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13 Mar 2020
10 Free Screen Sharing Apps, Software, & Websites to Watch in 2020
Companies that collaborate through screen sharing Apps & co-browsing enjoy 2.4% annual decrease in support cost, year-over-year   Screen sharing feature enables a user to instantly see another user’s screen and direct them through the toughest of conversations, guidelines, and interfaces.   You can make session make the session more interactive by using a mouse to remotely annotate, highlight, scroll and click on the user’s screen.   Screen sharing solutions are indeed useful, regardless of the industry. They can generally be used within internal teams to brainstorm and ideate, provide demos, and more.   In this article, we will discuss the top 10 screen sharing tools that are dedicated Screen sharing solutions: Highlights of Best Screen Sharing Software  Ease of access for participants Annotation features like mark up the screen, draw and highlight Collaboration features like presenter-switching, co-browsing, joint annotation, and collaborative document editing. Support features like remote access Integrations features to automate tasks Easy recordings Multiple Users can share the screen simultaneously  Best Screen Sharing Software 1. Zoom 2. Troop Messenger 3. Google Hangouts 4. Discord 5. Slack 6. Skype 7. Team Viewer 8. Facebook Workplace 9. Cisco Webex 10. Go To Meetings   1. Zoom Screen Sharing: Consider as the best screen sharing software  When it comes to business video communications, on a reliable cloud platform, Zoom is the leader. Zoom simplifies real-time messaging & content sharing during video conferencing, with unparalleled usability, built-in-collaboration tools, end-to-end encryption and more. Businesses that switch to Zoom, have reported a 92% increase in performance, an 82% increase in trust, and a 91% increase in sense of engagement. Here’s why: Key Points to Note: Role-based user security Recording of meetings to the cloud or locally Multiple participants can share their screens simultaneously Co-annotate for an interactive meeting Up to 1,000 video participants Up to 10,000 viewers Option for on-premise deployment Single Sign-on Dedicated phone support Admin dashboard Company branding Custom Personal Meeting ID Zoom Room ($49.00 per month per room) Zoom offers a Software-based conference room solution, called as Zoom Room that allows Software-defined Video Conferencing for any sized conference room. Other features include: High-quality HD, Audio, Web Conferencing Screen Sharing with Wi-Fi, wired HDMI, and Airplay Integration with Microsoft or Google Calendar  Pricing  Freemium Ideal for Personal Meeting 40 minutes limit on the group meeting Pro Ideal for small teams $14.99 per month per host Meeting duration limit for pro members is 24 hrs Business Small and Medium-Sized Businesses $19.99 per month per host No Meeting duration limit Enterprise Ideal for Large Enterprise $19.99 per month per host   2. Troop Messenger Screen Sharing: Consider as Best Screen Sharing for Windows Screen sharing is one of the best dynamic collaboration features of Troop Messenger that allows members to share their screen during a chat conversation. Recipients can see real-time changes on the presenter's screen. Key Points to Note: With Troop Messenger’s screen sharing, team members can see what exactly is on presenter’s desktop A presenter can show presentations, documents, videos, images, and anything else she’s working on Team members can remotely share screen even when they not in their office LAN premises  Pricing: Premium: $1 per user per month Enterprise: $5 per user per month   How to Use Screen Sharing Feature in Troop Messenger? Using a screen-sharing feature is quite simple. Let’s see how you can share your screen with Troop Messenger:   Step 1: Open the chat box of a user you want to share your screen with. Step 2: Click on the “+” symbol at the bottom of your screen to see the SCREEN SHARE feature icon. Step 3: Click on SCREEN SHARE, which will promptly send a screen share request to the user.   Step 4: When the user accepts the request, the desktop screen will be shared with them   Step 5: To stop your screen sharing, click Stop icon at the top of your screen.   3. Google Hangout Screen Sharing Hangout screen sharing software brings the conversation to life with smart screen sharing features. Google was kind enough to provide screen sharing features but confused their users by not sharing with them how they can choose between different options. There’s an option for ‘Full-Screen sharing.’ Hence, before you start screen share on Hangouts, you’re first prompted to choose Fullscreen or other apps, then click ‘Start Screen Sharing.’ And if you want to share something other than your entire screen, you’ve to navigate back to hangout, close the screen share, re-open it, and then pick something else that you wish to share. This free screen sharing software has the following features: Key Points to Note: Option to share the entire screen or a specific window Frictionless meetings Built-in screen sharing Lightweight interface Smart participant management Multi-person video calls Easy Switch from entire screen sharing to specific apps Auto Screen Focus Compatibility with multiple devices  Pricing: Available with G Suite    4. Discord Screen Sharing Discord, an app designed exclusively for gamers to communicate and collaborate virtually, has gained immense popularity because of it’s screen sharing features.’ This all-in-one text and voice chat is secure, smart, and equipped with special functionalities that make collaboration a game in itself! Key Points to Note: Screen Reader Data Toggle Simultaneously share screen with 10 people One click swap from screen sharing to video call Data Privacy Controls Custom Status and Discord Tag Stream at crisp 1080p 60 fps with Nitro Classic Higher quality video & Video Marquee Mobile Presence Colorblind Mode Allowing Access for Microphone & Camera  Pricing: Discord Free plan: Free plan for users who need basic VoIP features Discord Nitro: $99.9 per year or $9.99 per month Discord Nitro Classic: $49.9 per year or $4.99 per month   5. Slack Screen Sharing Slack users can present their screens to other users during a call. By clicking on the Monitor icon, they can share   Key Points to Note: Present your screen Let others draw on your screen Draw on your screen Highlight to draw attention to the specific sentence Available for Standard, Enterprise, and Plus Subscriptions   Slack Pricing: Standard Users: $US6.67 Plus Users: $US12.50  6. Skype Screen Sharing Audio/Video With Skype, you can share the screen during audio and video calls. Skype screen sharing is supported in android, iPhone, iPad, and chrome. From videos to PowerPoint presentations, on-screen polls, photos, and more - there’s so much to do with Skype’s screen sharing feature. Skype has an integrated screen sharing tool that also allows drag and drop of files sized up to 300 MB. Furthermore, the recording features of Skype allows users to easily capture the audio as well as the onscreen projections, which can be reviewed later. Hence, Skype allows the users to archive a video of a chat through call and screen recording. Skype screen sharing has the following features: Key Points to Note: Plus button (+) during a live video call starts screen sharing Record my screen option Cloud-based audio recording Cloud-based call recording Flexible file sharing option End-to-End Security HIPAA Compliance Malware protection Mac Screen Sharing  Pricing: Custom   7. TeamViewer Screen Sharing App For Remote Access and Remote Support Teamviewer is an all-in-one solution for remote control and support. It offers a secure and fast device connection for all users onboard. Key Points to Note: Remote device control Cross-Platform Access Mobile Device Access Secure Unattended Access iOS screen sharing Flexible file sharing Time Saving Shortcuts HD VoIP Voice and Video Conferencing Pre-built software integrations  Pricing: Free for Personal Use   8. Facebook Workplace Screen Sharing Facebook Workplace’s screen sharing feature allows users to share the entire desktop or choose a specific app. To share screen via Workplace, download a chrome extension, which allows users to share their screen of any app, privately. Key Points to Note: Share entire screen Or  A specific application window Or Only your chrome tab  Pricing Essential: $0 Advanced: $4 Enterprise: $8    9. Cisco WebEx Meetings Screen sharing: Online Meeting and Video Conferencing Using WebEx meetings, users can now share their PC screen with the people in the meeting, work together, or talk about it. Highlights: Edit or Markup file shared Create files together Collaborate on whiteboard See each other’s video feeds  Pricing: Custom   10. GoTo Meeting Screen Sharing Built for collaboration Other than conference calls, Go To Meeting is a great tool for teams that require remote and secure access of desktop, smartphone, and tablet from anywhere.   Key Points to Note: Quick One-Click Meetings Draw or highlight over the content Unlimited Recording Meeting transcription in real-time Take notes, mark action items   Pricing: Professional: $12 per month Business: $16 per month Enterprise: Custom    Which Screen Sharing App Should You Use? Since Screen sharing requirements vary very much on the use case, you’d need to find your deal breakers and choose them on the basis of easy usability, in-app support, remote access, and pricing. While each of the options mentioned above is great in the screen sharing feature, Zoom has all the nice-to-haves of screen sharing. It’s specifically designed for that purpose only. But if your team needs more collaboration features apart from screen sharing, Troop Messenger can be a smart choice. This dynamic collaboration is an all-in-one app compact with contemporary features like instant messaging, calling, audio messaging, confidential chat, live location tracking, file sharing, advanced search and so much more.  
