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mattermost or riot
13 Dec 2019
MatterMost or Riot/Matrix: Which office messaging platform will make your Collaboration Game stronger?
Uber, Samsung, United States Armed Forces, TADHack, W3F, and UpCloud - World’s leading companies are using either Mattermost, Riot, or Matrix to give their teams the ‘best-ever’ virtual workplace experience.   While these companies are on three different messaging platforms, with different requirements, they have one thing in common - they all understand the importance of having a virtual workplace where all employees and stakeholders can communicate and collaborate, irrespective of the differences in time zone and location.   Along with these renowned names, 97% of businessmen and executives believe that the lack of communication within a team negatively influences the outcome of a project.   75% of the businessmen rate team collaboration and communication as the ‘most critical aspects,’ and 86% of the entrepreneurs cite lack of communication and ineffective collaboration for workplace failure?   These statistics are a testimony to the fact that getting communication right can easily be a make or break factor for businesses, especially for virtual teams that rely on in-depth communication style.   In a virtual business, relationships can be strained where communication happens primarily over electronic devices and the internet. The better you communicate, the better and more cohesive will be the end-projects.   Conventional forms of e-communication like email or Whatsapp fail to cut it as people are spread out further afield. And that’s where we realize the immediate need for messaging platforms like Riot-Matrix and Mattermost - office chat applications specifically designed to meet the collaboration needs of teams working remotely.     MatterMost Vs Roit/Matrix   1. Messaging Functionality 2. Voice and Video Conferencing 3. Integration 4. File Sharing 5. Security 6. Supporting devices 7. Pricing    A bit about Matrix     Three keywords define Matrix: Interoperable systems, Real-time Communication, and Decentralised collaboration. As an open standard team chats application, the matrix is known for robust specifications that have the potential of evolving the concept of modern communication.   Interoperable: Matrix, being Open Standard, is specifically designed to integrate and interoperate with multiple communication systems. Decentralized: As a decentralized tool, with no central point, the matrix can be hosted on different servers. The team leaders can business owners can have complete control over their data, which gives zero-opportunity for the third party for peek-a-boo! Real-Time: Matrix is designed to function in real-time, which makes it an ideal tool for systems and workplaces that need an immediate exchange of data and media. And hence, it makes for an apt Instant Messaging tool as well. A bit about Riot     Riot is a Matrix client that was built with an emphasis on usability and performance. Built on top of Matrix-react-sdk, this open-source tool allows teams to bridge beyond their borders.    Uber, Samsung, United States Armed Forces, TADHack, W3F, and UpCloud With Riot, you don’t have to juggle between different applications for communicating with different vendors, teams, suppliers, and networks. It bridges various services like IRC and Slack, and thus people using different tools can chat with you, while you use integrations and bots from the open-source Matrix ecosystem.   Here also, you are in complete control of shared messages, documents, files, and sensitive data, and private conservations are end-to-end encrypted so that you never have to compromise with your teams/businesses’ privacy.   A bit about Mattermost     As a self-hosted Slack Alternative, Mattermost is a flexible messaging platform that enables highly secure team communication and collaboration. With Mattermost you can deploy faster by connecting files, people, and systems with workflow. The centralized DevOps communication platform can be used for secure integration with popular DevOps tools like bots, Git, CI, and CD.   Many of the global companies like Uber are working better with Mattermost by connective tools, people, and automation across millions of users. This exclusive team chat app is employed for enterprise-grade security, scalability, and availability - all of which helps the team members and employees to work seamlessly with complaint systems and mobile security.   Why are we comparing Matrix, Riot, and Mattermost?   If you’ve read Troop Messenger blog before, you know how we’ve always been curious about our rivals. Exploring rival apps and similar team collaboration software helps us analyze office collaboration needs from a customer’s perspective. An unbiased analysis of our competitors leads us towards designing a better tool for our end-users - Troop Messenger- a better, cleaner and more user-friendly chat alternative. Recently, we did an in-depth analysis of Rocket Chat and Zulip. This time we would like to focus on the well-known Mattermost, Riot, and Matrix. Comparing the emerging leaders of office communication   Let’s dig deeper into comparing these office communication platforms and review what’s the big deal about them. To help you with the decision to choose among Matrix, Riot, and Mattermost, you should know the key differences to using this new infrastructure:   Comparing the emerging leaders of office communication   Let’s dig deeper into comparing these office communication platforms and review what’s the big deal about them. To help you with the decision to choose among Matrix, Riot, and Mattermost, you should know the key differences to using this new infrastructure:   1. Messaging Functionality  Matrix  With Matrix, you can create an open collaboration platform that is vibrant, independent, and continuously evolving. It maintains a complete conversation history and features end-to-end encryption of chats that are synchronized across all devices. Simple HTTP APIs for creating a chat room SDKs (iOS, Android, Web) for creating a chat room Direct chats and chatbots Conversations replicated over all participating servers Reach other users in the Global Matrix Ecosystem Complete with end-to-end encryption Synchronized conversation history Formatted messages Read receipts Rating: 4/5        Riot  Riot is more than a simple chat platform and makes for a perfect team chat app whether you’re a team, community, or a family. Whether you want to stay visible for attracting more members or stay flexible enough to gather users across different apps and entities, Riot is a good choice. Here, you can create private communities for grouping your rooms and filtering them.  One-to-one chats Big public chats Small private conversations Create chat rooms per topic, group, event Decide the level of access control Decide the visibility of history Create own private communities Rating: 3.5/5   Mattermost  Mattermost is unarguably one of the fastest-growing messaging platforms designed for DevOps. Uber and the US army uses Mattermost for handling over 70,000 simultaneous users who send around hundreds of messages every second. With a highly available setup, you can avoid outages and track your system health with various performance monitoring tools. Organized conversations in channels Scalable messaging Fully searchable message history 1-on-1 and group messaging Multi-language support Private/encrypted direct messages Emoji and rich Markdown formatting Rating: 4.5/5    2. Voice and Video Conferencing   Matrix  With the advent of WebRTC, Matrix developers acquired the ability to create a robust platform for exchanging high-quality video and voice calling. If you want to build VoIP into your application, or have a wish to expose your current VoIP application to a wide audience, then building on SDK Matrix and bridges should be no brainer.  