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21 Aug 2018
The 9+ Slack Alternatives to Choose From
Business, irrespective of size, must ensure to have a platform for fast and secure information flow among the employees. At the same time, it should be easy to operate as well as easy on purse strings.   A team collaboration app must cater to all such requirements of the business. The competition has ensured that, precisely for the user community,  with several Slack alternatives coming up with more niche features and functionalities.   The other day I overheard two geeks at a coffee house discussing animatedly.   The din of the place toned it down to a hush, but the palpable surprise on the face of one was too loud to miss. The topic was workplace communication (what a place to discuss!) and the guy was surprised for the other had not heard of Slack – the team collaboration app- at all. Now, that to me, sums up the reach of this 5-year old collaborative messaging app.   Ever since Slack has hit the market, it only remained at one place -the TOP.   Its sensational entry, timing, and features (too) have catapulted it into the boardrooms of thousands of business entities world over. What it did was to ensure that the messaging needs of the business are met with on a single platform. In a way, it’s a single tool with multiple functionalities which was lapped up by business with glee.   Much water has flown under the bridge since the onset of Slack in the business chat app scenario. Several startups and fledgling ITeS entities ventured into this nascent arena full with niche features to tap a part of this fast expanding market.   Troop Messenger - a slack alternative has been designed feature-packed. Amazing feature implementation coupled with high-end security makes Troop messenger look taller in the corresponding market and with a business identity; this team chats app is apt to take your business communication to the next level of collaboration.    One of the latest entrants on to the scene, yet satisfied the expectations of clients in providing the features that are needed for a business messenger application; which is they have been listed in one of the preeminent product listing site, "Capterra."    Eventually, these and many more, have come to pitch themselves as good Slack alternatives, providing variety and economical options for the user community.    Apart from Troop Messenger, the following tools are some of the best slack alternatives.    Slack Alternative Tools   1. ProofHub 2. Yammer 3. Connecteam 4. Gridle 5. Fleep 6. Flock 7. Ryver 8. Quip 9. Workzone 10.  Hive 11. Jandi     ProofHub     ProofHub is a powerful Slack alternative that comes with impressive team communication functionalities. Its office chat software serves as the perfect place for every conversation and brings sanity in the way you and your teams communicate within the office or with clients. It integrates with many third-party applications to give you an edge over others along with SSL security encryption.   Top Features    One-on-one and group chat Online discussions and @mentions Enhance admin controls Easy and secure file-sharing Multilingual   Yammer     Want to “Work smarter, work together”? Then Yammer is your choice. This collaborative chat software is much more than a mere office chat app. It provides for collaboration in a community to share ideas and solve problems in half the time.   Among other things, a Yammer user can Join and create groups relevant to your work and interests.   Top Features   Get answers to questions even when not sure whom to ask. Safely collaborate with contractors, customers or sister companies. Keep docs, photos, and videos in context by adding them to conversations. Stay connected with Yammer’s iOS or Android mobile app. After Microsoft acquired Yammer, the prices have been revised down from $15 to $3 per user per month.   Connecteam   A team chat app that comes with built-in addiction   Connecteam is a great solution for any business, especially if most employees are non-desk or not tech-savvy. This easy to use tool takes just a few minutes to set up and it packs awesome features, such as automated group management by pre-set rules, advanced conversation settings for personal or team chat, channels and more. What we loved the most about Connecteam’s chat is that it integrates with other Connecteam features, such as their employee directory, job scheduling, time clock and more.   Top Features   Easy to use and user friendly Automatic team chat management Advanced conversation settings Desktop interface for system admins Integrated seamlessly with other Connecteam products     Gridle   Are you tired of juggling between multiple team communication and collaboration tools? Do you wish to have all the task & project management and communications in one single tool?   Well, there is Gridle, which has it all. It is a one-stop solution to all your team communication and collaboration needs.   Developed in Ahmedabad, India, this product packs a lot many features at way cheaper prices and has become one of the most sought after alternatives to Slack.   Top Features   Task management Project management Status and file sharing Chat and video calling Unlimited users 30+ integrations   Fleep   “Take Fleep with you, everywhere you go”   Well, this is not what I am saying, but the creator of Fleep! Well, this is an open source software developed for ultimate project communication. Billed as one of the easiest to use apps of this genre, Fleep is pretty straightforward and on top of it has no ads to distract.   Fleep users can Create, assign, search and track tasks with Fleep’s native task management tool Pin important messages to the side of each conversation so everyone can see and edit them.   Meeting notes, important links, contact details etc. Find all shared photos and files in the conversation’s file drawer on the side tab, next to each conversation flow. It is more like Mattermost though.   Just check someone’s profile to see when they were last active. Make audio-video calls and share the screen for faster working Seamlessly integrate to create easy to follow notification feeds so that all the important stuff is together in one place.   Top Features   Unlimited conversations 100 GB file storage Document/file sharing Native apps User account management Premium conversations      Flock     " Flock is free for as long as you want”   That is the flagship announcement from Flock, which has multiple unique features, Github integration being the leader of the pack. Users can collaborate on to one to one basis as well as make and receive group audio/video calls in a jiff. It is cloud-based and is hosted by Amazon Web Services.   The data security is ensured by up to date technology of TLS 1.2 encryption. Flock offers three different types of plans for users to suit various segments of customers.   Top Features   20GBfile storage per licensed user Enhanced admin controls Dedicated support     Ryver   Ryver is another ideal team communication and team management app which combines the best of team communication tools with an intuitive task manager. It allows putting “All your team communication in one place."    It is a one-stop solution that is designed solely to eradicate the usage of multiple applications and email for internal communication. They made the platform simple, reliable, and effective. Ryver’s Task Manager is “where Conversations Take Action” – claims the app.  The features are very well developed to ensure seamless communication and follow up.   Some of the best has been mentioned below:   Top Features   Every Private Team and every Open Forum can have a task board. Each Ryver user gets their own personal task board that only he or she can see. Add detailed checklists to each task. Create a different set of Tasks for each team. No limit on the number of teams or the number of tasks. Assign tasks to one or more team members, set deadlines and be alerted as deadlines approach. Keep your teams on the track at all times.     Quip     Quip comes along with a full-suite collaboration software to make things easy for users. It facilitates to “get more done with your team every day” by combining documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and team chat in one place.   Founded in 2013 by two “super nerds” - Bret Taylor and Kevin Gibbs – Quip was absorbed by Salesforce in 2016.   Quip combines teamwork and communication in one central hub that is accessible across devices. It is also one of the strongest Microsoft Teams alternatives. It cuts down the time lag in communication and collaboration, thereby increasing team productivity.    Top Features   Unlimited Docs and Slides + Live Apps* Secure Mobile Collaboration Integrations, Support and More... Reliable Cloud-Delivered Teamwork Spreadsheets for teams     WorkZone     This is one among the top chat and project management apps around in the market. Around since early 2000, Workzone has carved a niche for itself among users for the sheer ease of use and efficient design. Apart from the outstanding features, WorkZone is known for its amazing customer service.   Every single feature is vetted for real-world use because project management is not complicated than it needs to be. There’s nothing you can’t do with Workzone as far as project management is concerned. Why settle for less?   Top Features   Visibility across organization Easy and Secure file sharing Personal to-do lists and automatic reminder emails     Hive     As a team collaboration tool, Hive provides the best flexibility to users to plan their project tracking and presenting. This is more of a project management tool than a business chat app. While chat can be incidental, the main focus is on tracking and managing project status to provide summary views to combine several projects and view the big picture. It enables easy task assignment to team members.    However, Hive has a higher price belt and has no free Plan. It offers just two types of plans, making it less accessible for small and medium enterprises. But, both the plans have a 14-day free trial offer.    Top Features   Attaching files  Creating subtasks Setting dependencies  Creating personal to-do-lists   JANDI   Jandi is a teamwork collaboration tool for the smoother workflow. It provides for convenient communication, file sharing, and quick feedback checks. It effectively replaces the email client with its easy features such as   Top Features   Chat Rooms for different teams, locations and topics. Easy search filters for quick access Enhanced Admin controls Faster and reliable integration of diverse services Foolproof protocols to ensure data security Data storage and transfer through AWS   Conclusion:  Apart from these top-notch apps, there are several more available, both in the free zone as well as paid plans. The wide range of options presents a fair degree of flexibility for users to choose.   However, it can also make it tough to take a call. Nevertheless, these alternatives give a good bird's eye view of the various options, features on affordable terms. Make your choice!   Disclaimer:  The aim of the article is to be informative. We intend users take an informed decision for an effective and productive experience. The comparison shown in the blog is only towards that end and has no intention of pitting one against the other team collaboration app brands. Readers are advised to consult and confirm from the respective service providers regarding details of features, prices and their policies before utilising any of their services.
