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Benefits of Video conferencing in the Workplace

Farhana Syed

Video conferencing has been using widely in the business world especially. Video Conferencing is leading the businesses to collaborate with people who are even opposite side of the globe.


Often business professionals have to travel for some of the other reason. Few employees choose to work from home on a certain day or some at another location, but all have to reach out at one place and video conference is the numen.


 “Pictures speaks louder than words.”


This turned as a blatant truth in this modern world. With the sophisticated upgradings of the technology, businesses have grown global than ever running in a fierce rivalry. Technologies have permitted us to connect seamlessly of our choice at anywhere in the world in simple, secure and steadfast manner.


Many people are choosing to work offshore for various reasons to prevail in this rat race. Proportionately, employees can now collaborate with one another via electronic mediums and connect with other partners which is what we are going to discuss now, the benefits of video conferencing.


Earlier, the colleague or client has to drive for an eye to eye meeting. Nevertheless, we are aware that travel, food, accommodations have become exorbitant. Worry not, a video conference is here to reduce your commute cost by allowing you to meet the other person virtually.


Through web conferences, any employee or businessman can retain the money, ebullience which are essential for the company operations. This approach to communication is a type of distance conferencing where two or more number of people can interact with each other in the virtual world.


Implementing all business operations by email or phone does not always deed. Relying on the online video meeting contributes to productivity as it is driving the businesses. Web conferencing is the prime alternative for the infant companies especially as they cannot digest easily the unanticipated cancellation of plane tickets due to eccentric weather conditions.


"Video conference is the closest thing to cease all these problems."


This method of communication makes employees be in sync thereby completing projects easily and resolve issues sooner. Through this communication, any organization can be a helping hand for the clients swiftly at any point in time.


According to the 2013 survey, 94% of the video conference software users stated that users stated that the revenues have increased and the team has delivered more efficient and productive results. Video conferencing enables the employees to stay more focused and attentive and by means of that, they can optimize operations handily and enhance the management efficiency.


Troop Messenger is a one-size-fits-all instant messaging application designed in a way for all business types. Gone are the days when the free video chat is limited for one-to-one communication. Troop Messenger offers crisp and clear video and audio quality to provide a smooth and effective communication tool for end users.


As per the researchers, video conferencing gives a space to seek more information through the facial expressions, body language, eye movements etcetera which aids in understanding the other one better and build an effective collaboration. According to the Lifesize survey, 89% of the remote employees states that video calling makes them more connected with offshore colleagues and 90% declared that this makes easier to complete the projects or tasks.


In a nutshell, here is how to video conference helps your business:


Enhances productivity:

It contributes to productivity which is highly beneficial for small businesses which save lots of time and money. Troop Messenger has features of screen sharing, team video conferencing to have coherent communication.


Get in touch with many at once:

As discusses, you can talk or message with people from all across the world at your residence. Business owners can collaborate with clients or customers and organize meetings with ease.


Unite all the employees at one place through one platform:

It is possible that employees scatter at different locations. This type of conference can bind them together even with mobile phones.


This way, you can keep an eye on all your workers at whatever place they are in thereby ensuring to manage and keep them on track.


Conferences independent of time:

This mode of communication allows you to say ‘hi’ to anyone at any moment without moving from your chair.


As meetings can happen at a short notice, the clients or employees have no longer chance to say the excuses that they could not find the exact location or stuck in traffic.


Humanize the conversation:

As discussed, pictures are worth more than a million words, video conferencing has completely destroyed the pitfalls of voice communication or email correspondence. You can observe the body language, signs and other activities.


Bottom Line :

The greatest benefits of the video conferencing are the fact that it is superior to the traditional mode of communication as it reduces the travel cost and enhances communication and productivity in business communication.


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