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team collaboration
01 Dec 2021
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Doesn't the quote "Teamwork makes the Dream Work" sound euphoric? Let's break down the terms and talk about both 'Teamwork’ and ‘Dream Work' individually for a while.   Teamwork 'Teamwork', when you repeat this word to your team, pay attention to the expressions that come out instinctively as a reaction; those faces reveal all about your beliefs. Ignoring those expressions, continuing to give a briefing on great teamwork will appear to be the same as a politician making promises to address public grievances, where both the politician and the public are well aware that they will not be fulfilled, and it is simply for the sake of filling the words the politician is uttering bluntly in the disguise of a leader. I'm sure you're aware that your teams are your internal customers. So, ask yourself what strategies you're doing to please your internal consumers and get them to participate in their jobs and responsibilities. If you believe you are paying the salary, it is enough, and why you should facilitate them more in the name of motivation, then let me tell you, for your information, there is a difference between freelancers and teams. For example, if you are a customer, you will almost certainly choose a company's product that provides more advantages or services; similarly, why should your internal customers do the same by choosing another company on your company, which motivates the team? You are not doing them any favors; most companies have established strategies for motivating their employees, and you should as well. Team collaboration doesn't happen all by itself, all the different minds have to be assembled by you to drive towards the common goal. The following are the few strategies, that are both practical and effective, that can make your dream work.   Be the Leader, Not a Dictator One thing to keep in mind, although the role of manager or team leader may appear to be one of power, it is also one of responsibility, as you must manage or balance both your company and team expectations.                                                           You are the mediator between company and team, so don't give them orders and put them in a do-or-die situation, it will stress them out and make them wonder why they chose this company in the first place, let me remind you a quote, ‘people don’t quit a job, they quit the boss’. So, check how flexible your team is, consider their concerns, and try to make an acknowledged decision, it will make them feel like they have a great leader. Never act like a dictator or a boss, instead, be a leader who stands and be with the team. Your team should aim to become a manager like you.   Control the Attrition Rate If your team begins to leave your company, you will be given the additional task of hiring a new team on a cyclical basis. You will train the new team, and then they will leave the company to work for another company, where they will spend the majority of their first few months getting trained, especially freshers. They will gain the expertise in your company and gain the profit in another company by becoming their asset. The benefit of continuing to manage the company with the same team is;   You won't have to spend money or time on recruiting new employees. Your training team will be able to focus on more important activities such as grooming your employees. Your current employees will be loyal to the company. In comparison to a fresh team, an experienced team will take less time to complete a project or job and is more likely to succeed. The existing team will get stronger day by day, and reinstate the new version of effective teamwork daily, boosting the possibilities of your dream work.   Find the root cause, what is that making your team leave your company, and try to correct it. If you make them a counteroffer just for the sake of stopping them to join another company, they may hold themselves for a while but considering the Harvard Business Review, they will leave the company very soon.   Suppress your Favoritism You may have a good reason to pick favorites based on their work, timeliness, or demeanor, but avoiding showing favoritism in front of your team will encourage outstanding teamwork. Yes, no one wants to work for a boss who doesn't praise or recognize others' contributions because he or she is preoccupied with favoring their favorites. Your favorites are likely to take advantage of your cooperation and expect you to defend their actions, such as taking an unauthorized or unofficial position of influence over others while you are away. It may look to you as a responsibility, but it will undoubtedly appear to your colleagues as pretentious acts, which will disrupt everyone's peace of mind. This action will have a significant impact on your dream work. Treat everyone the same, regardless of their ability, position, or experience. Your job demands you to be a righteous manager, and as a result, every team member will feel comfortable approaching you with any topic.   Interpersonal Communication Any industry's success is dependent on effective communication. You should be able to convey the company's work standards, vision, deadline, and other pertinent information to your team so that everyone is working toward the same objectives. You can discuss some communication quotes with your team in daily breifing, it will determine the importance of communciation. In some circumstances, your team members may require your level of expertise, but if they continue to work on vague suggestions of your subordinates while being unwilling to contact you, the overall result will suffer. As a result, be friendly with your team so that they can call you if they have any questions.   Business Meetings Business Meetings in the workplace are supposed to be informative, but not tedious. So, during breaks, try to incorporate some fun activities or demonstrate your sense of humor; otherwise, your participants will stop paying attention and they will start acting, in the worst-case situation, they may fall asleep. If you don't use competent team communication tools like Troop Messenger, you'll end up repeating your statements or spending half of the meeting checking whether the message was understood.   Appreciate in public, criticize in person Finding opportunities to appreciate your team members, or making a habit of recognizing one team member each day for their previous day's work among the team, will increase team productivity and confidence. If you need to correct or criticize someone, invite them to your cabin or meet with them in person to discuss the incident, but also provide them a solution on how they may avoid it in the future. If it's not a matter of integrity or legitimacy, don't take drastic measures, instead, allow them to take considerable time to change. Remember, "Rome was not built in a day", and anyone's transformation will take time. I'm sure you didn't come in as an expert on your first day of work, your seniors and managers shaped you to be the best.   Assign responsibilities Everyone is not equal, and everyone will not possess the same quality, so assign the additional or essential responsibilities, as per their expertise. It will give them a sense of motivation and validation of their capabilities, in addition, it makes them feel more accountable.   Be a Friendly Manager Effective team management is an elusive process, so you can’t afford to slip away from being righteous. Talk to your team, take their opinion for every random month. Some of the best ways to approach them are, asking them to use their leaves to get relax, moreover, suggesting some ideal places is not at all a bad idea, or you can ask them why they are not utilizing their leaves. Unless and until it is legitimate, it is completely alright to help them in benefit of their personal life. Be their role model, they should get undertrained from you, and be the best as you are.   