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8 Different Perks Your Company Could Offer Employees

Diksha Saha

When managing a business, attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. Strategies abound, from competitive salaries to corporate culture, yet one facet often overlooked is employee benefits.


More than just the basics such as health insurance or retirement plans, it's the added perks that can set your company apart. But you might wonder - which are truly worth the investment?


Read on as we dive into exploring different perks your company could offer employees that are indeed worth the cost.



1. Top-notch Health Benefits


Health benefits are not just a box to check off from an employee's wish list. They play a vital role for your team members as well as for your company's health in the long run. Top-notch healthcare coverage resonates with your employees' need for safety and security.


It tells them you genuinely care about their well-being, which can inspire loyalty and motivate them to perform better at work.


Furthermore, remember that illness among staff can badly hit productivity. By offering compelling health benefits, you're essentially buttressing the company against potential time-off or performance dips due to health matters.


2. Flexible Work Options


Flexible work options are becoming more relevant and attractive than ever before. These can cover a wide range, for instance:


  • Remote working: This has been significantly popularized by the recent pandemic. It can help employees save on commuting time and promote a better work-life balance.
  • Flexible hours: Allowing employees to start and end their day at their convenience can lead to enhanced productivity, especially for those who aren't morning persons or have family commitments.


By offering flexible work arrangements, your company communicates that it values employee autonomy and trusts them enough to handle their workload responsibly. This not only elevates job satisfaction but also attracts prospective employees seeking flexibility in their professional lives.


3. Company Car


A company car as a benefit can be an enticing factor for many employees. Just think about it - having a vehicle at one's disposal whenever needed, minus the worries of upkeep or unexpected expenses that come with personal cars is quite appealing.


This becomes especially critical if your staff members' roles involve regular commuting or fieldwork, greatly easing their work-related travel concerns. For instance, if your company is based in Minnesota, getting quality used cars in Duluth would be an effective and budget-friendly choice.


Even if you are initially concerned about the costs associated with this perk, the potential rise in productivity and employee satisfaction may make it worthwhile in the end. Plus, there's no harm in having a brand presence on the roads!


4. Further Education Support


Furthering education can be a desirable perk for your employees, letting them enhance their skills and knowledge while remaining with the company. Consider these options:


  • Tuition reimbursement: Supporting your employees in acquiring higher education or degrees relevant to their role may seem costly initially but it promises better-equipped staff members in the future. Consider reimbursing your employee's tuition cost to help refinance student loans they might've taken out.
  • Professional development workshops: Offering access to seminars or courses online can also be an affordable alternative. It engages employees, stimulates personal growth, and keeps them updated on industry trends.
  • Certifications: Paying for certifications helps your employees level up their professional qualifications which translates into a skilled workforce for the company.


By investing in your employees' education, not only do you make them feel valued but also boost the collective competence of your team. Remember, learning is an ongoing process and a company that supports this journey can attract ambitious professionals who value growth.


5. Wellness Programs


The importance of wellness, both physical and mental, is growing in the workplace consciousness. From simple perks like gym membership discounts or workout sessions to comprehensive wellness programs including counseling and health screenings, these efforts project your concern for employee wellbeing.


Healthy employees often mean happier employees and this positivity can transcend their personal lives into the workplace too. In terms of productivity, studies even suggest that employees who regularly exercise may be more efficient at their jobs.


So, by promoting wellness among your staff through various initiatives, you're essentially taking care of their health and happiness while also investing in a more productive work environment.


6. Paid Time Off (PTO)


Paid Time Off or PTO is a staple in most companies, but let's take it up a notch:


  • Vacation Days: Encourage staff to rest and recharge. Remember, a well-rested employee performs better.
  • Sick Leave: Employees shouldn’t feel obligated to come to work while ill. Besides risking their health, they may inadvertently infect others.
  • Personal Days: Sometimes, personal responsibilities or emergencies arise. By offering this perk, you’re showing understanding for your employees' lives outside work.


Refrain from questioning the reason for time off too much. Treat your employees like adults and trust that when they ask for PTO, it’s needed. Ensure that your paid leave policy isn't just something on paper but practiced without stigma or penalties.


This speaks volumes about your respect towards your employees’ needs and overall life balance which can greatly foster employee loyalty and satisfaction.


7. Stock Options - Real Ownership in Your Work


Stock options give employees a sense of ownership and deeper engagement with the company's success. When employees own a part of the business through stocks, they do not just work for wages anymore.


They become stakeholders, working with increased motivation to boost the company's value because it directly impacts their personal financial growth. Even if it may seem like a considerable amount to allocate from your profit share, offering stock options largely weighs off by bringing in noted productivity improvements and employee retention.


After all, employees are less likely to leave when their finances are tied to the company’s fortunes. Ultimately, it is about investing in your workforce as shareholders who can drive your firm towards greater heights. Leveraging a company equity management platform can streamline the administration and communication of stock options, further enhancing the overall experience for both the employees and the organization.


8. Employee Discount Programs


Employee discount programs can be an attractive perk, especially if you offer products or services of interest to your employees. Here are some options:


  • Discount on company products: Show them your appreciation by giving discounts or exclusive deals on what they're helping build or sell.
  • Partnerships with local businesses: Collaborate with other businesses to secure mutual special offers for staff.


Besides being a tangible benefit, these discounts can give employees the feel-good factor, boosting morale whilst saving their hard-earned money.




Remember, a well-curated range of perks can make all the difference in fostering a motivated and committed workforce. It's more than just attracting talent; it's about maintaining their engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, their stay with your organization.


From health benefits to learning support, flexibility, paid leaves, company cars to stock options, or simple discounts - investing in these rewarding extras can propel your company’s success in the long run. Nurture an environment where employees feel valued and looked after beyond the paycheck, and watch as this goodwill is reflected manifold into your business growth!

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