Companies that collaborate through screen sharing Apps & co-browsing enjoy 2.4% annual decr...
09 Mar 2020
How to Get Rid of Microsoft Teams (Permanently)
‘Why does Microsoft Teams keep reinstalling itself?’ Thousands of Windows users have been asking the same question and wondering why Microsoft teams won’t uninstall. They delete Microsoft teams from their computers, but MS Teams, much like an uninvited guest launches itself back at boot. This is creepy and incredibly annoying because the app constantly pops up when a user turns their computer on. And, this brings us back to our question: why do Microsoft Teams keep installing itself? Well, the answer is Windows users cannot remove Microsoft Teams the usual way.  Table of Contents   1. Microsoft Teams Uninstall via Windows Settings 2. Microsoft Teams Uninstall via Control Panel 3. Why do Microsoft Teams Users want to get rid of it? 4. Alternative to Microsoft Teams 5. Slack 6. Troop Messenger 7. Glip 8. Flock 9. Ryver   It sounds silly but you’d need to uninstall Microsoft Teams in two-steps: First, uninstall ‘Microsoft Teams’ Next, remove ‘Teams Machine Wide Installer’     If you delete Microsoft Teams without following the next step, Teams Machine Wide Installer will install Microsoft Teams again into your system. Continue reading to learn how to get rid of Microsoft teams.   Below is the Video Which can help you in an easier Way How to Uninstall Microsoft Teams (Permanently): 2 Different Methods In the section below, I’ve briefed how to uninstall Microsoft teams in two simple steps:   Method 1: Microsoft Teams Uninstall via Windows Settings Step 1: Click the Windows icon, navigate to Settings, and then click Apps Step 2: Among Apps, find Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer and uninstall both       Method 2: Microsoft Teams Uninstall via Control Panel Step 1: Head to ControlPanel > Programs > Program and Features > Uninstall a program  Step 2: Look for Teams and your system will show both Microsoft Teams and Teams Machine-Wide Installer. Uninstall each of them.     You’re done! Try method 1 or 2, you’ll get rid of Microsoft Teams, permanently. The next time you sign in to your Windows PC, MS teams won’t reinstall itself and stay deleted until you install it on purpose. Why do Microsoft Teams Users want to get rid of it? MS teams, as an integral part of Office 365 produces a capacitive and distinct collaboration hub for businesses and teams. It’s a great tool for users who want fast collaboration, but the companies that want a 100% effectiveness, they may not find it a perfect solution. Here’s why: Insufficient Notification: This is one of the major MS team's drawbacks. For instance, if you create a group with an already existing label, MS teams wouldn’t notify you about it. Complicated File Structure: In teams, finding files is a bit difficult. You can’t just pull up an advanced search to get what you need.  Non-optimal Meeting Experience: MS teams meeting experience still lacks intuition, lags, and often fails to promote features like note-taking in One Note. Limited Channel Numbers: Allowed channels have been restricted to 100 per team. Limited Flexibility: Building of Teams blocks aren’t as flexible. The difficult transition from Outlook: Since Teams doesn’t support group calendars yet, Teams users have to switch to Outlook to review the team/group calendar. Challenges regarding permission setting: MS teams make sharing easy among team members but teamwork isn’t always binary. So when a user wants to make permission settings granular and differentiate - MS teams won’t allow so.   What are the Best Alternatives to Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams surely is one of the largest names in the IT market. It combines workplace chats, video conferences, attachments, notes, and more - all in one place. Yet, it is not an all-rounder solution for many businesses. A lot of businesses that onboarded their users on MS teams now want to know how to delete Microsoft Teams permanently. Now I don’t want to infer Teams is a bad choice because it is not. Every tool, no matter how great, cannot be suitable for everyone. The same rule is applicable to online collaboration software. If Skype is perfect for Company A, it can be a bad choice for Company B if it’s features do not correspond to Company B’s collaboration requirements. Sure, Microsoft Teams allows users the flexibility of work-around Office 365 tools, but that does not make MS Teams suitable for every type of business. Reviewing different Microsoft Teams alternatives may help you find a tool that offers more elasticity in your work and fits-into your workplace collaboration requirements. It’s always wise to consider alternatives and make a more informed decision.    Find Your Top 5 Alternative to Microsoft Teams Slack: Cloud-based proprietary team collaboration platform Effective communication: Slack makes collaboration super easy and efficient with a virtual workspace made up of channels: Channels based on teams, projects, locations, and anything else Shared channels to connect different teams and organizations Direct Messages, one-to-one conversation Notifications that can be customized by channel Mentions to notify the people User groups to notify team members Robust Integration: With as many as 2000+ APIs, Slack’s app directory allows access to a wide range of tools and services. Zendesk, Salesforce, Jira Proprietary Software Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive. Outlook Calendar Simple Poll, GrowthBot Diggbot, Terttra Google Hangouts, Statsbot, Tomatobot Troops, Marker, Giphy And 2000 more APIs Secure Working Environment: Slack offers a number of ways of securing user’s data, including HIPAA compliance. Two-factor authentication for an added layer of security SAML-based SSO for secure access to Slack through custom IdP Robust Search: Slack makes searching for any past conversation, file or document very convenient with the easy modifiers and mentions. Search messages, media, and files Find anything with a number of modifiers Filters to narrow the search results Why businesses choose Slack to Microsoft Teams: Slack’s robust app directory Slack has more options to customize the app, MS teams have only 3 themes Slack’s makes it possible for the user to not only like but also leave a variety of reactions as emojis Advanced