Encourage the ideas When you conduct a meeting or one on one session with your team, try to encourage them in giving their perspective. Sometimes, their ideas may create wonders in the process of handling a team, or product. If you are rejecting the idea, do it respectfully, and let them know your reason why their idea is not applicable. In a project, allowing your team members to bring new perspectives, and ideas will aid them to solve problems more quickly, which not only increases team productivity at the workplace, in addition, it also enhances their technological expertise.   Feedbacks Giving team members feedback is one of the most successful strategies, that not only assists them in improving their abilities but also aids in increasing team productivity. As aforesaid implied, there is no such thing as a perfect team, you must create one. Giving well-crafted criticism to team members who don't do as well as their peers would inspire them to improve their skills and be kind in assisting them when needed. Use all your experience to talk with them, on how to deal with such situations, this gesture will not only encourage them, but it will also show how empathic you are with your team.   Training Hold the training sessions for every random period, it will make them more strong, and whoever requires training will get trained and become a valuable asset to the team and the company. With the help of training, they can learn the new market trends and can get hands-on experience on new tools. Training makes your team adaptable to change flexibly and mold it to their advantage.   Plan Social Outings Take it or leave it, this factor is crucial in enticing your team and increasing their belief in their ability to perform better. I understand that you will need to set aside a budget for it, but why do you think large or corporate firms organize social outings for their employees? It's an applied and proven strategy for encouraging your employees. Plan a social outing at least once a year, or if your project succeeds or you have an achievement to celebrate. It's all about making your dream work.   Dream Work When you have a dream, you must evaluate what it will take to achieve it, gather all of the criteria, and employ a skilled team. If you hire two mediocre members to fill a senior member job, you will certainly, get to see mediocre results. And, in the process, neglecting your team's motivation results in the ignorance of your dream work. It is your dream work, and your vision, the conviction, and the efforts you show towards it, certainly, you can’t expect the same from your family members, so how can you make your team as determined as you are. All you can do is be with your team at every step, encourage them with every achievement, never leave a stone unturned in boosting the spirit of teamwork. Your team can be as good as you vice versa you as a manager to outshine as good as your team.   TEAM - Together Everyone can Achieve More.   You may be astonished to learn, why teamwork contains so much content and dreamwork has so little; yet, if your team and planning are perfect, you are only a few miles away from success; in other words, 'your teamwork makes the dream work’.
Doesn't the quote "Teamwork makes the Dream Work" sound euphoric? Let's break down the terms and tal...
black friday deals
24 Nov 2021
Amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS Deals
I recall seeing on the news people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries rushing into supermarkets and grabbing electronic products and other items; for a brief moment, I mistook them for vandals robbing the market, but later I was shocked to learn on the news that it was Black Friday, and the announced discounts had caused people to rush for the deals. What is Black Friday? In the United States, the Friday following Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. Many retailers such as jewelers, electronics, etc. advertise heavily discounted prices and open as early as midnight or even on Thanksgiving Day. The story begins in 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to shake things up a little in the cause of capitalism. Since Abraham Lincoln's time, Thanksgiving has been observed on the last Thursday of the month. However, according to the media, the calendar in 1939 was exceptional, as the November month began on a Wednesday, resulting in five Thursdays rather than four. President Roosevelt made an amendment of relocating the national holiday to the second-to-last Thursday of the month to restore some order, to which people expressed their unhappiness. Rather than emphasizing the negative aspects of his decision, Roosevelt attempted to justify it by citing a pro-shopping argument, businesses would have a holiday closer to Christmas, allowing for extra shopping time. In some ways, this was the forerunner to the consumer mania known as Black Friday, which began about 80 years ago. It is said that the phrase ‘Black Friday’ first appeared in 1961 in Philadelphia when it was coined by police to characterize the increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic that would occur the day after Thanksgiving. What is Cyber Monday? The Monday following Thanksgiving is known as Cyber Monday. It is a made-up marketing term for e-commerce transactions in the United States on this auspicious day following Thanksgiving. Retailers developed this marketing strategy to entice people to shop online. The word was coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman and first appeared in a press release on November 28, 2005, titled ‘Cyber Monday'. In a short time, it quickly became one of the year's biggest online shopping days. How Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) can be helpful for SaaS Companies? You may be surprised to see this question and start thinking about how the surge of sales confined to retailers and online can divert SaaS companies, but to answer your query, yes even SaaS companies did earn from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Sales Opportunities Following the line causes ants to emit scented molecules called pheromones, which they use to communicate with one another, and the trail becomes noticeable as more ants follow it. Similarly, SaaS companies issued discounts under the names of Black Friday SaaS deals and Cyber Monday SaaS deals, based on the trend and sales peak of retailers and e-commerce sites. Regardless of whichever SaaS company advertised the deals and maintained them during the weekend, sales increased far more than on any other day. Serendipity Publicity Given the in-built reputation of these days, any company who would market their products, services, etc. would get to see high redemption. These are the days that can turn your every marketing campaign or SaaS deal into a successful strategy. All you have to do is advertise the appropriate offer with the appropriate messaging. Strengthen your Customer Base One universal strategy that is not an exception and can induce any customer irrespective of geographical location is the word ‘discount’ and when it is given heavily who doesn’t get lured into it. BFCM is an opportunity to increase sales in a short amount of time while also extending your customer base over time. It takes place not just in the United States and the United Kingdom, but also in most major marketplaces across the world. Predictions on Black Friday 2021 The day following Thanksgiving, Black Friday remains the busiest single shopping day of the year. Unfortunately, COVID-19, potentially in combination with other reasons, led to $9 billion in online spending on Black Friday and $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday in 2020. The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicted that during the holiday season of 2021, internet spending would be between $218.3 billion and $226.2 billion. This amounts to up to 27% of the $843.4 billion projected to be spent by shoppers in November and December. Best Black Friday SaaS Deals 2021 nTask nTask is a cloud-based task management solution that caters to small businesses and individuals. It provides users with tools that enable collaboration with team members, task management, meeting scheduling, and more.   