Business, irrespective of size, must ensure to have a platform for fast and secure information flow ...
19 Apr 2019
14 Best Note taking Apps: Which one is Ahead of the Pack?
Have a thought or an important reminder to set? But no paper or pencil, and no time to pen it down? Fret not, we have got you covered!   The thing with thoughts is that they hit you suddenly, irrespective of the time and place. A million-dollar idea can strike your brain while you are tuning to your favourite song, or walking down the street to fetch your morning coffee. We bet it happens to everybody, including you.   At a time like these, do you frantically search for a paper or pen or you wish for a readily available tool that allows you to make quick memo notes? The latter sounds perfect, and that’s why we’ve rounded up thirteen best note taking apps and summarised their features.    The 14 Best Note Taking Apps for work and Life To find an ideal note-taking app with all the above features, we began with over thirty-six contenders and shortlisted our way down to thirteen most promising applications. Table of Contents   1. Evernote 2. Microsoft OneNote 3. Google Keep 4. Simple Note 5. Slips 6. Zoho Notebook 7. Quip 8. Dropbox Paper 9. Boostnote 10. Colornote 11. Notion 12. Milanote 13. Bear 14. MyScript     Evernote          This app allows users to prioritise and capture ideas, to-do-lists, and projects. It offers capable services such a supporting an extensive range of note types including sketches, checklists, plain text, images, audio memo, and clipped pages.   Evernote Pros: Evernote Cons: Great Web Clipper Easy note formatting Uncluttered interface Flexible manipulation of images OCR feature that allows users to extract text from images Lacks search capabilities Poor text formatting     Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS.   Pricing: Free plan for individual use. Premium plans start at $2.74 per month.     Microsoft OneNote       With Microsoft OneNote, you can do a lot more than creating notes and checklists.   This tool is perfect for both professional and personal reasons, given how it allows the users to enjoy multiple features like organisation, collaboration, and sharing. It’s the best note taking the app for Android and Mac users.   OneNote Pros: OneNote Pros Scribble great idea by writing and drawing with fingertip Collaborate with anyone Convert handwritten notes to text Access from anywhere Digital Highlighter Upload files Organise lessons and share assignment from the central library Integration with other apps   No reminder features Complex for newbies Functionalities differences for Mac Users    Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS    Pricing: Free plan with 5 GB file upload limit. Extra space can be purchased.     Google Keep         This is another popular free note-taking app that offers users a tactile and comprehensive note taking space.   The tool has an advanced array of inbuilt features. Keep by Google is the quickest way to offload thoughts and ideas without losing focus.    Google Keep Pros: Google Keep Cons: Create notes, lists, and set reminders Add collaborator Add drawings and photos Search notes by creating topics Colour notes for easy searching Automatic sync and backup Follows voice command Pinboard feature Multi-device sharing Limited features Difficult organisation No Numbered list or bullet point    Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, Google Chrome, macOS    Pricing: Available for free     Simple Note          Simple Note being the easiest of all note-taking apps delivers a productive way of taking notes, maintaining lists, and penning down ideas.   The tool is clean, light, and free with all components like syncing sharing, and backup.   SimpleNote Pros: SimpleNote Cons: Simple and clean UI Markdown support that allows users to write, preview, and publish notes Instant searching through tags Users are allowed to export data Collaborative features to work together No reminder No social media integration Poor save-to-disk feature     Available on:  Windows, iOS, Linux, Web, Android, and macOS    Pricing: Free       Slips       Slips support you to store your instant idea, a quick note, an image, an URL link, etc., just at the touch of a button.   It has power packed feature-stack of auto text suggestions, organizes text with bullets and number lists, seamless keypad, supports instant image capture, and many more.   It enables the user to write text by choosing the font styles of Bold, Italic and Underlined. With the help of coloured templates, the user can easily pick the choice to make note-making more professional and beautiful.   Slips Pros: Slips Cons: Free to use Simple and Clean UI Auto-Save Option Unlimited number of slips Set Time Reminders   Lack of social media integration.      Zoho Notebook       This is an excellent app for both professional and student, for it provides a wide range of features that allow users to jot down notes, set reminders, create checklists, and sync it all. Not only is it free, but it is ad-free too.   Zoho Notebook Pros: Zoho Notebook Cons: Audio notes Upload photos and files Pre-built checklist Completely free and ad-free Cloud Syncing Beautiful interface Ease of use Lacks some features like tag search No text formatting Weak community support   Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS   Pricing: Free     Quip          Quip is not your regular note taking application since it can do a lot more. There’s a reason why it is touted as best note taking the app for Mac users.   The app is a spreadsheet and works processing application that lets you work with others, take notes, create documents, and share spreadsheets on the go.   Quip Pros Quip Cons: Complete transparency of collaboration features Secure mobile collaboration Group Chat Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox Create folders and subfolders Private folders for personal note taking Efficient storage and syncing     Slow search function Limited features with a free plan   Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS    Pricing: $30 per month for a team of five, and an additional $10 per member.     Dropbox Paper     Dropbox paper is a free note-taking tool from Dropbox which works by bringing creation and collaboration at one place. The tool allows the users to write, edit, review, brainstorm, and manage the task on the go.    Dropbox paper pros: Dropbox Paper Cons: Add audio, pictures, videos Excellent cloud sync and backup Essential note taking functionalities High-level task management   No Highlight features No reminder or timer setting   Boostnote       This is an open source memo app made especially for programmers. The stylish tools are backed up by a great community of developers and programmers.   With Boostnet, the users can take notes, write mathematical formulas, and codes, and customise as required.   Boostnote Pros: Boostnote Cons: Markdown notes Various formatting options Semi-live previews Code syntax in over 100 languages Backed-up by the community of programmers Easy syncing across devices Customisation features Consistency issues Poor syncing Doesn’t work well when offline    Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS    Pricing: Free      Colornote       Colornote is a neatly designed application with coloured templates. The key features include quick creation of lists and notes, effortless organisation, and secure backup to the cloud.   All these features make Colornote the best note taking the app for students and professionals.   