search filters and modifiers   Troop Messenger: Office Chat and Instant Messaging App For Businesses Instant Messaging: Exchange messages and communicate work updates with team-members irrespective of their location One-On-One Messaging, Self-messaging Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Groups, Recall the sent message Video and Voice call, Audio Messaging Read Receipts, Edit sent message, Respond Later Mute Conversation, Favourite User Burnout (time-stipulated confidential chat window) Sharing & Storage: Troop Messenger makes collaboration easy and enjoyable with sharing of all links of file attachments 150 GB storage for premium, 1 TB storage for Enterprise Easy and Simple File Sharing & Screen Sharing Advanced Search Filters: Troop Messengers advanced file sharing allows the users to narrow search results and ensure faster data retrieval Advanced single-search filter, Time Filters Filter search results of groups, orange members, data-time range Text, Image, File, Videos, Contacts, Location Search Security & Support: Technical assistance round the clock, and robust security measures to keep your data protected Live-Location Tracking Passcode Security Pin and FingerPrint access Help Tile, In-App Help Customer Support help-desk Why businesses choose Troop Messenger to Microsoft Teams: Self-messaging Advanced search filter: Text, Image, File, Videos, Contacts, Location, Date-Time Search Live-Location Tracking Passcode Security Pin Fingerprint access Burnout window (Incognito Chat) Custom Branding as a White-Label App Glip: Global Team Messaging and Collaboration Platform Team Messaging & Video Meetings: Glip makes it easy for remote employees to communicate via audio, video, and text chat Unlimited team messaging Real-time anytime, anywhere. Connect with individuals, remote workers, and create teams Easy, fast, and free communication One-click, built-in dialing capabilities for video calls Screen sharing   File Sharing and collaboration: File sharing, screen sharing, calendar syncing, and task tracking - all woven into one platform. Unlimited file sharing Share files by posting links Direct file sharing in Glip On-the-spot feedback or comments on documents  Task Management: Glip has an in-built task management tool that helps teams create, assign, share, and track tasks on the go. Set up Glip teams on the basis of projects, themes, or departments Assign and manage tasks across groups. Set date, time, deadlines, and recurring events Integrations: Glip plays well with your most critical business app and has a growing list of APIs Google Drive, Box, and Jira. APIs for app developers Third-party tool access for project managers APIs for marketers Third-party tool access for customer-support executives Why businesses choose Glip to Microsoft Teams: Glip’s free version offers way more free features than Teams’ free plan Glip’s free version allows businesses to scale up to unlimited members, MS teams limit it to 300 users.  Flock: Team Messenger & Online Collaboration Platform Collaboration: Share ideas in real-time, discuss the project, and get work done anywhere, anytime Direct chat, group conversation Audio Conferencing, Video conferencing with screen sharing Create smart channels where team leaders and members can be organized in order Share all types of file with drag and drop interface Advanced search capabilities for messages, links, and files, time, and user Invite guests to work Access company directory Productivity: Use Flock to increase your team’s efficiency and productivity by getting real-time updates on tasks. Change the discussion to tasks (channels into tasks) Shared to-dos bots send reminders about due dates Image-based polls for teams and download vote tally Notes features, Streamline and automate workflow Reminders via slash commands Create and share code snippets Integrations: Flock has over 60+ third-party apps to choose from Google Analytics, Calendar, and Google Drive’s deep integration Trello, Dropbox, Bitbucket, GitHub and more Build custom apps through Flock API Security: Flock assures a strict control over user rights and data access Data encryption using TLS 1.2 Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting Messages and profile data privacy Strict controls over data access and user rights Why businesses choose Flock to Microsoft Teams: Productivity features like shared to-dos bots Image-based polls and notes taking Process automation to automate workflows Flock detects syntax and code language Ryver: Group Chat + Task Manager + Workflow Automation Messaging and Calling: Real-Time messaging and calling No limit on the number of messages and calls No limit on the number of Sharing Unlimited Topics, Unlimited Conversation HD audio and video calling with screen sharing One-click to join any call Task Management: Transform conversations into action No limit on the number of Team & Tasks Highlight Task details with Tags, Assignments, and Checklists Personal Task Boards Workflow Automation: Ryver uses Active response technology to automate everyday processes at the workplace Notify about tasks, assign Tasks, & deliver information through ART Automate everyday business processes. Reduce any chance of human error in complex tasks Integrations: Add third-party tools to your Ryver Workspace Asana, Evernote, Gmail Salesforce, Survey Monkey, GitHub Dropbox, Box, Trello, Hangouts, Zendesk Why businesses choose Ryver to Microsoft Teams: Unlimited Collaboration, Task Management, Workflow Automation Unlimited Guests and Data Ryver uses Active Response Technology   To Sum Up I hope this article answered your query on uninstalling Microsoft Teams. If you still have any doubts on how to uninstall Microsoft Teams, let us know in the comments below and we’ll resolve your queries as soon as possible. The above-mentioned 5 tools are similar to Microsoft Teams in terms of their communication, collaboration, and productivity features. There are obviously a few differences, and that’s why businesses choose Slack, Flock, Ryver, Glip, and Troop Messenger over Microsoft Teams. Of the above-mentioned Microsoft Teams alternative, which tool will you use? If we’ve missed your favorite tool, let us know in the comments below and we will include it in the next list.  
‘Why does Microsoft Teams keep reinstalling itself?’ Thousands of Windows users have bee...
