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Troop Messenger – a comprehensive instant messaging app for businesses-small to giant. Troop Messenger is a user-friendly office chat app compact with contemporary features addressing your business needs and necessities. Upgrade your team communication to the next level. Collaborate on a single screen. Pick the best for your business and experience the difference.

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Audio Messaging

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With Burnout, your one-to-one chat conversations are secretive & get vanished (stored nowhere). It is an exceptional privacy feature that can be initiated with a predefined timer to let you have confidential message-exchanges.

use cases
  • Data-Sensitive Industries.
  • Defence/Army team collaborations.
  • Mission-critical conversations.
  • Government Interdepartmental interactions.
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Respond Later

Tag Respond Later to the received message not to forget to reply

  • One-on-One Messaging.
  • Group Conversations.
  • Forkout Messages.
  • Burnout Conversations.
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Edit Message

Conveyed the wrong information? No Worries. Now correct the sent message with the feature, Edit.

use cases
  • Instant Messaging
  • Group Conversations
  • Forkout
  • Read Receipts
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Info Message

Check the Read and Delivered status of the sent/received message with Info

use cases
For all forms of message types
  • Text Message
  • Images
  • Videos
  • URLs
  • Read Receipt Applied
  • Read Receipt Acknowledged
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Audio Message

Send a quick and instant audio clip to your team members to let them better understand the work processes.

use cases
  • One-on-One Messaging
  • Within Group Conversation
  • Remote Working Teams
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Mute Conversation

No longer want to receive those noisy notifications. Mute/Unmute them!

  • One-on-One Messaging.
  • Group Conversations.
  • Audio Message.
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Why Troop Messenger

Discuss Work
Join your voices at one single interface to discuss work better!
Work Smart
Communicate your work and get things done faster with instant one-on-one messaging, voice-video calling and many more.
Organized Spaces
Manage your daily project tasks and their updates with beautifully organized groups.
Swift Search
Quickly discover what you want! Be it people, groups, files, and work.
Share work
Share ideas, work deliverables, and project updates through images, videos, and files!
Make your clients, customers, and vendors as Troop mates to grow business.

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per user / mo
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