Colornote Pros: Colornote Cons: Checklists and Text notes Colour Coding Sticky notes  Managing calendar and schedule Setting reminder Notes sharing Locking and archiving features Backup and searching Autolink to search the web Not available for iOS and MacOS Chrome extension unavailable Lacks some basic features Lack of searching options    Availability: Android and Amazon Appstore    Pricing: Free   Notion     The notion makes for an all-in-one Workspace with excellent features like writing, planning, collaboration, and organisation. It's more than the note-taking app.   The tool gives the user the best of everything by bringing together productivity and collaboration features.   Notion Pros: Notion Cons: Notes and Documents with multiple media types Knowledgebase through easy-to-find answers Kanban boards, list views, and calendar Databases and Spreadsheets Markdown Drag and drop Runs Offline Syncing across devices Easy Integration Complex UI No feature to organize snippets No handwriting supports    Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS    Pricing: Free plan with 5 GB file upload limit. Paid plan at $4 per month with unlimited upload and storage.     Milanote       For creative minds, visual thinkers, and designers, Milanote is arguably the best note-taking app available on Android. It's for those who prefer images over words, and want to tool to express their creativity.   The tool has a tactile and fast interface which makes it best note-taking app for iPad user.   Milanote Pro Milanote Cons Web clipper feature to snap images online and save them to visual notes Fast interface Cloud Syncing and backup No highlighter or marker to draw Not suitable for audio memos and notes No collaboration and sharing features    Available on: macOS and iOS    Pricing: Free version allows 100 notes, images, and link access. The professional plan, starting at $9.99 per month, offers unlimited storage.     Bear       This digital note-taking app supports the Markdown format and allows the users to work inline images.   The best thing about the bear is how it enhances focus towards one task by eliminating all unnecessary elements from the display that's what makes Bear the best note-taking app for iPhone users.   Bear Pros: Bear Cons: Multiple themes and rich previews In-line support for photos To-dos and Hashtags Focus mode Multi-device sync Regular Updates Multiple export options Advanced Markup Editor   It’s not available for free No tabs, so you can view only one note at a time     Available on: macOS and iOS    Pricing: $1.49 monthly and $14.99 annually     MyScript       Next in the queue is MyScript which is designed with powerful technologies like handwritten technologies and digital ink. The tool is packed with features with allow users to take notes on the go.   MyScript Pros: MyScript Cons: Digital Interactive Ink Handwritten text conversion into the text Recognition of graphic, math, and music Integration with several apps No reminder features Complex for newbies    Available on: Windows, iOS, Web, Android, and macOS    Pricing: Free product by Dropbox     Final Verdict: Over to you now Now that we’ve done an in-depth analysis of the thirteen best note-taking apps, we leave it on you to choose the one that is ahead of the pack and pick what's best for your professional and personal needs.   However, we see how the competition is pretty close in the class of Best note taking app on iPad, and so we are listing some of the features that make a note-taking app ideal:   When it's about finding an ideal productivity tool, some standards and features have to be met. For example: The application should have a seamless User Interface   It should offer an excellent user experience   It should be cost-effective   It should provide an option for multitasking    It should have additional tools like clipping, highlighting, image to text conversion    The app should offer distraction-free note-taking experience   It should work across all operating systems   If the decision were on us, we'd choose Evernote for being feature-rich and for offering productivity features which make it so useful for professional use. If the decision was on you, which one would you pick? Let us know in the comment section below.
Have a thought or an important reminder to set? But no paper or pencil, and no time to pen it down? ...
instant messaging for business
10 May 2019
Instant Messaging software for Business (Free & Paid)
The standard text messaging is now passé, especially with the explosion of messaging applications that give businesses a new way to connect with employees, team members, and all stakeholders.   For businesses, instant messaging services are crucial for communication and project collaboration, especially when the employer is working with remote employees, freelances, or on projects that require round-the-clock attention.   That's why the majority of companies are using instant messaging for business.   What is an Instant Messaging Tool?   Put simply; an instant messaging tool allows the users to exchange messages in real-time. Both small and large-scale businesses today are using IM to share information, collaborate with team members, and forge a virtual decision-making platform.   The primary purpose of using instant messaging for business is to ensure a customized workplace collaboration with secure and rapid communication between all stakeholders.   Knowing how Instant Messaging apps is the need of the hour, we evaluated the features of Fourteen favourite instant messaging tools and reviewed them based on the functionality. Through this article, we'll share with you the business messenger applications your team can choose for external and internal communication.   Follow this article for an in-depth analysis of each of these applications.   Having powered up the external messaging requirements, your next initiative towards streamlining business communication should be to strengthen the communication and collaboration within the company.   This can be easily achieved through the internal instant messaging Programs as described below:     Table of Contents   1. Wrike 2. Troop Messenger 3. Skype 4. Slack 5. Brosix 6. Google Hangouts 7. Flock 8. Ryver 9. Rocketbots     Wrike      Free - 5 User    Paid - 5-20 User ($9.80/user/month)    For those of you who want a lot more than instant messaging, Wrike should be the ultimate pick. Bundled with great interactive features, Wrike lets you communicate with your team members, share updates, and work together on the projects. Here’s what makes Wrike interesting:   Consolidate to-dos, customize the dashboard, create gnat charts, set a timeline and manage daily work with ease.   Wrike has a collaborative proof tool that allows users to approve and review digital documents and eliminate all chances of miscommunication.   Share interactive, real-time reports, and edit, or review them regularly.     Troop Messenger       Free - Group Chats - limitation (5)    Paid - Unlimited ($1/user/month)    If you are looking for an all-in-one business messaging app, Troop Messenger can be the perfect tool for your business requirements. Packed with contemporary features, this user-friendly office messaging application has interactive features like:   Unlimited Groups, Unlimited message history, and message retrieval are some the best features.   The tool allows screen sharing and face-to-face interaction over presentations and projects, To-Dos, and deadlines.   Admin can have complete control over users' accessible features. The dashboard feature allows for easy supervision.     Skype        Skype is FREE for use by up to 25 people.    Starting from: $2.00/month   There’s a solid reason why hundreds of millions of employers use Skype to collaborate with their clients and employees. Skype is the ultimate solution for smooth communication. Audio and Video HD calling, smart messaging, Screen sharing, call recording, private conversations, Live subtitles, and phone calls- you can do it all with Skype.   