Black Friday offer: Buy any Business or Premium Annual Plan at $29/user flat Promo Code: BIG29SALE Deal Validity: 26th Nov - 29th Nov 2021 Get the deal SendX SendX is an Intuitive and Affordable Email Marketing Software for marketers & business owners. SendX prides itself on enabling marketers with one of the simplest UIs in the industry. SendX provides unlimited email sends with every plan, powerful automation capabilities, 24x7 live support, best of breed email deliverability. 3000+ companies worldwide trust SendX for their Email Marketing. **Start with 14 days free trial (no credit card required) **Pricing starts at $7.49/month.    BFCM deal: 40% Off On All Annual Plans of SendX   Deal Validity: 26th Nov - 29th Nov 2021   Get the deal VYPER VYPER lets you create giveaways, contests, referrals, and loyalty programs that will encourage people to engage with your brand. You can create stunning campaigns and landing pages that use gamification to generate leads and customers.    Get 50% Off VYPER this Black Friday   Unlock the Viral Brand Building Course:   Deal Validity: 26th Nov - 29th Nov 2021   Get the deal HYPAGE Hypage is a link-sharing tool that allows you to build multiple links from the single "link in bio" on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Brands use Hypage to easily direct Instagram/TikTok users to crucial links like product and landing pages. You can also use Hypage to sell digital products, accept donations, and build a membership platform for your brand.   Get 50% Off this Black Friday   Unlock the Viral Brand Building Course:   Deal Validity: 26th Nov - 29th Nov 2021   Get the deal  Troop Messenger Troop Messenger is a competent office chat and collaboration app that has risen to the popular apps league within a short time because of its exceptional services. With its, every random release Troop Messenger successfully delighted its users with the introduction of unique features that can match future requirements adhering to market trends. It is a very budget-friendly tool, which is easy to use.   BFCM Deal: New Customers can avail of 50% off on the Enterprise plan   Deal Validity: 26th Nov - 25th Dec 2021   Get the deal  Final Word No business can afford to miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you shouldn't either. Even if you are leading a startup market, or campaign about your company, it will receive a lot of attention. There were a few instances where organizations that were experiencing a significant drop in sales experienced exceptional rises, in terms of SaaS sales productivity simply over the weekend.   So, don't disregard this, create your strategy, publish it, and watch the magic numbers rise on your sales graph.  
I recall seeing on the news people in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries rus...
splashtop vs teamviewer vs logmein
09 Nov 2021
Splashtop Vs TeamViewer Vs LogMeIn: Compare The Best Remote Management Tools
Remote desktop software enables teams to stay connected and productive while working remotely more effectively through the screen sharing technology. From the pandemic's start through early April, the small desktop software category on TrustRadius showed a 281% spike in traffic. Remote desktop capabilities and free programs like teamviewer are becoming increasingly important, according to software purchasing data from April 2020. Similar growth has been seen in other connective technologies such as online conferencing software and learning management systems (LMS). Over half of firms anticipate increasing their spending on remote desktop software, according to a survey of over 2,000 members of the TrustRadius community.   The average weekly traffic for the remote desktop category was 2,749 pageviews between April 2019 and February 2020. During March and April 2020, this grew by about 16 times. With 46,363 page views each week, this amounted to a 1,587 percent increase in average traffic per week. What Is Remote Desktop Software? A user can connect to and interact with a computer in another place via an internal network or the Internet using remote desktop software. The remote desktop software allows users to see and manage a connected computer or laptop as if they were in front of it. Collaboration, technical assistance, and demonstrations all benefit from remote desktop software. How Does Remote Desktop Work?   Remote desktop software works by connecting a local and remote computer over the internet or a network. The installation process varies depending on the software you're using, but here's how it usually goes. The app must be installed on the distant computer to which you want to connect. You'll be given an access ID or key that you can share with others to allow them to use your computer. You can also add another computer to your account by logging in on the remote or host computer. The remote computer will authenticate the local user when the local computer user seeks access to the host. Once validated, the local user has full access to the remote computer's desktop and specific folders and apps.   Uses of Remote Desktop Software There are a variety of uses for remote desktop access, depending on the software. This software can be used in a variety of ways, as seen below. Managed Service Providers The remote management protocol (RMP) enables managed service providers (MSPs) to provide immediate and practical solutions to their clients' problems worldwide. It helps them save time and money which would have been spent on logistics. IT Professionals IT support organizations and tech personnel can benefit from the remote desktop for a more convenient work environment. Remote desktop enables them to resolve issues without being there physically. This saves money and time while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the work.  Customer Support Instead of simply talking on the phone with their customers, customer service representatives can use a remote desktop protocol to provide real-time solutions as if they were standing right in front of their computers. This can help clients and customer service providers avoid misunderstandings and disagreements. Personal Use Users with multiple devices can use the remote desktop protocol to connect them remotely. They can also manage and support the instruments of their loved ones if they have any troubleshooting issues with their own. Benefits of Remote Desktop Software Flexibility You are no longer confined to your office desk to get a project done. You can use remote management software to complete tasks while working from your home. This helps take care of your work responsibilities and obligations outside of the office. Speed If you're an IT support professional who needs to respond to a computer problem for a five miles away client, you might want to consider using a remote desktop. With this screen sharing software technology, you can quickly resolve their issues from your site rather than driving an hour or more to your client's location.   People who prefer to work from parks or libraries can use the remote desktop protocol to get tasks done. Wherever they are, they can still beat deadlines and meet business requirements as long as they have an internet connection and efficient remote desktop connection manager. Savings The advantage of a remote desktop is that it enables a more robust BYOD (Bring Your Device) environment. Employees can bring their laptops to work instead of investing in office essentials like chairs, tables, and computers, allowing your company to save money and avoid unnecessary spending.   