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blogs 6 Ways Office Chat Software Can Boost Team Productivity

6 Ways Office Chat Software Can Boost Team Productivity

Farhana Syed

Want to enhance your team productivity and get things done quicker than ever before?


Office chat software is the one-stop solution for you.


A productive yet banter tool to make the workplace a pleasant environment.


In today’s fast-paced world, it is no longer a brainstorming activity to schedule the meetings or conferences. Technology in the workplace is constantly changing the way how work gets done. Surpassing the email, with a few keystrokes and the team communication apps are increasing in popularity, productivity. The internet is brimming with spectacular office chat software that assists in maintaining healthy relationships at all levels of an organization.


You might have heard of the major players such as Slack, Google Hangouts, Troop Messenger, Microsoft Teams etcetera. So instead of telling you the best productivity tools you already are heard of, we are unwrapping the hidden secrets to boosting your team performance.


1. Enable Seamless Communication:



Employees can jump in and out of chat rooms for any sort of information without a hitch. Any type of media can be shared, files can be transferred, messages exchanged – all whether one is stationary or on the go. Many companies are often settling as an elephant in the room without becoming conscious of the fact that there are productive resources; thereby ending up with whopping results.


As luck would have it, the advanced technological solutions have come down for businesses ranging from MNCs to just born babies and everything in between to boost the internal communication which ultimately results in team productivity.


2. Strengthen The Connections :



Effective team interaction is the cornerstone of productivity. Whenever collaboration is necessary, office messaging makes it possible no matter where the other person is located. They come with a variety of options such as screen sharing, video chat, instant messaging, to ensure employees can collaborate as in real time without a need for a face-to-face meeting.


The bottom line is to connect with workers at all levels where each individual is authorized to share views. It has been known by research that 31 per cent of the employees wish their managers or higher authorities could have communicated with them more frequently. One-on-one messaging services open doors to transparency and promote open communications within the company which leads to eminent team productivity.


3. Come In Mobile:



Much of today’s workforce is preferring to unite themselves from the physical workplace. On top of it, there are many cases when employees choose to work from home or sometimes employees have to catch up on tasks after-hours. They must be able to access their work-related no matter where they are. Here come the integrated software solutions into the picture.


Applications that are integrated with desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets are productive and get the work done in a smooth and seamless manner. Additionally, office chat apps avoid roadblocks to communication when people are working in remote areas.


4. Cloud-Based Storage :



Cloud storage is a service where the information or data is remotely managed, maintained, and mobilized. In other words, the users store the information online which can be accessed throughout the internet world. Almost every business is migrating to the cloud services for their storage needs considering the benefits that come in.


Instead of emailing tens of files to co-workers, cloud services do the same work by just a web link. Businesses and organizations can often reduce operating costs by using cloud storage. 


5. Group Collaborations:




Businesses are moving further apart. They are spreading their wings across many geographical locations which bring complexities of communication. The modern workforce is more fragmented than ever before. Thanks to the cost-cutting opportunities such as video conferencing, group chats which unlock the greater productivity. These assist in solving the issues quickly even if the workers are scattered across the globe.


6. Integration with apps:



You can bring all your work tools in one place with third-party integrations. Workers can stick to one application instead of having several different tools. This reduces the time shuffling in between them. The upper hand of having a third -party integration is that you can save both money and time by just tapping on the existing resources.


Office chat software is just a tip of the iceberg to boost your team’s productivity. They allow you to connect with people even halfway around the globe. Many applications offer a free plan, of course, with certain limitations though. Go ahead and test whether those applications fit for your business standards, within your budget, with desired features or not. After all, who would like to compromise on the team productivity? Would you?

Below are some office chat software:


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