Skype allows editing of sent messages or deletion of messaging all-together.   It is compatible with Phone, Tablet, Desktop, Web, Xbox, and Alexa too.   Some of the exclusive features of Skype include Skype call forwarding, Chat history back-up, location sharing, background blurring, Voicemail, and Skype call recording.   Skype also allows users to search specific texts within a conversation. This can be done by selecting a find button under the chat header or pressing Command + F on Mac, and Ctrl + F on Windows.   Skype for Business is a great way of hosting professional online meetings. With Office 365 in-built integration, the host can access and share all office apps including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook.   Skype for Business has powerful features like Whiteboard, PowerPoint upload, Built-in IM, Screen Sharing, URL invites, and an unlimited number of meetings.   The Office 365 Business plan starts at $8.25 per user per month.     Slack        File Storage - 5GB per workspace    Message Visibility - 10K most recent messages   Slack is the ultimate tool for business communication and collaboration. Businesses all over the world rely on this tool to streamline work irrespective of the geographical locations of the team members. Use slack for business because:   Apart from direct messaging and threading features, Slack has an integration directory of over 1500 applications.   Slack supports two-factor authentication for additional security and data encryption features too.   Slack allows collaboration beyond colleagues by enabling users to share channels with clients, partners, and vendors.   With Slack, users can customize communication-based on topic, team members, projects, and other factors.   Slack is one of the highly secured communication tools, for it uses robust measures like SSO and 2FA to encrypt the data and protect it against cyber threats.   Brosix        Pro Plan – $ 2.10 per user/m    Ultimate – $ 2.99 per user/m   With Brosix as an instant messenger, you get to do a lot more than texting and multimedia sharing. Using Brosix as a business messaging application, your company can gain complete control of a business network and have an encrypted communication channel.   Brosix has a complete range of collaboration features that facilitate business communication: offline messages, video and voice chat, whiteboard, file transfer, screen sharing, malware and virus protection, real-time monitoring.   Communication channels are fully-encrypted for additional security. Brosix uses the P2P file transfer to keep user’s data safe from being breached.   With unlimited file sharing, you are sure to witness efficient collaboration, productivity benefits, and easy project management.   Employers or team managers can have full control over users' accessible features, privileges, and contact list.   It is a perfect instant messaging tool for those who want a strong, secure, simple, cost-effective, and reliable business communication solution.     Google+ Hangouts         Free 14 Day Trial    Basic - Professional office suite with 30GB storage   Given the reputation of Google Applications, you can safely rely on Hangouts for all your internal communication. Not only does this tool offers a user-friendly chat service, but it is also packed with some of the amazing features listed below:   Hangouts as an office messenger allow deep integration with G-suite application, which is a perfect way of supporting your business needs.   It is compatible with Android, Windows, Apple devices, and computers: which makes it the perfect tool for handling communication needs of corporate environments.   Hangouts’ integration with Gmail supports threaded messages and create bots with the app itself. It has no trouble integrating with major business applications and systems.   Hangout supports group conferencing for up to fifteen people, screen sharing options, and phone call.   For companies that require video broadcasting, Hangout on Air Feature is a great feature. It is an efficient way for businesses to conduct talk shows, live seminars, and stream video calls live through YouTube.   Flock        Free Plan - Search up to 10K messages    Paid - Unlimited ($2.13 /user/month)    Flock is recommended for the companies that wish to make teamwork conversations effortless. With a significant number of collaborative features, Flock can be an integral part of your business network. The users get to stay on top of their project, create and share notes within the chat box. Other features include:   Integration with third-party apps your team needs. For example- GitHub, Google Drive, Jira, Trello, Google Calendar, Twitter, and many more.   Create polls, get feedback and opinion, and set reminders to enhance your team’s productivity.   With drag and drop features, communicate with your team through visual aids, and pin important files and messages, and access them whenever needed.   Flock also allows the users to build their own application via Flock API. From pop-ups and widgets to sidebar and slash commands, you can add distinctive features to these apps.   Flock has strict control over user rights and data through TLS 1.2 data encryption and Amazon Web Services hosting.   Ryver        FREE 14-Day Trial    Paid - $49 /user/month upto 12 user/mo   Business Collaboration has never been easier. With Ryver, you can manage your team’s interaction in a simple, easy, and affordable manner.   Group messaging allows unlimited file sharing, unlimited chats, and infinite conversation searching.   With Ryver, you can avail unlimited free calling, crisp and clear audio and video call with shared screen space.   Task management feature includes unlimited personal and team task board, tags, checklists, and assignments.   Ryver employes Active Response Technology which reduces error-prone human response and eliminates slow reaction by replacing it with an automated and powerful response system.   Easy integration with other tools like Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Hangouts, and more.     Rocketbots        Free - Unlimited messages    Paid - Unlimited ($19 /user/month)    Rocketbot is an all-in-one messenger for business. It is a useful tool that lets you manage all the chats in one CRM with AI-powered messaging, broadcasts, and surveys.   Rocketbot is a perfect medium for organising all the messaging apps in one place.   It functions with AI that supports over 15 languages and suggests AI smart replies during a conversation.   Target broadcast features and chat automation let users craft and deliver messages to the right people within the right time.    One can deploy Rocketbot on WeChat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and other similar platforms.   The tool combines the personality of humans and the speed of computers to create a powerful messaging platform that facilitates communication in the most efficient way.    What do you think? Communication and collaboration play a crucial role in all facets of the business. Not only does regular communication helps build a capable team, but also contributes to the development of the company.   The reason businesses use these instant messaging tools is to generate leads, engage with employees and team members virtually, and manage tasks efficiently. But do keep one thing in mind, when choosing the appropriate instant messaging for business, it's essential to consider your company's culture, team size, and the project types.   Of all these nine tools, which one do you think works well for business communication? Do you have any suggestions for us to include on this list?
The standard text messaging is now passé, especially with the explosion of messaging applicat...