team collaboration
29 Jan 2019
10+ Best Chat Apps for Team Collaboration (Free and Paid)
Business enterprises always find better ways for team communication and collaboration. Instead of writing heavy emails daily, chat simplifies team conversations and organizes team tasks more efficiently. Many office chat apps for teams ensures a wide range of collaborative features for quick communication.   The Scottish-American business magnate Andrew Carnegie once said that teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.   He couldn’t have been more precise because time and again teamwork has proved to increase the efficiency of projects by distributing the workload so that great results are achieved on time and with quality. However, hiring skilled resources is just the beginning of building a good team.   Once a team is created, an organization needs to provide the teams with the platforms and resources to make their collaboration continuous. Besides providing good equipment and facility, there has to be a forum or medium where ideas can be exchanged and peer reviews can be sought. And that is exactly where Best Business Communication Platforms need to be deployed. Team chat apps are carved out to provide functionalities essential for communication in team projects.   However, choosing the right team chat app among the hoard of such apps can be a tedious task involving a lot of time.   Therefore, to save time–the most precious possession these days–we’ll provide an overview of some of the best office chat software that businesses should deploy for better communication in team projects.   Team Chat Apps: A quick look   1.  Troop Messenger 2.  Flock 3. ProofHub 4.  ezTalks 5.  Basecamp 6.  Google Hangouts 7.  Zangi 8.  Grove IRC 9.  Redbooth 10.  Flowdock 11. Brosix 12. Telegram 13. Podio   Troop Messenger  (The Office user’s Team Chat App)         Attain optimum communication at your workplace with the new instant messaging collaboration application-The Troop Messenger. The design idea of Troop Messenger is to collaborate, share, and communicate new thoughts among fellow employees of every organization. Small, medium, large or any size of organizations can give a sure try of Troop Messenger for their endless office chat communication and collaboration.   Tech Times, Newyork, had listed Troop Messenger as one of the best Instant Messenger For Businesses In 2019.   Troop Messenger is a cross-platform application, as it is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. The best part is that it is available in three pricing plans. Its sign-up process is completely hassled free. Anyone can download it for free and start their hands on the application.   It facilitates highly workable features to support the office chat experience of the user by offering highly secured end-to-end chat encryption. Its bouquet of features includes Screen share, Burnout, Forkout, Video calling, Favourite contacts, Groups, etc.,   Flock ( The Affordable Team Chat App)   Flock is an all-in-one messaging and collaboration tool built especially for small businesses. The Goal is to help businesses communicate better so they can build a culture of transparency and speed within teams. With Flock, teams can exchange messages, share files, video-conference, manage tasks, and centralize access to a variety of business tools and services. It brings people together and provides an easy and secure place for them to get work done, from anywhere. Flock is used by over 32,000 businesses of all sizes around the world. We have a strong presence in all English speaking markets globally - the United States, India, the UK, Canada, Australia, and mainland Europe lead with the greatest share of our user-base.   Flock offers applications within every business function and organization size. Flock finds rapid adoption by teams in non-technical business functions as well, owing to its simple user interface and easy learning curve.   ProofHub ProofHub intends to solve a problem that many organizations have to face. It saves you from the fuss of using multiple tools that your teams otherwise have to spend money and time on and replaces them all with one tool. When you need a single platform to manage, plan and track work as well as chat and collaborate, that’s when ProofHub shines. Whether it’s an in-built team chat tool, proofing tool, Gantt chart tool, Kanban boards, calendar, time tracking tool, etc. -- ProofHub puts every tool under one roof. ProofHub does not charge per user and it’s for $89/month only (limited time offer). You can use ProofHub on a browser and even download the mobile app from Play Store and AppStore.   ezTalks ( The Reliable Team Chat App) There is no doubt that ezTalks meetings is one of the most popular chat apps, which helps to increase real-time interactions and improve collaboration with your partners, your friends, customers and so on. It presents a way to cut the cost and chat effectively.   Free & EasyAnyone can download it for free and it is completely easy-to-use. FlexibleezTalks is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS devices and browsers. ReliableIt is a reliable platform with highly secured end-to-end encryption so that you can talk freely. SeamlessezTalks not only provides high-quality video and audio chat but also offers free instant messaging service with text or emojis in private or in public over the internet seamlessly.InteractiveWhen chatting, you can also share a screen or a whiteboard to engage those you’re chatting with. It is also feasible to record the whole or partial chatting sessions for reference or sharing.   All these aim to create a memorable and amazing chat experience to each user. As for the paid version, it only costs $10/mo/host for up to 100 participants. Alternatively, you can start a 100-participant chat free-plan in 30 seconds. Sign up free NOW!    Basecamp (The Project-focused Team Chat App)       The campfire was merged with Basecamp sometime back but continues to offer some of the best features for team projects.   It is considered as a group chat tool for Internet-based companies by allowing managers to assign tasks, group notes, and download files.   Besides, it also offers regular chat features such as group chat and conference calls.   It is priced at only $99 a month, and whether one has a team of 5 or 50, that price doesn’t change.   Google Hangouts ( The Competitor Team Chat App)      Since a long time, Google Chat has been allowing people to communicate and collaborate without any charge.   However, there were some privacy concerns, and therefore, it was often less preferred for internal communication. It offers chat features such as one-to-one chats and allows a total of 9 participants in group chats in its free subscription plan.   An enterprise version of hangouts is called Hangouts Meet and its subscription plans start from $5 per month per user.   Zangi ( A Privacy-focused Team Chat App) Zangi is a privacy-focused messenger with multi-level encryption and a serverless system. Its strong security measures make it great for companies & businesses that need to secure their confidential calls, files, and messages. Teams can simply download the app on their smartphones and have conversations with no risks.   If companies are willing to go the extra step, Zangi also offers a special business solution for teams. Businesses can choose to gain full control & privacy of the apps by self-hosting it on their company servers/cloud, making the apps completely theirs. The communication app can have their company name, logo, branding, special security keys and it can be private/public on Google Play & App Store. The app also gives a web dashboard for the full management of your team. Using the Zangi app is free; self-hosting it starts from $4/per user.    Grove IRC (The Hosted IRC Team Chat App)   One of the newer startups, Grove is a private IRC (Internet Relay Chat) host, which manages chat rooms.   It allows the use of a desktop or mobile client to help a user to connect to a company’s server. It can be used for private as well as group chats.   Its subscription is free for up to 5 users and goes as high as $125 per month for up to 50 users.   Redbooth (The Workplace Team Chat App)     Previously known as Teambox, Redbooth is an instant messaging app for business.   Besides offering the features of group chats, file sharing, and conference calls, it also offers features such as delegate and assigns tasks for project management.   It has a free subscription plan that allows companies with less than 10 users to run their account for free, indefinitely.   This plan offers a 2 GB file storage space and supports up to 2 workspaces.   Flowdock ( The Team inbox Chat App)       Branded as a team inbox with chat, Flowdock is available to download on mobile devices as well as desktops.   It provides group chat conversation in the form of threads and also allows for one-to-one flows. It also provides a tagging functionality to group threads together for easy filtering.   For video conferencing, it invokes its feature. It is free for up to 5 users indefinitely.   For more than 5 uses it offers a 30-day free trial plan.   Brosix ( Instant messaging Team Chat App)         Brosix is an instant messaging chat application especially been built for seamless team collaboration. It provides top priority to team’s privacy and security.   Every message that transfers through Brosix has high-level end-to-end encryption for all communication channels. No one outside the team can access the data of Brosix, all channels such as messages, text files, voice, and video calls are end-to-end encrypted.   Brosix feature-stack is fully loaded with multiple features to increase team collaboration. File transfer, screen-sharing, screen-shot, whiteboard, video and voice calls, one-on-one messaging and group encrypted chat are few among them. It ensures smooth user-experience, and always strive to serve better by updating the features based on the end-user feedback.   Quick Insights of Brosix   It’s a cross-platform application where it can be downloaded on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, and Web.   This application is available on the cloud. All operations from regular application upgrades, maintenance, and support are done on the cloud servers.   Network Administrator manages, configures, and monitors each user account.    Brosix makes an ideal instant messaging for all team sizes.   Telegram ( The Famous Team Chat App)     It is a cloud-based instant messenger that offers all the essential features such as group chat, one-on-one chats, and file sharing, among other features.   One of its advantages is unlike many of the other chat tools, it does not ask the user to manually set up a chat backup; it does so automatically.   Its free subscription plan supports 3 users, 10 scheduled messages, with up to 2 recurrences and a maximum of 5 minutes of time lag.   Podio (The All in one Team Chat App)         A product by Citrix, Podio is considered as a full backend management suite. It allows users to keep all their content, context, and conversations in one place.   Besides the regular chat features, it also offers integration with other products such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Zendesk.   Its free subscription plan offers only task management, apps, and workspaces, but to enjoy the actual features of PoConclusiondio, one has to shell out around $24 a month!   Conclusion These team chat apps can help an organization to maintain great teams by providing seamless interaction regardless of geographic boundaries and time zones. They help in enhancing productivity, economize on the costs of communication as well as drastically reduce time to accomplish projects.  
