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Secure Communication Platform for Air Force

Encrypted Messaging Application for Air Force

Reach the skies with secured Command-Control Instructions from the Base! We have incorporated highly secured collaborative tools for Airforce, such as chat, calling, audio-video conferencing, screen sharing, and others. Use it while conversating daily interactions, during natural disasters and internal disturbances, and for your other critical missions.

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Defend the nation by safeguarding your air communication with Troop Messenger.
Air Force Instant Messenger

How can Troop Messenger help you?

  • Integrate this Air Force Instant Messenger in your military networks to provide reliable communications to your Airmen and Airwomen.
  • Works as an instant messaging app for Air Force.
  • Use it in your deployed locations for efficient information sharing.
  • Integrate into your C3 Systems to track all end-points of the mission.
  • Burnout chat erases Air Force message when the set duration on it expires
  • It’s a platform to conduct your operational discussions.
Feel secure with this encrypted collaboration platform for Air Force, with the following privileges:
You can message, call and handle administrative tasks with Troop Messenger’s Real-time and Back-end REST APIs.
Real-time Party updates
Security-Level Benefits
  • Multi-layered security for all data
  • Data encryption while at transit and rest
  • Multi-layered admin privileges
  • Mitigates the risk of data theft
  • High quality audio/video calling/conferencing
  • Private Chat Burnout Window for confidential conversations
  • Use proven security protocals and practices
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Audit Logs and User Authorization
Real-time Party updates
Feature-Level Benefits
  • Real-time Chat Application for Air Force
  • Group Conversations.
  • Works best for high latency satellite communications
  • Designed for private networks
  • Live tracking
  • Bio-metric and Passcode authentication access
  • Surveillance feature to monitor(lawful interception)communication for accountability and compliance.
  • Intensive File Management ·
  • Guest User Facility with restricted access
Businesses all across the world trust us.
Customizable Solution that serves the unique needs of Air Force Communication
  • Works on your isolated networks to protect your communication, securely
  • Modules for Training and Combat Operations
  • Serves to the situations of immediacy and low bandwidth. 
  • Self-Manageable Deployments.
  • Role-Based Data Access Controls
  • High Latency Networks
Air Force Chat App
How secure is Troop Messenger for the Air force Communities?
Full Data Ownership
Host this on-premise workable air force chat within your servers and databases to have 100% control over your classified and non-classified conversations
Voice-Video Conferencing
Pan-Airforce Collaboration
Use it to bring different levels of your hierarchies to Troop Messenger by providing them controlled access to the chat window.
Voice-Video Conferencing
This Air Force Instant Messaging Systems works on various military communication systems apart from PC, mobile, and browser app versions.
Voice-Video Conferencing
End-to-End Encrypted
AES-256 military-grade protocols, ECDH key agreement protocol, MFA, and various others are used to encrypt your chats, calls, files, and conferences.
Deploy the self-hosted, have secure Air Force live chat!
Air Force Official Communication Software

Run Troop Messenger, the self-hosted messenger, internally on your local datacenters and over your air-gapped networks to secure the conversations of your operational commands. This Air Force Official Communication Software makes your army personnel to:

  • Manage and maintain the application
  • Have full control over user data and files
  • Route messages and calls through your servers and databases
  • scale the application to the needs. 
Perfect Collaboration: Features never seen before!
One-on-one Messaging
Group Conversations
Remote screen sharing
Group Audio-Video Calling
Attachment Preview
Respond Later
Advanced Video Player
LDAP/Active Directory/SSO
Powerful admin dashboard
Integrations and more.
Chat Application for Air Force
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