Imagine working in your favorite pajamas while sitting next to your cat or working on a client's problem in the privacy of your room. The remote desktop protocol reduces attrition and increases productivity. The Best Remote Management Tools You consider several things when looking for an affordable platform that can rapidly and safely send sensitive data online, from a small business wishing its staff to work remotely without taking their laptops home to an enterprise having to offer technical help to its clients.   We compared splashtop vs team viewer vs logmein remote desktop software for pricing, security, functionality, and reputation, among other factors. LogMeIn LogMeIn is one popular remote desktop software alternative to teamviewer. Its capabilities are intended for large businesses, and it is owned by the same company that owns other team collaboration products like GoToMeeting. You also get some unique benefits, such as 1 TB of cloud storage and a subscription to LastPass Premium (a password management service) included in every plan. You may use LogMeIn's app or use any web browser to access the majority of its features. Unfortunately, LogMeIn's free version is no longer available. Login Features   Remote printing enables you to print documents from your local host computer to a computer that is accessed remotely. File manager — files can be transferred back and forth between the host and remote systems. The sounds from the host computer can be heard on the remote computer via slight sound. Users can share their computer with a guest user via desktop sharing (sometimes easier than screen sharing) File sharing - allows you to exchange files that are too large to send by email with other people. Local drives can also be mapped to the remote workstation via drive mapping. LastPass access - includes a password manager, which is helpful if you need to remember many remote login credentials. LogMeIn Files - offers cloud storage space for accessing files from numerous remote PCs.   Pros    It's simple to set up and utilize. Allow limitless users to access the machine and files. File transfer using drag-and-drop (only available on Windows) Screen sharing and multi-monitor displays. mac, Android, Windows, and iOS are all supported. 256-bit AES encryption, double passwords, and end-to-end authentication provide a high level of security. Every plan includes 1 TB of cloud storage. Phone and ticket help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   Cons    On the expensive side Various features are missing from the Mac version that is not available in the free version.   TeamViewer  TeamViewer is a sophisticated free version for non-commercial usage that is excellent for business, enterprise-level users, IT organizations and with among the best collaboration tools. With some of the most significant security we've seen in a remote access tool, this feature-rich software supports numerous platforms and devices. You have 24/7 access to remote PCs and servers and the ability to administer innumerable systems simultaneously. It also comes with easy file sharing, a VPN alternative, and up to 25-person online meetings. TeamViewer Features   Easy deployment - for TeamViewer Remote Desktop setup, either construct your deployment streamer or utilize the standard deployment streamer. Remote PC wake - enables a hidden user to wake a sleeping node, but it must first be turned on. File transfer has the same feature as LogMeIn's file transfer. Secures remote access payload data while it travels across the internet. Local drives can also be mapped to the remote workstation via drive mapping. LastPass access - includes a password manager, which is helpful if you need to remember many remote login credentials. LogMeIn Files - offers cloud storage space for accessing files from numerous remote PCs.   Pros    The version that is available for free (strictly for personal use). The interface is slick and straightforward to use. Overall, the connection speeds are fast. Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS are all supported. All of the features of Windows and Mac OS X are both supported. Two-factor authentication and 256-bit AES encryption provide strong security.   Cons    For paid plans, it is more expensive than others. Large file transfers can take a long time. Some users claim that they were denied access to the free version even though they were only using it for personal purposes. On weekends, phone tech help is unavailable.   Splashtop SplashTop is a team viewer equivalent with an effective team management solution for people and small organizations (albeit it does not have a free version). SplashTop, unlike RemotePC, requires you to upgrade to a higher plan to use certain of its features, such as chat and session recording.   However, for $99 per user per year, you can have multi-screen displays, remote wake, and a slew of other extras that RemotePC lacks. Splashtop's Solo plan offers you access to two computers, which is a massive bonus for solo users. You can only utilize one PC with most other one-user programs. SplashTop also has a business plan and a separate remote access product for IT and support personnel. Splashtop Features   High-performance engine — delivers high-quality graphics, sound, and a fast remote connection using a high-performance engine. Access from any device - even though it isn't explicitly mentioned in LogMeIn's features, you may access remote devices from practically any device, including mobile iOS and Android smartphones. Easy deployment - for Splashtop Remote Desktop setup, either construct your deployment streamer or utilize the standard deployment streamer. Remote PC wake - enables a hidden user to wake a sleeping node, but it must first be turned on. File transfer Has the same feature as LogMeIn's file transfer. Secures remote access payload data while it travels across the internet. LogMeIn's remote print feature is the same as this. Users can invite others to watch a remote session using group view. Chat - a chat software allows you to communicate with people who are far away. User administration — the ability to assign roles and permissions to users.   Pros   Plans that are within your budget. The interface is minimalistic and straightforward. Quick connection speeds. File transfers with drag-and-drop. Multi-monitor displays in their entirety (with the higher plan) Supports TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication, two-step verification, and several 2nd-level password options for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome.   Cons   Installation is more involved than with comparable software (especially for Macs) To gain many features, you'll need to upgrade to a higher plan. Only with a higher plan can you get priority tech support (phone support hours are unlisted on the website)   Splashtop vs TeamViewer vs LogMeIn: Which Is the Best Among Them? I am afraid I don't have the correct answer regarding which screen sharing software is better than the other. The three remote management tools’s are among the best in the industry, and I will leave it to you to test and decide which is best for your team or company. If pricing means a lot to you, go for the least pricey; if interface matters most, go for the best. If customer support means the most to you, go for it. Conclusion Investing in remote management tools leads to a more productive and efficient work culture on a planet where modern business dynamics demand swift and immediate solutions. You can also maximize your work efficiency by understanding what remote management software is capable of. Remote save you money in the long run and also lowers your employee rate of attrition. The best time to include remote desktop technology into your work function is now! It will be of great help to you and your company.