Business enterprises always find better ways for team communication and collaboration. Instead ...
13 Mar 2020
11 Free Video Conferencing software like Skype, Zoom & Cisco
Looking for best video conferencing software list, then you’re on the right page Here you can find details list of each video conferencing app with their benefits 96% of remote employees and businessmen believe that video conferencing is efficient at improving the connectedness. According to Owl Lab’s 2019 report, video conferences are the most preferred methods of communication in scenarios where in-person meetings are not possible. In fact, businesses that utilize video conferencing software save 30% of travel expenses. Communication is better when you can see the person you’re speaking to. Seeing other people's facial expressions makes interaction better. Web conferences, video conferences are now favored over instant messaging, phone calls, or emails. These solutions, thus eliminate the need for in-person attendance in important meetings and quick scrums and add to the convenience of everyone involved.   Free Video Conferencing software   1. Zoom 2. Troop Messenger 3. Cisco 4. Skype 5. RingCentral 6. Amazon Chime 7. Microsoft Teams 8. Slack 9. Fuze 10. Highfive 11. Blue Jeans    Some video conferencing software like Troop Messenger also offers integrations with Dropbox and Google Drive to sync critical business data and present them during relevant conferences. With this article, you can quickly compare the best video conferencing software, their unique features, pricing, and more. I’ll also emphasize features that make them stand out.  Zoom: Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Webinars  Zoom is a leader in business video communications like video conferences, web conferencing, live broadcast, and webinars. It offers an easy and real medium for video conferencing. Highlights: Easy set-up and registration for Video Webinar 100 interactive video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees Collaboration-Enabled Conference Rooms Simple and intuitive host controls for presenters Interactive capabilities for attendees Recording and auto-generated transcripts. Reports on registrants, attendees, polling, attendee engagement Live broadcasting On-demand viewing Join anywhere, from any device Pricing Freemium: 40 minutes limit on the group meeting Pro: $14.99 per month per host Business: $19.99 per month per host Enterprise: $19.99 per month per host  Troop Messenger: Cattle Call  Troop Messenger supports video conference features that allow users to place have face-to-face interaction with a team over presentations and projects and deadlines. Highlights: Intuitive Interface with simple navigation The experience that combines video, content, and voice sharing Screen Sharing to present slides, videos, and collaborate Annotate and Mark-Up Simple Navigation Available for Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and Mac Pricing: Premium: INR 71 per user per month Enterprise: INR 355 per user per month    Cisco Video Conferencing Cisco’s video conferencing product includes WebEx, Cisco Jabber, and Telepresence. WebEx enables scalable conferencing and web-meeting on any device, with high-quality, and from any time. Highlights: Collaboration meeting rooms to meet virtually Merge video endpoint users and video call-back browser in roster view Available in different bandwidth (720p+180p OR 360p+180p) Recording and Streaming Join meetings from many varieties of devices including SIP and H.323 endpoints Meeting password for video endpoints Two-way video sharing Secure call control and connectivity Custom video address Access from Cisco Webex Cloud VoIP is now capable for TSP Audio Pricing: Custom    Skype: Group Video Chat & Group Calling App Skype for Business won’t be a part of Office 365 Suite anymore and will discontinue end of July 2021 And Microsoft, before making this decision, made sure that their users have a strong Skype for Business alternative, in the form of Microsoft Teams. Teams, actually, is the obvious way forward. It is both advanced and intuitively built with numerous easy-to-use feature, but still, we have listed here as most of user love to use    With Skype’s video conferencing features, you’ll get access to a wide range of innovative features. This agile platform makes your workplace more productive. Highlights: Free group video calling for up to 50 people Present PowerPoint slides, video recording, and more Immersive, full-screen video Background blur to enable more focus on the speaker Available on Phone, Desktop, Web, Alexa, Xbox, and Tablet Record the video Live Code Environment for programmers Schedule call ahead of time Pricing: Custom   RingCentral: Voice, Video, Team Messaging, Contact Centers Ring Central offers free video conferencing features that allows face-to-face interaction with a team over presentations and projects, and deadlines. Highlights:Host up to 100 participantsJoin from desktop or mobile deviceHigh-quality experience anytime, anywhereRingcentral rooms and Ring central room connector Share content, presentation, and files from Dropbox or Google DriveTeam messaging Pricing: Free Amazon Chime - Online Meetings and Video Conferencing Amazon chime, a fully managed audio and video conference software, is AWS service that facilitates easy video conferencing. Highlights: HD video experience to make conferences more engaging and productive Join conferences from the phone, desktop, and an in-room video system Easy to control Pay-as-you go service Cloud Scalability Easy to schedule Join meeting with Alexa Optimized meeting experience Visual roster to see who has joined or declined meeting Video Tiles to interact with attendees Record your meeting Pricing: Free plan with all basic features Pro plan starts at $15 per user per month or $3 per user per day    Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing With Microsoft Teams meetings, businesses can easily collaborate on projects through the web, audio, and video conferencing. Features such as meeting note-taking, recording, and screen sharing make Teams one of the best video conferencing apps. Highlights: Host online meetings—1:1, teams Host live events up to 10,000 people Same privacy and compliance of Office 365 Share context and content Leverage AI for assistance Consistent experiences across multiple platforms High-quality audio, video Screen sharing Share team meetings with Microsoft teams room devices Access previous meeting recordings and notes Invite external guests Pricing: Office 365 Business Essentials: INR 125.00 user/month Office 365 Business Premium: INR 660.00 user/month Office 365 Business Apps: INR 545.00 user/month    Slack Video Conferencing Video Conferencing via Slack helps users share information more efficiently and also get the work done faster. Highlights: Share screen during a video conference One-to-one sharing Video conferences are quick to start and easy to join Works on the move Annotations on the screen Slack Pricing: Standard Users: $US6.67 Plus Users: $US12.50    Fuze: HD audio and video conferencing software Fuze offers an enterprise-grade video conferencing with dynamic content and screen sharing with up to 1000 participants. Highlights: Meeting with up-to 1000 participants Dynamic screen & content sharing Consistent user experience World-class HD VoIP Global Dial-in access Schedule meeting from Slack, Google Calendar and Microsoft Calendar Single or Dual HD monitor configuration Send images, documents, and to-do’s Pricing: Free and Custom Highfive: Video Conferencing and Meetings Reimagined Highfive has been named as one of the most innovative companies by Fast Company, for it provides an unparalleled video conferencing experience. Highlights: Unlimited meeting and unlimited minutes Join the meeting from a browser No pin codes and passwords Single sign-on with G Suite, Active Directory, or Okta. Simple URLs 4k HDR sensor Doly Voice powered audio Whiteboard view Intelligent scene framing Domain-based security Web, PC, Mac, iOS, or Android Unlimited phone dial-ins Integrated with Outlook and google calendar Integrated with Slack and Skype Pricing Select: $199 per month per room, billed annually Plus: $299 per month per room, billed annually Premium: $599 per month per room, billed annually   Blue Jeans: Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, Video Calls BlueJeans makes it easy from businesses to Join, host, or manage video conference from a remote location, and help them facilitate a productive virtual meeting with Dolby's voice audio and HD video Highlights: In-app intelligence that captured important discussion points Immersive HD video Dolby Voice® audio Background noise cancellation Replay meeting highlights Prioritize post-meeting follow-through Room system compatibility Integration with Workplace, Teams, Skype, Slack and more Easy screen sharing Cloud recording and streaming Smart user controls Device agnostic Pricing: Personal Plan: INR 1,173.88 host /month Team Plan: INR 1,565.43 host /month Company Plan: Custom   Signing Off Face-to-face meetings are invaluable for companies that need to collaborate with remote employers, clients, and stakeholders. Video conferencing features of a modern-day collaboration tool not only save us the cost associated with arranging a meeting, but also a great deal of time.   With these apps, you can check-in with your clients more frequently and ensure all the projects stay on track. Web conference and Video conference tools can orient your meetings, keep everyone on the same page by connecting your partners and teammates.   If you’ve tried any of these video conferencing apps mentioned above, we’d love to know your feedback. Also, let us know if we are missing anything from our top 10 list.
