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blogs 10 Free & Paid Discord Alternatives to Watch [2023 Update]

10 Free & Paid Discord Alternatives to Watch [2023 Update]

Md Mohsin Ansari

First things first, why are people searching for Discord alternatives, while Discord Screen Share is so popular?


Well, Discord has surrounded itself with quite a few controversies. 


Discord is not secure 


In 2017, Discord became a target tool for alt-right groups, and the app, due to lack of security, was used to rally supporters.


Discord is vulnerable to hacking attempts, and that’s one of the reasons why security-conscious organizations are looking for better and more secure alternatives to Discord.


It’s 2023, and Discord is still not secure enough to prevent data theft.


Discord is expensive 

Moreover, Discord isn’t free. All the unique features like Upgraded upload limit, Server Boosting, and Higher Quality video are available as Nitro plans. Discord pricing plan includes; Free, Nitro Plan, and Nitro Classic. The Nitro plan starts at $9.99 per month.

1. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a high-efficiency, feature-rich communication, and collaboration tool that allows users to exchange information swiftly and securely.


This Discord alternative has all essential features including 1:1 messaging, video conferencing, file and content sharing, dropbox and drives integration, and end-to-end encryption.


What’s missing in Discord that Troop Messenger has:


  • Communicate with your entire workforce via one-on-one and group messaging
  • Storage space up to 1 TB
  • Respond later, read receipts, recall or edit a sent message 
  • Enterprise-grade security 
  • Track message exchanges and evaluate workflows 
  • Use Google Drive, LDAP, and Dropbox without switching between apps 
  • Add vendors or suppliers as orange members with restricted access
  • Incredible access to the chat history 


Troop Messenger summary

You should use this app if:


  • You’re a security-conscious organization  
  • You need to interact with third-party vendors and suppliers without compromising data theft 
  • You want to be in charge of the workflows and team productivity 
  • You want to confidentially chat with others 
  • You’re looking for cheaper Discord alternatives 


2. TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is one of the most popular VoIP applications for audio communication between users when they are on a chat channel. It’s one of the best alternatives to Discord.

What’s missing in Discord that TeamSpeak has:


  • TeamSpeak has better audio quality. 
  • In TeamSpeak, each team member has the authority to ban anyone irrespective of rank - which can be both good or bad.
  • The users have an option for a completely functional window while they’re in the game. 
  • TeamSpeak is not 100% free for communication, unlike apps like Discord.


TeamSpeak summary

You should use this app if:


  • Your team’s priority is End to end data encryption
  • Your collaboration relies on a Crystal-clear voice
  • Your team needs scalability for up to thousands of users
  • You need multiple customization options


3. Mumble

Mumble is an app like Discord. Mumble is known as software developed for users who prefer to chat while gaming. With the use of the special codex, Mumble provides a greater audio-quality experience even with low bandwidth, and it's a perfect alternative to Discord.


What’s missing in Discord that Mumble has:


  • Mumble is one of the popular open-source Discord alternatives.
  • Unlike Discord, it is totally free.
  • Mumble allows authentication and encryption to ensure a secure environment.
  • Provides great results with low bandwidth usage.
  • User authentication is done by codes.

Mumble summary

You should use this app if:


  • You want to avail better audio quality 
  • If you’re looking for a free Discord alternative, mumble is  a great choice 
  • You need to use the Push-to-talk feature 


4. Slack

Slack, as the most popular collaboration tool, focuses mainly on the business sector. It has all the communication and collaboration functionalities with many integrations and very few limitations. It can be considered a perfect alternative to Discord. Slack may not be eligible to get into the league of apps similar to Discord but it can certainly serve you as a free Discord alternative.

What’s missing in Discord that Slack has:


  • Slack comes with three pricing plans; Free plan, Standard Plan, and Plus Plan. 
  • Slack supports unlimited message history. 
  • Slack’s interface is more organized. 
  • Over 2000+ integrations. 
  • Very friendly conversational structure. 