Remote desktop software enables teams to stay connected and productive while working remotely more e...
business meetings
03 Nov 2021
7 Best Tools to Create Effective Business Meetings in 2022
The influenza pandemic resulted in significant financial losses for both humans and businesses. All of their business meetings, which had increased their confidence and vision, had been for naught. The echoing pandemic period effectively illustrated how negligence can damage the normal human cycle as a result. Many companies were required to switch from their traditional office culture to a remote culture as a result of the pandemic. Many employees were eager to work from home, but the majority of them were unable to meet the remote working standards, thus impacting their performance. Companies attempted to assist their employees by providing regular assistance to boost the productivity, but in the process, they discovered how insignificant they were while selecting a tool that could not assist them in such unusual circumstances. Here are some examples   A group call couldn't fulfill the review meeting requirements for analyzing the work at the end of the day, so they had to switch between teleconferencing tools and an office chat app to get the data. Client meetings were solely reliant on a free package of video conferencing softwares, which limited the length of the sessions while also presenting security issues, given the intruders' activities in ongoing meetings.   There are numerous other examples of companies having to adjust with their tools. As a solution, we have listed a few tools to assist you in selecting the appropriate tool, if you're seeking the ideal tool for conducting your business meetings effectively. Troop Messenger   Troop Messenger is known as the best instant messaging software that rose to heights within a short period. Due to the policy of empowering the users, with every random release, it outshines its previous version by introducing new features in the platform. The team conducts a market survey and research on market trends regularly to make or introduce features that ease the users' work. This collaboration tool has many features which make it more relevant across all the domains. Troop Messenger’s clients and users acknowledged it on various sites in the form of reviews on how potentially it helped them in surviving the remote work minimizing all the repercussions.With the integral module named Cattle Call, which is developed by Troop Messenger, clients, users, etc., were in a position to conduct business meetings, video conferences, webinars, and so on, as per their requirements. You can send meeting or event links to public domain email ids like Gmail, Yahoo, etc., to invite external stakeholders or members such as customers, clients, or non-employees, and so on. Cattle Call may have been one of the modules yet the advantages users avail from it are unique compared to other video conference softwares.   Features Remote screen sharing & controlling Jointly Code - It enables multiple programmers to work on the code simultaneously Exit self - You can self exit without terminating the conference Inviting Guest Users  High-Quality video meetings Host privileges File Management Contacts Management Cloud Storage Schedule Meeting HD Audio/Video Calls Secured & Reliable tool Pricing Free Plan - $ 0 Premium - $ 2.5 per user Enterprise - $ 5 per user Zoom   Zoom is a frequently used video teleconferencing software with which you can create a meeting room, hosting up to 100 participants as per its free plan yet with a session time limit. Developed for companies to hold meetings such as webinars, training seminars, and other events. Users can share messages and documents during Zoom meetings using Zoom's chat function. However, there were instances in the past especially in pandemic times, where a few uninvited guests joined in the meeting and created chaos.   Features Global Call Routing Unlimited Cloud Storage Company Branding Chat Calendar Scheduling Quality Dashboard Advanced Analytics Meeting Management Pricing Basic - Free Pro - $ 14.99/ license Business - $ 19.99/ license Enterprise - $ 19.99/ license Skype   Skype is another widely utilized software for conducting all types of meetings in a company, and with a large number of users signing up to use it as a Zoom alternative. Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis launched Skype in 2003 as a software program for conducting voice calls over the Internet. Only users with a computer and an Internet connection could use the previous Skype application. Skype's free version is ideal for small groups with less than 25 people. If you need an easy way to video chat from your computer system, mobile, or tablet and conduct one-on-one talks, smaller groups, or work meetings this is a good application to use. Although the Skype app has no long-distance charges, it is subjected to audio and visual display issues, buffering delays, and call dropouts.   Features Call Recording Live Subtitles Private Conversations Smart Messaging Audio and HD Video Calling SMS from Skype Pricing North America - $ 8.39 World - $16.79 Google Hangouts   Google Hangouts is a free platform that allows you to make phone conversations, send instant messages, and hold video conferences. Before the launch of Google Hangouts, the company had several similar, but technologically distinct chat services and platforms spread across its product line. The enterprise-oriented Google+ Messenger, Google Talk (based on XMPP), and the Google+ Hangouts feature, which included chat, phone, and video conferencing functions, were among them. Meetings via Google Hangouts are secure since video and audio streams are fully encrypted, broadcast quickly, and can be shared with up to one lakh people. The meetings are simple to record and may also be watched later. It's also possible to share your screen across numerous devices. A guest member who is not from the organization can also be invited to attend your team meeting. Furthermore, Google Hangouts is extremely mobile-friendly, allowing you to start a conference while on the go!   Features HD Group Conferencing HD Video Calls Audio Calls Integration with other Google Applications Intelligent Muting Built-In Screen Sharing Custom Control for Admins Hangout on Air Auto Screen Focus Pricing Google Meet - Free Google Workspace Essentials - $ 8 per user Google Workspace Enterprise -  Contact Sales Cisco WebEx   Webex by Cisco is a web conferencing and video conferencing software company based in the United States. It was developed in 1995 as WebEx and acquired by Cisco Systems in 2007. Milpitas, California is where the company's headquarters are located. Webex Teams, Webex WebOffice, Webex Meetings, Webex AIM Pro Business Edition, Webex Connect, Training Center, Sales Center, Event Center, Support Center, MeetMeNow, and PCNow are among the company's software offerings. Cisco Systems' collaboration portfolio includes all Webex solutions. You'll have access to a wide variety of features with this live video conferencing software, including scheduling, audio through call-in or VOIP, screen sharing, cloud recording, personal video meeting rooms, Q & A, Polling, and more.   Features Mobile Screen Sharing Interactive Whiteboarding Breakout Sessions Virtual Backgrounds End-to-End Encryption Toll-Free dial-in Toll dial-in Pricing Basic - Free Starter - $ 13.50 per host Business - $ 26.95 per host Enterprise plan - Contact Sales Lucid Meetings   Lucid Meetings is a meeting management software that can help the teams within the company to create the events, invite the members, and conduct the meeting with ease. It is one of the widely used tools in conducting business meetings. LucidMeetings comprises meeting agenda features that aids in meeting preparation, document sharing, and conveying the purpose of the meeting. Minutes of meetings can be archived and be accessible to export in multiple formats, moreover, the overlapping conversations shall be prevented with the help of speaker queues. Small to large companies can use this collaboration tool to their advantage. With its user-friendly UI, the team will be guided to manage the projects effectively.   Features Scheduling & Invitations Online Agendas Integrated Conferencing Group Note Taking Shared Records Instant follow-up Pricing Teams - $ 12.50/ per host Business - $ 249/ Month Enterprise -  Contact Sales GoToMeeting   LogMeIn invented and markets GoToMeeting, a web-based meeting service. It's an online meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software suite that lets you meet with other computer users, consumers, clients, or coworkers in real-time over the Internet. GoToMeeting includes features such as team messaging, customizable team settings, video dialogue transcriptions, and. Businesses may hold meetings with up to 100 individuals using, including participating and holding meetings using a smartphone. For different conferencing contexts, GoToMeeting offers two more options such as GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. To name a few features, all three packages include desktop and application sharing, one-click meetings, one-click recording, a dial-in option, and a personal meeting room that can assist you in running effective meetings.   Features Business Messaging Personal Online Meeting Room Screen Sharing Meeting Drawing Tools Commuter Mode for Mobile Meetings Custom Backgrounds Presenter Control Meeting Transcriptions Cloud Recording Pricing Professional - $ 12/ Per month Business - $ 16/ Per month Enterprise - Contact Sales Conclusion According to a survey conducted by a popular magazine, video conferencing will be more effective than a group call or an audio call. In this ongoing pandemic, the majority of clients have chosen to connect via virtual meetings, and more than half of the world shares the same opinion since it saves them money, time, and effort. I hope the aforementioned tools will assist you in making an informed decision. Before choosing a tool, consider a versatile tool that can hold your business meetings, serve as an instant messaging software for your team, and so on, because it will not only help you in terms of effective team management, your team from switching multiple UIs but also help you in saving your budget.
