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blogs Discord vs Slack - Which team communication tool is the best?
Discord vs Slack - Which team communication tool is the best?
Sravani Katta

Heads up! I am not a winner winner chicken dinner type.


First things first, Slack is a commercial choice for businesses while Discord is for the gaming community. And we cannot compare fish with a bird.


Comparing software belonging to different genres is akin to comparing a baseball player with a tennis player – both are players for sure, but the similarity ends there. I have hands-on experience in both the domains but I am no gamer. I cannot play Pubg for hours sitting happily on the couch.

Luckily, my friends and colleagues at work feel like they are living while they are just playing the games on mobile. So they have assisted me in writing this blog post. We have recently started this ‘Slack vs X’ race to actually let users know the existing software tools and make it easier to find the best according to their services.


Slack is a team communication and collaboration tool designed based on cloud technology. It is an acronym for “Search Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.”


Whereas Discord is a freeware (software that is available free of charge) Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) that is developed for the communication in between the communities and the gaming teams.


Keep on reading to understand how Slack and Discord are different from one another :


Concept :

Slack’s primary drift is towards business whereas Discord is running to become a meaningful platform for the gaming community.


Still, the gamers can just hang out in Slack.


They are much alike. Both are chat software with a comparable interface where the team communication is segregated into channels. However, the key difference is their end users a.k.a - target audience.


Interface :

Discord maintains a similar interface like Slack. Nonetheless, I believe that Slack has done a better job in maintaining a simple user interface and organizing its features on the left panel such as channels, quick conversations, and the integrated applications.


On the other hand, the Discord interface is not a cakewalk for the beginners. Users would require some time to get used to the interface as the channels and direct conversations are placed under multiple menu tabs.


Users can personalize the color scheme of the interface to either light or dark in Discord; whereas in Slack, it is only the left panel with contacts is customizable. They have provided the eight color options to choose.


They have provided eight color options to choose


And if you are a techie, you can customize the entire pattern with custom Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). Upon making the certain changes for the CSS file of the desktop application or the widgets in Slack, you can mold the interface as you want.


All in all, Slack is not a simple collaboration platform and I personally think that it gets more and more suffused with diverse features each year passing


As I disclosed earlier,


I have used both the applications, it took me almost 5-10 minutes in understanding where I can actually change my color scheme.


With the beat,


when I used Discord, I instantly found what I want despite the fact it is designed for gamers. Additionally, once you are done with the account setup in Discord, you are on the loose to join and leave different servers.


But, you have to go through the complete boarding process in Slack to get added to any other team. End of the day even after this struggle of joining, navigation is as smooth as between the servers in Discord.


Conversations :

Chats or conversations in Slack are arranged in public, private and direct messages modes; when in fact Discord has branched out the channels into text and voice.


However, the channels setting in Discord are so improvised as you can even set up the roles and permission to any other member in the group or channel.


While in channels, limit of the members in a channel is really a big deal for gamers.


Even though Slack has never made an official announcement of the official limit of members in a group, many users have got a message that ‘you have reached the maximum number of users.’ Later the number has been prolonged but nobody proceeded to discover it out.


At the exact moment, Discord has officially declared their 5000 online concurrent users limit in a channel.


Notifications :

Notifications are a preeminent element in every messaging service or chat tool.


No user like to get annoyed every minute with a popup. It would be ideal to keep a tab on such popups without missing the important developments.


As luck would have it, Slack provides an in-depth control over all sorts of data or information as there is a whole page of Notification Preferences.


A user could set up his/her own keyword notification for a particular channel without poking out the other options.


Also, Discord notification settings did not disappoint me either. You can let a robot narrate notification for you and I found it to be pretty impressive which definitely be a good option for gamers. But you cannot alter the notifications of direct messages like Slack.


Integrations :

Slack is a conquering hero when it comes to the integration of third-party software.


You can connect freaking 800+ applications. Since Slack is primarily designed to cater to the businesses, it integrates with many tools the companies usually use at work. 


Discord cannot get in touch with your applications at work. Instead, you can amalgamate it with your games. Thank the developers for Rich Presence feature.


File Sharing :

Obviously as messengers, both Slack and Discord allows users to share files. Discord has limited the size of 8MB but you can upgrade it to the Nitro paid plan and prolong the limit to 50MB.


Simultaneously, Slack limited the file upload of 1GB but you cannot embrace the files forever. Yep!


The storage space is 5GB per a user in free plan and it goes up to 10 GB in a premium version.


At the same time, Discord offers unlimited message and file history which seems commendable; especially when you want a constant access to all the files exchanged.


But see, here is the twist.


With 8MB, Discord lets you upload but you really would not share much. It acted so smartly in providing the endless storage space with a strict file upload limit.


File Search :

If you are someone who shares files all day long and want to find you have sent a week ago, go with Slack. Do not look back. It not only allows the users the files they have uploaded but also from the files user has shared in a channel. Provided, if you are a person like me who often forgets the name of the document, you can even search within the document which is awwwsome.


Alas, I did not find this in Discord. After all, Slack is for business while Discord is for gamers.  


Well, as all is said and done, I will keep it short. Both Slack and Discord are amazing tools. Each software is developed for its purpose. A large number of integrations, smart search filters, and the emphasis on the text communication has made Slack the one for businesses as a team collaboration tool. On the other hand, the voice communication and integrations with other famous games have made Discord a social network.


End of the day, the choice is yours. The choice of a team tool should depend on the objectives.


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Disclaimer: Considering the plethora of team collaboration software out there, we have started this marathon of comparing software products with one another after using them in our own team. So, as a result, we have crafted this article that inspects the perks, pitfalls, information, and features about the product in a succinct way.


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