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BFSI Sector

Workplace Collaboration Tool for Banking, Financial, and Insurance (BFSI) Industries
Optimize processes and people with reduced manual collaboration!
Use this digital workspace collaboration solution across the sectors of BFSI to achieve envisioned stable communication practices for building better economies. Connect in real-time with your customers to have a secure collaboration between your cross-department and head offices to streamline your day-to-day operational communication.
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Workplace Collaboration Tool for BFSI
Troop Messenger for the Banking Industry and Insurance

Regardless of whether you’re a commercial bank system or a co-operative/credit-union banking chain, exchange granular level of banking operations’ information with this messaging for banking unified digital communication workspace. This direct messaging system keeps all of your employees in the loop!

Use 1:1 messaging, group chats, and HD audio-video calling to exchange customer information with banking software to other teams or departments of the bank.
Voice-Video Conferencing
File Sharing
Share customer bank account or loan application forms to your co-workers from this digital banking software using an all-media-supportive file sharing system.
Attachment Preview
Have a quick preview at the doc, pdf, ppt, etc., of the customer's or office (bank) files on the Troop Messenger’s UI or open them in a browser with the browser pop-out.
Backup and Restoration
File Deck
A feature of this instant messaging in banking application stores all banking files and the files of your PC in a central file repository for easy access and quick identification.
 Units & User Authorization
Allow your insurance agents, in-house staff, underwriters, and other departments to work together in collaboration through this cross-platform messaging app.
Role-based Access Controls
Stay Connected
Being in line and staying informed about the processes of your organization with the help of this BFSI software for collaboration. Provide a great collaboration experience.
Integrate into your Financial Management Software

Integrate Troop Messenger, an app for banking and financial services, into your fintech companies to achieve seamless communication and collaboration between multiple branches and head offices. You can employ it in:

  • Digital Lending and Credit Companies
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Payments
  • Cryptocurrency & Blockchain
  • Insurance
  • Trading
Financial Management Software
Benefits from a messenger for financial institutions:
  • Replace email! Make quick decisions by being on the same page using the collaboration features of Troop Messenger.
  • Share and present your annual budget reports to unlimited staff across the group remote screen share facility.
  • Deploy this messaging app at your premises to retain the conversations within your servers.
  • UNITS, one of the unique features of Troop Messenger, provides restricted access to the employees who belong to other UNITS.
  • Apply multiple layers of multi-factor authentication security while accessing your on-premise messaging tool for Bank and Financial services.

High-trust communication platform that comes with:
Real-time Party updates
Troop Messenger chat app for BFSI protects your huge volumes of sensitive office and customer information with the best-secured end-to-end encrypted system. Your conversations are tightly secured with a two-key encryption system, preventing your information from being read by hackers while in transit or at rest.
Volunteer Management
On-Premise Service Offering
Deploy and operate the on-premise licensed edition, Troop GRIT, on your local servers and databases to have a reliable, secure, and stable communication exchange with no third-party access to it. Store your business-critical BFSI sector companies’ work conversations and files within your fully controlled server infrastructure environment.
Live Feed
Troop Messenger provides five types of authentication methods such as PIN, Password, Biometric, Email, and SMS to you and admin to access the application. This way, the MFA asks you to confirm the access code once it reaches the enforced idle timeout. Hence, it restricts others from eavesdropping.
Chat APIs that are highly secure and scalable: Integrate them in your Digital Banking and Fintech Industries

Have this in-person banking experience through in-app chat APIs and calling APIs in your baking, fintech, and insurance web and mobile apps to provide a real-time interaction experience to your customers. Our developers have made it easy for you! You have to integrate our in-app live chat APIs into your business logic with just a few lines of code.

  • Have increased customer engagement by providing instant answers to their 24*7 queries.
  • Your entire chat conversations between you and the customers, such as sharing sensitive and confidential banking details, are secured with E2EE, AES-256, and SSL.
  • MFA protects your chat APIs from fraud, data breaches, and unauthorized access.
  • Your customers can reach your support teams over chat and voice-video calls from anywhere anytime.
  • Stay available from global locations to offer instant support for banking, financial products, and insurance claims.
Chat APIs for BFSI
Troop Messenger's Unique Security Practices for Collaboration in a Secure Environment:
You can message, call and handle administrative tasks with Troop Messenger’s Real-time and Back-end REST APIs.
Use Burnout chat to initiate sensitive and confidential conversations! All of your chats are self-destructed once the pre-set timer expires.
Units-Master Units
Units have been designed to break your organization's workforce into Master Units and Units based on the departments, and locations that they belong to.
Integrate your Active Directory or Open LDAP to have authenticated access to your bank’s staff accounts with an LDAP-enabled login facility.
Admin Controls
Helps admin to restrict/allow the users of the Troop Messenger from the usage of the features and functionalities.
Audit Logs
Get a clear picture on how the users and admin of Troop Messenger uses it with Audit Logs. Their activity can be retrieved from these logs.
TM-Monitor(Lawful Interception)
Only authorized personnel who have access to this feature can peep into the staff chat history to understand if any sensitive information is being leaked.
Feature Labels
The feature stack of Troop Messenger is so comprehensive that it makes you find a wide range of distinctive features under each category. Here are the categories:
Use various forms of messaging facilities such as audio, 1:1, group, fork out, self, burnout, and video messages to communicate with the crew on the ship's operations.
Voice-Video Conferencing
Voice-Video Conferencing
Make 1:1 or group audio-video calls with the ability to remote screen share and control to connect with your crew members on the ship or on the ground to share situational awareness information.
Secure on-premise installation in your own ships and on-land Data Centers with layered security options (e.g, SSL, VPN, and DMZ). This On-premise chat app lets you operate behind your firewall or in your private cloud such as Azure, Google cloud or AWS.
Backup and Restoration
Backup and Restoration
Store all the message conversations, call data, and files to a secondary device to recover them if they are lost or damaged due to sea incidents, power outages, human error, and other factors.
 Units & User Authorization
Units & User Authorization
This messaging app for seafarers help you split your crew as ship-based and shore-based for faster traceability. Obtain permissions before connecting to the crew of Deck, Engineering, Steward’s and other departments with User Authorizations.
Role-based Access Controls
Role-based Access Controls
Admins can use role-based access controls to grant or restrict feature access based on the crew’s role defined within the company to ensure security.
App Screens
App Screens
Customization: Scales perfectly to meet the needs of the BFSI companies.
Centrally Manage
Unified Digital Workspace

A perfect BFSI Management Software that lets you bring your employees from all over the world from different locations to one centralized communication system.

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Put your banking, fintech, or insurance company's brand logo on the Troop Messenger web and mobile apps to have a more personalized experience.

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Try our tailor-made software solutions for BFSI to test its feasibility in your ecosystem. We will help you till you get acquainted with the application.

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Integrate all sorts of your banking applications into Troop Messenger to automate your daily workflows without the need to manually switch between them.

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