connected to a VPN infrastructure to link other remote sites, networks, or devices. It is configured to pass, block or route the traffic.


The key aspects of VPN Gateway include;

Secure Communication

A VPN gateway encrypts data traffic between two networks, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access or interception.

Tunneling Protocols

VPN gateways use tunneling protocols (such as IPsec, SSL/TLS, L2TP, etc.) to create encrypted communication channels. These protocols establish the rules and methods for encrypting and transmitting data.

Site-to-Site VPN

It allows site-to-site connectivity between different physical locations such as branch offices or data centers to securely communicate with each other.


Remote Access VPN: VPN gateways allow individual users or remote workers to securely connect to the organization's internal network from outside locations.

Benefits of using Enterprise VPN Solutions

IP address masking: VPNs hide your real IP address making it difficult for websites, advertisers, and trackers to identify your location and online activities.

Secure Data Transmission

Enterprise VPN Solutions encrypt your data traffic, ensuring that your sensitive information remains confidential and protected.

Access to Restricted Content

With Enterprise VPN Solutions, you can access content that might be restricted or censored in your region by connecting to servers in other locations.

Protection from Cyber Security Threats

VPNs safeguard your data when using public Wi-Fi networks, which are often vulnerable to hacking and data theft.

Providing security to online collaboration tools

VPN for Business provides enhanced security to online collaboration tools such as Applications, software programs, and various online platforms such as Troop Messenger, Zoom, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, etc.

7 Top Enterprise VPN Solutions in 2023

Explore the top 7 Enterprise VPN solutions in 2023 that can help safeguard your sensitive information and provide a secure environment for your business operations.

1. Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco Anyconnect is the market leader and a very popular VPN Solution for secure remote connections. it provides multiple levels of security options whether it's for digital conferencing or just internet access. Through Cisco AnyConnect, the organization's communications are well protected. It provides solid security to remote working and network access for remote workers. Offers complete visibility of accessing the organization's network.

It does workstation authentication to make sure the user meets certain workstation requirements like anti-malware software before it permits access to the company network. it helps to identify and warn the user about untrusted servers. It prevents split tunneling, making the user use only corporate resources only and not any local network.


Anyconnect uses IKEV2 and SSL protocols which means a highly secured internet connection. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures hackers can’t tap the connection even if the password of any user is compromised. Admins have full visibility regarding who is using the connection and from which device. Moreover, you will get periodic and automated updates so that you are using the best and most efficient Site to site VPN protection.

2. Citrix

Through Citrix, the organization not only gets robust cyber security but also gets focused attention and boosts productivity on remote employees as if they are working in an office. Citrix is a very popular choice and there are 100 m users across the globe and a favorite of Fortune 500 companies. Solutions include virtual desktop, behavior, and performance analysis. Enterprise networks also provide role-based access control so that companies can impose access regulations based on the level of responsibility.


Citrix gateway allows you to connect anywhere and from any device including mobile. Ideal for international companies having business interests in various time zones.

3. Fortinet

Fortinet is the market leader with more than 450,000 customers worldwide. It provides automated protection, vulnerability management, and complete admin visibility through a central management console.


Fortinet uses SSL and IPSec VPN to check access to the company network. It is easy to integrate and deploy. Through it, admins can make real-time changes and configure VPN settings, monitor any kind of threats, manage vulnerabilities, enforce compliance, and track all the changes from one location.

Fortinet provides a two-factor authentication process and once verified, the user will not encounter in-between disruption without compromising the security. It is a good VPN for business houses who are looking for a wider security stack.

4. Google Cloud

Google produces a lot of security solutions under its google cloud brand for its customers. They provide solutions to a wide range of security concerns both big and small and keep critical assets secure. Google’s Cloud VPN offers fast, secure, and reliable connectivity for remote users to use the company network.


Currently, Google has two types of VPNs. Classic and High Availability VPNs. Both do Quantum encryption on the traffic before sending and decrypt it when it reaches the destination. It means all the data is safe and secure. Their service is so predictable that they promise 99.99% accuracy. Users also praise and are comfortable with Google Cloud as its interface is very user-friendly.


Google also provides regular automated maintenance ensuring that users always receive the best possible level of protection. Google also provides in-depth technical support so that those even with very little technical expertise can configure themselves.

5. Sonicwall

Sonicwall offers a fast and efficient provider of firewall and security solutions. With a strong focus on safeguarding your online activities, this VPN ensures secure remote access and seamless connection for your enterprise-level needs. Whether you're working from Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ChromeOS, Linux, or Amazon Kindle Fire, SonicWall has you covered.


It is a premier and very popular VPN solution known for its scalability. It can easily handle up to 20,000 connections with secured remote access for the entire workforce. it also uses two-factor authentication against unauthorized access. However, the admin can enable a one-time password for sign-in if required, adding an extra layer of protection. Admin can also regulate access to the resources according to their tasks.

6. Zcaler

Zcaler is a pioneer in cloud-based web security and VPN connectivity. Zcaler Private Access (ZPA) is a zero-trust cloud-based solution that reimagines the way remote devices securely connect to private applications, whether nestled within a public cloud infrastructure or housed in a data center.


Unlike other VPNs, ZPA revolutionizes your connection strategy by ensuring that your applications remain concealed from the internet, protecting your network's resilience against any kind of cyber threats. Its security extends to both managed and unmanaged devices, establishing an impenetrable shield that secures connections to a wide spectrum of applications.


Hiding IP addresses provides immunity to DDoS attacks. Admins wield the power of granular control, effortlessly creating and defining policy names, thereby drastically reducing the risk of ransomware infiltrations.

7. Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a leading network security vendor specializing in crafting scalable, cloud-based solutions that are tailor-made for the demands of the hybrid workforce. Their arsenal of cutting-edge offerings includes Zero Trust Network Access, Firewall as a Service (FWaaS), and a Secure Web Gateway (SWG), all designed to fortify organizations against cyber threats in both on-premises and remote cloud environments.


Perimeter 81’s prowess lies in its ability to simplify the complex, with a platform that embodies elegance and efficacy. Every byte of traffic is encrypted, safeguarding valuable corporate data from unauthorized access that could otherwise spell disaster. Admins can configure access permissions based on roles and devices, granting them access to all aspects of security breaches via a unified management portal. Activity audits and reports provide a watchful eye over login instances, gateway deployments, and app connections, ensuring that no anomaly goes unnoticed.

Flexibility and scalability are the key in Perimeter 81. Since it is cloud-based, users do not have to trust any external hardware, enabling seamless infrastructure expansion. It supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Chromebook, ensuring that no matter the device, the shield of protection remains unyielding.


While we present the top trending 7 VPNs for your selection, it's important to note that the absence of other VPNs here doesn't imply their inferiority. These systems focus on data security, and their designers take this responsibility seriously and you will not be kept in the dark. The key distinction lies in the priorities each VPN addresses. As you make your choice, prioritize your security requirements, taking into account factors like compatibility and cost.

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