Looking for best video conferencing software list, then you’re on the right page Here you can ...
x series vs slack
13 Jan 2020
Discord vs Slack - Which One Is Better for Businesses?
The game between Slack and Discord is endless. In this article, we're gonna be Comparing Slack vs Discord battle to know which is better for business First things first, Slack is a commercial choice for businesses where teams communicate and collaborated that is designed based on cloud technology. while Discord is for the gaming community. It's a freeware(software that is available free of charge) Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) that is developed for the communication between the communities and the gaming teams.   Many questions might be doing the rounds in your mind to know who made Discord?, how much data does Discord use? How is Discord free? How to customize Discord? And finally when did Discord come out? Worry not, you have all the questions answered in this article.   Let's get started   Slack vs Discord    Onboarding Simple-to-Use Cross-Platform Feature-Rich End-Users Pricing Voice and Video Calls Integrated File Sharing Support-Service 1. Slack vs  Discord: Onboarding   Slack Slack says,“ it is more productive, more transparent, more efficient, with no more emails”. Let me take you with the product tour of Slack. The sign-up process begins with joining an existing workspace or by joining a new workspace altogether. An invite is needed from the Admin of the Slack application for a new user to join the existing workspace.   What is Slack Workspace A new user can create a new workspace from scratch by confirming the registered email, and by confirming the 6-digit verification code. The new user is asked to enter the new workspace and project name and is also allowed to add other team members to the project. A separate channel for every project is created to bring in teams, conversations, files, etc., for seamless collaboration. Slack provides a URL for every workspace created. The user is supposed to use the allotted URL to login to Slack. In the end, give your name and password to finish the sign-up process of your workspace.   The slacks user interface is simple to understand and quite interesting. Each workspace consists of channels, and all the conversations within the workspace happen through channels only. It allows sending direct messages to Slack bots to know more about the application. The feature-stack of the basic free plan includes adding channels, inviting people, Mentions, 10k searchable messages, one-to-one video calls, two-factor authentication and access to basic Slack features.   Discord   Discord is quite popular among the gaming community. It is a free application that provides voice and text chat conversations. The sign-up process for Discord is pretty simple and easy. Fill up the sign-up form by giving your email id, username, password, and accept the terms and conditions to proceed further. The verification process can be made across through email or a mobile device. Now the new user has access to free voice and text chat amongst the team members. As far as the discord’s data usage is concerned, its levels seem too high on PC rather than Mobile. When was discord made? The initial release of Discord was made in the year 2015, but its stable release is noticed to be released five months ago i.e., on 1st April 2019.    What is a Discord Server  Most of Discord's text and voice conversations happen within servers. Servers act as individual hubs split into two parts: text channels and voice channels. Think of any server you join as a giant treehouse- each text channel within a server represents another room within your treehouse that you can chat with your friends!   The new user is asked to create a server by selecting the server region. A user can join any of the popular public servers as per their requirement. The user interface of Discord allows the user to create more servers, send direct messages, add friends, send friend requests, etc., A two-factor authentication is enabled to protect your server with an extra layer of security. As far as the Discord Server limit is concerned, it does not accept a single user to be on more than 100 servers. In one instance it allows 75+ users, as its servers don’t have any member limit.    In this article, we look at the Quick Comparison between Slack and Discord for different scenarios. Both the chat applications Slack and Discord are cross-platform enabled. They are available for Windows, macOS, Web, Android, iOS. Discord has its presence for Linux too. Slack comes with three pricing plans; Free plan, Standard Plan, and Plus Plan. Discord pricing plan includes; Free, Nitro Plan and Nitro Classic. Discord message history is unlimited across its all plans, whereas Slack provides unlimited message history in Standard and Plus plans only. Both the applications are deployed in cloud and mobile. Discord and Slack both have come up with advanced search filters Slack doesn’t offer the feature of screen sharing in the free version, whereas real-time screen sharing is present for free and paid versions of Discord. Discord allows unlimited integrations. Slack limits to 10 integrations in the free plan and about 800 integrations in paid plans. Both applications provide exceptional help and support services The Discord’s group video calling allows adding friends who are all there in the contacts list.     2. Slack vs  Discord: Simple-to-Use    Discord is highly popular for its slick design and hassle-free sign-up process. The user doesn’t even have to provide the email id to use Discord chat application; rather he/she can start using the application just by giving their name. But, yes the verification process needs an email address for quick access to all the servers.   The interface of Discord is so simple, customizable and seamless, that any casual user can quickly understand the features, simply at a glance. In addition to this, Discord’s text and voice conversations take place in their servers, and setting up them is absolutely simple. The terms Discord file size limit and Discord max file size limit might sound different, but their actual file size limits are the same as the upload limits. Joining Slack’s workspace is a little tedious when compared to Discord. The two ways to join Slack is through accepting an email invitation or through creating an account. Then you are asked to set up your profile with your First name, Display name, phone number etc., to let other team members know about you. Users need to download desktop and mobile apps, whereas, in the case of Discord, they can log in to the web client to access the application.   Similar Post:   Ryver Vs Slack   Microsoft Teams Vs Slack   Yammer Or Slack   3. Slack vs Discord: Cross-Platform Discord Company, the most popular and the biggest gaming cross-platform application, is available on all desktop and mobile OS platforms. It works on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS and it is Linux friendly too. And if you don’t feel like installing it, just experience the web application. One of the discord alternatives, the Troop Messenger also has its presence on all the platforms.   