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22 Best free Gantt Chart Software in 2022

Md Mohsin Ansari

You are here on a page that talks about ‘Free Gantt Chart Software.’

Would it be too early to say ‘your search ends here’?

I guess not!.

Because, here, you get to review an impartial analysis of top Gantt chart software with templates and examples.

This blog post needs your undivided attention.! 5 minutes will be enough.

Let’s start with the basics.

Missing a deadline when you are on a serious project is never an option!


You need to accomplish your task with accuracy and precision, and that too within the fixed timeline. There are a lot of things running on the schedule that one needs to manage while working on a project.


Project management is not as easy as you think. You will have to keep a record of every step you take. It will be difficult to maintain such records if you don't have Gantt Chart Software. Right from the duration of the task, the name of the person who is assigned to the task, the task milestone, how much investment was involved, and how much time is scheduled for each achieving each milestone-everything must be recorded with top-notch accuracy.


For fulfilling these project management requirements, Gantt chart software always comes in handy. Unlike the traditional timeline charts and manual records, it focuses more on the interdependencies within tasks instead of emphasizing only the broad picture. 

What is a Gantt chart? 

Gantt chart is a very important tool that is used to visually schedule and monitor projects. Its main objective is to show the activities which are finished, the ones that are currently ongoing, and also those that are yet to start.


Henry Gantt was the first person to introduce the concept of a Gantt chart, and ever since it has become an integral project management tool. Gantt chart gives a visual or graphical representation of all the tasks undertaken in the project. It also gives the duration for each task and other important details with the progression of the project.


Generally, the bar of the graph changes its shading to show the progress of the project. Upon the completion of the project, the graph color turns to a different shade. Also, it can show the name of the person to whom a particular task is assigned, and the milestones that are set to achieve the final goal. You can jump through hoops building a Gantt chart in Google Sheets with severely limited customization options, pay a premium for a paid solution, or get your work done in a free Gantt chart software in just a few clicks.

Gantt Chart Glossary you need to know


  • Tasks: Tasks are different types of work assigned to individuals which should be done to reach the goal. They come with the start date, end date, duration, assigned person, and all the other details involved.
  • Milestone: It’s a task with zero duration. It can indicate an important date in the project plan, for example, the initiation or completion of an important task. You might use it to make the completion dates of specific tasks. 
  • Summary task: It is a group of tasks. They are made of sub-tasks that show combined information.
  • Task status: It shows the progress, percentage, and completion of the task.
  • Dependencies: It shows the link and connection between different errands. 
  • Assigned resources: It indicates the name of the people assigned to specific tasks


Ready-Made Gantt Chart Template to use Gantt Chart Templates can be edited in several formats such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Apple Numbers. These Gantt charts are incredibly useful in project management because they allow you to track the status of project tasks.

They also help keep track of deadlines, milestones, and hours worked. While working with clients it helps in boosting the perceived value as the clients are able to see the progress of their projects in real-time. Having a document that gets updated every time a task gets completed or makes a certain amount of progress helps in decreasing the communication needed to notify the people of the progress made thereby enhancing the employees' overall productivity.

Here is what you can do with the Gantt chart:


  • Plan & Schedule Projects
  • Plan & Schedule Tasks
  • Plan & Schedule Tasks across Multiple Projects
  • View Tasks Over Time
  • Plan in Sprints
  • Team Collaboration
  • Scheduling Teams’ Work
  • Determining Planned versus Actual Timelines on a Project
  • Increasing Perceived Value for Clients
  • Increasing Employee Productivity

: has both Free membership & Paid Plans which starts @ 8$/ month.



1. ClickUp (Gantt Chart View)



No more boring Gantt Charts! With ClickUp, every Gantt chart looks beautiful. It is easy to manage anything, whether it could be people, projects, tasks, spreadsheets, email and chat, to-do lists, documents, notes, etc. The ClickUp free Gantt chat software is the only application that provides feature customization to build awesome projects.

