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9 Essentials Tips to Choose an internal Communications App for Your Business

Farhana Syed

When it comes to internal communications, it is important to recognize how well a message is communicated rather than the message itself. The momentum in business collaborations has shifted from an enterprise social networks level to relatively instant messaging apps.


Industry standards are changing and so are the available options. Employees are like to hustle if they are able to comprehend the given requirement. Hence, to aid you in not only through which you are communicating but also how you are doing it;


I am listing down the essential tips to consider while choosing an internal communication app. That medium makes your team collaborative, productive, and proactive.


1. Understand your requirement 


 Analyze first why and what does office chat software should do to your business. Every business has different needs, one-size-doesn’t-fit all.


A well-formulated strategy could help you in choosing an effective communications app.


Does your business need a group chat or tracking platform? Do you need a preview before hitting the enter button? Do you want a one-stop solution or the best of the breed?


2. Seek what your employees want 


They are the one who has to use it in daily-live. Hence, their requirements matter.


Before you decide on the app, let your employees work on different tools which come with a basic plan.


Ask which software they are comfortable with using on an ongoing basis. An easy to use interface is like icing on the cake for the team communication app.  


 3. Open the lines of communication  


Gone are the days when “open door policy” is limited to a physical space. The application should enable anyone to contact anyone in the organization irrespective of the job profile.


This bridges the gaps and opens the lines of communication to converse with anyone freely. Whether yours is an MNC or a startup, having a collaborative application would build a strong healthy relationship among the team members.


 4. Security 


In today’s landscape, the importance of application security has evolved as a leading factor.


Despite the exponential growth of the digitization, deep down, it is essential to acknowledge what is going on. No one likes their information to be stolen and shared with the online community. 


Hence, you should look for an internal communication app where the data would be encrypted, i.e., only the sender and receiver would be able to access it. But still, we see in the news day-to-day that some applications are at the massive security breach or 15 years old has hacked the entire network, quite often. With no choice left, let the odds be in your favor that your business should run smooth and seamless.


 5. Two-way Communication


Communication is key in the workplace. Henceforth you need a tool which is free of friction.


Over and above, it is mandatory that both the parties need not to be at the same place while conversing. The process of communication would be done when the receiver is able to understand the message of a server. 


6. Off from the desk


While working offshore has become quite normal in today’s world, employees should be able to send or receive messages even when they are far from the desk.

Majority of today’s workforce have the privilege to work from anywhere and some choose to work from home by purpose and sometimes they have to attend tasks after regular hours.


Hence, they must be able to access the work-related work no matter where they are. So, a corporate messaging application would come in handy and be convenient to all. The communication software must be integrated with smartphones, desktops, laptops etcetera for a seamless workflow. 


7. Easy to implement 

There should not be a complication to set up the application every time on a different device. It would be challenging to ask the developers to help to install and implement the process. Ensure that the installation is user-friendly. Also, establish a beginners’ guide to make sure that they are capable of installing and using it from the first step.


8. Administration Amiable 

While you are looking for a corporate communication tool, it should have an administration component. To bring a steamrolled enterprise process, new hires should automatically be added to the subcategories such as human resource, sales, marketing, networking etcetera.


9. Timely Support 

Effective customer support might seem like a big thing on the surface. But there are cases when you start using an application, the application might crash often or certain functionalities would not work or at worst your business might reach a standstill. To curb the compensation, you should nod for an application which offers 24x7 support and monitoring that cures the clients’ crisis as soon as possible.


Bottom Line :

A team is not just a part of your organisation, they are a part of the industry. With this internal communication app, you can do from announcements to appreciations, group chats to media sharing and everything in between.

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