The influenza pandemic resulted in significant financial losses for both humans and businesses. All ...
teamviewer free
27 Oct 2021
Is TeamViewer Free? Expectation vs. Reality
During covid 19 things have changed a lot for enterprises and companies. Work from home encouraged virtual meetups and conferences for work. Many applications came into the picture for fulfilling the need for virtual meets. TeamViewer is the same application used for remote desktop sharing and team meetups. Many people still wonder, is TeamViewer free or not?    The majority of people are using the accessible version of TeamViewer and utilizing the facilities for day-to-day operations. But due to limitations in the free version of TeamViewer, people are looking for the best alternatives to TeamViewer.   Companies are seeking information about TeamViewer pricing as they need corporate software licenses to manage their work online.   Troop is a real-time messenger application that helps all-sized enterprises to manage team collaboration and communication. It is a secure messaging work space that supports cross-platform accessibility. It is one of the widely used tool for virtual office meetings and conferences, during the times of Corona Pandemic. What is TeamViewer? TeamViewer is the remote desktop connectivity application. With TeamViewer, multiple workstations can be connected at the same time.   You can get access to any remote desktop in no time. TeamViewer works as a solution for remote control, sharing the desktop, and transferring the files.  Applications run behind the firewall and NAT proxy; you can run the application on many devices without installation.   Get the remote connection of any machine or multiple workstations which are not even located in the exact locations. To use the TeamViewer on your desktop, you need to add the partner's ID & password.   The moment you enter the information, devices are ready to connect, and you can work immediately. You go for free TeamViewer as a screen share app, but you will face many limitations as it provides in TeamViewer's latest version with a paid subscription.   Download the TeamViewer for pc if you want to use it on your laptop or desktop. Check for the windows compatibility and select the version accordingly. Why TeamViewer? Expectations Vs. Reality TeamViewer was initially designed to help the IT departments where they needed to access the remote desktop was widespread. But later in the years, it became popular among common people for sharing common thoughts and files.   The best part of TeamViewer is it's free for non-commercial usage and compatible with all the desktop versions. This application can be used on Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. Why use TeamViewer online? With TeamViewer, other than computers, you can take hold of IoT devices or commercial servers in no time. TeamViewer has global remote access, which makes the network security for your communication and data sharing.   Here are some reasons TeamViewer is easy to use: Instant Remote Support TeamViewer can deliver instant remote support to the desired computer. The expert can quickly reach out to the device in case of any tech issue or technical glitch. If any PC gets crashed or there is any system failure, the IT expert can reach the device and retrieve the PC.   Onsite support is expensive and takes a lot of time to complete the task, but this task is effortless with TeamViewer. One can download the TeamViewer for free. Free Download of TeamViewer is entirely hassle-free for the user. Accessibility While sharing the device, the major concern is safety; the TeamViewer makes sure the device safety and has secure accessibility. This application works on any location or device.    Even if you are traveling, you can access any files or tools on your remote desktop. Even VPN is not required to access the servers. Being into Corona zone and work from home situation, TeamViewer has supported many people to work smoothly. Mobile Device Support TeamViewer is designed to support all kinds of mobile and commercial-grade devices like IoT machines or servers. The best thing is you can access the device even if it is unattended.   TeamViewer needs to set up permanent remote access on the device, and you are ready to go. TeamViewer can be used on POS machines, digital signage software, digital kiosks, or Signage. Features to look at in the Free version of TeamViewer Although TeamViewer has many features enabled in the free version, in recent years, they have disabled the many features to emphasize paid licensee of the software.   Here are those features which are already disabled in the TeamViewer:   Compatibility with all the versions of the TeamViewer For remote working, use of the black screen to give more privacy and security Dedicated customer support Security updates and automatic features   These features created insecurity for the free users and prompted the security vulnerability. This also raises a question - does TeamViewer safe for personal communication or desktop sharing?   Features like the black screen were a must to secure your information while sharing the desktop remotely. The free version of TeamViewer has become less secure and vulnerable to security threats.   The worst part is no customer support, if in case you are trapped in any problem you can't contact anyone.  Advantages of TeamViewer There are many benefits of TeamViewer; this software allows you to share files between different computers. Do a video chat or call for professional communication 24/7. TeamViewer is available for Windows10/8/7 and vista. You can also use it on MacBook, iPad, or any Linux operating system.   