Matriz is a decentralized conversation store instead of being a messaging protocol. Hence, once you send a Matrix message, it is replicated over all servers and sent among servers participating in a given conversation. Internet of Things communication VoIP/WebRTC signaling (voice and video) Integration with Jitsi for multi-party video chats 3D Video Calling Group conversations Read receipts Typing notifications Presence  Rating: 4/5        Riot With Riot, you can make one-touch video calls, voice calls, and send audio notes on all platforms. The audio quality is decent enough for workplace communication. Respond to calls natively (as you respond to phone calls) Share links with users during conference calls External users can join video conferences via links and their browsers Rating: 3.5/5    Mattermost Mattermost supports different third party videos, screenshots, and audio via plugins is planned. There are also plugins like Cisco WebEx Meetings supported on a self-hosted on-premise solution. Video call with screen sharing Audio call with screen sharing Invite team members to Zoom call One-on-one calls based on the WebRTC protocol Third-party plugins like Zoom, Skype, BigBlueButton Integration with Jitsi, Kopano, SIP PBX, and Rating: 4/5   3. Integration    Matrix  Matrix is definitely the boss when it comes to integration. With bridges, bots, and Widgets, there’s a lot that can be done. Where Bridges link discussions across various networks, Widgets embed the third-party tools in the chatbox, and Bots interact with third-party apps directly from the chat. Read and Write to Channels outside Matrix (Slack, Gitter, and IRC) Bots to sit in channels and listen & respond to commands (GitHub, Guggy, Giphy, and RSS Bot, Travis CI). Widgets for a full-blown interactive matrix room (Jitsi, Etherpad, and Grafana) Rating: 5/5           Riot  Same as Matrix, Riot also allows interaction with other applications and services directly from your rooms. Since Riot is built of Matrix, anyone can easily and effortlessly develop their own integrations as well. Bots like Giphy and Google Images to help with tasks like searching Embed widgets within the chat rooms for collaboration on documents Stickers addition from ever-growing sticker packs In a Riot chat room, add a bridge to transparently talk with external app users like Slack (without even leaving Riot). Rating: 4.5/5   Mattermost When it comes to integration, Mattermost definitely rules. The powerful integration features can facilitate the teams to work faster and do more within a single platform. DevOps integration set Custom slash commands Incoming and outgoing webhooks Plugins and extensions Robust API library Bots and developer toolkit OAuth 2.0 applications Rating: 4/5   4. File Sharing    Matrix Cloud file sharing and Synchronous Editing Share, view, and receive files Encrypted file sharing Rating: 4/5     Riot  Share, view, and receive files in any conversation Search for files in the file panel. Drag and drop the option for quick file sharing Rating: 4/5  Mattermost File, image, and link sharing Build powerful workflows Share system feeds in channels Rating: 4/5  5. Security Matrix Matrix’s security is strengthened with the Double Ratchet Algorithm that’s made effective by Signal and extended to support the encryption to matrix rooms that contain hundreds of devices. End-to-End data encryption via Meglom and Olm cryptographic ratchets The only recipient can access or decrypt a message Warnings for logins from unexpected devices Rating: 3.5/5    Riot If you are using Riot for team communication, be sure that no one else can peek into or eavesdrop on your conversations. Even the server admins cannot access chat since it uses the best end-to-end encryption available. End-to-End data encryption No access to the third party for shared data, not even server admins Secure key backup for recovering the encrypted data Double-factor authentication Highlights when the account is compromised Rating: 3.5/5  Mattermost Mattermost clients have the freedom to keep complete control over their data. From e-compliance reporting to enforce multi-factor authentication, Mattermost guarantees security in the best manner possible: eDiscovery and compliance reporting Custom terms of service Data retention policies AD/LDAP authentication AD/LDAP Group sync SAML 2.0 single sign-on Database management tools Multi-factor authentication Performance monitoring Rating: 4.5/5   6. Supporting devices   Matrix The best way to use Matrix features is by using the Riot Web client within the browser. The Riot Web client is then configured by default in order to connect it with the home server of  Rating: 3/5       Riot Browser: Launch Riot right in your browser; Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome  Desktop: Download application on personal computer App Store: Supported on iOS 11+ v1.25.1, 10.12+ v4.3. Play Store: Supported on Android 7.0+ v1.25.1 F-droid: Version 0.9.9 (40090900) Rating: 4.5/5    Mattermost Mac: Supported on 10.12+ v4.3.2 iOS: Supported on iOS 11+ v1.25.1 Android: Supported on Android 7.0+ v1.25.1 Windows: Supported on Windows 7+ v4.3.2 Linux: Supported on Ubuntu 16.04+ v4.3.2 Rating: 4.5/5   7. Pricing   Matrix  By registering an account on, you can use Matrix for free, which is maintained by a non-profit Foundation. Rating: 4/5      Riot Riot is open-source and it’s also free, for everyone and forever. You can use Riot free of cost, without even having to compromise with your data and privacy. Premium service is available from, with plans starting from $1.50 per active user per month to Rating: 4.5/5   Mattermost Enterprise E10: $3.25 per user per month, suitable for small-scale companies. Enterprise E20: $8.50 per user per month, suitable for high-trust enterprises and organizations Rating: 3.5/5   Key Takeaways: If you want to be in more control of your company’s security, my advice would be to go with Riot or Matrix. Matrix and Riot are the perfect choices if your employees need to communicate with vendors or stakeholders using chat apps other than Matrix (Slack, Trello, etc.) They can literally communicate with them without being forced to install the same application.    If you want to be in more control of your company’s data, my advice would be to stick to Mattermost. Mattermost’s self-hosted platform offers unmatched control over data, legal compliance, and privacy. If data control is your teams’ priority, Mattermost must be the solution, for it provides full access to source codes, libraries, and server APIs, without any monitoring by a third-party tool.    If your team’s virtual workplace priority is an intuitive user interface with advanced feature stack, you can try Troop Messenger.  While Riot, Matrix, and Mattermost offer efficiency and agility through modern communication, Troop Messenger can provide additional internal security with features like ‘Finger Print Access’ and ‘Passcode Security Pin.’ Troop Messenger can be a good pick if you prefer an easy to understand messaging platform with simple navigation.   Conclusion When intellectual minds, with brilliant ambitions, work towards a common goal, great things are bound to happen. But, no great thing is achieved without a team effort, and for an effective team effort, office collaboration tools are an indispensable component.   With the right tools, employees and team members are able to complement each other’s weaknesses, strengths, and ultimately become unstoppable! Not only are these tools designed to reduce needs for extraneous meetings but also for providing faster access to media, files, and documents to make communication efficient.   If you too have given a thought about adopting a team communication platform, I’m sure you’ve already considered collaboration giants like Slack, HipChat, and Skype. All three of these platforms have been the biggest players in the office collaboration field, and with great reasons - similar functions with quirky differences.   We’ve all been loyalists to Slack, and to some extent, Skype as well, but this winter Let’s try Riot, Matrix and Mattermost and see what might be different. It’s always great to change things once in a while!  
Uber, Samsung, United States Armed Forces, TADHack, W3F, and UpCloud - World’s leading compani...