18 May 2019
Finest Five To-Do List Apps in 2019 for Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac
When was the last time you forgot to do an important task?   And, when was the last time you decided to create to-do lists, but never kept up to it-because obviously, who has the time to pull out a pen and paper to note everything down?   Well, you are not alone. It’s a human tendency to forget things, and later regret not being efficient at task management.   Having a to-do-list app is not only about organizing the daily tasks but also keeping track of the progress, and completing them to meet goals.   Do we even need to explain why everyone should have to-do-list applications on their smartphones? There are over hundreds of to-do-list applications with a great many features and specifications. These applications have been around for a long time.   But, here’s something: Not all the applications fit the user requirement. Keeping track of tasks and daily work is an intensely personal thing, and users will switch off from any application that doesn’t meet their needs.   Let’s face it. Finding the right to-do-list application can be an overwhelming (and equally disappointing) task. That’s why we conducted exhaustive research on the top-rated applications reviewed each of them on the basis of their features, ease of use, pricing, and supported platform.   We have written this article after spending a lot of time during feature analysis and unbiased comparison. And finally, we present to you what we believe is the best to do list apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, and MacOS. Table of Contents   1. Microsoft To-Do 2. Wunderlist 3. Todoist 4. TickTick 5. Things 6. Keep & Share 7. Any Do 8. Toodle Do 9. OmniFocus 10. Notion     Microsoft To-Do     Supported Platforms: Android, Windows, and iOS   Pricing: Free   From office task management to daily life events, Microsoft To-Do can be your go-to application for recording everything you need to get done, every single day.   To-Do by Microsoft empowers the users to accomplish more by adding a new task, tracking the on-going work, removing the to-do once it is completed.   With access to your daily list, you can review tasks due, set reminders to complete them on time, streamline your activities, and eliminate all confusion.   Highlights:   Microsoft To-Do has a very clean and user-friendly interface. The app assures great flexibility with the standard UI and UX. The deep integration with Microsoft tools is a standout feature. If you are using Outlook and wish to sync your task to your mobile phone, the Microsoft To-Do makes it possible with one-click. Adding to-dos has never been easier. For this application, Windows and iPhone users can also use voice command service. For example, if you are using Windows, you can ask Cortana to add a new task to your specific to-do list. It is cloud-based and so it can be integrated with Office 365.   What’s Missing:   The tools lack task management and collaboration feature. MacOS version is still unavailable and hence Microsoft To-Do needs to work on the collaboration front.   Best Suited For:   Both Personal and Professional needs. If you want a personal space to create and track your tasks, Microsoft To-do is the best. It’s not for those who want to work collaboratively with colleagues on the same project.     Wunderlist       Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and the Web    Pricing: Free   With Wunderlist, you get the flexibility to get stuff done with ease.   Whether you have plans to meet a friend, deliver a project, contact a client, or plan a business party, Wunderlist is the perfect solution for ticking off all your professional and personal to-dos.   Highlights:   The app makes it super easy to create, organize, and share the to-do on the go. You can also group the related list in one folder. It allows the users to assign to-dos and tasks irrespective of geographical locations, set reminders, and accomplish tasks within the due date. The tool allows users to work collaboratively. With Wunderlist, teamwork can be very flexible since you can share tasks and work together. It’s also a perfect app where you can host all communications together. With Wunderlist, you can print the to-do with one click.    What’s Missing:   The application is not suitable for advanced task management.  It doesn’t support a native calendar view and built-in time tracking feature, which can be a hindrance for task management.   Best Suited For:   Basic level task management. As long as you need standard task management features in a to-do list app, Wunderlist comes in really handy. For advanced task management, this online to-do list tool is not the best choice.     Todoist      Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, and the Web    Pricing: Free Version Available      Millions of people are using this application to streamline daily tasks and activities.   The tool lets the user keep track of all their tasks, and in that way, helps them enjoy peace of mind. With Todoist, you can efficiently add the tasks, set reminders, never worry about forgetting urgent things.   It works anywhere, anytime, and across all devices.   Highlights:   It keeps all the tasks in one place and gives users confidence that all the activities and to-dos are well organized. Where ‘Quick add’ allows users to capture and manage tasks, the ‘Reminder feature’ helps them build habits and remember approaching deadlines. The prioritization feature facilitates prioritizing tasks, highlighting what’s more important, and mapping out project goals The application can be integrated with dozens of third-party applications like Drobox, Zapier, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Google Calendar, and others.     What’s Missing:   Built-in time management and tracking feature are missing.  Todoist lacks a dedicated module for meeting management.   Best Suited For:   Todoist is best for those people who want to meet productivity goals.  The Todoist Karma points, streaks, and levels are some of the features they can use to see tangible progress of your project. This feature lets you measure the progress through beautiful visualization and graphs.     TickTick        Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows, and the Web    Pricing: Free Version Available    Paid Plan Starts at : $2.4/month    As the name implies, this tool lets the user make checklists (to-do lists), organize them in the order of priority, and then tick them off after completing the tasks.   Millions of people use this to do list template to capture, organize, and prioritize tasks and make the most of their working days.   Highlights:   The in-built calendar facilitates reminder setting so you never miss an important meeting, a client’s project delivery, or an important phone call. The flexible calendar view helps a user check their schedule and manage it according to their convenience. Those who want to work collaboratively, can assign tasks, share the to-do list, check project progress, and stay productive together TickTick can be synced across multiple platforms. The tool supports voice input, Siri commands, and it can also convert emails into tasks. TickTick also has Pomo Timer, which is based on the Pomodoro Technique that helps the user to stay focused and play white noise in the background.     What’s Missing:   TickTick doesn’t support integration with other project management apps, which hinders workflow.   Best Suited For:   It’s perfect for everyone who wants to increase their daily productivity. The PomoTimer is a great feature that can be used to enhance focus and eliminate distraction. With TickTick, Organization is simple. You can organize tasks into lists, tasks, subtasks, and folders. Furthermore, all these can be sorted in accordance with priority, tags, and custom lists.     Things      Supported Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch    Pricing: 15-Day Free Trial Available    MacOS: $49.99    iPad: $19.99    iPhone & Apple Watch: $9.99    Things is an award-winning, and critically acclaimed personal task manager, specially designed for iPhone and Mac users.   It's got powerful features, all-new design, and a great many interactions. It has no shortage of functionalities, and yet all features are provided in a manner they never feel cluttered. Things are the best to-do list apps for the iPhone.   Highlights:   Easy drag and drop UI that allows users to rearrange the task in order of priority. Headings feature for creating categories within the task and forming structure to streamline the workflow. Calendar view with start and end date of the task. Push notifications for reminders, advanced search filters, and focus mode for essential tasks. Visual aids like a pie chart that allows project tracking and progress monitoring over time.     