ClickUp is the best Gantt chart maker that has been rated 5 stars ratings by G2, Capterra, and GetApp and supports incredible integrations! You can automatically import your data from other productivity apps that you use. Unlike other online Gantt chart makers, this tool provides a wide variety of ready-to-use Gantt Chart Templates for Marketing, Development, Project Management, Design, and more. So, if you are looking for the best free Gantt chart online solution, your search may end here.

Features that make you opt for this tool:


  • Custom Statuses
  • Multiple Assignees
  • Agile Board View
  • Workload Chart
  • Time Estimates
  • Remapping Due Dates
  • Future Recurring Tasks on Calendar.


Pricing: Free Forever and Unlimited at 361.14 INR per user/per month. 

supported platforms: Access from any; Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Desktop, Alexa, and GoogleHome.


2. GanttPRO (GanttPRO Chart Software for Project Planning)



Pricing: Free 14-day trial and $15 per user per month

Supported Platform: Web-based


With this exclusive Gantt Chart software, you can easily create charts and visual graphs through existing templates of project planning. These charts can be shared with team members for better collaboration and project management.


It may not be a free Gantt chart maker but it has an extensive community of users who create and share editable templates for different projects.


Here are some of the features of Gantt Pro:


  • Unlimited number of projects and premium support 
  • Multiple Gantt chart baseline and task filter
  • Can allow one active project per member
  • Customizable export to PNG, PDF, and XL format 
  • Project estimation cost and working hours
  • Onboarding and team progress tracking
  • Resource management
  • All the other basic Gantt chart features


It is the best Gantt chart online solution for people working individually. It’s also a good choice if you want to work with your group since it supports features like team training sessions, real-time notifications, and project role settings for members.


3. ProProfs Project (Online Simple Project Management Software)



ProProfs Project is an online project management tool that solves your need to plan, schedule, and deliver projects on time. With the Gantt Charts feature, you can visualize milestones, track work progress, and view project status on a single dashboard.


Gantt charts keep you updated on what’s going on in your projects, enable better time management, prevent resource overload, and help you meet deadlines like a pro.


Here is how you can achieve all this with ProProfs Gantt charts:


  • Assign tasks to the relevant team members.
  • Use drag and drop for proper task planning.
  • Set due dates for each project and task.
  • Track time spent by team members on each task.
  • Set reminders and notifications for project completion.
  • Share files, and links, and give feedback using task comments.
  • Receive detailed reports to monitor team performance.
  • Assign roles & permissions for access control on Gantt charts.
  • Calculate billable hours and generate shareable invoices


ProProfs is a popular choice of Gantt Chart tool amongst creative teams, IT project managers, and digital marketing teams who seek immense clarity in project scheduling and planning. If you are looking for a free Gantt chart maker, I would suggest you look for other tools, since it provides a free plan for 15 days only as a trial period only.


Pricing: Free 15-day trial. Afterward, $2 per user per month for the Essentials plan and $4 per user per month for the Premium plan.

Platform Supported: Mobile, Web, Desktop.


4. ProofHub: (Project Management Software)



ProofHub is a project management solution and collaboration software that makes work easier for teams. It facilitates planning, helps in tracking progress, and allows real-time collaboration and communication so that efficiency increases and deadlines are met on time. 

ProofHub is a project management software that has an exhaustive list of features and the Gantt chart is one of them. The Gantt chart in ProofHub gives you a timeline view of all your projects in one window. It helps in planning your projects and tracking the progress of tasks at any given time.

Here is what you can do with ProofHub Gantt charts:


  • Add tasks and task lists to the Gantt chart.
  • Clearly distribute roles and duties by assigning tasks to team members.
  • Set dependencies between tasks and adjust schedules as work changes or deadlines shift.
  • Highlight the critical path to see which tasks directly affect the start and end date of the project.
  • Adjust the start and end dates of tasks with a single drag and drop.
  • Associate milestones with tasks.


Pricing: ProofHub is priced at $99/month (limited-time offer). It offers a free trial with complete access to all its features.

Platforms supported: Web-based, Google Play Store & App Store


5. Wrike (Online Gantt charts for scheduling)