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The 9 Slack Alternatives to Choose From By Farhana Syed,August 21,2018

Business, irrespective of size, must ensure to have a platform for fast and secure information flow between employees. AT the same time, it should be easy to operate as well as easy on purse strings. A team collaboration app must cater to all such requirements of the business. The competition has ensured that, precisely for the user community, with several Slack alternatives coming up with more niche features and functionalities.


The other day I overheard two geeks at a coffee house discussing animatedly. The din of the place toned it down to a hush, but the palpable surprise on the face of one was too loud to miss. The topic was workplace communication (what a place to discuss!) and the guy was surprised for the other had not heard of Slack – the team collaboration app- at all. Now, that to me, sums up the reach of this 5-year old collaborative messaging app.


Ever since Slack has hit the market, it only remained at one place -the TOP. Its sensational entry, timing, and features (too) have catapulted it into the boardrooms of thousands of business entities world over. What it did was to ensure that the messaging needs of the business are met with on a single platform. In a way, it’s a single tool with multiple functionalities which was lapped up by business with glee.


Much water has flown under the bridge since the onset of Slack in the business chat app scenario. Several startups and fledgling ITeS entities ventured into this nascent arena full with niche features to tap a part of this fast expanding market. Eventually, these and many more, have come to pitch themselves as good Slack alternatives, providing variety and economical options for the user community.


We list below the top 9 Slack alternatives for you to take an informed decision in choosing one for your entity. Take a look.


1. Yammer :