16 Oct 2018
14+ Amazing Productivity Apps for Android and iOS in 2018
"Work is engrossing. Enthralling. Buzzing." The workplace is the platform where you learn more about you. But, at times we find ourselves in a productive rut. Where we just look out of the window so much that you are writing the scripts of people walking over the road or spending most of the time talking about ‘The Crown’ or if you are still reading this instead of working on that presentation.   Best Productivity Apps  1.  Evernote 2.  Troop Messenger 3.  Google Keep 4.  Pocket 5.  Grammarly 6.  Team Viewer 7.  Pushbullet 8.  CloudConvert 9.  Zapier 10. Acollab 11.  MindMeister 12.  Google Drive 13.  HelloSign 14.  Screencastify 15.  Todoist 16. Salesmate 17. Rebrandly   Nevertheless, worry not! The technology has got your back. With the advancements in mobile applications, you could make most of your time with these substantial productive apps that come for phones of all platforms, tablets, and computers:   Getting distracted at work is common for all of us. However, with the advancements of technology, you can stop getting distracted and stay productive   We list below as the best productivity apps that come for all operating systems and devices.   Evernote      Hello mate! Meet your second brain. If your brain works like mine, where hundreds of things run from family - work - date in the evening - friends; Evernote could be great for storing that ephemera. It is the notebook application for almost everything.   You can craft your ideas and to-do lists at work or personal things to follow up on, format them with rich text and reminders for more paramount notes you need to remember. As the phone is always handy, you will have a place for it.   Make use of the built-in camera to scan the documents. A user can even drag the files, keep track of forms, tickets, and more. One of the productivity apps that comes with a search tool that could even identify the text inside images and scans. With Evernote, you could scan, share, and save everything. Troop Messenger   Troop Messenger has changed the way business operations happen in the workplace. This application serves both collaboration and communication in a single plate. Regardless of the sizes of your organization, you can initiate a conversation, build groups and talk anything under the sun.   Using Troop Messenger, you can do everything from project management to creating to-do lists, video conference to screen sharing, and integration of third-party application to user status set up. It can tremendously cut down the time you spend on visiting fellow mate’s desk or typing the long boring email. This is the perfect platform for the not-so-good with technology people as well; because the user interface is friendly.   Make your team communication much easier. Switch to Troop Messenger     Google Keep     Capture your every thought in any format. I personally use it all the time since I am that kind of person who has to remind myself of the important things and to-do tasks. Google Keep is the quickest way to dump the things the moment they hit your little brain. With this desktop and mobile application, you can create notes, lists, and set reminders.   A user can check off the completed tasks and can access your notes on any device. Keep ensures to be in sync automatically to your Chrome extension or app, phone, watch, tablet, and Google Keep website. Users can add photos, drawing or can even draw on the photos. By coloring the notes with vibrant colors over there, it has been quite easy for scanning.   By #lables, we can group notes together. On top of everything, if you want to use Google Keep in your work, Google Docs let you bring notes into your document to put all ideas together to make a final piece.   Pocket   Capture content from everywhere. Organize your space with everything you cannot wait anymore to learn. You can save an article or link or a video or anything to watch later to Pocket. This is one of the best productivity apps for iPhone where you can read or watch anything later.   Pocket has entirely eradicated the way we bookmark pages till now as it is difficult to find the essential stuff in our bloated bookmarks. What are you waiting for? Just tap on me. Grammarly     If I was asked what’s your favorite productivity applications, I would name Grammarly without any second thought. Being a writer myself, sometimes I fall into a predicament whether my content is easy-to-read or error-free. But when I say, typos or errors, they are more than embarrassing, bruh!   I discovered Grammarly, a grammar checker that would fix broken tenses, wrongly spelled words, and also suggests better synonyms. What else would anyone ask for?   While at work, employees have to write some or the other thing every day. An email to the client asking for resources, telling a coworker who is working from home to resolve the issue, or asking the permission to leave early saying that you are sick but actually have a date in the evening. Yeah, yeah! I know you.   You see, Grammarly is the tool you need. It has Chrome extension and can work inside Microsoft Word, Google docs recently, and any web application with its browser add-ons. Also, it comes for mobile applications with its custom keyboard.   I am not saying that this grammar checker tool is perfect. It can only provide you incorrect suggestion and also bug you to replace the monotonous words. Of course, there are many other Grammarly alternatives that toil more efficiently. Grammarly could tighten up your writing and ensures everything to be correct from quick emails to a detailed statement of purpose that makes your English teacher smile ear-to-ear.   TeamViewer     One of the productivity apps that let you access your desktop remotely. It happens at times where you are working on something in-house and you have some about.php page code in an office desktop. How do you get that now? Well, TeamViewer has the simple and the easiest way to do that.   This application work everywhere - even a Chrome extension to control PCs from a Macbook. Keep the TeamViewer running or active on the system you want to access, then when you need something from that computer, just open the application on your device, get logged in, and use that remote computer just like you were sitting in front of it.   The graphics would be with a bit lower quality, but you can get things done, right?   Pushbullet     Have you ever wondered if you could copy something on your MacBook and paste in on your Windows operation system? Pushbullet is the platform you need. With this, you can even get personalized notifications from Twitter, Reader digest, online news portals, and to-do lists as well. It is one of the productivity tools that works everywhere.   It is highly integrated with Windows and Android. With a premium plan, a user can get global copy/paste and can also send or receive messages of your Android on PC.   CloudConvert     Convert anything to anything! CloudConverts supports the conversion between more than 200 different media formats. We all have movement when the file dumped us by displaying that you cannot open :( But, worry not!   CloudConvert could fix that. It can convert from famous document formats like .doc or .pdf to design files such as Adobe.psd and .ai. All you gotta do is to add the files you want to be converted and then choose the format you want to be. That’s it. The application itself take care of the rest. It converts and you can either download them individually or also can store those group of files as in ZIP.   Additionally, CloudConvert also has the ability to transform files in the background. Let it go in touch with Google Drive or Dropbox and convert files on a whole new level as a cakewalk.   Zapier     Zapier is widely known for its thing for automation. This application lets you focus more on your work. It deserves a position in top productivity apps since it has the capability to move the information between your web application automatically. Rather than copying and pasting the information between the applications or forwarding the same or allotting the same task every month, Zapier can do all that for you instantly with a matter of clicks.   It connects web apps over anything else. It already has connected over 1300 application for a better together. For instance, when some activity happens in your application such as getting a new order or contact us form gets filled out, an appointment would be soon coming up. Zapier sends follow-up emails, copy data into the CRM, spreadsheets, and much more.   Set up Zapier and automate all your strenuous tasks which give you more time on doing other important chores.   Acollab Acollab is a collaborative tool that facilitates the work with his team and his customers.   It centralizes a project management tool, a document management tool, a time tracking tool, a shared calendar, collaborative writing and communication tools. Acollab allows you to share all the useful information in a dedicated webspace. It's also available as a mobile application. You can request a free trial:    MindMeister     Well, we all get ideas but at times we struggle to put them all together at one place. MindMeister is an online mind mapping platform that lets you grab, nurture, and share ideas visually. This application is entirely web-based which signifies that there is no annoyance of download or upgrade.   In order to get started, double-click anywhere on the provided canvas to add a new idea, Just dump everything in your mind. Bring your team and add as many solutions as possible. Next, club them all together. Join related topic to one another and within no time, you would have a comprehensive map that traces everything back to a focal point. It is a team setting that has never been easier and productive.   Google Drive     Aah! Yet again, another favorite of mine. It is one of the productivity apps that never let me down. Google Drive is the place where I store all of my files; from the Quotation document at work to Coorg trip photos with my mate. It is flawlessly integrated with most of the web applications enabling the users to open the drawings or prepare monthly expenses record through a spreadsheet.   It has everything to store that can handle all my office needs. As I said earlier, I use Grammarly and now it can check grammar and spelling in my Google Docs. Isn’t that great?   I can just drag and drop files in between folders, access recently viewed files in a click, and search for the document I have worked 6 months ago easily. It works perfectly with teams, collaborative docs of files, and can recognize the scanned files with its inbuilt OCR tool. It syncs flawlessly with all my devices.   