What’s Missing:   The tools lack collaboration feature. The lists cannot be shared with others and so, co-working through Things is not feasible. It's more of a personal task manager. The app is available only for Apple device users.   Best Suited For:   Apple Device users who want to sync their to-dos across all the devices, and review, edit, and organize the personal tasks. Things are mainly recommended for personal use.     Keep & Share      Supported Platforms: iPhone, Android, and Windows.    Pricing: Free Plan for individual use is available with 500 calendar entries    Paid Plan: For personal use is available at $9 per month with 3000 calendar entries    Multi-User plan: starts at :$19 per month with 3000 calendar entries   Have you ever wanted to have a personalized calendar that marks all your important dates, meetings, schedules, and upcoming tasks? In short, your virtual time management assistant.   Keep & Share is one such application that offers a secure and customizable calendar which you can review, edit, and access anytime, anywhere.   These calendars are shareable, which makes office collaboration very simple and secure.   Highlights:   As soon as an admin makes any changes in the schedules, all team members get instant notifications by text message and emails. Keep & Share can be used to assign tasks, jobs, and schedule appointments with team members and also in their personal calendars. All the individual calendars can be grouped later to create a master calendar. The tool tagging and variant colouring options, which makes the organization very simple. Using the tags, you can filter the calendar to find just what you need. You can divide events between different team members, add extra details in grids, and compare schedules through the side-by-side view.   What’s Missing?    The tool lacks a dedicated subtask management feature and the time-tracking option.  One can share the calendar with team members, but cannot integrate it with other task management applications.   Best Suited For:   Office and Team Work. If you want to manage a big project by keeping all the team members on the same page, Keep & Share is a perfect choice. The tool will keep all the employees on track of what's happening and what has been changed in the plan.     Any Do      Supported Platforms: Android and Windows.    Pricing:  Free Plan with basic features is Available    Paid plan with advanced features starts at : $2.99 per month     Your busy life needs an application that can streamline all your tasks and help you become a more organized and productive person. Any-Do is one such application with extensive task management features. It is used by millions of people to get more things done.   Highlights:   The tool’s basic functionality is organization. You can organize your lists, tasks, and events, and set reminders for each. The application seamlessly syncs with all types of devices and operating systems, which makes your to-dos accessible anytime, anywhere. With beautiful calendars and the turbo-charged features, the users can keep track of all their projects, save time, and make every day productive. The app has a one time, recurring, custom, and location-based reminder settings, which assures that you never miss out on what’s important.    What’s Missing:    Any Do doesn't support advanced task management for the free plan. For example, you cannot share the list or integrate it with third-party tools in the free version. The premium plan, however, offers both communication and collaboration features.   Best Suited For:   Both personal and professional needs, especially users who want to complete tasks based on their geographical locations. The location-based notification features are a great way of getting things done just where you want.     Toodle Do      Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Web browsers, and Windows.    Pricing: Free Plan with basic features is Available    Paid plan with advanced features starts at : $2.99 per month     With Toodle Do, Task management is easy, efficient, and productive. If you want a To-Do application with great many task management features, Toodle Do has to be the final pick.   It has got everything you need to streamline workflow, organize tasks, and boost productivity.   Highlights:   It is a powerful application with features like Due Dates, Reminders, Schedule, and Folders management. You can quickly sort all the lists with the easy search, filter option, and tags. The Status features allow users to keep track of the tasks, and the Batch Edit can be used to make changes to the group. Prioritize the tasks and to-dos by adding stars, setting goals, and adding priority levels. The tool has a wide variety of options like exporting, importing, and data backup.   What’s Missing:   The tool lacks a dedicated customer care support or issues management module. Both the collaboration and advanced task management features are missing in the free plan.   Best Suited For:   Office teams on tight-schedules and deadlines. The collaboration features, tasks addition via email, full history, and priority support are some of the features that can make task management efficient for professionals.     OmniFocus      Supported Platforms: iPhone and Mac Computers   Pricing: 14-Day Free Trial Available   OmniFocus : 3 license is available at $49.99    This is a To-do list application with the most refreshing design. OmniFocus is built with a fresh design and interactive UI, which makes it an appealing platform to work on. With all the powerful features like Quick entry, forecast, view options, perspectives, syncing, and light and dark mode, you can take complete control of the daily tasks.   Highlights:   You can add actions through Siri Voice Command, and the reminder setting to make sure you never forget anything important. The actions can be grouped into tasks, and then into projects. This way, you and your team can work collaboratively. For better search results, add tags, set priority, importance level, and location. There is a perspective feature that can be used for OmniFocus users to plan their day and do things on their lists. Online syncing assures that all your data are always up-to-date on all your devices. Mac users can opt for a pro plan where they use features like custom sidebar, focus mode, custom perspective, and apple script.   What’s Missing?   The application is not available for Android and Windows users. For beginners, OmniFocus can be too complicated. Many options can be overwhelming to understand at first.   Best Suited For:   iPhone mobile and Mac computer users who want to follow to-dos and streamline workflow in both personal and professional aspects of their lives. It's an excellent tool for users who follow the GTD approach as it has a dedicated functionality to help get everything done faster.     Notion        Supported Platforms: Web, Mobile, Mac, Windows    Pricing: Free Version is Available    Personal plan is available at : $4 per month    Team plan is available at  : $8 per month    Enterprise plan is available at : $8 per month     This new to-do list tool is designed for writing, collaborating, planning, and organizing purposes. With Notion, you get to do a lot more than setting up tasks and reminders. It's a one-in-all tool with a great many features.   Highlights:   The application supports over 30 media types, and lets you have simple and comfortable writing experience. It works like GiHubWiki by turning a user’s tribal information into the easy-to-look answers. You can add tasks, assign teams, and roles. You can create checklists and roadmaps to accomplish the assigned roles through Kanban board, list view, and Calendar. This tool lets you keep a record of all the critical information through spreadsheets and the databases. It works offline too and syncs with your devices in real-time.   What’s Missing?   It lacks communication features and real-time discussion with the team members The time tracking feature is not available.   Best Suited For:   Notion is the perfect solution for ticking off all your professional to-dos and managing tasks at an advanced level. The project management is more accessible with Notion, but you'll have to use a separate application for communicating with the team members.   Conclusion:   Finding the best task management software system can be overwhelming. More the options, more confusing it gets. Hence, we have done your homework and presented you with the top-rated tools to pick from.   If you are an android user, TickTick and Todoist can be a great pick. Windows users can easily rely on Microsoft To-Do, and Apple users can go with Things and OmniFocus. And if you want a tool that works across all platforms, Wuderlist, Toodle Do, and Keep & Share can be the safest (and the smartest) pick.   This marks the end of best to do list applications available. What do you think will work best for your task management needs? Let us know in the comments below.      
When was the last time you forgot to do an important task?   And, when was the last time you de...