Slack’s being widely used as team collaboration application, had made its footprint on Windows, Chrome, Mac OS, Linux(beta), Android, iOS, Windows Phone(beta). Though the desktop application is quite heavier than Discord, it’s the most powerful one.   4. Slack vs Discord: Features Discord Discord’s popularity is fast catching up in recent years. The client numbers are getting multiplied with its ever-increasing upcoming features –list. This application is rather famous in the gaming community than in team collaboration. Discord is specially designed for managing large groups and servers. It allows the user to quickly join the web client, without having to install a desktop app or creating an account. This tool offers voice and video calls in a single interface and offers an unlimited message history too. When it comes to the Discord upload limit and Discord Character limit, they are 8mb and 2000 respectively. The upload limit can be extended to 50 MB by switching to the paid plan of Nitro. The application is well-known in respecting user’s privacy; neither does it message logging in free version nor in paid. Discord notifies users about other gaming information, to simplify choosing options for players. The server management and server-switching are so hassle-free in Discord that it enables the users to check their friend's list on a daily basis, and switching between servers is just a click away. When it comes to Discord loading messages file size limits, it is similarly quantified with the file upload limits.  A few of the upcoming features include; keyboard navigation, overlay home bar for desktop, spoiler tags for iOS, game detection, and spoiler tags for Android.   Slack Slack is popularly known as a “Place for every Conversation”, as it is considered a unified choice for business communications and project management. It allows the user to create a separate channel for every discussion, be it for the team, for a new project, or a channel for onboarding, or for training new employees, etc. The chat interface of Slack is quite simple to understand and pretty much easy to use. The user can find all the available channels open to the left side of the chat interface.   One of the additional features of Slack is its screen sharing ability during video calls. It makes the best presentation tool with the help of voice, video, and text communication. The exceptional search functionality of Slack makes the user bring all files, messages, attachments at one place.   The CPU usage is high at Slack and is more intensive when compared to Discord. It uses 9.5 MB for its processing for the same count of message requests, which were attended by Discord. Every day’s essential business applications of all size and shape like Asana, Dropbox, Salesforce, Trello, Jira, etc., are easily integrated into Slack.    5. Slack vs Discord: End Users  The gaming community prefers to land on Discord rather than Slack, for its lag-free and high-speed gaming experience. Though mainly meant for gamers, the concept of collaboration is born out of necessity to unite them in one place. Going further when we talk about, discord notification meme, it allows the users to compile them as the way they want. Though Slack was developed by a gaming company, it’s been essentially built for team speak. Its primary focus is to attend business or corporate audience for their uninterrupted team collaboration. The features designed are highly business-oriented with intuitive and impressive UI.   6. Slack vs Discord: Pricing  Discord comes in three pricing plans  Free - $0 Discord Nitro Classic - $4.99/month Discord Nitro - $9.99/month   Discord offers most of its features free of cost, and a Nitro Plan for the upgrade of extended file upload, animated emojis and for high-quality screen sharing. Since the upgrade is applicable to each individual account instead of the server, the users who need it should upgrade accordingly. Along with this, a Nitro plan of Discord enhances the users chat experience with interesting perks such as animated fun, global search emoji's, custom Discord tag, high-quality video, etc., Slack comes in three pricing plans and an enterprise Grid: Free - $0 Standard - $6.67/month Plus - $12.50/month Enterprise Grid   It doesn’t offer many of the important features in its free version. Small teams or small organizations can create a team collaboration workspace for an unlimited period of time with their+ free plan. For uninterrupted project communications, teams can opt for Slack's standard plan. The two-factor authentication facility is available for all the users, regardless of the plan.   7. Slack vs Discord: Voice and Video Calls Discord Voice calls and Voice chat are the heart of Discord. Discord video channels have kept separate from messaging channels and have gained huge popularity with free VoIP calling service between gaming servers, since its inception. When compared to its other competitors like Slack and Skype, It provides the highest quality audio and video calling for the users. Unlike Slack, Discord doesn’t differentiate its voice and video calling services with its plan’s purchase. Discord video calling and screen sharing can be used simultaneously to have an enhanced user gaming experience. Let us have a quick look at how to video call on Discord? -Select “Voice & Video” from App Settings and Select video settings from the camera options drop-down menu and follow instructions as guided by Discord.Though video calling is available in Slack’s Free Plan, it’s been restricted only for two people. The users need to upgrade to higher paid plans to expand the video call participant’s limit to 15 users. In any of the Slack's plan, its users can call other members of the application through channels. Slack gave a value-addition to its video calling, where the participants can respond with a different kind of emojis to show their expression!    8. Slack vs Discord: Integrated File Sharing Slack and Discord both the tools, allows the users to share a wide range of files across their respective applications. In Discord’s free plan, the user can share files to the limit of 8MB and can extend this limit up to 50 MB. In Slack, users can upload the files up to 1 GB. The users can directly drag and drop all range of files such as PDFs, images and videos into the slack.   9. Slack vs Discord: Support Service Discord extends excellent round the clock support services to its users. Apart from its 24/7 help center, its support team is actively available on most of the social channels like Twitter, Reddit, etc., Its exclusive help center page provides you all the information right from the account settings to permissions. Get to know about its announcements, trust and safety, community programs and many more from the help center page of their website. Slack too provides high-end and well-coordinated customer support for its users. They ensure the best possible resolutions for any sort of customer feedback and toughest queries. The support team who are up to date on the latest feature details will attend the users by assuring them with seamless application usage. The support page of Slack lets you tap into the collective knowledge base of the application.   Conclusion Eventually, the size of your organization and the cost of the application matters the most while choosing the right one! Discord and Slack both are exceptional in their respective genres. I personally suggest the user opt for Discord, as its free plan itself is offering all the essential parameters of the application.   But ultimately, it’s the user’s choice of which to choose picked!   Still not justified! Then I would strongly suggest you hands-on the new-age chat messenger solution,  The Troop Messenger.   Disclaimer The aim of the article is to be informative. We intend users take an informed decision for an effective and productive experience. The comparison shown between discord vs slack in the blog is only towards that end and has no intention of pitting one against the other team collaboration app brands. The images, logos, any concepts etc., used in this blog, purely belong to their respective companies or applications (Discord and Slack).   Readers are advised to consult and confirm from the respective service providers regarding details of features, latest updates, prices, and their policies before utilizing any of their services. This further informs the reader that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this blog solely belong to the author’s perception, and not necessarily to the author’s employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.  