HelloSign       Hello!! While you are running a business or works in an organization, you have to sign the documents at one or the other time. It is okay if it is one or two, but at times, you gotta sign dozens of them. But, HelloSign helps you sign every page that expects your signature in a few clicks. Yep, you read it right. This is the only platform in the market that enables the end users for a seamless embed signing experience. To get started, draw your signature on HelloSign’s mobile application initially or it even has an option that generates your signature. Just enter your name and the software would fetch you unique signatures in seconds, select your favorite one and then click on each signature field to add it.   Do not waste your time any more in signing something. It is well integrated with Google Drive so that you can send files as soon as you make them. Dump the old fax machine and say hello to HelloSign!   Screencastify   Screenshot tools are quite beneficial. It helps you capture what is on your screen. But what if you want a screenshot of large data? Screencastify is the simplest and easiest option to capture your entire desktop, webcam, or browser tab.   Enable its Chrome extension to record anything without any need of downloading the software. Once you are done with the recording, use the application editor to crop and trim to precisely what you want.   It also has synchronization with Google Drive so that you can share the recorded items with anyone, anywhere.   Todoist     Work life is overwhelming. But it does not have to be. To organize tasks and stay profitable, make use of these productivity tools so you can get it all done and enjoy peace all along the way.   Todoist is more like a fitness tracker for productivity. It can track all your tasks, verify them off and later shows you how productive you are at the end of the day. Let this application do everything for you. Get tasks out of your head and list them here.   This application keeps you focused on Users can add tasks with the Quick Add option that grasps dates, project names, and also tags with any kind of symbols. You can check what all have to be done today and what is ahead for tomorrow. Organize projects into a hierarchy, get access to all the tasks at once.   Toggl     A hassle-free time tracking software for your day-to-day activities. To make smarter choices or moves ahead, you have to know the correct time. Toggl is one such time tracking tool that tracks reminders even if you forget. The thing about Toggl is that it tracks time only when you are working. No cheating, bro.   To not let you burn out, it has also incorporated Pomodoro technique that lets you take a break when you have worked for some 30 minutes straight. All your entries could be well synced with the website, mobile application, desktop, and even Toggl Chrome extension.   Salesmate     Take control over your sales opportunities and increase your conversion rate with Salesmate. It is an intuitive sales CRM for growing businesses who want to make their salespeople more efficient and productive. With this high-end sales tool, you can manage your sales deal, streamline your sales process, analyze your sales performance and automate various time-consuming tasks. Salesmate makes vital sales data easily available and helps in maintaining long-term relationships with your valuable customers.   Salesmate allows you to take the information related to your sales deals wherever you go as it is accessible through both iOS and Android app. Quit ceasing sales communication when you are away from your desk. With Salesmate mobile app you can connect with your customers from anywhere and seamlessly sell on the move.   Rebrandly Rebrandly is the industry-leading URL shortener and link management platform to brand, track and share short URLs with a custom domain name.   Links are an important asset to any business. They connect your brand with the online world, so it’s essential that you’re in control of them. Between social media sharing, email marketing, customer support, admin and internal communications- it’s difficult to estimate just how many links you create and share each year. That’s where a central link management tool comes in. From improved collaboration and tracking to safeguarding your brand against a PR crisis, Rebrandly helps you take back control of your links. With branded links, you can: Increase social engagement and CTR by up to 39% Improve your conversion rate with advanced traffic routing Grow your audience by adding retargeting pixels to your link     Bottom line: These are a few comprehensive and productivity apps that let you run faster and efficient at work. Of course, there are still more in the line. However, I assure you that these aforementioned applications could bring you closer to realizing your business goals.   Disclaimer  All the information provided in this article is for information purpose alone. The intent is to provide some of the productive applications catalogs that might help users in their decision-making process. Hence, readers are advised to comprehend, consult, and confirm from the corresponding services while moving ahead.    
"Work is engrossing. Enthralling. Buzzing." The workplace is the platform where you learn more about...
military collaboration
07 Dec 2019
Increasing military collaboration and productivity with Troop Messenger
Picture this: You’re leading a peace-keeping mission and simultaneously safeguarding your nation against the enemies. It’s a multi-state effort, that involves an active contribution of your colleagues from different departments, some working next door, and some in remote areas.   As a leader, there is a dire need for you to maintain an active collaboration and real-time data sharing with all the team members. You also need to integrate with third-party contractors who are handling other mission-critical services.   But, you don’t have the right medium to maintain that interaction. You don’t have a secure platform to deliver critical information among your team members. Your mission is hampered through phone calls and static email solutions, and eventually, the lack of tools and effective collaboration process dawns upon you.   But it’s too late, the delay has already caused a ruckus, and your opponents are already a step ahead.   Now, Let’s flip the scenario: You’re organizing a similar mission with a war-torn nation. You need to have a collaboration with the masses. There are a thousand people who need to exchange information with each other - actively, remotely, and frequently - without having to worry about the security breaches.   And you are already prepared for that!   You have a dedicated application that supports defence collaboration services, allows an unprecedented level of communication and real-time collaboration. You have an end-to-end encrypted tool that offers solutions ranging from instant calling, messaging, video conferencing, workflow sharing, creating virtual workplaces, managing action-logs, exchanging risk registers, and tracking the progress (through insights and analytics) till the very end.   Which scenario would you rather be in? The first when where you’re likely to compromise with the security of your organization and hamper the workflow.   Or   The second, where you have got complete control of real-time data sharing, anytime/anywhere productivity, and cross-agency collaboration?   The answer is so obvious. I am ashamed I even asked that question!   This brings us to a fact:   Collaboration tools  are the need-of-the hour for military, defence, and security-conscious government organizations - not only because of the exciting range of features that make them do more in less but also because they are a perfect solution to data and security challenges as well.” For instance, Microsoft office for military personnel offers a variety of features to promote military collaboration in a secure environment.”   Let’s look at the role these applications can play in changing the dimension of modern collaboration among defence forces while meeting today’s security and mobility issues:   Top 5 Defence Organisation requirements that only a dedicated collaboration tool can fulfil: I. Reliable Communication: There’s no denying the importance of communication for the smooth running of any organization. One cannot imagine operating a business without a source of communication. It is vital for any business owner, and when it comes to military forces, it is indispensable. Real-time communication or miscommunication between the members can make or break a mission. From the alerts carrying orders to the interaction with field personnel to audio/video link to an enemy or strategist, real-time communication can change the game for them. Despite Communication being the most critical factors, Military force leaders and organisations find it challenging to provide their team members with an appropriate collaboration and communication services. Because of the differing characteristics and needs of these organizations, they cannot communicate with a standard industry template. Military teams need special tools that can handle military messaging without compromising security and data sensitivity issues. Military messaging tools help information flowing within teams for electronic communication across different systems and between nations. These tools ensure messaging data is compliant with international standards and encrypted to reduce the chances of security breaches.    1. Mobility  Commanders and Leaders: Access information anytime, anyplace, and through different devices, and work from remote areas without the need for a conventional office premise. Staff and Analysts: Seamlessly collaborate with the commanders, headquarters, and staff from the upper or lower hierarchical structure. Infantry Soldiers: Communicate anytime, from anywhere, and exchange alerts  Administrative Staff and Field Personnel: Deliver field related communications and real-time data to mobile personnel.   2. Virtual Meetings: Commanders and Leaders: Force leaders and commanders require constant access to real-time data/information and frequent interaction with team members to make an informed decision. Staff and Analysts: Staffs and analysts working at different levels rely on video conferences to coordinate and engage an automated translation of responsibilities. Infantry Soldiers: Join conferences and meetings hosted by their leaders from remote locations.  Administrative Staff and Field Personnel: Partake in role-specific training sessions, which reduces the need for instructors to travel.   II. Real-Time Collaboration to Support Mission Objectives: The top priority for Military and Defense personnel is to support the mission objectives by staying informed and making informed decisions.   