Team Viewer is compatible with Android and blackberry, and any mobile device. With TeamViewer, while sitting at home, you can help your mate in the office. If you work in tech support, then this is your integral part.   TeamViewer supports remote printing, supporting the WOL (Wake on LAN); port forwarding configurations are not mandatory. Get the spontaneous support; it works with multiple monitors and can be used as a portable program to get quick access or to use remote connections.   TeamViewer supports remote printing, supporting the WOL (Wake on LAN); port forwarding configurations are not mandatory. Get the spontaneous support; it works with multiple monitors and can be used as a portable program to get quick access or to use remote connections.   A portable version of TeamViewer is available, and it doesn't require any installation. Now control the remote computer through the desktop program. You can do it with any mobile device or from the internet browser. TeamViewer doesn't charge as per customer, which gives you ease to support many devices simultaneously.   You can use TeamViewer on any single application window or share the entire desktop with another user. Share image, text, or data folders in one go. You can transfer the files from online storage such as Google Drive, one drive, or dropbox.   You can take snapshots of the remote screen and include multiple parties at any time. The only requirement is to connect all the systems is to install the TeamViewer. Control of the devices can be switched from user to user.   TeamViewer offers many features; you might think is TeamViewer free? Does its free version give that many facilities in its free version? No, you need to pay for the upgraded version with a license to explore all the features. Disadvantages of TeamViewer With many benefits, this software also comes with disadvantages. Sharing of large files lags in the personal usage version, and it can detect the commercial usage of the software. If you work on the proxy servers, TeamViewer will be a trouble as it doesn’t work on the proxy server mode.   You need to buy a business license version of the software to avail all the features. If you have slow internet, then be ready to get frustrated with the performance of this software.You need to get a remote access tool version if you want to use this software commercially. To access the other team's system, it is essential to keep it on; software can’t access the system in sleep mode.   TeamViewer is not providing its best features in the free version, but still, people search for “is TeamViewer free.” By keeping these disadvantages in mind, you can look for the best alternatives of TeamViewer. Troop Messenger or TeamViewer? As in some features TeamViewer became little outdated and expensive. So, Troop has taken the advantage of these flaws of TeamViewer.   The Troop is also a real-time messenger application that helps all-sized enterprises to manage team collaboration and communication.   Troop is more secure as compare to TeamViewer and provides the instant messaging. Get multi-location access and virtual meetings or conferences. With Troop Messenger, teams can discuss the projects and idea-sharing in one go. Features Offered by Troop Messenger Troop messenger offers various features like one-to-one messaging, group chats, and contact search. Get a decent and interactive dashboard that provides a unified view of each team member, including locations, profiles, and employee records.   You can even see a reporting hierarchy and share the screen with your teammates.  On Troop, users can share their desktop across multiple locations and work from any remote location.   The team can share development codes format via integrated code editor on Troop Messenger. You can personalize the application with your custom fonts and branding.   Troop Messenger has many inbuilt features as compared to go-to-meeting and TeamViewer. Even in the basic version, you can get access control permissions and an activity dashboard. Get the agenda management and brainstorming. Troop has communication management which allows you to communicate between the teams.    Get complete file management and file transfer facility in the basic version of the software. Get the feature of live chat and meeting management which is a versatile tool for any organization. Troop Messenger Vs. TeamViewer When it comes to choosing between the TeamViewer and Troop Messenger, Troop wins the race. As TeamViewer doesn’t provide the features which are present in Troop Messenger.    The best feature is the pricing of TeamViewer and Troop Messenger. Troop takes the lead in this too, pricing of Troop is much less as compared to TeamViewer. Final Words While selecting any of the effective team management tools, you need to overlook your requirements. Between TeamViewer and Troop Messenger, Troop wins the race as it is loaded with many advanced features to manage the team from any remote location.    The Troop is cheaper than GoTo Meeting and TeamViewer, which allows you to save more money if you are looking to get an enterprise solution.   Do you still think, is TeamViewer free? No, it's not. If you want to use it with full-fledged features, you have to pay a massive license fee.   TeamViewer commercial license is costly and has limited features that may not fulfil the advanced requirement of remote working and team management.    Select the software as per the requirement of your business or organization. Always look for a safe and secure platform so that your business can stay protected from any vulnerability.      
During covid 19 things have changed a lot for enterprises and companies. Work from home encouraged v...
whatsapp vs telegram
21 Oct 2021
WhatsApp vs Telegram - What are Your Priority Features or Privacy?
