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blogs Best Collaboration Software Tools that are Ideal for Productive Team

Best Collaboration Software Tools that are Ideal for Productive Team

Vamsi Bandi

Team - Together Everyone can Achieve More, whoever quoted it certainly implied about the whole team working together with a team spirit, but with the new age modern world along with team spirit inevitably best collaboration software tools must be aligned to achieve more.

With the ongoing unfortunate pandemic period, from giant companies to micro-companies, had to adapt to new or multiple collaboration software tools to continue their workflow from the remote workplace without causing any trouble.

Below are some of the best collaboration software tools you can switch to

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is one the best instant messaging software or app, which can be used as a collaboration software tool by any domain.

Troop Messenger played a vital role in bringing the team together from their remote workplace to work together. It can be used as an instant messaging app, team collaboration app, business chat app, and so on.

It eradicated all the gaps between the team and helped them to maintain their work standards irrespective of the distance.


Apart from the common features which any team chat app offers like one on one chat or calls, group chats, or calls, below are some of the unique features that will increase team productivity and which you can't find in one single team communication app or other apps

  • Search filters, which not only allows the user to search based on a keyword, indeed user can search particularly for a file, images, video, flagged messages specific user chat in the group without consuming the time
  • Forkout feature will help you to send a message to multiple users or multiple groups
  • Remote Screen Sharing and Controlling feature gives you the privilege of remote access to the system and sharing the screen
  • Live Location Tracking feature will help you to track your sales executives or other employees location
  • The slideshow feature will help the user to view the list of images in the slide show without scrolling it manually
  • The Jointly-Code feature allows two programmers to work on a code while having an audio or video call


Plan TypeFreePremiumEnterpriseSelf-Hosting
Monthly ChargesOne-Month Enterprise Free Trial$ 2.5 per user$ 5 per user$ 5+ per user



Slack is a team chat app that allows users to join the company’s workspace URL. The other privileges in slack are creating private groups and public groups for group chatting.


  • Text messaging

  • Audio & Video calls

  • File sharing

  • Slack connect

  • Channels


Plan TypeFreeStandardPlusEnterprise Grid
Monthly Charges$ 0$ 2.67 per user$ 5 per userContact sales



MailTrim is an email management software that helps users in sorting their emails received from multiple users or companies. It will arrange the emails chronologically based on users’ specifications for their quick view.

It is the best team collaboration software, through which users can do their multi-tasking job directing to this single tool. It is highly secured, detects spam, a safe repository to store your classified emails and data for your future reference. And any domain can use it flexibly.


  • Multi integrated
  • Intelligent Inbox
  • Customized displays
  • Easy to use
  • Impressive Archives
  • Smart search


  • Free



Dropbox is a file hosting service that stores and can access files like documents, images, videos, and so on. It is integrated into many tools. It can be a good online collaboration tool.


  • File and version recovery

  • Storage plans

  • Link permissions

  • Team folder manager

  • Dropbox paper

  • Smart sync

  • Dropbox transfer

  • Branded sharing

  • Remote wipe


Plan TypeFreeProfessionalStandardAdvanced
Monthly Charges$ 0$ 19.99$ 15 per user$ 25 per user


Time Dynamo

Time Dynamo is a biometric management attendance system that is widely used in mid to large companies, schools & universities, and government organizations. This tool reduces the time consumption involved in the manual work to track the employees’ work roaster, leaves, timesheet, attendance, and so on. Any domain and any kind of office can easily adapt to this tool.


  • Attendance available biometric, mobile phone

  • Mobile Application

  • GPS Tracking

  • Attendance Tracking

  • Scheduling Details

  • Absence Management

  • Compliance Management

  • Analytics & User Reports

  • Payroll & HCM Integration


  • Contact sales



Teamwork is a project management software that helps the team create a project and track the updates. Considering its features it can play a vital role in increasing the team productivity.


  • Gantt Chart

  • Time Tracking

  • Kanban Board View

  • Task List Templates

  • Tasks and Subtasks

  • Milestones


Plan TypeFreeDeliverGrowEnterprise
Monthly Charges$ 0$ 10 per user$ 18 per user Contact Sales



GitHub is a subsidiary company of Microsoft. It works as a provider of an internet hosting platform that allows program developers to collaborate in software development and version control using Git.


  • Collaborative coding

  • Automation CI/CD

  • Security

  • Clients Apps

  • Project Management

  • Team Administration

  • community


Plan TypeFreeTeamEnterprise
Monthly Charges$ 0$ 4 per user$ 21 per user



HubSpot is considered one of the best SaaS companies. It is an ideal tool for customer service, sales, and inbound marketing. The customer data can be easily tracked with advanced filters for quick access.


  • Free Meeting Scheduler App

  • Social Media Tools

  • Email Tracking Software

  • Sales Email Automation

  • Ads Software

  • Email Marketing Software

  • Lead Management Software

  • Pipeline Management Tools

  • Help Desk Software


Plan TypeStarterProfessionalEnterprise
Monthly Charges$ 45$ 800$ 3,200


Google Drive

Google Drive is a service developed by Google, which is known for file storage, synchronization on multiple devices. Users will have the privilege to share the access with other users.


  • Drive File Stream

  • Shared Drives

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Offline Access

  • Cloud-native Collaboration Apps

  • Storage


Plan TypeBusiness StarterBusiness StandardBusiness PlusEnterprise
Monthly Charges$ 6 per user$ 12 per user$ 18 per userContact Sales



Xtensio is one of the best collaboration software tools that help the team to work collaboratively in creating, sharing, and managing documents.


  • File Sharing

  • Save/Share Custom Templates

  • Customize URLs

  • Advanced Security

  • Custom Integrations


Plan TypeFreeBasicPlusFullEnterprise
Monthly Charges$ 0$ 10 per user$ 20 per user$ 30 per userContact Sales



Collaboration Software Tools are designed to lay a path for the team where they can work seamlessly, be it in the office or by using remote collaboration software at workplaces. It will help in maintaining the work standards and with its features, it can increase your team productivity.

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