Such organizations and their associates need to grasp the situational context, understand the scenario quickly, respond rapidly, and pass the decisions to others. The situation can either be a regular conflict, threat to the nation’s safety, or a major disaster, but the approach is usually the same.   Not only do these organizations generate and analyze huge amounts of data but they also communicate speedily with experts and counterparts to aid resolution of problem or project at hand.   Equally important is the need to achieve the goals from anywhere, at any time, and through encrypted, highly-secure platforms. Here’s how a security-dedicated collaboration tool can ensure reliable collaboration across different roles and hierarchical structures of a Military organization:   Secure Collaboration Commanders and Leaders: Agencies working for Defense and Military forces do not work individually. One decision originating from Department A could affect the dimension in Department Z. With a thorough collaboration between leaders, such errors can be avoided.  Staff and Analysts: Team members working at different levels can work simultaneously on a single project, share documents, and make edit suggestions from anywhere and on any device.  Administrative Staff and Field Personnel: Have access to a role-based portal and get real-time information. Finding Experts Commanders and Leaders: Find the expert for making a rapid and quick decision, and get questions from the staff and field personnel and give an immediate answer. Staff and Analysts: Reduce the decision-making time by reaching the experts through real-time exchange of data and media and other sensitive files. Infantry Soldiers: Find the expert for resolving an immediate issue. Administrative Staff and Field Personnel: Find the seniors for resolving an issue related to logistics and equipment.     III. Business Intelligence:   Insights and analytics features can enable defence and security & mission-conscious organizations to mitigate threats on time and enable a rapid decision-making protocol.   Insights generated from real-time data can enable such organizations to take up-to-the-hour actions and up-to-the-minute strategies. It also helps get an accurate view of the impending situation, understand the status and capacity of allied forces, and plan according to their exact locations.   Here’s how Microsoft office for the military, a security-dedicated collaboration tool can ensure Insights & Analytics sharing across different roles and hierarchical structures of a Military organization:   Commanders and Leaders: Create a real-time view of tactical data and share it across the command structure in a highly secure portal. Get insights into economic and political data. Staff and Analysts: Analyse received information and share the operational, intelligence, and logistical insights to make more informed decisions. Infantry Soldiers: Understand the strategy and be a part of the planning process. Administrative Staff and Field Personnel: Use the dashboard for visualizing the level of supplies needed for forces, and make better and more informed logistics and purchasing decisions.   IV. Security and Compliance:   One of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a ‘Defence team collaboration application’ is data security and privacy. This is something a regular chat application cannot provide. Robust instant messaging capabilities like DISA DCS provide security and compliance with the ability to share content, provide collaboration, and playback capabilities. Through DCS web conferencing, users can communicate securely using voice and video and have the ability to share documents, PowerPoint slides, photographs and spreadsheets in different formats.  The Solution addresses security concerns unique to defence agencies within a private and dedicated cloud environment. A security-dedicated collaboration tool allows encrypted data sharing across different roles and hierarchical structures of a Military organization: Commanders and Leaders: Make sure that sensitive and confidential data is protected over the cloud and across the devices. Staff and Analysts: Securely receive confidential information, reports, and update it via extranet and intranet applications to help other members be better-informed and control the decisions. Infantry Soldiers: Make secure connections with other military sources and agents or cloud resources Administrative Staff and Field Personnel: Securely exchange field reports and their analyses to the Commanders and leaders.   V. Tech-Enabled Platform: Defence organization is in dire need of a tech-enabled communication and collaboration platform which simplifies task management reduces cost, improves services, and simultaneously provides transparency to work across different departments and agencies.   To achieve Military missions and, maintain collaboration at sea, support defence goals in today’s fast-changing world, defence agencies and all their partners must work together, securely, and over a tech-enabled platform. Today’s high tech collaboration tools offer all of these features at a lightning speed and across multiple devices while also delivering the highest levels of security standards. Some of the features only a tech-enabled tool can provide are:      Live-Location Tracking: With live-location tracking, team leaders and members can always create up-to-the-minute strategies and take up-to-the-hour actions.   Real-Time Desktop/Screen Sharing: Faster and real-time collaboration. Defence forces can share the contents of their screen with another or multiple devices, and show colleagues or vendors presentations, media, documents, or videos on their device, without having to send any file to them. This is a lifesaver for defence and military teams because there are a lot of confidential files that cannot be sent over and only shown to the teams.  Large Storage for unhindered communication: Since the teams are massive and have a hundred of topics to communicate about, a collaboration tool offering large storage is appropriate for unhindered communication.  Crystal-Clear Audio calling and Messaging: Technologies like AI are being included in collaboration tools to make communication easier and simpler than ever. Confidentially Chat: Understanding the need for privacy for an organization, software vendors are focused on providing a confidential, end-to-end encrypted platform for the confidential and data-sensitive exchange of information.    Troop Messenger provides collaboration solutions that meet military objectives: Today various platforms offer users to communicate virtually and create a workspace for team members working remotely. On these platforms, workers/employers can chat online, prepare presentations, create documents, hold conferences, and make calls - all through one interface.   Finding a Suitable office chat application for business is easy because they are sufficient options to choose from. But when it comes to choosing communication and collaboration for a military/defence team, the toughest part is finding a tool that is dedicated to meeting military objectives i.e it meets the unique challenge of protecting critical data without compromising with a real-time defence collaboration features.   With Troop Messenger, defence forces can get both Security and Feature level Benefits.   Security-Level Benefits offered by Troop Messenger:   Data encryption while at rest and transit Mitigation of data theft risk ‘Burnout Window’ for a confidential chat Multi-layered admin privileges Multi-layered data security   Feature-Level Benefits offered by Troop Messenger:    Designed for private networks Live-Location tracking Multi-factor authentication access (FingerPrint and Passcode) Real-time defense collaboration services Surveillance features for close monitoring of communication  Efficient with low latency satellite communication   11 - Ways to elaborate defence scenarios with Troop Messenger (In real-time):   Troop-Messenger, as a leading defence collaboration tool is dedicated to elaborating defence communications with features tailor-made for hierarchical collaboration, critical conversations, informed investigations, and training and development.   This team communication app for defence communications has been designed considering all aspects of productivity and collaboration challenges faced by commanders, soldiers, and military organizations around the world.   Here’s how defence scenarios can be elaborated with Troop Messenger, in real-time:      1.   Hierarchical communication & collaboration: Users can communicate and report to higher authorities of different cadres right within a single interface.    2.   Video Conferences with desktop screen sharing: Real-time meetings with options like screen sharing and integration of third-party applications.    3.  Dedicated War Rooms: React promptly and find help from experts during a sudden and major outbreak. Create a shared workspace for understanding the redefined priorities.    4.  Training and Development: Train junior cadres and receive training online through chat groups, shared workspace, and conferences.    5.  Informed Investigations: Real-time access to prompt decisions on all the investigations you’ve been handling.      6.  Real-Time Location Tracking: Live track your troops on a mission with Troop Messenger, get to know their location and send/receive prompt updates.    7.  Secure & Encrypted File Sharing: Army-Safe, highly-secured, multi-factor encrypted file sharing.    8.  Designed to fit All Network Type: Troop Messenger is designed to fit network of all types, including low and medium bandwidth.    9.  Compliance Benefits: Being security-conscious, TM ensures complete I. Reliable Communication: security of entire shared and stored data with its GDPR compliance.   10.  Data Ownership: Admins are the owner of all data and message exchanges and responsible for managing data space with collaborative or single-point ownership.    11.   Hide and Seek Features: Enable and Disable features depending on the need-of-the-minute and considering what you feel secure/insecure about.       The Future Looks Promising! Continuously evolving technology has changed the way businesses function and interact. Collaboration tools have made enormous changes for business, and now with dedicated platforms like Troop Messenger, there’s more scope to increase military collaboration and productivity in real-time.   This change is most likely to allow military forces and defence teams to create workspaces that allow faster interactions around projects and have meaningful descriptors in a more secure way.   Troop-Messenger is dedicated to elaborating defence communications with features tailor-made for hierarchical collaboration, critical conversations, informed investigations, and training and development.