The game between Slack and Discord is endless. In this article, we're gonna be Comparing Slack vs D...
team communication
19 Dec 2018
Trendy Business Applications for Internal Communication
Communication, Co-ordination, and Correlation are the three apexes of any business.   Business Applications for Internal Communication is a base to crack organizational goals. With seamless communication and packed co-relation, it is easy to represent the whole as one. Evolving and growing smartphone technology tangled with internet evolution makes communication smoother than ever before.   In recent days, several mobile messaging applications are coming up with a user-friendly interface to make internal communication instant and seamless.   They come handy for your business to be more effective, streamlining your attempts to optimize efficiency and productivity. Employee involvement being paramount for business growth, these applications zero in on packaging several features to stay ahead in the race for the top slot.   However, business platforms ask versatile apps having all ends of communication for process betterment, which include data sharing, voice and video calls, group formation and above all customization. Have a close look over such compact business chat applications for internal communication.   We enlist below top 9 internal communication tools compatible with smartphones as well as with desktop computers to promote instant messaging for business.     Internal Communication Tools   1. Slack 2. Troop Messenger 3. Skype 4. Flowdock 5. Lumen5 6. Basecamp 7. Redbooth 8. DialMyCalls 9. Stride 10. Azendoo   1. Slack       Slack is the most efficient cloud-based team collaboration chat application that almost every organization’s workplace is using it. It allows team members to collaborate and manage the entire workflow through one platform.   Once a game company, it developed a tiny team chat app which within a span of 4 years rocks the business scene with its thrilling sensational communication threads. It’s an amazing project management and collaboration tool that provides your business a handy communication medium. This is a cloud-based team communication application and an awesome tool for internal conversation for companies with remote workers.   The slack chat room is organized shelf of topics, private chats and direct messaging. And slack allows its user to search for files, groups, and members associated with.   It provides for easy retrieval of history and is available for web, iOS, and Android and window phones.   2. Troop Messenger     Efficacious communication without any knot is the key to business enhancement. In order to keep your business processing smooth and slippery Troop Messenger, a business chat app has been designed keeping business needs in mind. Troop Messenger is available in both desktop and mobile, building a communication channel between employees.   Loads of amazing feature implementations make it power packed to address diverse business needs and necessities. Along with basic features of limitless messaging and file sharing, Troop Messenger offers security features like secured pin code, spot image and fingerprint for its mobile app in order to keep your business conversation private and confidential.   In business, you can’t take the risk of any data loss. And Troop Messenger is the best option for you in this regard. This is an auto-sync app with data restore option in case of reinstallation. Furthermore, for project collaboration and management it allows for unlimited private group creation with group notification to keep you updated.   3. Skype     Skype, from the stable of Microsoft, is the most familiar and widely used business communication app available for desktop and mobile. It has in-built text, video, voice and chat applications with file sharing and instant messaging features.   Skype for Business, formerly known as Lync 2013, is available for both desktop and mobile version to enable uninterrupted collaboration between teams. It has totally transformed the way people communicate with each other at their workplaces with its rich feature presence.   4. Flowdock     Flowdock is the –perfect balance of project management and internal communication tool. It presents the most effective way of organized team collaborations like no other messenger application does. Flowdock with versatile chat features allows multiple flows of conversations and available for both desktop and mobile.   A single dashboard of the Flowdock provides visibility into the work processes. Flowdock allows the team members to identify conversations and get back to them easily, with the help of colour-coded threads.   5. Lumen    Lumen5, an online video maker, turns text into social media videos in minutes. It does this automatically by analyzing the text through AI and putting the best music, video, and images together accordingly. It’s perfect for re-purposing content in multiple formats, all while saving you a ton of time. Here is an overview of Lumen5’s key features: Easily transform articles and blog posts into video content Create videos in minutes with the assistance of A.I. Searchable library with millions of free media files Customize your videos to match the look and feel of your brand Optimize every video to improve performance and conversion rates   6. Basecamp     Basecamp is known to be one of the best and most effective Project Management and Team Communication software which enables the team members of the project to know each task updates.   Basecamp is another group chat app with a flexible bridge between organizational staff and clients for effective business management. In trade, client management has greater priority among other functions and Basecamp provides the impetus to assist you for healthy client relationship management.   Along with inter-communication, it manages intra-communication among departments of the same organization. Internal communication includes project management, file sharing, project collaboration, task allotment, and to-do list maintenance.   7. Redbooth      Redbooth Free is for teams up to two members to work on two active workspaces. Free users can use many of the core Redbooth features, including unlimited conversations, project templates, Store and Share Files, Organize Tasks with Tags and much more.   Redbooth lets the project team members communicate, prioritize and organize tasks to facilitate easier and faster project completion. It allows the team members to stay connected with its availability on iOS and Android.   With the primary function of task tracking, Redbooth is contributing to instant messaging for business. There is an inbuilt chat software in Redbooth that helps team members for instant conveyance.   8. DialMyCalls     Company’s work culture has a vital role to polish the brand values making the company stand tall in the market. And in this line, DialMyCalls may help you out is a virtual suggestion box. It allows the employees to use two-way text messaging along with custom vanity phone number to put an anonymous complaint against company harassment, bullying, and dysfunctional management.   This stand-out feature ultimately will help in ironing out the employee dissatisfaction and pave way for the betterment of organizational culture. Furthermore, DialMyCalls aids in HR management for sending mass notifications to employees via phone calls or text messaging to inform about upcoming events, meetings or due dates.   9. Stride     Office communication has been made-easy with Stride Could based messaging tool. It enables seamless and flawless intra-communication between team members to share endless innovative ideas, code, audio and video files etc., It thoroughly integrates with Atlassian tools namely Confluence or JIRA. These integrations allow us to receive notifications.   For startups, Stride is the best option for office chat being versatile and affordable with a design to integrate it with external software like Facebook, Dropbox, Google drive and many more for data security. Again it is accessible through both web and mobile from any corner of the world. Stride has both freemium and premium versions with basic and extended features respectively.   10. Azendoo     “Turn Conversations into Actions,” is what Azendoo says…   Sales and marketing are the most important parts of any business and Azendoo have been designed for furthering marketing advancement. Basically, Azendoo is a task tracker along with communication features. This tool is very useful for the design team as well and its chat feature is the carbon copy of Facebook private chat integration.   Azendoo allows the teams to clearly understand the tasks and responsibilities of the project and deliver quality results.   This is how, all the above-listed office collaboration messenger applications made, easy and transparent office communication!    
Communication, Co-ordination, and Correlation are the three apexes of any business.   Business ...
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