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blogs 10 Methods to Tackle the Cultural Barriers For Communication In The Workplace

10 Methods to Tackle the Cultural Barriers For Communication In The Workplace

Vyshnavi Basuthkar

Technology advancement has brought upon both challenges and benefits to the companies. The fact remains uncommon that the companies can easily connect with the clients and colleagues today. Still, cultural communication barrier remains the primary factor to overcome these days that has corrupted many businesses.


Language barriers are the joint most aspects that have enhanced challenges within the business world. Indeed, the cultural barrier can influence both the external and internal customers at large. This hinders them from being able to have a comfortable bond and open up.


Such aspects produce differences among two individuals in the workplace. Cultural barriers to communication can even cause misunderstandings in the relationship between company and consumer. Such situations cause employees to feel less motivated at work. It in return decreases productivity, and the outcome dissatisfies the customers.


Certainly, the organizations would end up facing long-term problems. Global business needs a proper solution to lower the barrier down.


Below are some of the mentioned factors that can help you to overcome the problems of cultural differences.


1. Cultural difference awareness at the workplace



At the workplace, people belonging to different cultural backgrounds come together to share a common goal: produce admirable results. Awareness of culture and communication differences can solve your problems halfway.


The main reason cultural differences occur is when individuals at the workplace forget about the communication issues of others around.


One of the instances is when a team leader fails to acknowledge that one of his groups doesn’t speak English. Such situations create obstacles in the path of growth and even distances the employees. They might become too demotivated to work there anymore. 


In another instance, the employer may fail to acknowledge the need for Holi holiday and displeases the employees at the workplace. If the employer can recognize simple things and be aware of it, they may even find a solution to cultural difference issues at the workplace.


2. Utilization of communication of application

Texting is a great way of communication with anyone around the world, especially applicable to a large distance. Several companies give the option of home-based job that makes it harder for distant employees to communicate with the company. It is even harder for individuals with the cultural barrier to communicate in such a situation.


Therefore, it is mandatory for organizations to establish a textual communication system that can connect the employees. That means, even if you are facing the cultural barriers in business, you can still communicate through texts and sort your issues.


The messages are even better when you face difficulty in finding time to contact the personnel. Video and photo sharing aspects are considered to be better shared through communication applications.


Furthermore, you even get the facility to make an announcement where all the employees are connected.


3. Using simple language


Language is one of the primary aspects of communication that can act as a medium to reduce the communication barrier. However, in some IT companies, sharing technical problems becomes extremely difficult with the non-technicians.


At that time, you as an employer could make things easy by sharing the information in simple terms.


You can give detailed instruction in a meeting while simple small orders are effective in the phone calls. Overloading your employees with too much info can confuse too. You can ensure to make your data simple to understand. Such strategies create solutions that would not be as time-consuming as you would think.


4. Noisy environment



Another communication barrier that can occur includes the noisy environment. It can further distract the employees from their work, yielding poor results. You won’t even be able to communicate throughout the office.


The aspect of miscommunication would further enhance the distance between you and your subordinates.


At such a time, you can stop yourself from overloading your employees with too much work and make things simple. You can ensure they enjoy and feel efficient while working that can reduce the frustration of noisy background.


You can try to reduce the noise level by contacting the source behind it. In the worst-case scenario, you can even strive to change the working environment of the employees.


5. Body language in communication


One can sometimes notice that the difference in body language creates misunderstandings among individuals at work. This happens when you fail to use proper body language while communicating.Just imagine this:you work with a guy that has never acknowledge your efforts. In return, he just strives to make you feel down.


A similar thing can happen to you and the employees as well. If you are too hard on them, they might turn their backs and misunderstand the situation. Some wouldn’t even try to share true emotions about the working environment.


Therefore, make sure to use proper body language to communicate with your employees that can enhance your connection with them.


6. Get appropriate feedback 



You might end up becoming frustrated about how and why the particular person behaves the way they do. It just might be your fault in reality, which you are unable to see.


Miscommunication can be the cause of such a situation. However, if you can get regular feedback about your working habits and office environment, you can strive to change it for good.


For that, you can have a weekly feedback system at your office by establishing a survey system for all the employees. You can use the information obtained and enhance the strategy of your organization.


7. Message consistency is important


You don’t have to keep your colleagues and subordinates in confusion by changing the message now and then. Make sure to inform everyone if you ever decide to change the policies to avoid confusion and frustration. Replacing the older messages can be critical, and if you fail to act accordingly, you can create havoc amid your employees.


At this time, organize meetings and get-togethers of your team leaders. Make broadcast messages in the messaging application for everyone to see. Such strategies can instantly disregard the confusion due to recent changes.


8. Be an open-minded leader



It is critical for you to ensure that everyone feels safer around you and shares honest issues.


The key is to communicate effectively with the subordinate without harming their individual feelings. However, such a task may seem frustrating at first.


You should make sure that your employees are willing to take your help and dedicate their lives to produce products.


Consistent communication and better relationship can build their loyalty with you. For that, you just need to hear more and answer all the queries with a calming attitude.


9. Have an appropriate understanding of your colleagues


Imagine yourself sitting on the leader’s seat surrounded by your employees. What is the first thing that you would end up seeing?


The way clients look at you. You cannot say what the individuals might be thinking behind their eyes. You might even end up misunderstand them.


At such a time, it is mandatory for you to understand what your employees are going through.


For that, you need to enhance clarity while having communication with a subordinate. Hold up several events to connect better with them.


You can make sure to implement communication and leadership skills no matter the situation.


 10. Deal carefully with employees having a difference in culture


When it comes to businesses, you can imagine having individuals with diverse backgrounds packed up in a big hall to produce the same results.It can, however, be difficult for the leaders to handle the situation carefully if the cultural differences arise.


For instance, a few people in your group can have a different idea of a word spoken by you because of cultural differences.


In every country, the meaning of a certain sign is different. A particular sign can act as a positive source for one person while it would be negative for another.


Considering that in mind, you might have to make sure that your employees stay calm under all circumstances. You need to be aware of their individual backgrounds for that.


You can end up making a sarcastic comment when in reality, all you did was complimented an employee.


Such aspects create differences amid the employees and the employer. At such a time, you must walk ahead and try to help the outsider in your group. They would appreciate your efforts and produce better results.



People end up making things worse in the organization due to rising cultural differences. This is bound to happen since individuals with diverse background come together to work under one roof.


You just have to make sure that all the employees end up solving problems together.


For that, you can follow certain steps to reduce the burden of cultural barriers in the workplace. If that is done, you can achieve faster progress and loyal employees.

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