Picture this: You’re leading a peace-keeping mission and simultaneously safeguarding your nati...
team chat software
04 Dec 2019
Top 10 Team Chat Software for a Self-Hosted environment specifically designed for Large Enterprises
You need a platform to host your enterprise work conversations! Indeed that’s the only way you bring your teams together to exchange work ideas and discuss more work. Making your teams rely on personal chat applications at your workplace is no fun when you seriously look for productive outcomes from them. Instead, give them the best team chat software like Slack, Troop Messenger, Flock, Microsoft Teams, Mattermost, etc., to stay informed and monitored about all the work routines and updates.   These days, the business entities, corporates, Start-ups, SMEs, large enterprises, etc., are bombarded with many collaboration tool options. And, most of the tools are available in the variants of SaaS and Self-Hosting.   Data is crucial for every industry, but enterprise risk management is true of high priority for large enterprises and Governments. That being said, an instant messaging solution that delivers self-hosting is recommended for such kind of data-specific industries. Let us have a look at the following business collaboration tools that safeguard the internal communication needs of these entities.     Table of Contents   1. Troop Messenger 2. Rocket chat 3. Matter Most 4. Zulip 5. Matrix.Org 6. Lets chat 7. Nextcloud 8. Bitrix24 9. Wire 10. Jitsi 11. Tox Chat   Troop Messenger     The work you plan and structure needs to be duly conveyed to your teams to achieve the right work outcomes. Troop Messenger provides you the best team collaboration like never before. It empowers a great user experience with its simple and seamless user interface. All your work conversations are taken care of with instant messaging, group conversations, voice-video calling, screen sharing, Fork out, Burnout, and more. It extends high-form of security to user’s work/business conversations with strong end-to-end encrypted algorithms.   It has been designed for small teams, SMEs, large enterprises, Governments, security organizations, etc., Besides SaaS, Chat APIs, and custom application development, the self-hosted delivery model has been exclusively developed for large enterprises keeping their data-sensitivity in mind.  Pros Unique collaboration feature-stack Cost-Effective Great customer support Advanced Filters that gives quick search results Easy to understand help documentation.  Cons Does not support migration Need to have more Add-Ons     Pricing Troop Messenger has a quite economical pricing structure when compared to its competitors. The one who registers the application is given a one-month enterprise free trial. Besides this, the premium pricing plan is charged at $1 per user/per month and Enterprise at $5 per user/per month. It offers a special plan for self-hosting at $5+per user/ per month.    Rocket chat    Rocket Chat is famously known for its open-source team communication. The two delivery models that are available with this tool are; SaaS and Self-Managed. Large Enterprises can hugely benefit from this tool as it extends high security to message-exchanges with two-factor authentication, E2E encryption, SSO and OAuth providers. An exclusive feature of real-time translation translates its UI to over 50 languages that make users feel native. The self-managed version allows users to download the docker image and install the application on their servers.   Pros It has an unlimited free plan It supports endless customizations that include; Integrations, Plugins, Themes and Powerful APIs Easy-to-implement data importers Scale as per your needs     Cons Lack of in-depth documentation Need better support and sales system       Pricing Rocket Chat provides different pricing structures for Self-Managed and Cloud. For Self-Managed, it has come up with the pricing plans of Community @ Free, Pro @ $3/per user/month, and Enterprise @ Tiered pricing. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold pricing plans of the Cloud/SaaS delivery model comes at $2/user/month, $4/user/month and tiered pricing respectively.   Mattermost   Mattermost introduces itself as a ‘High Trust Messaging for the Enterprise’, and it is true. An exceptional self-hosted open source messaging platform that extends secure communication across the industries of all forms and sizes. It can be deployed on a private cloud within the premises of local servers. The organizations which are high on privacy-conscious believe Mattermost as their flexible partner for all internal instant communications. The tool is popular on GitHub, and it provides an extensive level of documentation that helps in docker installation.   Pros Build custom workflows Enables Dev Ops workflows Enterprise-grade scalability and security Supports Migration   Cons Tedious deployment process No in-app voice-video call feature. Need to integrate.     Pricing Mattermost comes with two delivery models; cloud and self-hosted. Large Enterprises who look for self-hosting can go with server download that supports both Linux Install and Docker Install. Moving forward, it extends the free 30-day trial of Enterprise Edition(E20). And, the other plans E10 and E20 are priced at $3.25 user/month and $8.50 user/month when billed annually.    Zulip     Catch upon only important conversations and ignore irrelevant ones, is what Zulip says. Open-Source software that was built by hundreds of developers across the globe. The self-hosted delivery model specifically designed for Large Entities provides an excellent production installation guide that lets users deploy it on their networks. Besides its 90 native integrations, Zulip supports more integrations from Hubot, Zapier, and IFTTT. It has excellent user documentation ranging from product installations guides to stream management.   Pros It has a high-quality developer-friendly code. Build your integrations with its APIs Unique threading approach Supports migration   Cons Steep learning curve Minimalistic features    Pricing Zulip cloud and Zulip On-Premise are two different pricing models that it offers. The former comes with Free and Standard Plans at unlimited and $6.67/user/month respectively, and the later comes with the plans of Community Support as Free and Open source forever. The Enterprise pricing variant of the same varies with support required. Users need to contact their sales team.   Besides a messaging protocol, Matrix is known as a decentralized conversation store. It replicates the sent message over all the servers where user participation is active. An exceptional self-hosted delivery model that provides strong end-to-end encryption via the Olm and Megolm cryptographic ratchets. It helps to build your apps, chat rooms, direct chats, and chatbots, with a simple RESTful HTTP/JSON APIs.    Pros Each server has full level control over users' data. Open specification of Matrix standard No single points of control or failure Supports Bridging   Cons Not available on the cloud     Pricing never charges. It's completely free. Its free servers are open to all for public registrations.   Lets Chat       Yours is a small team and want to have a full-scale control over your team collaboration. Then Lets Chat is the right self-hosted tool exclusively made for small teams. It runs on Node.js and MongoDB and deployed easily at your local servers. It supports Docker and Vagrant platform installations. Lets Chat has some interesting features; private/password protected rooms, Image embeds, transcripts/chat history and more.   Pros Supports LDAP/Kerberos Authentication Supports BYOS (Bring your own server) It has multiple chat rooms It is Hubot-friendly   Cons Not available over the cloud It doesn’t support any integrations.    Pricing  It’s free(MIT Licensed)   nextcloud     The self-hosted collaboration tool built for protecting the user data through multiple layers of security offers a wide range of products like Nextcloud Files, Nextcloud Talk, Nextcloud Groupware, Nextcloud at home, and industry solutions. Nextcloud says, ‘control is key to data’. To ensure this, it implements the authentication mechanisms of SAML, Kerberos, and LDAP. It’s an open-source application with the code available on GitHub for developers.   Pros It has two variants; Nextcloud at home and Nextcloud at Enterprises. Adhere with the compliances of HIPPA and GDPR Enterprise support Direct access to core Nextcloud Engineering.   Cons Has fewer issues with deployment on shared hosting No detailed manual installation guides.     Pricing Nextcloud offers three pricing plans; Basic, Standard, and Premium. The annual pricing for Basic, Standard, and Premium for 50 users is priced at 1900Euros, 3400Euros, and 4900Euros respectively.   