Slack summary

You should use this app if:


  • You want to use different apps without switching between apps 
  • Your team’s priority is to organize 
  • You need to have control over all your notification settings 
  • You need a better screen-sharing and video-quality experience 


5. Telegram

Telegram is one of the most secure tools for communication and collaboration requirements. This app like Discord has an additional advantage for self-destructing messages.


What’s missing in Discord that Telegram has:


  • Possible to send photos and videos without compression
  • High-quality calls 
  • Inline bots and link previews
  • Supergroups of up to 200,000 people
  • Multiplatform native client apps
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Self-destruct messages
  • Two-step verification 


Telegram summary

You should use this app if:


  • You want a space for free and convenient file sharing 
  • Your organization's privacy focuses 
  • You want all premium features at no cost 
  • Do you prefer a customizable and clean UI 


6. Skype

Skype was introduced in 2013 as a telecommunication software. It was a leading software for video conferencing until Discord came into the picture. Skype for Business Online has been "retired" on July 31, 2021. However, Skype will continue to provide its great service and it can be your Discord streaming alternative.


What’s missing in Discord that Skype has:


  • Skype’s average CPU usage is 30% more than Discord’s
  • Skype supports the transfer of all file types
  • The maximum file sharing limit in Discord is 8 MB while it is 300 MB in Skype 
  • You can share screens on Skype during a voice and video call and also record the calls 


Skype summary

You should use this app if:


  • Call recording is a priority
  • You frequently make groups calls (Skype supports 25 members and Discord supports only 100)
  • Private calling to mobile phone numbers and landlines 


7. Overtone

Overtone is a program like Discord. Overtone is a free discord alternative that feels and looks very much like it. It has all the essential features like text messages, group chats, and voice chats.


What’s missing in Discord that Overtone has:


  • Free to use 
  • Quite easy to set up 
  • Doesn’t use much of your system resources 
  • Supports text messaging and group chats 
  • Features social features to connect with people of similar interest 


Overtone summary

You should use this app if:


  • You’re looking for a free Discord alternative 
  • You want to interact with others and be a part of a large community


8. Steam Chat

Steam Chat is a program like Discord. Steam Chat offers a modernized chat experience for Android and iOS users. With Steam Chat, you can customize notifications per group, friend, chat, and channel.  


What’s missing in Discord that Stream Chat has:


  • Steam Chat’s interface is cleaner and limited to three sections: Friends, Chats, and Groups 
  • A small number of in-built emojis as compared to Discord 
  • Voice and Video calls are quick to initiate 


Steam Chat summary

You should use this app if:


  • You prefer using two distinct tabs for Groups and Chats 
  • You are looking for a cleaner, less-cluttered interface 
  • You want to customize notifications per group, friend, chat, and channel.


9. Twitch

Twitch is an app like Discord. Twitch is mainly a video streaming software that provides gamers around the world to chat, stream, and connect to share their gaming sessions.


What’s missing in Discord that Twitch has:


  • Twitch makes it easy for users to discover and join new channels 
  • Twitch has rooms or channels that can be set to public or private mode 
  • Twitch allows content partners to earn money with donations, ads, and subscription plans 


Twitch summary

You should use this app if:


  • Your priority is to stream live and interact with your audience during gameplay 
  • You want to get merchandise and accessories from sponsors for free 


10. Tox

Tox is nothing but a Discord-like app, that has established its identity as an easy-to-use app that lets you connect with family and friends at no cost.


What’s missing in Discord that Tox has:


  • Tox is free 
  • Open sources 
  • Privacy-focused app with military-grade encryption 
  • Multiple front-ends are available for different platforms 


Overtone summary

You should use this app if:


  • You are a security-conscious organization 
  • You are looking for a free Discord alternative 


Final Thoughts  

Despite the privacy concerns, Discord has still managed to maintain its position as one of the best chat apps. However, Discord alternative clients like Troop Messenger can give Discord a run for its money because of additional features like adding an orange member, a confidential chat window, and high-grade security.


With that said Discord should seriously concentrate on its features since every mediocre chat app is providing the same features.

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