25 Jun 2018
3 Best Apps for Small Business and Startups vital for Entrepreneurs
Ever since Apps have found favor with entities, startups, and small business owners, the scenario of cultivating and monitoring of business-related data has become easy with technology which focuses on the harbinger of speed, security, and transparency in businesses.   The effort to stay afloat in business in these acutely competitive times -whether yours is a fledgling start-up or a small business - calls for a unified effort by all the stakeholders. The pace and direction should be towards the goal of optimizing revenues and providing consumers utmost value for their money. Businesses world over sharpen their resources towards this end to put up an orchestrated performance.   Team communication apps for seamless intra-entity communication helps in achieving this to a large extent.   Courtesy the modern-day innovations, most corporates can aggregate their functions through technological solution platforms. Starting from the attendance of employees to monitoring their work turnover – business owners can have updates effortlessly by using at least the below mentioned 3 powerful types of tools :   1. Attendance Apps In large corporates and establishments spread over diverse geographical locations, keeping a tab on employee management manually will be too big a task to manage. This is where an attendance app for employees comes in handy. Keeping track of leaves, permissions, time-outs is now no more a challenge for entrepreneurs – courtesy, electronic attendance keepers like Time Dynamo.   App Name - Time Dynamo   Time Dynamo - the compact professional attendance management system empowering businesses with real-time logins and logouts. This time attendance software which offers, among other things:   Login, logout, break, work timings integrated with biometric devices and display data with a remark, like- late,left early Requests for leave and permissions Leave approval from managers Leave balance update Self-alert for late login as a notification Notification for Managers to track late login of team members Easy to use and minimal maintenance Integration with payroll   2. Relationship Management System (CRM) Customer/Client/Employee relationship management tools which are commonly referred to as Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) mingle the entire organization's mentalities to form a single information table, which is flexible for internal and external data exchange.   App Name - Troop CRM   They function as an effective project management tool providing a unified platform for the employees and management to allocate, monitor and assess the progress of various projects of the entity. Troop CRM is one such enterprise CRM software.   Integrates with peripheral devices like a bio-metric attendance system to fetch real-time data for pay-roll calculation with ease. Calculates the leave usage and its availability on its own from the connecting devices./p> Has a huge database to hold all the official emails and data, starting from sales to projects, client deals to bills with all details./p> Is a virtual bridge between officials for internal agreements and mutual information sharing/p> Lets you create, allocate and track tasks, projects to monitor employee performance and store all sorts of documents including web links./p> Supports entire system customization as per the employee's role and responsibilities for hassle-free employee management./p> Lets you experience the real-time data flow over each altitude and latitude of your organization for smooth management./p> Ensures information security with end-to-end encryption to heighten the system usability.   3.Team Communication Apps Work at offices or business places is very rarely a stand-alone function –achieved or accomplished by a single individual. Workflows and moves among teams, groups – possibly scattered over diverse geographical locations too.   Employees need to communicate, collaborate, meet one to one for the free and unhindered flow of information, data, docs, links etc. It is at once a waste of time and loss of productivity if employees are expected to interact personally every time for furthering the work.   Modern day technology affords “cloud collaborations” – enabling faster and secure exchange of work-related data. Business chat apps provide actionable information at the touch of a button. They make the “life” easy for all concerned. Most of the prominent corporate instant messaging apps like Troop Messenger, Slack, Flock etc stand out for their unique features which help in easing the workflow among teams and thereby increasing productivity.   App Name - Troop Messenger   Troop Messenger for Business is a power-packed office chat application with mind-blowing app security and feature implementations for effortless business communication facilitating private and confidential corporate data sharing and knowledge transfer.   Troop Messenger offers a collaborative workstation for business needs and necessities. For unparalleled ease of use, the high threshold of security and several other delineating features, of course!   Comprehensive filter options to dig out any past conversations End-to-End encryption for high-end security Add multiple companies/domains to the same account Report attendance & record user online time Inbuilt Desktop sharing & remote-control functionality See in Realtime who read a message and who hasn’t for any user Virtual Meetings with audio/video calls, Share & Access Screens Integratable with Third-Party Platforms Multi-device & platform compatibility for enhanced user reach   Conclusion : To conclude, businesses live and thrive on apps. Be it be a small business or a startup the need for integrated apps is never more pertinent than now.  And it is good that choice is wide and customized apps are available on demand.  
Ever since Apps have found favor with entities, startups, and small business owners, the scenario of...
18 May 2019
15 Best Online Graphic Design software in 2019 (Features and Pricing)
  Times have changed and so as the technology.   Who needs a pen or paper or those hefty sketching tools when you can draw and design better stuff on Graphic Design Softwares?   Gone are the days when a task of designing would take days and sometimes weeks to accomplish. Thanks to the software like Canva, Desygner, Logo Maker, Adobe Illustrator, the task of designing graphics has become less tedious. Moreover, nobody has enough time to wait for physical design and they get on with the process.   Softwares like those consist better and more intuitive graphic content which can be readily put into work. The graphic content that these applications provide has been designed considering the needs of the user. A person can find a design from creating a letter to designing a book cover, from creating motivational quotes to forming a resume.   There is’n’ number of graphic design apps available on PlayStore, AppStore that one can make use of any of these software's to accomplish their task.   From creating a website logo to printing brochures of a company product, graphic design tools are the most sought-after solutions.   Following is the list of the best graphic design software:   Table of Contents   1. Adobe Photoshop 2.  Adobe Illustrator CC 3. Inkscape 4. Canva 5. Design Wizard 6. SVG- Edit 7. Onshape 8. Venngage 9. Piktochart 10. Pixlr 11.  Sumo Paint 12. DAZ Studio 13. DrawPlus 14. PhotoWorks 15. Autodesk SketchBook Pro     Adobe Photoshop       Adobe Photoshop CC is widely used by the professional artists, photographers, and graphic designers to design websites, logos, icons, flyers, posters, brochures, banners, comics, cover pages and digital magazines.   With Extensive features of cropping, pigments, text boxes and enhancements, Adobe Photoshop CC is still a favourite application to design graphics for any purpose whether professional or recreational.   This graphic designing software can be used on a mobile phone.   Highlights:   Symmetry Mode for defining axes Content-Aware fill experience Frame tool for creating shapes and text frames Fast cropping and transform using auto-commit Access to all assets within the app and synced devices    Pricing: Photography Plan Starts at $676 per month.     Adobe Illustrator CC       An industry-based vector graphic designing software and the best graphic designing tool of 2019, Adobe Illustrator CC is used globally by the graphic designers or users to create imaginative graphic designs, illustrations for printing, web designing or video media.   Because of an efficient designing of 2D and 3D graphics and in-built templates, graphic designers consider it the best software for all kinds of media.   Highlights:   Gorgeous Typography Freehand Drawing Seamless Integration with other Cloud apps Freeform Gradient to add rich colour Customizable toolbar    Pricing: $29.99 per month     Inkscape     Inkscape is another best graphic designing software of 2019 with features like Mesh Gradient, Conical Gradient, Envelope and perspective, Mirror symmetry, B- Splines and Selection sets.   These features enable the graphic designer to create a realistic design with interactive effects and warping texts with the help of LPEs (Envelope and Perspective).   These features are in for finer and better pigmentation and creative control.   Highlights:   Color Selector, Gradient editor, Filling, and Stroking  Object Creation withdrawing, shape tools, clones, and embedded bitmaps Text Support, letter spacing, Kerning, and line spacing adjustment Rendering Node ending, Path simplification File Format   Pricing: Free and Open Source     Canva       A cloud-based (SaaS) graphic designing software allows to create and design beautiful, imaginative designs.   