Wire     Modernize the way you collaborate, is what Wire says. It offers uncompromised end-to-end security to protect users' communication and data. Wire adheres to the compliances of ISO, CCPA, GDPR, and SOX. It allows the new users or the migrators to adopt it with different deployment options. Cloud, private and on-premises are three deployment choices available to the users. The wire is 100% open-source and its source code is available on GitHub.   Pros It is independently audited It provides forward and backward secrecy Simple privacy policy No phone number required, just register with email id   Cons The learning curve is steep Occasionally slow    Pricing The highly secured team collaboration platform comes in three pricing plans; Wire Pro, Wire Enterprise and Wire Enterprise Technology. All the three plans are charged at 4Euros per user/per month, 8 Euros per user/per month, when billed biennially. The users need to contact their team to understand the Wire Enterprise Technology pricing.     Jitsi   Jitsi is a 100% free multi-platform open-source video conferencing tool that looks good and sounds amazing. The users/developers across the world can use Jitsi or build their own apps using the tools of it. Jitsi has two projects; jitsi Video bridge, and jitsi Meet. Both are open-source and WebRTC compatible that allows users to develop high-quality and scalable video conferences.   Pros Jitsi Desktop allows calls, chat, conferencing, file transfer and more It is an open-source community It encodes/decodes the audio/video flows Recording and live streaming for Jitsi Meet   Cons Rare issues with the connections    Pricing It is 100% free.    Tox Chat     Another instant messaging application for large corporations and governments. TOX is a free, easy-to-use messaging tool that comes without advertising. It's a people made a tool, that is highly encrypted and distributed. The other features of Tox include; voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing and groups   Pros A simple and secure messaging tool Encrypted voice calls   Cons Your IP is visible to others    Pricing No corporate interests and no hidden agendas, it's free.   Signing Off At the end of the day, it is all about how you safeguard your organization's data. Choose a highly secured on-premise collaboration tool that has no access to any third-party vendors.      
You need a platform to host your enterprise work conversations! Indeed that’s the only way you...
benefits of using on premise solutions
06 Dec 2019
How Big Enterprises and Governments can Benefit from on-premise Solutions?
Albeit knowing the risk, being a highly regulated Government body, do you still risk to host your sensitive data over the public cloud? It must be a thinkable idea for small and medium-sized businesses to migrate or host their information over SaaS-based applications or on cloud servers. But, the amount of damage that is irrevocable could go unthinkable and unimaginable for data-sensitive enterprises like Governments, Defence Agencies, Medical, Banking, and Large businesses.   Even though self-hosting is considered to be a traditional form of the delivery model while acquiring software or applications, this model is still a big favorite to many large enterprises and Governments where protection of data-sensitivity holds a strong foothold in these highly regulated entities with this kind of on-premise solutions. Though Self-Hosting   needs downloading and installation seemed to be a big responsibility has more operating costs is little heavy needs resources to maintain your servers includes application maintenance and up-gradation costs..... Data ownership, data privacy, customization, controlled databases, are a few key takeaways of self-hosting delivery model to be not missed out at all.   What is self-hosting?   You don’t want any third-parties to intrude your environment? Want to have full-level access and control over your highly confidential and sensitive information? There you go, we say you are on the right page with the right information around you.....   To be precise.....   Self-Hosting is the method of locally hosting and managing software or applications at your own servers and databases. These on-premise applications help you store data at your servers instead of renting on SaaS providers.      What resources do you need to self-host applications?   For large teams and those who do want to use the application for a higher duration, then considering self-hosted delivery would be an ideal choice. Therefore, let’s see what pre-requites we need to host applications on our private cloud.   Hardware requirements include your server space. Though you can host them on a wide range of can Benefit servers such as Azure, Self-hosting, Digital Ocean, Rack Space, Salesforce, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba, etc, ideally most would go with Google Cloud and AWS.   A good DevOps team is essential to go around with the process of docker installation and its maintenance.   An installation Guide from the service provider is what you need to follow while hosting the application.   And as far as the databases are concerned, it all depends on what databases the application or software has been developed on. Based on this you need to have database selection. My SQL goes well with the Self-Hosting delivery model.   There are a good number of software applications available in the market that extends both the delivery models; the SaaS version and Self-Hosting. Say, for instance, take Troop Messenger, a rapidly expanding business collaboration application. It has varied delivery models like SaaS, Self-hosting, Chat APIs, and custom apps. The Troop Messenger’s SaaS and Self-Hosting versions both have the same features in it. It all depends on the size, form and security requirements of the firms that finally opts.    Why self-hosted delivery model best suits Governments and Big enterprises? Are we not responsible for protecting our personal data? On the same lines, Is it commendable if Governments react slowly if there is any data breach in the country’s national security? Certainly not!   It is noticeable that 50% of the world’s population went online, correspondingly there could be an inadvertent chance of data breach from the hackers if it is stored on the public cloud or server. This could result expensive for Governments and big enterprises.   To achieve the highest degree of security, they surely need to adapt the delivery model of Self-Hosting to avoid eavesdropping.   Quick Shots to Why? Enterprises are worried about the vulnerabilities that exist in the cloud. Hesitant to completely migrate to public servers. Large team-sizes High stakes of migration from local server to public cloud and vice versa. Customizations are allowed Maintenance in a controlled environment   Keeping the above findings in view, most of the Governments Ministries/Departments and Large Enterprises such as telecommunications industries, finance firms, E-commerce portals, manufacturing plants, etc., opt to secure their information on their local servers with self-hosting.   A quick look at Pros and Cons Pros: Cloud Ideal for small teams Cost-effective Pay as you use Application Maintenance staff not required 24/7 support with technical assistance Automated Software Updates Pros: Self-Hosting Ideal for large teams/groups the deal for data-sensitive entities such as Governments, Defence, Large enterprises and NGOs Your data at your own servers Unlimited Storage Scalable to all the users Within your intra-networks Can access source code 100% data-breach proof Have your own domain name Cons: Cloud Restricted storage No access to source code Risk of data theft No access allowed to your data the moment you cancel the subscription Data is not stored forever Cons: Self-hosted Tedious deployment process Hidden infrastructure costs You need servers, databases, and maintenance staff Manual software/application upgrades Instability due to customization    Conclusion: How Troop Messenger helps lock the back door?     “There should be only one main door to your data and its access”, this is the practice which Troop Messenger believes in. To substantiate this concept, Troop Messenger has introduced a robust enterprise security delivery model; the self-hosting. The self-hosted Troop Messenger allows you to have access to its full-feature stack like in its SaaS model, to let you collaborate with bigger and larger teams of concurrent users.   Interestingly, it has few functional-features such as private chat window for confidential conversations(Burnout), sending text and files to multiple users/groups in just one go(Fork out), advanced search to filter images, files, videos, contacts, location, and links, unread messages filter, etc., which you don’t find in any of its counterparts.   Operate Troop Messenger within your on-premise infrastructure for complete data access and control. Redefine data security with it.  
