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9 Must-Have Communication APIs for Chat, Voice & Video

Asloob Alam

Even if your program is of a higher caliber, without reliable communication APIs, your software can be still obsolete. This blog will apprise you of the industry's best providers.

What are Communication APIs?

An API, or application programming interface, is a software framework that permits communication between two applications. Using APIs makes it simple to extract data and share it between businesses and within them.

By enabling you to include chat, video, audio, SMS, and other APIs, communication APIs empower your businesses by enabling you to establish a fully functional communication platform, where your clients or users can communicate and their needs can be met, resulting in improved customer experience.

The list below includes some of the top communication API providers in the market, that are widely used and known for assisting companies with their features.

1. Troop Messenger


The best communication API for smooth integration is offered by Troop Messenger. Considering it supports all domains, it is well known. It provides voice APIs, chat APIs, and Video APIs designed to boost customer relationships. By making it possible to start any type of conversation with ease, it improves the communication experience.

Troop Messenger is regarded as one of the top team communication tools that work on its core principle of giving individuals a secure platform to connect. It is also a defense-validated technology, making it the most secure chat choice on the market. As an outcome, you and your user can communicate securely, and the information will be stored for quick access.

Use Troop Messenger's enhanced chat SDK documentation in your business-messaging platforms to set up an organized chat session with your clients. Troop Messenger’s chat API benefits developers, allowing them to build straightforward and effective in-app chat solutions using the application APIs rather than starting from scratch. Troop Messenger can still be used as an on-premise chat for corporate businesses or sectors that require data security.

2. MirrorFly


MirrorFly is the most secure communication API provider for developers and enterprises. It allows you to easily integrate chat, voice, and video call APIs in 20 minutes into your web or mobile apps. And also provides you the ability to drive 1B+ conversations across the world with ultra-low latencies, 99.999% uptime SLA, less than 3 ms average response time, and more.

MirrorFly offers a chat SDK that is built on top of tech stacks such as Flutter, React Native, and Angular. You can use Java, Kotlin, and Swift to add communication features to your native apps. Moreover, it provides 150+ features such as push notifications, file sharing, presence indicators, one-on-one and group video calls, voice calls, emojis and stickers, GIFs, read/delivery receipts, rooms, etc.

MirrorFly offers twin pricing modules: SaaS and SaaP.

SaaS: Lifetime free chat, 21-day free trial for video and voice calls, month-on-month subscription, Dedicated cloud hosting.

SaaP: Fully customizable chat SDKs at a one-time license fee with white-label solutions.



For the best real-time streaming, communication, and media processing solutions, programmers have access to decades of Dolby sight and sound technology with the new developer platform from Dolby Labs.

The Communications APIs provide access to a unified real-time communication platform that has won numerous awards and is backed by decades of expertise in the science of sight and sound. Create integrated solutions for your apps by fusing voice, video, and call recordings.

This platform uses its in-depth understanding of user media devices to offer high performance and broad compatibility. This makes it possible to perform operations like choosing a device, muting and unmuting the microphone, turning on or off the video camera, etc.

With less than a 500ms delay, the platform offers streaming conferences over RTMP and Real-time Streaming (formerly Millicast) to reach wider audiences. You can call the REST APIs to start a stream, and Webhooks can be used to check on its progress.

4. EnableX


EnableX is one of the few communication API Vendors that provide a complete channel portfolio. You can pick and select the channel(s) you need and smoothly add more whenever your requirements change from options including video, voice, SMS, chat, etc.

With EnableX SMS APIs, you can deliver a unique messaging experience to your clients at scale and around the globe. Call and receive calls from anyone with a phone number or an internet connection. Using your chosen programming language, you may integrate Voice-over-IP (VoIP), PSTN, and SIP calls into your app, browser, or AI chatbots. Because of the call quality's crystal clarity, you can advertise more quickly and have peace of mind with its simple-to-implement Voice APIs and SDKs.

With support for many popular programming languages, including Javascript, PHP, Python, Node.js, ReactNative, and more, EnableX's robust WebRTC video calling platform makes incorporating our video APIs into programs and websites simple. Get high-performing video conversations on Android and iOS, native apps, and popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and more using pre-packaged and customizable SDKs.

5. Sendbird


According to Sendbird's conversations platform, innovative brands all around the world increase engagement, conversions, and CSAT. Sendbird is trusted with the data of giant corporations and the fastest-growing startups. To guarantee that all of your communication and data are secured in rest and motion, their API communication complies with industry-leading security and compliance standards.

