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blogs Troop Messenger accredited awards by CompareCamp

Troop Messenger accredited awards by CompareCamp

Vyshnavi Basuthkar

Business communication and collaboration software Troop Messenger has helped thousands of project teams provide excellent results and achieve their business goals.


Our communication platform centralizes their communication, enabling them to discuss ideas and concepts as well as collaborate on tasks efficiently.


Useful features like real-time communication allow users to quickly discuss the current status of their tasks and evaluate their performance on the spot. Troop Messenger is optimized for mobile devices, enabling users to connect seamlessly with other members of the team from their smartphone or tablet.


By unifying their communication and improving their collaboration capabilities, Troop Messenger has allowed our users to deliver results on time, within budget, and according to their clients’ expectations.


We are proud to announce that Troop Messenger has hit a major milestone. We have received a couple of awards from CompareCamp - the 2019 Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards. CompareCamp is a reliable resource for in-depth SaaS reviews for B2B and B2C software and other products, helping businesses and organizations make smart, information-driven software investments.


Earning two different distinctions from such an esteemed body is a huge win for us. We assure our users that these awards will further fuel our goal to provide them with better software as we roll out new versions in the future.

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