Given a choice, if you have to choose the best instant messenger and uninstall the other messengers, what they would be, I believe it has to be WhatsApp vs Telegram because, considering the estimated number of users on the aforementioned respective platforms, other platforms have fewer users comparatively.   There were days when WhatsApp was predominantly used in many countries but due to its privacy policy that was announced in January 2021. As a result, WhatsApp alternatives such as Telegram and other apps gained users heavily. It is no longer an app that is used widely for instant messaging, as other apps started sharing the place. WhatsApp WhatsApp messenger was launched in 2009 as freeware and since its inception, it showed its hegemony in the market. It was known for its intuitiveness and user-friendly UI. In February 2014, FaceBook took over WhatsApp paying the US $ 19 billion, which was not only huge compared to its other acquisitions but also is considered a huge acquisition in the world, furtherly it facilitated FaceBook's growth. In November 2014, WhatsApp partnered with Open Whisper Systems to incorporate the encryption protocol in the process to provide end-to-end encryption. Telegram Telegram was launched in 2013, by Nikolai and Pavel Durov who were also the founders of the Russian online social media named RK.   Telegram data load is distributed across five data centers in different parts of the world, and the operations center is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.   Very soon Telegram became a WhatsApp alternative, for instance, pre-WhatsApp policy announcement as in January 2021, it has seen 500 million downloads and post-announcement it had seen one billion downloads in August 2021. WhatsApp vs Telegram: Access WhatsApp is available for download and uses on every major platform, so you may use it with any operating system.   You can continue your communication by scanning the QR code appeared in the system with your mobile phone. To maintain access, you must keep your phone near the system. You'll be able to check your messages on your mobile simultaneously because the data will be synced instantly.   Your WhatsApp account can only be accessed from one mobile device. When you open it on a different mobile device, you must follow the standard authentication process. For example, after entering your contact number in the alternate device, you must acknowledge the confirmation on your previous device, which will deactivate the account by default on the previous device and activate the account on your current device. Rest assured that your data will be synced, and you will be able to continue communicating as usual.   Telegram allows users to log in to their accounts from several devices at the same time. Users will have to log in using their contact number as their credentials, but your cloud chats will sync instantaneously. However, if your device loses connection, you will lose access to all of your other devices. WhatsApp vs Telegram: Group Conversations Just like any other chat application, both WhatsApp and Telegram have standard processes for creating groups, allowing you to have chats with big groups of members simultaneously.   A WhatsApp group can have up to 256 members. With only a few clicks as an admin, you can restrict other group members' access and turn the group into a notification group.   When it comes to group chats, Telegram offers two choices: Channels and Groups. You can either join an existing channel to receive updates on a specific topic or create your own. Only admins can post messages on channels, while members can only view them.   There is no alternative to Telegram as it allows to add up to 2,00,000 members in the group.   Even though none of these applications provides high-level team organization features, few small businesses and start-ups use them as office chat app or team communication tools, adjusting with its features. WhatsApp vs Telegram: Files Sharing Both chat applications allow users to share media files and documents with other users, including PDF files and Excel sheets.   Users can share files up to 100MB in size using WhatsApp. This restriction is 16MB for videos recorded with WhatsApp. If a user attempts to send a file that exceeds this limit, an error message will appear. Users can, however, send large file links saved in the Google Drive to the recipient.   Telegram users can transfer files up to 2GB in size each, such as movies, songs, and videos. When comparing the two apps for this purpose, Telegram reigns supreme. In this case, there are no Telegram alternatives.   Telegram users are frequently exposed to movie selections and groups that advocate piracy, adult content in random cases, posing a risk of hackers adding viruses through such files. WhatsApp vs Telegram: Storage Limit WhatsApp has a limit in size hence it restricts video, image, and document files, making it tough for its users.   Telegram has no storage restriction, which is one of its most appealing offers. All user interactions, including text messages, files, and other items, will be saved in the cloud. Users can log in from any device to view, access, and download their data. Users can send any form of file up to 2 GB in size over Telegram.   Telegram is better than WhatsApp in terms of storage and allowing users to send compressed versions of multimedia files. WhatsApp vs Telegram: Encryption There is a significant difference between Telegram and WhatsApp in terms of encryption WhatsApp Facebook has seen substantial growth post acquiring WhatsApp, conversely, WhatsApp has witnessed a decline as a result of the policies implemented in Facebook's favor.   WhatsApp revealed its Privacy Policy in January 2021, which users must agree to by February 8, 2021, or they will be unable to use the app. WhatsApp's parent company, Facebook, would be able to exchange data under the new policy. Users across the world felt deprived and as a result, this policy incurred them to opt for WhatsApp alternatives, which helped its contemporaries in gaining the huge number of users overnight.   For the best-known reasons WhatsApp has revoked its policies, which states that WhatsApp and Facebook don’t have any capacity to see the users’ messages or hear their calls with friends, family, etc., on WhatsApp. Whatever users share will remain private as every personal message is encrypted from end to end.   The new policy update has no impact on the privacy of users' communications, rather, the changes are connected to WhatsApp's optional business services, and WhatsApp will be transparent about how they gather and utilize the data. Telegram Two layers of safe encryption are supported by Telegram. Cloud Conversations (private and group chats) use server-client encryption, while Secret Chats use an additional layer of end-to-end encryption. Text, media, and files are all encrypted in the same way, regardless of their type. It implies that Secret chats are way more secure than one-on-one or group chats.   Telegram uses 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, Diffie–Hellman secures key exchange and 2048-bit RSA encryption. WhatsApp vs Telegram: Unique Features There are very few unique features in these two apps compared to other chats apps such as Joinable Calls, Disappearing Messages features in WhatsApp and Secret Chat in Telegram. Joinable Calls You can use this tool to join an ongoing group video or voice call from within the group chat. When a group call is started, a tab with a Join Call button appears in the group, which you can see when you open your WhatsApp group. As a result, the call is only open to group members. Both Disappearing Messages and Secret Chat have a small similarity yet there is a vast difference in functionality, as the messages will start disappearing from your chat either in the group or one on one chat, as in WhatsApp messages will disappear after 7 days, and in Telegram, they will disappear as per your chosen time such as one second to one week. Disappearing Messages Tap on the user or group, then select Disappearing Messages, your chat will disappear after 7 days. The chat can be forwarded or can be taken a screenshot. In case the receiver didn’t open the message, after 7 days the message will disappear but the preview will be available for the receiver to view it. As per the WhatsApp backup standards, the message will be included in the backup before it disappears but it will be deleted while restoring the backup after the due time. Secret Chat On your desired user or group profile, tap the Start Secret chat from the 3 dots menu, and select a time using self destructor time option. You cannot forward the chats neither you cannot take the screenshot. Messages will disappear or self-destructed as per your chosen time. No one can intrude into the chat. In this context of Telegram vs WhatsApp, Telegram is the clear winner.   WhatsApp, its parent company Facebook, and the other acquisition Instagram were all down for more than 5 hours in October 2021. Later, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, apologized for the disruption through his official social media account. For reference view the original post on Facebook.   As per the official Facebook blog, it stated that the fundamental cause was a configuration change in backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between their data centers, causing complications that resulted in the outage. They also have no proof that user data was compromised as a result of the disruption. Conclusion The aforementioned comparison between the giant instant messaging softwares WhatsApp vs Telegram is presented without being biased towards any chat application, specifically discussing their encryption. So, whatever the chat app you use, be ensured that you are using a encrypted chat app rather than an app with maximum features, we are living in times where our communication data is a product to others, it will be used to their advantage and possibly against us. ‘Your life is as secure as the chat application you are using.’  
Given a choice, if you have to choose the best instant messenger and uninstall the other messengers,...
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