Leveraging Sendbird's chat API, voice API, video API, native Chat SDKs, feature-rich platform, and prefab UI components, developers may be more productive. E-commerce websites can gain a significant edge by developing an in-app chat feature that enables them to have real-time communication with users.

It has a robust chat API that could aid in boosting consumer engagement, revenue, and conversational analysis. It provides an intuitive dashboard, live chat support, a smooth issue routing mechanism, and an in-app chat API. It includes global language translation, AES 256 End-to-End Data Encryption, @Mentions in conversations, and supports more than 1,000,000 simultaneous connections per application and 500,000,000 messages daily.

6. Vonage


According to Vonage, its partners assist you in creating and implementing distinctive communications experiences using Vonage APIs to grow your business. Additionally, you can draw in and keep clients with the aid of their partners. Increasing the flexibility, intelligence, and personalization of communications can help businesses stay competitive. They gathered the top names in contact centers, unified communications, and communication APIs under one roof.

Using their APIs, you can incorporate SMS, audio, video, and two-factor authentication into your apps. In Vonage AI Studio, create intricate conversational flows using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It enhances the customer experience and makes it easier for you to connect with your staff members wherever they are in the world.

7. Agora


Developers can leverage Agora, an established communication API Provider, to integrate real-time audio, video, interactive streaming, chat, and artificial intelligence features into their products. The APIs offered by Agora are simple, flexible, and strong.

Agora's Real-Time Engagement Platform offers dependable global coverage because of its exceptionally low latency, scalability, and adjustable interactive features. Thanks to its easy-to-embed APIs, a variety of SDKs, and a partner ecosystem, you can rapidly and cheaply incorporate audio, video, real-time chat, and recording solutions.

You can provide consistent, high-quality streaming for your users. Agora's algorithms provide an ultra-low latency of 400 ms or less by continuously monitoring the network and automatically selecting the most effective routing path. 99.99% of the time, this platform is accessible. Your users can communicate with your app around the clock, every day of the year thanks to redundant servers and data centers that are built in. Agora's SD-RTNTM offers the widest scope of coverage globally. You can link people anywhere with coverage for more than 200 nations and regions worldwide.

Despite the packet loss and signal degradation that is a major problem with reliance on cell towers, the platform is designed to offer high-quality, consistent audio and video streams to mobile phones all over the world.

8. Cometchat


Cometchat claims that its SDKs, APIs, and UI Kits are the most adaptable and user-friendly on the market as they include a wide range of features and integrations. You may copy and paste your instructions to integrate in-app chat with their no-code widget. These idiomatic SDKs are made to aid you in producing code rapidly. They are all interoperable and accessible on iOS, Android, and the web, which makes cross-platform development simple. You'll quickly understand how they operate thanks to best-in-class documentation, in-depth tutorials, and demo apps for all of the platforms.

It provides SDKs for all the most well-liked technologies, including React, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, PHP/Laravel, and many others, that have been carefully built and rigorously tested. Any specialized app's chat APIs allow you to manage messages, users, and groups with ease. To provide customers of your on-demand service app with a seamless experience, you may dynamically construct chats based on orders with CometChat's extensive metadata features, with the possibility to include location-specific data.

9. APIexchange


APIexchange, one of the most recognized providers of communication APIs, lets you build your product utilizing its services and add features using its native APIs. Businesses can only function with a client engagement platform, therefore APIexchange created dependable real-time messaging APIs that follow industry guidelines and safeguard your data. Businesses searching for enterprise chat applications have an alternative in APIexchange, which offers at reasonable prices and produces reliable and efficient APIs for your online and mobile apps.

For seamless communication, it provides all the necessary APIs, including SMS, video, MMS, voice, chat, and others. You may choose to create a message-based application that allows you to benefit from in-app messaging, in-app video and audio calls, in-app chat solutions, and in-app chat support. This will allow you to include in-app messaging, in-app video and audio calls, in-app chat solutions, and in-app chat support while keeping properly encrypting the data. Using minimal coding and a few functionalities, you can easily publish your apps.


Communication APIs facilitate organizations to focus internal resources on important objectives by streamlining internal communication processes. It improves client interactions and removes the burden of developing communications capabilities from scratch while also providing software applications with access to pre-built communication features. You can introduce new features in a matter of time because of the thousands of developer hours that are saved.

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