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blogs Alternative to Sandes Messaging App [2023 Update]

Alternative to Sandes Messaging App [2023 Update]

Asloob Alam

The Indian government developed a messaging app for the government called GIMS, which stands for Government Instant Messaging System. Government officials refer to it as Sandes, which means "message" in Hindi.


"Sandes is a secure, open source-based, cloud-enabled platform hosted on government infrastructure, allowing the GOI to maintain strategic control. One-to-one and group messaging, file and media sharing, audio-video calls, and e-government program integration are some of its features. The government uses the solution, which is available on the Google Play Store and App Store" Chandrasekhar expressed his thoughts.


Some Government officials hinted they emphasized that Sandes works on the lines of WhatsApp, and some officials use WhatsApp for their government messages even though they have Sandes. If the Government is comparing their Sandes standards with WhatsApp, let me put it this way, WhatsApp is not the first app to be a pioneer in being a social chat app but definitely, but it embarked on a stage where every other social chat app fell short in the league while being compared to it, and in addition, WhatsApp is an outdated app, certainly, it is not just my view look into reviews.


As a result, claiming that Sandes is equal to WhatsApp is pointless, as it implies that Sandes is also outdated. If anyone wants to compare, let's look at the best instant messaging apps, such as Troop Messenger, which is used by the Defense, Air Force, Financial, Big Corporates, and so on. To make things even better, it has developed an app for Government as well, which can be the best Sandes alternative.


Let's see what Troop Messenger has to offer that makes it best against Sandes as a messaging app for the Government.

On-Premise Solution

Troop Messenger can be delivered with all the major models like on-premise, SaaS, chat APIs & SDKs but it strongly advocates to be the on-premise solution, since it is an option that enables the admin to deploy world-class security practices without depending on the cloud service provider. On-premises gives complete ownership of the data to the admin, no unauthorized person doesn't stand a chance to access it.
For any tool or software hosted by cloud service providers, the data security depends on the security protocols they follow which may or may not be strong enough to defend against the assaults, and it depends on their professional ethics. What if a person from the opposition, media, and vandalists lures or intimidates them to leak the data, which certainly doesn't happen with self-hosted chat since complete control is given to the admin?

Advanced Admin Controls

Troop Messenger empowers its admins by allotting a list of privileges. For example, like in Sandes even Troop Messenger also users have to be validated by the admin before getting on-boarded, but with Troop Messenger, in-addition admin can restrict their access as per the users' jobs & responsibilities. As a result, you can find only verified users in Troop Messenger.

A user doesn't have the access to delete the data but a group admin needs access to do so.

Secure File Sharing

Troop Messenger, being security-conscious, never allows you to exchange your files via consumer-grade file-sharing apps, instead, it offers a highly secure and encrypted file transfer within the tool.

Security Features

The security features of Troop Messenger are listed below.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is used for all messages, audio/video calls, conferences, files exchanged, video recordings, and other data. Troop Messenger applies the world's best and proven security protocols and procedures in this Government software, which combine:


  • Elliptic-curve Diffie–Hellman key agreement protocol
  • AES-256 
  • PBKDF2-SHA512 as primitives 



Burnout is a secret chat window that is designed to have extremely sensitive communication. Moreover, the data communicated in this chat window will get terminated as per your pre-set time.


Secure Troop Messenger's user authentication systems with an additional security service - the LDAP/SSO integration.


  • SSO (Single Sign-on) allows you to log into numerous platforms using a single set of credentials.
  • LDAP allows you to manage unauthorized access to your Active Directory accounts.


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be used to secure access to your collaborative platform. To deploy this additional security layer, you can use a variety of methods.

Audit Log

You have the option of exporting the audit logs or connecting to a sys log server for further investigation. You'll be able to see all of your members' activity, such as the messages they sent, the files they sent, and the times they logged in and out. It also creates an admin audit record for your reference to prevent illegal access.

Privacy Features

To prevent unwanted access, Troop Messenger provides screen lock and fingerprint options for signing in to the platform.

Video Conference

Unlike Sandes, Troop Messenger allows users to participate in video conferences. Don't be confused by the similarities between group video calls and video conferences; there is a significant distinction between the two. You can use the Cattle Call module to start a video conference with other departments, the general public, and so on. You don't have to rely on insecure tools like Zoom, which has a track record of vandals intruding into judicial proceedings and corporate meetings.


Unit is a feature that allows you to add more departments to your application for easy communication. You can also connect with other members of the same or different departments with request authorization.


Troop Messenger works with a policy of empowering its users, so in the process, it included some unique features in the platform to boost productivity.


  • Advanced Chat Area Filters- Using advanced Chat Area Filters you will be directly mapped to the specific user's message in the group, text message, file, image, etc., without consuming your time in viewing other members' messages in the group.
  • Quick Response Panel- You can share the files that are already shared with the user or in the group such as photos, documents, and other types of files for their quick reference using this panel. You can also generate a list of prototype messages to answer quickly.
  • Unread Messages- Since you might miss or not have time to read the messages due to a hectic schedule, such communications can be viewed at your leisure under the Unread Messages tab.
  • Respond Later- You can mark messages as Respond Later if you are not at ease to respond to every message and every message is not bound to be critical enough to respond immediately. You can view them on the Respond Later page whenever you have free time and respond to it. This way, you will not miss responding to such messages. 


Collaborative Features

Here are some of the features that are designed to enhance your collaboration

Fork Out

You can use this functionality to send a message to numerous people or groups at one go.

Guest User

You can add an external member as a guest user, which the platform refers to as an Orange Member, and restrict their access accordingly.


A government messaging application should be safe and reliable to use, and the capabilities listed above are enough to interest you that Troop Messenger is more than just an alternative for Sandes.

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