With an extensive collection of more than 8000 templates designed specifically for almost every social media platform presentation, professional use, Canva provides the user or graphic designer with a customized graphic designing technique.   Canva includes more than 100 font styles, template editing as per requirement (both professional and recreational), quotes creations and marketing designs. This software can be used on a mobile phone.   Highlights:   Access to thousands of templates Access to millions of photos Photo Organization into folders Uploading own photos and custom fonts  Export photos as GIFs Download designs without background   Pricing: Canva Pro Plan Starts at $12.95 per month.     Design Wizard     Design Wizard is another tastefully crafted graphics designing software for creating interactive and great image content.   It is free for use and does not need any subscription charges. With simple and easy licensing terms, the software can be used after one-time payment without any further payments or renewal of the license.   Design Wizard users can browse through more than 1 million inbuilt templates and images to create infographic content for presentations, marketing material, reports, posters and flyers, brochures or banners and logos. It can be used for commercial as well as individual use.   Highlights:   Unlimited Image Templates  Upload font and Images Design, Edit, Resize images Personal Color Palette Free Premium Videos Reseller Rights Post to Social Media    Pricing: $37.50 per month      SVG-Edit     Another vector graphics designing software, SVG- Edit is free software that can run on any/ all the browsers.   This software can make conversions of its files into any format: JPG, BMP, PNG. Its main features include various font styles for beautiful text, shapes to path conversions and illustrations of freestyle drawings.   This JavaScript powered graphic designing tool creates drawings with a programmatic approach.   Highlights:   Freehand Drawing and lines Raster images  Alignment and Zoom Layers and Wireframe mode Stylable text    Pricing: Free Plan     Onshape     A graphic designing tool created for use by Manufacturers, architects, engineers, and professional designers. Onshape enables a 3D CAD model designing with a team collaborative feature, along with 2D drawings.   Onshape has a secure database that allows the team members to work closely on the project with in-app editing and multiple modelling.   For commercial use, it is available for $1000 per user annually. This software can be used on mobile phones.   Highlights:   Full cloud Assembly and Part modelling Sharing and Collaboration Data Management Real-time analytics Drawings    Pricing: Standard Starts at $1500 per year.     Venngage       With over 21000 companies as its users, Venngage is prominently used to create reports, presentations, charts, posters, and marketing gubbins.   Best suited for creating advertising material or branding of the product, Venngage enables the graphic designer to create interactive infographics. With a varied range of customizable inbuilt templates, Venngage is one of the best graphic designing tools for publishing the content on websites, social media. Its educational use is free but for the commercial use, this software costs $49 per month per individual.   Highlights:   Multiple Templates Add charts and Visual Customization features Presentation, Poser, Newsletter, Brochure, and Flyer  24/7 Support    Pricing: Business Plan Starts at $49 per month      Piktochart       Piktochart is another best graphic designing software, best used to create presentations, reports, infographics, charts, and interactive content.   With more than 600 inbuilt templates, one can use this graphic designing software to create printable content. Piktochart offers various plans for individual, commercial, educational and team project purposes.   It is one of the easiest infographic designer tools; constitutes quite a huge content library which includes templates and various themes.   Highlights:   Infographics Presentations Printable posters, flyers, reports Template for every need  Creative Collaboration   Pricing: Pro Plan Starts at $24.17 per month     Pixlr     Pixlr comprised of four applications: Pixlr X, Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express and Pixar Pro make Pixar the most desirable software for image editing.   High-quality editing, image fixing, professional level pigmentations, and enhancements make this software a wonderful tool for an even more wonderful image editing.   Pixlr software can work on any browser and is compatible for almost every device. With a comprehensive array of tools, it maintains the professional quality of the images. Its subscription charges are reasonable and are available to everyone.   Highlights:   Dark and Light mode selection 10,000+ Stock Photos and Templates Refine Edge Tool Smart Healing tool    Pricing: Free Plan and Paid Plan Starting at $5 per month     Sumo Paint     Sumo Paint is another best graphic design software of 2019. This software is an extensive, advanced painting and image editor application with a great interface. This interface and a wonderful retina resolution make the Sumo Paint software the best image editor.   Its basic features include all the features that Inkscape provides i.e. Warping text, lattice, and gradients. In addition to those features, it’s got brush styles, brush effects, image adjustments and blur effects which make it a very good painting software for beginners as well as professionals.   Sumo Paint has got 4 million users to its credit for having the best website design tools.   Highlights:   Filters and image manipulators  Painting tools with over 300 brushes Shape tools and Symmetry creations Online Community Gradient Editor Layer Effect and Sumo File Format Perspective and Bump Mapping    Pricing: Free Plan and Paid Plan Starting at $4 per month      DAZ Studio       DAZ Studio is a dynamic, well featured 3D graphic designing software that enables the designers to create 3D images, animations, and illustrations.   Its vast array of tools allows the user to create and customize the characters, scenes, image- posing with facial expressions and humanised movements. It is a software that enables the creation of a unique 3D art. Some of the extensive features are 3D Printing, Hexagon Modelling application, morphing techniques, facial expressions, and realistic figures, comprehensive characters.   Highlights:   Dress Modeling Auto Covers to Vray Detailed Characters Hexagon Delete Accessory Realistic Human Figures   Pricing: $29.95 per month      DrawPlus       Another vector graphic designing software developed by Serif is widely used for creating animations and image editing. With a huge array of illustrations tools, graphics can be created with lines and curves.   In addition to vector-based software tools, DrawPlus has got brush styles and brush effects to paint. With an option to create a customized paintbrush with a required thickness, colour, and opaqueness.   This software enables modifications in the gradients, texts and objects. This software contains more than 670 font styles and 48 filters for enhancements and pigmentations.   Highlights:   B-Spline Curves Hairlines & HiDPI  New Quick Shapes Rostrum Camera & Smart Sizing Customising & EPS Export Vector Fills & Vector Flood Fill    Pricing: Not Available     PhotoWorks     With best graphics features for the photographers, PhotoWorks enable a user to make his/ her already beautiful photos even better with retouching, brushing, filter adjustments, glare-eliminating, landscapes views, watermarks, cropping and colour enhancements.   The photos can be transformed into something beautiful despite them being photographed in poor light or poor focus or too much glare and blemishes. PhotoWorks comes off as the software for better image content.   Highlights:   Quick Image adjustments Drawing and Scribbling on the photos Photo Retouching Filters and Elements for enhanced editing    Pricing: Not Available      AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro       One of the most loved graphics designing apps by the architects, automobile engineers and product designers, AutoDesk Sketchbook’s best features account for a simplistic usage and quick illustrations of the sketches.   With no need of using pen and paper, one can design and make their sketches on this software with all device compatibility.   The files in the sketchbook can be exported in JPG, PSD, BMP and TIFF formats. Its full features version is now available free whether for educational or professional purposes.   Highlights:   Draw without distraction Drawing engine with 100 mpx canvas Paper to digital Scan Sync through all devices 190 customizable brushes PSD compatible    Pricing: Enterprise Plan Starts at $85 per year      Final Words:   With the help of good graphic design software, it is easy for people to create unique content with their watermarks, thereby ensuring the security against content theft.   Graphics Designing software is the most eligible applications to ensure cost-effectiveness, ease, time-saving in graphic designing.   The individual or the company is in full control of their designs and this software enable in-app multiple editing. To fully exploit content marketing, get the best graphic design software today. 
  Times have changed and so as the technology.   Who needs a pen or paper or those hefty s...
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