Albeit knowing the risk, being a highly regulated Government body, do you still risk to host your se...
collaboration in the workplace
12 Mar 2019
Music and Productivity in the Workplace: How Music Can Help You Be More Productive
Music in the workplace is seen as one of the most important aspects of Workplace. Without it, work can be a bit dull and monotonous. While entertainment is mainly the purpose of music, recent studies and research attest that music impacts many things in one’s work, including focus and productivity.   Benefits of Music  For many years now, music has been seen to offer numerous benefits to people who listen and utilize music. Aside from stirring emotions and memories, music can enhance mental performances and even cognitive functions. And this is probably one of the main reasons why parents send their kids to music lessons as young as possible.   There also studies today that state that music can help heal certain conditions. And this is why music is now used in therapies, hence, the so-called music therapy.   It is important to note that music is therapeutic in nature. So, it is only logical why music is linked with many healing properties and wonders. But, in terms of mental performances, both experts and scholars are certain that music can help people become more productive.   How Listening Music Can Help You Be More Productive          If you aren’t convinced yet, or you haven’t experienced the wonders of music in terms of your productivity, here are some points that you may ponder on as to how listening to music may help:   Ambient Noise May Be the Creative Sweet Spot According to studies, ambient noise helps people become more creative. It is found that music at this level allows the mind to produce its “creative juices.” The way it works is through the processing difficulty. Based on studies, it shows that music at the ambient noise level helps the brain in increasing its processing ability. This is what you will need in order to promote abstract processing. As a result, you become a lot more creative.   Repetitive Task Are Made More Pleasurable Repetitive tasks are some of the reasons why people get tired or lazy easily. Aside from its monotonous nature, the task becomes boring, which negatively impacts productivity. But, thanks to music, experts learned that listening to music makes repetitive tasks more pleasurable.   The conclusion has been presented by Daniel Levitin, who happens to be a neuroscientist and the author of the popular book titled, This Is Your Brain OnMusic. A study was also conducted before which showed the same angles. It focused on surgeons and doctors who take on repetitive surgeries. And with music, it made the whole experience a lot more pleasurable and fulfilling.   Acts as a Motivational Factor Another reason why music helps people become more productive is because it acts as a motivational factor. Based on general reception, it seemingly appears that almost everyone can relate to this point. This is also probably the basis why people tend to prefer to listen to music when they feel low and stressed. As it happens, it boosts one’s motivation and determination to do tasks and perform activities. And the more motivated you feel, the more you become productive.   Helps Improve Cognitive Ability Whether you simply listen to music or utilize it like those individuals who take guitar lessons and piano lessons, it is found that these activities can improve cognitive functions and abilities. For some reason, music has the ability to improve brain functions in totality.   Accordingly, when one’s ability is improved, such as a better thinking process, faster analysis, greater comprehension, productivity easily follows through.   Improves Abstract Reasoning In relation to improving cognitive functions and ability, music is also found to improve abstract reasoning and logical thinking. This is why music is encouraged to young ones, especially those who are intending to improve their academic performances in math and science.   There is also a study linking music with creating abstraction. In the study, it is explained how abstraction is different from abstract reasoning. Even so, music is still seen as a great training ground for both entities.   It is worth noting that people who have better abstract reasoning and have better abilities to work with abstracts are great in solving and analyzing complex problems. Accordingly, when certain tasks get even more challenging, productivity can be widely observed as it will not induce any struggle that may hamper one’s ability to accomplish the task at hand.   Type of Music For Productivity It has been already established how music can help you with your focus and productivity. While it is preferred and recommended to utilize and work with your favourite music or tracks, studies and research suggest that there are those types of music that are more beneficial in improving productivity. These are the following   Classical Music Classical music is said to help every individuals’ concern about mental performance and cognitive functions. But, in terms of productivity, classical music is also found to be very effective. Some of the best tracks under this genre that are great for improving productivity include: III. Rondo-allegro – Piero Barbareschi Piano Concerto in B-Flat Major – Ewa Kupiec Brandenburg Concertos – Bach Four Seasons – Vivaldi   Ambient Soundtracks Ambient soundtracks have a special point given above as to how this type of music can help you with your productivity. But, if you are looking for specific tracks and materials, here are some of the best ambient sounds you may want to try: Rain or Forest sounds Night, Cricket, and Swamp Sounds Water Sounds Office and Traffic Sounds   Epic Music Epic music is one of the most underrated genres. As it happens, only a few people are familiar with this. But, epic music is simply the type that evokes certain moods. While it features elements of classical music, it’s pretty different as it tells a story in its course. We Stand In Silence – Twelve Titans Music Arrival To Earth – Steve Jablonsky Neon Paradise – Ivan Torrent   Final Thoughts All in all, here are the points as to how music can help you become more productive. Although these things are pretty theoretical, you can try it on your own with the tracks given in this piece. If you’re feeling too tired to go on with your tasks, try listening to the sample tracks and see it for yourself.
Music in the workplace is seen as one of the most important aspects of Workplace. Without it, w...
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