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blogs 3 Best Apps for Small Business and Startups vital for Entrepreneurs
3 Best Apps for Small Business and Startups vital for Entrepreneurs
Farhana Syed

Ever since Apps have found favor with entities, startups, and small business owners, the scenario of cultivating and monitoring of business-related data has become easy with technology which focuses on the harbinger of speed, security, and transparency in businesses.

The effort to stay afloat in business in these acutely competitive times -whether yours is a fledgling start-up or a small business- calls for a unified effort by all the stakeholders. The pace and direction should be towards the goal of optimizing revenues and providing consumers utmost value for their money. Businesses world over sharpen their resources towards this end to put up an orchestrated performance. Team communication apps for seamless intra-entity communication helps in achieving this to a large extent.

Courtesy the modern-day innovations, most corporates can aggregate their functions through technological solution platforms. Starting from the attendance of employees to monitoring their work turnover – business owners can have updates effortlessly by using at least the below mentioned 3 powerful types of tools :




In large corporates and establishments spread over diverse geographical locations, keeping a tab on employee management manually will be too big a task to manage. This is where attendance app for employees comes in handy. Keeping track of leaves, permissions, time-outs is now no more a challenge for entrepreneurs – courtesy, electronic attendance keepers like Time Dynamo.

Time Dynamo

Time Dynamo is a time attendance software which offers, among other things:

  • Login, logout, break, work timings integrated with biometric devices and display data with a remark, like- late, left early
  • requests for leave and permissions,
  • leave approval from managers,
  • leave balance update
  • Self-alert for late login as a notification
  • Notification for Managers to track late login of team members
  • Easy to use and minimal maintenance
  • Integration with payroll

Time Dynamo - the compact professional attendance management system empowering businesses with real-time logins and logouts. This bio-metric attendance tool provides for

  • Transparency
  • accountability
  • flexible work culture
  • mobile workforce
  • Access control
  • Security and confidentiality